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Robert Scoble
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. @nicefishfilms and @osterick did an awesome video at BlogWorldExpo last week. Must watch. http://nicefishfilms.blip.tv/file...
thank you robert. - michael sean wright
WOWOWOWOW is right - fabulous job Michael :) - Susan Beebe
Great job, great summary.. - Chris Myles
Michael rocks .... - Charlie Anzman
Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
it's becoming a sport now - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Yeah, until they miss the ball and break their necks! - Mark Layton
someone's gonna end up paralyzed - Cee Bee
"...paging Dr. Darwin, Dr. Darwin to the emergency room..." - Robert Kenney
this is craziness - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
LMFAO!!! - vijay
This is too much WIN for one little GIF! - Josh Haley
Not as smooth as the original one but it makes me think "hey... maybe I can do this" - Michael
You gotta wonder how many times they had to try it before they learned how to do it. - Tom Landini
Tandem Exercise-Ball Gymnastics - A NEW OLYMPIC SPORT! I want to see a Triple Salchow next! - J.D. Deutschendorf
The sequel is rarely as good as the original - Well colour me rare tonight 'cause by golly the flippy twin have done it! - Micah
http://www.youtube.com/watch... - also, see this one, which is less polished but also more likely to be an amateur since the flipper is so young: http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Andrew C (✔)
excellent - MikeAmundsen
If you want to convert any video into GIF file, the use VirtualDub (http://www.virtualdub.org). - Sachin Shekhar
"The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary."
Ben Hanten
Hey Chrome users, how many times per day does your tab accidentally peal off into its own window? For me it's an average of 11. 11 times per day.
Way too often. Every time Chrome does that to me, I'm more tempted to shut it down and use Safari instead. In fact, I'm using Safari right now so I won't have to deal with it. Same WebKit, more stable browser. - Dennis Jernberg
All the time! But sometimes i'm quite thankful that its that easy to do it. - Simon Wicks
Happens to me all the time with Firefox, had do install an extension to prevent it from happening. On Chrome not once, didn't even know it can be done. - Remo
Far too annoyingly often. They need to sort that out somehow. - Martin Bryant
It seems to do it less after Chrome 3 decided to upgraded itself yesterday. - Gregg Le Blanc
frequently...very annoying - Katy Barrilleaux
Only seems to do this in the morning, on XP, after it's been sitting there all night - Brandon Ball
I can live with it, but man does it suck. Too sensitive. - Ben Hanten
Doesn't happen when I use it. - Morton Fox
happens to me a lot but it's because I brush the touchpad with my finger or palm of my hand. - Jim #teamFFrank
Happens to me about once every other day; trying to figure out what causes it. - Stephen Mack
This does not happen to me at all in Chrome but it happens all the time in Firefox. What extension did you use Remo? - Skyler Call
This happens countless times a day for me... - Chad Spacey
once or twice a week. - Chieze Okoye
That happens to me a couple times a day - Simon Cartel
Never - Brian Sullivan
1-2 - RAPatton from iPhone
Maybe once...happens when the system comes under heavy load for any reason. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
2-3 - τorƍue
I'm not sure what I'm doing differently, but that's only happened to me 2 or 3 times period since I've been using it. - Tony Miller
does anyone know definitively WHAT causes this to happen? I have cut down on the number of times, but I'd like to get it down to 0! - Katy Barrilleaux
Well it just happened to me again today, which makes it twice today. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
It usually seems to happen when my CPU is working really hard. For some reason the command to tell the mouse to let go of the tab doesn't get processed and then I end up with 2 Chrome windows instead of my desired 1. I'd say 11.11 is a little too high for me, but 3-5x easy. - Bryan Zirkel
Way too often. Very frustrating - RetiredTeacherD
Moving mouse downward does it. I don't have trouble.... - mjc from iPhone
Brad Williamson
This is the FILTHIEST HAIR I've EVAR seen!!!
Wow... just, WOW. - Brad Williamson
That is just funky. - Andrew
I wonder if that...mass...reeks or not. Ugh! - That's So CAJ!
