This makes me smile just a little - A Chick-fil-A Manager Allegedly Banned This Hilarious List Of Slang Words
Facebook has turned our world into a massive gropu of valley girls. "Like, like, like this is sooooooaaaoooo sillyaaaaa".
It is downright impossible to find any @GoPro Hero 4 batteries anywhere. Making long term use of the 4 very difficult.
Isn't it ironic that the speedy checkout lines are always have the longest line and take the longest.
My dog snores louder than I do.
A coffee state of mind.
Beautiful stretch of fall highway
Finally the sun has come out in Nashville. Turning into a beautiful day. Make the best of it folks. Life is short.
I must be the worst pet owner in the world but I simply cannot stand my dog. She does nothing but destroy our lives. So sad.
Hope everyone is doing well today.
WolframAlpha - human brain composition -
Making real apple juice -
Making real apple juice
So we finally broke down and bought a truck. All I can say is why did I wait this long. So much better for our family. Gas, lets no go there
Does nobody else hate the Gmail webui? I find it very difficult to keep track of conversations. Reply is equally as annoying.
Vader's Home Run: Japan Pacific League Baseball and Star Wars
Vader's Home Run: Japan Pacific League Baseball and Star Wars
Apple Stores to start offering iPhones via carrier financing on Aug. 20th
No Robin no no no. I grew up with you and you brought me and my family so many great laughs. So sad, so very sad. #RIPRobinWilliams
RT @Inc: Myth-buster: This whole "entrepreneurs and risk" thing doesn't work the way we thought. @weisul
The only good thing about me being sick right now is the fact that I'll be able to watch #SharkWeek in bed. Otherwise this sucks shark fin.
Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl -
Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl
So @NatGeo is taking on @Discovery by having their own week of sharks called SharkFest? I"m loyal it will be @Discovery for me.
RT @Inc: The 3 employees who really do need to be fired. @Sales_Source
Tyler Edtmayer // Skateboarding -
Tyler Edtmayer // Skateboarding
CareCloud Partners with Iron Bridge Integration | Business Wire
RT @WSMVIanReitz: That should be an interesting talk w/ rental car company - Elephant sits on car during safari
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