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cockroachdb/cockroach - A Scalable, Geo-Replicated, Transactional Datastore -
Trumbowyg : a lightweight WYSIWYG editor -
ttyrec: a tty recorder -
mholt/PapaParse - a powerful CSV (delimited text) parser that gracefully handles large files and malformed input -
Create high-performance mobile UIs with -
The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One | TechCrunch -
10 Healthy Ramen Noodle Recipes - -
Brandon Fuller | Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin - | Creator of leading radio automation software and other audio solutions. -
Where did those plug-ins go? - Winamp Forums -
What is AMIP [AMIP now playing] -
Load Balancing with HAProxy | Servers for Hackers -
Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Eigenmorality -
Practical VPC Design — AWS Startup Collection — Medium -
How Smart Lending Dumbed Down | TechCrunch -
Managing shards of MySQL databases with MySQL Fabric -
11 Great JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers | Toptal -
Fetch as Google - Webmaster Tools Help -
Team-Sass/jacket - Conditional Styles with Sass. -
filamentgroup/grunt-criticalcss - Finds the Above the Fold CSS for your page, and outputs it into a file -
ActionController::Metal#performed? -
Edge of Darkness: The Dark Room Closes, for Now | SF Weekly -
Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical -
Colors Saturated - A nicer color palette for the web. -
10 questions to ask when reviewing design work | GDS design notes -
Common Pitfalls with HTML5 Drag ‘n’ Drop API — Medium -
Node-RED - A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things -
hybridgroup/rubyserial - FFI Ruby library for RS-232 serial port communication -
A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins | JavaScript, JavaScript... -
xdissent/ievms - Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines -
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