There was a dude on Haight St. that had a unidread like that going on, and you could smell that rankness from a block down. No kidding. ewwwwwwwwww (and I have dreadlocks) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
so yeah, I'm sure that Stanks! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
You'd need a chainsaw to give that girl/guy a hair cut. - Brad Williamson
*strengthens laser output* - Mo Kargas
oh god, it looks like a bird died and landed in her hair. - TheHenry
Her? I give you 10:1 odds its a dude. :0 - Bluesun 2600
Ewww! I kind of like dreadlocks sometimes, but that, that's just matted fur - Alisha Vargas
I can't look. - Kay Designer
It's either part of his religion or he's homeless or both. - Josh Haley
It's Manny Ramirez. - Brad Williamson
matted fur is right....nice thin ones are fine, but as they get too thick, they never dry, and never get clean (I've had mine 11 years, they are very very thin) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That's just gross... if a religion insists on that, it's time to change your religion. - Lindsay
Eris chuckles. - iTad
Oh, g-ross! There is nothing endearing at all about that hair mass. - Jenny
Is there anyway to foldup that picture? It makes me want to Urp. - Kay Designer
LOL@jlt! Way to see the glass as half full! - Jenny
God, this is awful, disgusting ... ugh ! - İpek Aral
I just saw this guy at the Powell MUNI station - Andy Bakun
I wonder if this is the same guy I was talking about that I would see / smell on Haight St. (I thought that guy had a longer uni-dread though)......either way, this guy give dreadlocks a bad name....ewwww.. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@guruvan Your dreads look great in your profile picture :) There should be a different name for something like this, this picture does give nice dreadlocks a bad name - Alisha Vargas
Alisha: Thanks :-) I have one of two names for that: 1) Uni-dread-ew or 2) Tour-mat (you see those kids all the time who go on tour with The Dead, String cheese, Phish, etc and just stop being clean and have huge fat nasty dreads - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan :-) Both those terms describe it so well. Ewww - Alisha Vargas
Brad, please swap this picture out with a different pic, a shampoo girl or something! - Kay Designer
Plllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee. - Kay Designer
Oh... Why did you bring this one back. It gave me nightmares the last time it came up! ;) - Bluesun 2600
Just saw this guy at the Powell MUNI station, and it looked like he cut most of it off, to the base of his neck. - Andy Bakun from Android
Wow - this is an oldie. - Brad Williamson
Ewwww .. Scissors required!! - Steve Ram
Zax - scissors? I think you'd need an axe for that! - Martin Bryant from iPhone
or at least a machete. - Chieze Okoye
whew.. Geez.. - Vimala Vita
Regrets - Those were the droids you were looking for. - http://jeffisageek.posterous.com/regrets...
Regrets - Those were the droids you were looking for.
Posted via web from Docking Bay 94 http://jeffisageek.posterous.com - (jeff)isageek from Posterous
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
10 levels of intimacy in today's communication (via @acmaurer)
Seriously, start at level 1 or level 10? - Nik
Robert Scoble
New blog post: you are SO unfollowed! http://scobleizer.com/2009... I'll follow on FriendFeed anyone who comments here:
August 5, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
Follow me! - TheHenry
TheHenry: I already am! :-) - Robert Scoble
Please don't unfollow me!! :) - SKAgnozzo
oh yeah! I forgot! lol! #fail - TheHenry
Very interesting approach Robert. If it is working for you that is awesome though. Hope all is well. Give Roc a big hug for me. - C.C. Chapman
Not too much unfollowing please. - Tim
i'm in - Tai Hsia
Can you follow me? - Giorgio
ok I'll allow you - Derry O Donnell
What's going on here? - Andru Edwards
I think you're already following me Robert. - Andrew Leahey
well ok ) - Denverken
Lead, follow, or get out of the way. - Robert Kenney
[comments here] - Nick Humphries
I will comment here! :) - John Ptacek
Great blog appreciate all of your "likes" that I would not have noticed before. Thanks for all the time you spend educating us. - Gary Prechtel
"baby I'm a star" -Prince (off purple rain) - Michael J. Carrasquillo
auto-follow always seemed like a bad idea. people can always msg you but your stream will get totally cluttered if you dont do a little bit of housekeeping. - William Kapes
novel approach, seems sound - Danny Ayers
Okay, I'll bite.. - Tanya
I agree, Twitter is much better this way. - Ryan W
Bring it Scobleizer. - Todd Pringle
I appreciate your work, and your passion for social media. - Evan Travers
sounds simple... - Mateo Yadarola
Scoble follow me baby - Jadito
Oh you are getting quite a response here!!!! I'm commenting so you'll follow me but the thing is you're going to LIKE following me because you'll learn all about Sedona through tons of videos and you'll love it so much you'll want to pack your camera and head out here! =) - SedonaTV
Thanks for the mentions, Robert (and you know I'm not commenting just for the follow - I just like to follow you, which is what counts!) - Jesse Stay
Guess I might as well delete that overpriced twitter app I bought last week. - Shea from iPhone
hey follow me scoble - Andy Jenks
Actually Robert, now I've seen you've tidied up your twitter, I'll probably follow you there again too. :-) - Tim
joining the crowd - good move Robert. - Adam
Meh, who cares really, not like you read everyone you followed. Plus unfollowed you anyways, not like you have to say that's interestined except friendfeed spam. - Steve
follow me - Tai Hsia
welcome to Boulder - Andrew Hyde
@scobleizer just created the most important tech follow list on Twitter. - Christian Anderson
aww shucks, and here I was thinking it was just me who you unfollowed. - Jess Sloss
Scoble in Boulder = Trouble. - Jim Halligan @jim
I feel fortunate that you're still subbed to me on FF. I haven't even noticed whether you unfollowed me on Twitter. But you following me, still hasn't gotten me the chicks. :P Always fun seeing your posts, long as you don't block me, it doesn't matter if you follow me or not. :) - Arlan K.
