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I've been notified that I do not match today. My reply "Meh, I'm just cool"
Another beautiful day today. Enjoy it with your family. #HappyEaster
RT @ActuallyNPH: It's Easter and 4/20? The Reece's Peanut Butter Egg must be quite the desirable commodity today!
Night folks
RT @SciencePorn: Because who needs physics..
So taking an anti-depressant side affect is thoughts of suicide. Does this not concern anyone else?
Watching a little tv #CriminalMinds
I just can't like the twitter client for Windows Phone. It is easily the worst of their mobile lineup.
I still don't understand why people actually want the start menu back. Not to mention why Microsoft would consider granting this.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday.
Perfect day outside to practice some baseball with my boys. Life doesn't get much better.
Good morning folks. I hope your as ugly as me this morning.
Night folks. Have a great weekend.
The text input on WP8.1 is now fantastic. So much easier to bit made mistakes. Love hit.
Okay I admit I'm really liking WP8.1. Some really nice features indeed. I'm spending far too much time perfecting my tile layout though.
I just made a down payment on a purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever for our family. We are excited about a new addition to our crew.
This men wearing short shorts crap has to stop.
Easter clothes shopping. Yippee
New Samsung transparent displays blur the line between virtual reality and the real world (via @Pocket)
RT @techglance: Sony Wins the Console Battle Against Microsoft
Uh oh my car is making a very strange noise. Almost sounds like a cabin decompression. Standby.
Yes, but what are you going to do about it?
RT @engadgetmobile: Microsoft's now letting developers respond to app store critics
RT @TheNextWeb: Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review: A skinny Android slate that’s light, powerful and waterproof by @nisummers
Today better be good
Asking myself am I awake or is this a commercial. #riseandwhine
night folks
Well seems my Lumia was several updates behind as I've had to update it three times before I actually get the 8.1 update.
So on AT&T a Blackberry Z10 is free yet a Pantech Breeze feature flip phone cost $39.99? Ummmmm
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