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smange on The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Not Real -
"Totally. I know a guy who is tone deaf and developed perfect pitch through feeling the vibrations. When he sings, he can hear/feel himself singing. He can't hear the choir shifting pitch easily. Also, because he was tone deaf, he spent most of his life thinking he couldn't sing. So he didn't. So, he's not very polished. But, he has perfect pitch!" - Angela Alcorn
This is an amazing idea. -
This is an amazing idea.
smange on The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Not Real -
"But they are so much more useful in choir." - Angela Alcorn
Runner uses Nike+ app to draw penises. Yes, really. -
Runner uses Nike+ app to draw penises. Yes, really.
RT @AllenMcDuffee: Did this really just happen?
Earworm from small child: "I want the newspaper, mama!"
Two spaces after a period: Why you should never, ever do it. -
Biscuits and Pixar. Sweet together.
Seven out of 10 most pirated movies not available for legal purchase in Australia | Herald Sun -
RT @maymaymx: Pretty great writeup abt Predator Alert Tool for Facebook on @makeuseof: /by @smange #dating #rapeculture #technology
So many great ideas to cure writer's block!
Re: Muting My Noise – How I Made Social Media Relevant Again -
"This is definitely the way to go. I've bookmarked my favourite friends list and I never look at any other version of my home feed." - Angela Alcorn
Ah, but I still miss Glitch: The Most Fascinating Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup -
RT @helpfrance: “@LivingFrance: Paris's new 5-star hotel The Peninsula Paris - cost €600m to build!”
RT @TechCrunch: Pinterest adds Vevo music videos to its site
RT @thewritelife: How Fear of Failure Keeps Writers From Producing Their Best Work
RT @WIRED: Meet Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win math's most prestigious prize
RT @FastCompany: .@Spotify may have found a revenue sweet spot by selling artist merchandise by @BrooklynMutt
RT @naro: Spotify s'associe à BandPage pour le merchandising des artistes
RT @CatherineDeveny: JUST IN @JoeHockey announces the poor don't need teeth because they don't have bread #OtherThingsThePoorDontDo
RT @Laura_Sensei: #OtherThingsThePoorDontDo Study degrees like law and medicine.Oh wait, that's women isn't it @cpyne?Sorry,I get your moronic views mixed up.
RT @felft: Give massive subsidies to mining millionaires while cutting public health and education #OtherThingsThePoorDontDo
RT @LukieSulz: BREAKING NEWS: @JoeHockey announces the poor needn't worry about metadata retention as they don't have internet #OtherThingsThePoorDontDo
Oh yuck. I just read something by a native English speaker who wrote "I’ll try and pear it down and spice it up a little". My eyes bleed.
John Birmingham on the music of our youth -
Understanding SEO is important for choosing domain names. Once you've read this post you'll see why.
Reasons my toddler is crying: Because she wants to set up the picnic and it's ALREADY set up.
Learn More About Your Date Before It’s Too Late [Weekly Facebook Tips]
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