I did the same thing some weeks ago after avoiding twitter because it got too noisy. It was instantly better. But in the mean time I started to use FF more and I like it better here so I hardly go near twitter now. - Murray Barton
You already follow me here on ff, which i use more than twitter. - dthree
Hey Robert, so for following >1,600 is it that right way taken by Philtro and Filttr? - Martin Adamek
Hey Robert - fight the tweetspam ! - Michael Neale
I'm still trying to figure out the following... so I'm watching how you do it scoble. - Matthew Schrock
Don't think you are following me on Twitter anymore..please do and best regards - Karma Martell
Good plan. I'm looking forward to your results. I'm trying to figure out all these social media elements. I would appreciate your Twitter follow. - David Stanley
hope this new approach works for you! - timepilot
Oh, so now you are only easy on FF. - James Watters
Odd internal response, I don't follow everyone who follows me cuz of the very noise you talk about. And, there's no good reason for you to follow me since I'm unlikely to deliver news of interest to you. And yet, here I am, posting on FriendFeed so you have the OPTION of following me, a stranger who is not the same kind of SMART as you. Who'd have thought... - Della Mauler
This seems like asking for trouble to me, Scoble. But, it's your time and bandwith to do with what you will. Since only a handful of people (by that I think I mean just one) follow me on Twitter, it's pretty easy for me to weed out the bots. The people I follow are my internet nerds (mostly the Rev 3 crew) so I know their interests are in line with mine. Hit me up for some edifying conversations about Lost and video games, Robert. - Jeremiah Green
Interesting statement about original content value of FF independent of twitter. Twitter is where you keep your noise level down... - James Watters
Here you go Robert! [also via twitter: @Scobleizer Therefore: only approx. 1.7 million "active" human @Twitter users contribute 50%+ of all activity, right? #engagement] Regards, @AAinslie - Alexander Ainslie
The green avatar is so disturbing mate. :) - Jordan Windebank
I'll lead, you follow. So where are we going? - Tom Sheppard
I was sad to see you unfollowed me, but now you may follow me again, so all will be well in the world. - Jodi
following the leader... - John Munro
You're still following me - does that mean I'm a smart feller? ;) - Brett Kelly
so glad I mail Robert a business card every month :) - Christian Anderson
Della: the thing is here I can follow you and put you into a list and watch you less frequently than some of my other people. So everyone wins. But only here on FriendFeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Some of us have been doing this from our start. Kind of cool, eh? But our numbers don't grow quickly so we were tagged as "slow." Nice to see you catch up with us! Also, this may shock you, there sre folks who follow and communicate with only 3 folks on twitter and they are HAPPY! Imagine.... - lynda spangler
Yay. Now he will follow a librarian. - Joe
Follow this dot!!! . - Bwana ☠
Comment! - anna sauce
Good test, count me in... I don't follow tons of people, I follow a few prolific Scoble-types and the rest are more focused in areas I'm interested in. - David Ziembicki
I'm not following tons of people, just a select few. More to follow on FB when facebook has completely integrated Friendfeed-funcionality. ;-) - Wolfgang G. Wettach
I only follow people I know or have something interesting to say, did you really have 160000 people that said something worthwhile??? - Gerard van Schip
Well I commented via your Blog so instead of repeating myself I'll link to comment http://disq.us/1ms9 - Keith - @tsudo
Gerard: everyone says something worthwhile once in a while. The trick is to see it when it happens. Here on FriendFeed, by the way, you have a better shot because good stuff usually gets liked and commented on, so it pulls up higher into my view. - Robert Scoble
come join us here folks http://ff.im/6dUHN xxx - Mark
Okay. But will you read and comment on my stuff? - Melly
