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Finally found something Marshall hadn't heard of.
Please show some support for my friend and fellow Heavy Blogger Paul Mark Meisner's new playthrough video.
Looking Down on the GGB -
Looking Down on the GGB
Posting a random tweet because I never really tweet so why not tweet maybe just once what the hell why not
I don't want to have a life. I want my #Facebook back. #facebookdown
The most frustrating thing about #facebookdown is that I can't post "Facebook is down" on Facebook.
Please check out my new interview with @AbioticJohn and @ohheytravis about @AbioticFL for @HeavyBlog
Had this been an actual emergency, I would have been talking much faster. #EAS #EBS #OhShitTheWorldIsEnding
What the hell did you expect me to say about the new @Fallujahbayarea ?
This is the place where she took the razor and cut her wrists that strange and fateful night and I said oh oh oh oh what a feeling #LouReed
#Reacher said nothing.
"The Plane That Didn't Crash" - From "The Desk" - Shields 2003
RT @matthewkheafy: Holy. Moly. Anthem. We are the FIRE!!!! (Unbelievable vid).
I just voted for Casey Slayton to perform at #COAST2COAST LIVE | # | Dallas Edition 7/19/14! #Coast2Coast
RT @BringerOfRain20: Congrats to Brandon Moss #POW. Hitting lefties now. Watch out!!
It's after the end of the world. Don't you know that yet? #sunra #arkestra #elsaturn
Portrait of the Artist as a Social Media Fan -
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