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7 Principles of Rich Web Applications | -
imagemin/imagemin - Minify images seamlessly -
Implementations · http2/http2-spec Wiki -
SVG & colors in OpenType fonts ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog - – Triggering JavaScript Actions With CSS Media Queries -
Netflix/dynomite - A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines -
I really should stop recycling my mail-in ballot just out of habit. it really complicates things at the polling station
dtinth/JXA-Cookbook - Cookbook for JavaScript for Automation in Mac OS X Yosemite -
Understanding Delegated JavaScript Events by James Holmes on CodePen -
jakesgordon/javascript-state-machine - A finite state machine javascript micro framework -
Intel Galileo: Autonomous Navigation Rover with JavaScript - Bocoup -
henrikpersson/rsub - TextMate 2's 'rmate' feature for Sublime Text 2 -
rwaldron/johnny-five - an Open Source, IoT and Robotics programming framework -
Why Web Tools Like AngularJS Need To Keep Breaking Themselves - ReadWrite -
johnmccutchan/ecmascript_simd - SIMD numeric type for EcmaScript -
Greenscreen - Digital signage, powered by Chromecast -
fastos/fastsocket - a highly scalable socket and its underlying networking implementation of Linux kernel - Blog: Docker in Production — What We’ve Learned Launching Over 300 Million Containers -
Aggressive Data Skipping for Querying Big Data | AMPLab – UC Berkeley -
Game Day Exercises at Stripe: Learning from `kill -9` -
mrb: Should I Read Papers? -
Email markup — Google Developers -
Read Build Quality In | Leanpub -
UX Directory | A Better User Experience -
balderdashy/waterline - An adapter-based ORM for Node.js with support for mysql, mongo, postgres, redis, and more -
Robot Traffic Filtering in Real Time « Chartbeat Engineering Blog -
A few arguments about Redis Sentinel properties and fail scenarios. - Antirez weblog -
Snowflake-shaped networks are easiest to mend - 08 October 2014 - New Scientist -
hashrocket/decent_exposure - A helper for creating declarative interfaces in controllers -
beanstalkd - Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue -
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