Robert, I posted this after Loic's decision and it looks like it will need another update. http://www.knowthenetwork.com/blog... I think there is value in stating your follow policy. - Keith - @tsudo
cool - Zach Cheatham
Hello? - Vicky
following all the discussion of you unfollowing everyone on twitter has made me think about doing the same thing and starting fresh. - (jeff)isageek
not unless we beat you in the Ashes - Mark
Nice post Robert, and no surprise it's an improvement. ;o) I have seen it for me too. - Rob Sellen :o)
1 thing I find Robert still worth following @Scobleizer when I am not on friendfeed & on my Hootsuite or PeopleBrowsr. therefore not much affected, not much 2 bother me, ego not gone at all. luv your post Robert it is a frank posting - polou/indigo_bow
Follow me Robert, I promise I'm not annoying. :) @cluteman - Greg Clute from iPhone
Robert, thank you! I follow you and enjoy your "likes" and your energetic takes. I also enjoy your Building43 interviews! I am a constant FriendFeed user now. Thank you! - Tobin Truog
This made me realise I must be more active on FF and comment/post more :-). - Mats Pettersson
I think I'll give FriendFeed a go! Never tried it, but looks easy and I need to understand the interwebs better. @CodeSamurai_Com - CodeSamurai
butt-kissing is not a prerequisite for being followed, he will follow you anyways :D - Mark
Count me in! (Please??) - Ricky Maveety
lol @mark. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
You can follow me, but since you follow a lot of people, you probably can't pay attention to the stream of tweets. - Alex Knight
Alex..that's the WHOLE point he did this... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
IMHO 1,647 is still way too many people to follow. - Alex Knight
I will NOT get baited into ... ah CRAP. I follow very few people on twitter, mainly only to find info from Android developers (my topic of choice). If you mention anything about the food you are currently eating, etc.. you will probably not be followed. If you post 80,000 times a day, you will not be followed, since Twitters interface sucks (not so for FF). Also, no offense to other social users, but if you resend your FF/FB/<insert other social site here> entries to twitter, I probably won't follow. - Tim Hoeck
http://socialspark.com/blogs... Chris Pirillo is Scum. - Mark
good move IMO - Joanna Nicol
nice hanging out at with beach w/ you last week! follow moi!!! - Raina
I always feel like scoble's following me - Rodney J Woodruff from iPhone
Don't forget your Dunbar number, Scoble! There are only so many people you can have meaningfully connect with online. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Mark is right. No butt kissing. Ew. - Robert Scoble
"I always feel like, somebody's watching me..." - Wizetux
Comment!!!! Ohh wait but you already follow me... - Amit Nangare
Follow me, if you aren't already....please. Thanks, - Steve de Mena
here is my comment ZOL - Grim Reaper
Comment? What kind of coomment, Robert? :-) - Mitch Featherston
Whoop there it is! On Twitter @jimgoldstein - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
Oh..Oh... Mr. Kotter...Mr Kotter..follow me! - Scott Booher
Glad to see you're writing more than 140 characters on that blog. Doesn't that feel liberating? Maybe we should be allowed character# based on your metric for powerful/smart/newsmaker - Noah Bloom
You already follow me here on FF, for which I thank you. So, I'll just say thanks for the phone call the other day. :) - Jeff Harbert
I'll take a follow! - Jeff Weber
@shaunhess - Shaun Hess
Ok, so follow me again and I will follow you back. Thanks! - Audrey
Robert - I fail on most of your criteria so I'm not expecting you to follow me. The thing is I don't care if you follow me back - this is social media and everyone has their own choice. I choose to follow you because you entertain and inform me. The relationship is 100% one way and I am more than happy with that! - Pon
Robert - Last night at GDGT Party the person at the Blackberry booth said: 1) She had 'heard of Twitter, never friend feed' uses neither 2) Is SCOBLE is coming tonight 3) Wow, your Blackberry is really "archaic" and find out when contract lets you upgrade. F-D UP? Booth babes need primers. - Liza + = ?
