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I had a good long talk about #SFMUNI #SickOut last night @ midnight with a very nice ticket agent. and about disruption, with my taxi driver
.@thestereobus that we have. GitHub packages = the new compilation step. but now, it's in this reliable thing we call "the Cloud"
GitHub is down with a 503. that's a major disruption in Open Source right there
RT @mikl_em: If you're in #SanFrancisco and looking to laugh at Mel Gibson tonight, we can make that happen @sleepbotzz
Verifying myself: I am sleepbotzz on wzZ1d_D7d6cqGe83vcfXdvcMMb9gw_uIrCa6 /
boo - fog !! yaaay - online eclipse viewing !! THK U INTERNETS
#ststupid Parade 2014 -- (@ Bank of America - SF Main Branch)
#ststupid Parade 2014 ! !! (@ The Mechanics Monument - Douglas Tilden)
#ststupid Parade 2014!! (@ Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco - @sffedreserve w/ 2 others)
RT @ststupid: Nothing like rain on a parade to make you feel good and stupid. The FCLL has one holy day a year. And this is it!!
it is with every fiber of my being that I intend to attend the 36th Annual St Stupid's Day Parade today
tonight, @Millie_onaire @foujj @sherilyn & myself will slice into THE WOLVERINE all ninja-style at Bad Movie Night
one line fix: WordPress and GitHub’s SSL Cipher -
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