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Ok people....this is where you shine. I need help badly. I somehow formatted my 1TB External Hard Drive last night when I went to format one of my USB thumbdrives instead. Every program I've tried in Linux has not been able to recover the deleted partition and can't even see it. Anyone have any clues how I can try to get that partition back?
Doh!!! I don't have a clue but hopefully this will bump it to someone who might know. - FFing Enigma
it's a bit arcane, but has worked a bunch for me in the past - Chris Heath
Do you have a backup any where?? - Roberto Bonini
I tried using testdisk and it doesn't seem to find anything. No backup because it's the biggest drive I have :( - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
ok Photorec, from testdisk, is finding a ton of stuff.....this is good....the bad part is my internal hard drive isn't big enough to restore everything....DOH! - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
the testdisk UI is pretty bad, but if you take your time and poke around you'll find the history partition tables in there somewhere - Chris Heath
did you check the Step by Step? the screenshots there are very helpful (or at least they were to me) http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki... - Chris Heath