Interesting theory... people who comment more apt to contribute? - Mark Philpot
I know someone else who tried this strategy last year, with similar results. I've been debating it. Once I got over 3K followers on Twitter life just got weird. Started to spend X amount of time every day blocking porn spam. - Patricia F. Anderson
Liza: yeah, sorry for not coming to the party. I went and saw Obama's CTO instead. - Robert Scoble
Steve Lynch: my Dunbar number is higher than yours is. :-) - Robert Scoble
What is the best friend feed aggregation strategy of non-friend streams (eg RSS, twitter, etc)? Imaginary friend per service, then add to lists? Multiple services per imaginary friend or 1 to 1? Or add the services to a group? What are the considerations? - John Brown
Keith: you can repost anywhere you like, thanks! - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Craig Shipp
still wondering how you are able to handle such a big load of subscribers here and e.g. so many followers with twitter o_0. I am already (sometimes) lost with the few i got till now. Lately with one sweep almost 40 to 50 contacts in twitter disappeard and i have no clue why ... boah, how are you handling the noise? Hell, with so many ppl in, you might have a terrific noise? Or you wear just good headphones ;)? - Ronald
I very much agree that being choosy is the key to Twitter. I'm not nearly on the scale that you are, but in my experience, freely following people (whetther they follow me or not) and then mercilessly cutting back on them over and over again results in a kind of darwinianly better and better signal to noise ratio. - Tim Maly
Touche! - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Hi Robert - Randy Allen Bishop
Liked the blog post and totally agree. I've been meaning to do something similar. What I do is occasionally prune and then add some "better" replacements, so my total is always 2000 follows. - Bora Zivkovic
I don't see how anyone can manage so many users without groups. Then again, with groups you could just make an "ignore" group. - Oscar M. Cantu from iPhone
Great blog post. I totally agree on the noise level. I figure I have blocked a few hundred accounts on Twitter, and my noise level has dropped dramatically. Thanks for the follow! - Tony "Frosty" Welch
Hello Hello! - Sam Goldfield
Robert - I figured you were in DC from FF, but she had NO IDEA what a CTO is. Point is, she was eager to give you a Blackberry, but not me, and I wish I had a Scoble costume to pretend for 5 minutes. - Liza + = ?
@Robert I think you are starting another mass follow again. - Steve Chou from fftogo
Steve: that's not the problem. As long as spam doesn't enter the system I can deal. Keep in mind here I can choose how I follow. I can put you all in a folder that I never look at, if I wanted to. - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Chris Rossini
Brian, yeah, but I follow you here. So there. - Robert Scoble
Autofollow was a horrible idea to begin with. - David Chieng
I kind of tired to keep an eye on who follows me now,the ones I'm following is much more important.:-) - Steve Chou from fftogo
Whoa lots of comments I'm following you longtime lol - Edgar Rodríguez from iPhone
Robert: we need more intelligent spam-follower-filtering on Twitter! We need to fix this. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
@David +1 I think auto follow is such a bad idea to begin with,and people like Robert now even need to pay to unfollow these people. - Steve Chou from IM
How much did SocialToo charge for running the unfollow script? - Shane
I'm in! - rich brant from iPhone
I heard its 25 dollars. - Steve Chou from IM
I've always been very picky in who I follow on twitter. I follow 40 people, and I can't guarantee that I see every single tweet. I don't scroll back usually, unless it's my "Real Life" column in Tweetdeck that couldn't fit on my screen. - Tom Ribbens
Thanks Steve! $25 is pretty reasonable. Wonder if anyone else will be jumping on the bandwagon - Shane
Thanks for your post. Last time I checked you follow me here on FriendFeed. OK not to follow me on Twitter. - Pilgrim Five
Smart way to clean house. - Jeremy Chone
Let's do it. - Kate
this is like an awesome commentfest - Edgar Rodríguez
You can follow me, but I never say anything. Oh.. wait.... - James Macgill
follow me! - Tate from BuddyFeed
Sometimes the tortoise beats the hare after all... building organically based on getting to know people and interactions tends to avoid the ghastly spammers, seo peeps and bots - Sally Church
Tap, tap... is this thing on? - Yanik Falardeau
This is the best place to follow you. On twitter you only see post headlines, but friendfeed is where the conversation takes place. - Michael Fidler
Ah crap. You're already following me :) - Jason Nunnelley
I'm outside your sphere, but bootstrapping is bootstrapping right? - Travis Bedard
Tuesday night for the first time in 2 months I UNfollowed everyone on Twitter who wasn't following me. Since you had UNfollowed me, yup I unfollowed you. My Twitter account is so /FUBARed! It only goes to page 506 to show who I'm following and after that it is BLANK! I don't even know if they show in my Home stream. So Robert, I value what you say. Know I can tweet profusely - but it's as @replies to others with the occasional micro-blog thrown in. Question, what DID I do to cause you to UNfollow me? - Arleen Boyd
