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Wow what a day.
Good morning folks. #riseandwhine
Microsoft Begins Life As A Smartphone Manufacturer As Nokia Deal Is Finalized by @Dan_Rowinski
The total number of beef stick wrappers I found in my car is quite embarrassing. So why not share it with everyone.
Give me some of that! "Brain Control in a Flash of Light"
RT @Techmeme: Square discussed possible sale to Google, Apple, and PayPal, recorded loss of $100M in 2013
Sad that the third party foursquare app on WindowsPhone is better than the official app.
Stunningly beautiful outside today.
Umm why is my flickr icon a watermelon?
One would think if a wrinkle free shirt wrinkles it should be eligible for return, no?
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Waiting patiently for Game of Thrones time.
Watching The Croods with my three year old while I attempt to get data from a water damaged phone. Gotta entertain somehow.
RT @wpcentral: How to open websites by voice with Cortana
The progress bar has read 22 seconds left for the last 45 mins. Great estimate algorithm pal.
I've been notified that I do not match today. My reply "Meh, I'm just cool"
Another beautiful day today. Enjoy it with your family. #HappyEaster
RT @ActuallyNPH: It's Easter and 4/20? The Reece's Peanut Butter Egg must be quite the desirable commodity today!
Night folks
RT @SciencePorn: Because who needs physics..
So taking an anti-depressant side affect is thoughts of suicide. Does this not concern anyone else?
Watching a little tv #CriminalMinds
I just can't like the twitter client for Windows Phone. It is easily the worst of their mobile lineup.
I still don't understand why people actually want the start menu back. Not to mention why Microsoft would consider granting this.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday.
Perfect day outside to practice some baseball with my boys. Life doesn't get much better.
Good morning folks. I hope your as ugly as me this morning.
Night folks. Have a great weekend.
The text input on WP8.1 is now fantastic. So much easier to bit made mistakes. Love hit.
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