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For Example - Mike Bostock, d3.js -
Spark | Wi-Fi for Everything - - Deployment automation for dev teams. -
Check if paypal email address is a verified user - Stack Overflow -
agentzh/sregex · GitHub -
The network is reliable -
Why your users hate Agile development (and what you can do about it) -
Do not use nested timeouts in Ruby -
Project management software for small businesses and freelancers: Breeze -
PLoS ONE: Modeling Users' Activity on Twitter Networks: Validation of Dunbar's Number -
svg.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for manipulating and animating svg -
WordPress Hosting - Web hosting provider - -
subscribe to zefrank1 ☞ - YouTube -
shuber/attr_encrypted · GitHub -
Ned Batchelder: Two problems -
How to Work Remotely as a Software Developer -
The Onion Urges Barack Obama To Come Clean About The Basilisk Project | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
JavaScript Regular Expression Enlightenment - Tech.Pro -
lunr.js - A bit like Solr, but much smaller and not as bright -
mozilla/pdf.js · GitHub -
Codeblock.js by - Editable, runnable javascript code blocks -
geddski/grunt-release · GitHub - automating all the release steps of your node lib or bower component -
jnordberg/gif.js · GitHub - JavaScript GIF encoding library -
Lessons Learned: A Year with a Large AngularJS Project - @jhooks -
Native equivalents of jQuery functions -
Francisco Soto — Fun with Javascript and function tracing -
azer/english-time · GitHub - Parses times written in simple English to unix time -
WideArea - Better Textarea -
High Scalability - The Secret to 10 Million Concurrent Connections -The Kernel is the Problem, Not the Solution -
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