I hope you'll follow me... - Shane Tilton
Follow me, eh? - Joey Gibson
Trying to fill out those dropped Twitter follows? - Jamie Elgie
Scoble: Have you convinced Guy Kawasaki against his "follow everyone that follows you" mentality? - Kevin Pruett
please do what you must to have the most effecient feed mr scoble, the random will still creep through the cracks, ;) - chaz2b
I still haven't really adopted FriendFeed, but I will get interesting here in time if you follow me. - Lance M. Brown
How are your cleanup efforts coming along? - Jennifer Ruggiero
Oops - I also meant to ask, Robert: how are you managing to follow the couple thousand that you are now re-following on Twitter? You must be using groups, I guess...any other methods? I find ~500 people to be a near max in terms of how many folks I can fully read. - Lance M. Brown
Following your inspiration, I unfollowed almost 100 people last night and blocked about 1000 spammers, cam girls, MLM marketers, and the like. Twitter is more like it was a year ago, its almost like I gave my Twitter account an enema and it worked. Thanks for the original idea. - Mark Edwards
Excellent! - Don Strickland
Robert, I started out only following those I know and those I am genuinely interested in. I've only followed back a few of the people who've followed me. I have a second account that I decided to experiment with. I followed about 700 people on there. It has had about double the followers of my main account consistently. I am about to try some new tricks there with an auto-follow script I'm writing but I think I will stay the course with my main account. - Paul The Raven
Robert, I tried the "follow everyone" (almost) method for a short time - then I'd unfollow about once-a-week. Now I try to schedule a "follow new" once a week. TweetDeck's group feature makes following lots of folks bearable. So does FF, but you've been saying that for-ever! - Kathy E Gill
Hey. - Kreg Steppe
I will follow you if you follow me (Genesis) - Keith Barrett
I may not be smart, but I'm smart enough to follow you! - John Pfaff
It occurred to me (and surely to someone before me), that different definitions of "following" might be a big factor here. If I'm following someone, it means I'm following along with their updates. But others might see themselves more as becoming part of a person's "following". Not that they are necessarily reading the person's stuff, but they are willing to be considered part of that person's inflated Twitter posse, as part of the influence-trading aspect of Twitter. - Lance M. Brown
I can't imagine how it would happen technologically, but it would be great if there was a way to ditch followers who weren't actually reading your tweets. - Lance M. Brown
Enjoyed recent posts and look forward to more from you! Keep it up. - One Degree Connected
I don't want to be left out please!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
All right, I'll bite :) - although I'll say that I did the mass-unfollow-thing months ago - long before it was cool. - Justin from Nambu
Your most active followers are on FF. No loss.If you really wanted to make a bold statement you ought to have blocked all of your followers and started from scratch. - Benjamin Taylor
Been a while since I put you and Shel On the record...Online - Eric Schwartzman
blah. - imabonehead
Good article Robert. I honestly enjoyed the perspective. I found the same to be true, but on a much lower scale, of course ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
i'm in! - Criz
I don't get it - so now you are using Twitter kinda like a normal person, and its some kind of miracle that it works better? - Nick Lothian
I'm impressed you can keep up with 1600 people. I have trouble enough with the little amount I have. I did find that making FriendFeed imaginary friends and putting them in groups for those I'd like to read occasionally (but not on a regular basis) has helped a lot - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Follow....how about some promotion! - Bob DeMarco
i'm in - Joshua Smith from twhirl
9/11 Was an Inside Job - bill giltner
Stop it, or I will have to get a restraining order. - Sriks7
Hey, Robert! - Ronald S from iPhone
In my mind I'm important enough to follow ;-) - Jonathan Callahan
Hello Robert....Whatever your favorite genre is...http://listen.grooveshark.com/#... - Michele Lorito-Chase
Looks like you have a lot of work to do following everybody. - Corbett Barr
now i'll have to write something interesting... - Robert Littlejohn
me! i offer nothing but the warm feeling of having accepted a ff reject. - Marco
ok. so how will you filter the noise now - Kfir Pravda
Ooo, I've won the lottery. You'll follow me now. Wheeee! (how do you have the time to go through all of the names by hand? VA assistance?) - Peggy Dolane
Interesting trend on twitter - I always wondered what sense it made to follow tens of thousands of people, too much noise. I'm finding it hard enough to follow 2900 (looking to cull even that down as I mostly tweet about 30 people!) - Tia Singh
211th comment: WTF - Geer
Good :) - ★ Soner Gönül
I like your ability to influence so many people. I'm following you (mostly here - on FriendFeed) because it's one of the ways to learn how you do it (but, please, do not follow me if you do not see anything you could learn from me :-). - Hanna Wiszniewska
why would you do that? - james
got to get a pic up so i can fit the criteria, I only follow 45 people and some of them are on thin ice ( Im lookin at you Scoble) - James Hunter
"Where in The Net is Robert San Diego?" (cit.) :-) - Luca Perugini from iPhone
I'm not kissing your arse,but i do learn a lot listening to you. - Paul Downing
@scobleizer why would you randomly follow people who comment in this post when you just got done knocking FFollo and having to unfollow a gazillion people on Twitter? - Bryan Zirkel
Bryan: because I'm following people one by one and putting them into lists on my screen. Autofollowing means you aren't doing ANY of that thinking. Also, autofollowing will get you spammers, if they ever show up (and they will). - Robert Scoble
If you follow me, great, but if you don't I'll understand. :) And I ought to do some pruning myself... - Grant Bierman
Let's give it a try. :0) - Tyoma Kazakov
I still don't understand how you want to follow someone who just writes a comment over here. Well, this is not the first time. I did not understand why and how you followed 100k people. I find it hard to properly follow 100 people. - Sumanth Kolar
Sumanth: obviously there are degrees of "following." When you read the New York Times, do you read the entire paper word for word? I don't. Same when I'm following. I only get random slices of some of my lists. Others, which have 500 people on them, get 100% read. - Robert Scoble
I'm still here . . . although tired after teaching all day. Louis Gray came to my PR class at SFSU and WOWED the 50 students [except for one who thinks we are making too much of social media] We won't be following him. - Shari Weiss
I like cheese! - Paul Puri
Shari: Louis wows me too. Glad to see the class is getting into it. - Robert Scoble
He he :) - Richard Holas
I still like the "stranger stream" of Twitter vs "friend feed" of other applications. I don't feel the need to read all tweets from everybody - and tools let me check my fave tweeples. I think mass unfollowing destroys some of the social contract - Robert you are lucky because you are well liked and can do some risky things but companies for example (not Brands of One) would be in... more... - Laurel Papworth
As @charleneli predicted back in January, 2009 will be the year of de-friending on social networks. It's here. - Mark Evans
Laurel: yeah, you have to navigate these waters carefully if you are representing a brand, that's for sure! - Robert Scoble
you can put me on your boring list... - Charles Tanton
i will not get followed back: not powerful, don't have a brand, not a news maker... but i kinda understand the reasons - Dani Martínez
I still think it all goes into how you use twitter. If your using it as a communication tool it depends on if you are looking for broadcast or 2 way. Its interesting to watch as some of the bigger names turn back from the broadcast and go back to the 2 way. - Luke Kilpatrick
@Robert so when you're taking in information from FF do you have a feed of several dozen/hundred "key" people and then categorize the rest, or are you mainly searching? Do you utilize groups at all or mainly just rely on what comes across your feeds? I guess I'm curious as to how you're using FF to collect information. - Bryan Zirkel
I have found Twitter becomes noise rather than a conversation once the following/follower thing gets over a certain mark. I think this is the dirty little secret of Twitter - if it just turns into white noise, rather than a filter, then it becomes less than useful. - Michael Liss
I'm interested in how we'll all feel over the next few years as social networks continue to change and more people and organizations get on them. Obviously, many of us are getting fed up with spammers and are unfollowing them on Twitter and Facebook. I am also having a hard time keeping up with new subscribers on FriendFeed because I know less about them from their profiles and have to... more... - Cathryn Hrudicka
BTW, I feel like I'm finding lots of interesting new people to follow from these discussions that Robert and others are holding on FF. Cool! - Cathryn Hrudicka
Am I too late to comment and get followed? - Hichame Assi
I'm definitely around :) - KyNam Doan
Aren't you following me already? If not, you should be! LoL - Thomas Ward
I'm definitely late to be followed. :D - Faraz Mullick
I don't get it but ok :) - Parvez Halim
LOL! I follow those I find interesting and which can give me useful information. And hope someone follows me for the same reasons. - Flavio
Very interesting post - I've always thought that you guys who follow loads of people must get completely swamped by noise! Like you, I've found it useful to follow companies I use that have interesting products like Zoho and Evernote as a way of keeping up to date with their latest innovations. Excellent idea spelling out your "follow criteria" - it needs to become standard etiquette for social networks so that people don't get offended when they aren't followed back :) . - David Meredith
aren't you doing the same thing here, that you did in Twitter? Choose carefully who you follow, filling your brain with pollution doesn't make you smarter - Allison
Just finished reading the Mashable post on your unfollow exercise. It's attracting attention from all the other big names now. - George Hall (Australia)
Very interesting indeed, I only to unfollow a few, cause I just never had auto follow on.. So now I just unfollow the ones I'm bored of.. - Jaap Willem
Seems like a good idea. Although Louis Gray also has a few valid points on his latest blog post why it might be a mistake http://bit.ly/19UKxk - Silver Hage
I've never understood the auto-follow procedure on any social network. Even on Facebook, where it is obligatory, one can still lower the noise by simply hiding the updates of those who want to follow you, but perhaps also have little personal connection and therefore can be hidden. - Noah Gray
It seems like the unfollowing was the easy part. Choosing who to follow again must have been a chore. I think it is crucial in twitter (and FriendFeed for that matter) to have a clear out every six months or so otherwise you get bogged down in an information feed you don't really care about. - Chris Nixon
I can totally understand why you had to do this. I'm following 2700-ish folks on Twitter and I need 3 groups to manage it (using TweetDeck). I feel I am keeping up with most of my local community and the general tech community at large though I'm sure I'm still missing quite a bit of stuff from people who are not in the 3 groups. I also wonder how much more I can actually handle. - Ken Seto
OK, OK, changed my picture. Instead of a green clock (a clock is my personal brand) I put a picture of myself. A lot of people told me to do that.... - Bora Zivkovic
I am still looking for info on holographic technology being used for news delivery. Perhaps it's a technology that hasn't even been invented yet or is sitting on a shelf somewhere. What say you? http://specialdee.wordpress.com/2009... - Denise
Hoping your new look account has had the desired effect. No need to follow me, I'm not the interesting type, I'll just be glad if your insights, links & content continues. Congrats & good luck - JanLawrence
Here's what's interesting, Robert, I've noticed an uptick in followers even if you reply or RT or like someone's tweet, not just if you follow that person. Then again, perhaps that's the intent - if you like or RT someone's idea, that's a kind of stamp of approval. - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Hej hej! - Peter
I did a purge on Facebook for the same reasons a few months ago. It's under 300 and it's people I actually care about. I've come "this close" to running a purge on Twitter but haven't yet. Maybe this will spark me to do it. I've kept FF tight from the beginning. - Rob Williams
moving from FB to FF ... fewer, longer, more meaningful threads. welcoming your follow. cheers - marc calamia
ok, you´re following me already :-) - Torsten Eckert
alright - follow me... - thx in advance Robert Scoble... - Nilesh
All that commenting in the past counts for nothing? - Kevin Gamble
Hey Robert... Great post... On FriendFeed, I increasingly put people without meaningful and valuable content on a separate feed that I rarely check... Its a more "sensible" way to unfollow, i think... I only unsubscribe if I get pissed at someone etc. I wish, FF gave users the option to only unsubscribe from comments and likes (but keep the main feed). This would be a good tool to control the noise... - Onur Kabadayi
I agree with Robert (duh!). I very briefly made the effort of checking out the new follows and deciding whether to follow back. I think once I hit a thousand I shifted to a model of occasionally saying, "If you want me to follow you, talk to me." Hit two thousand and quit saying anything or checking followers. I don't care if they follow me as long as they either say useful things like real people or don't talk at all. I've never autofollowed back. This strategy works for me. - Patricia F. Anderson
I have a large difference between people I follow (around 2000) and people who follow me (around 1800) - I choose people who are important sources of information. People choose me if they think I am an important source of information to them. I never thought it would have to be a one-to-one relationship as to who is useful to whom: some are informative, others are good listeners and learners. I learn from people I follow and I hope my followers learn from me. - Bora Zivkovic
I also think that those of us who follow larger numbers of people don't use the stream in the same way. It is more dipping in and out of the stream, trusting that the important stuff will be repeated enough to float to the top, engaging with conversations of the moment. I wrote a blogpost on this earlier this year: http://etechlib.wordpress.com/2009... - Patricia F. Anderson
Someone told me twitter can be separated into two types. (id say at least two) - Kay Proskin
Scoble, I am beginning to think you are a cult leader :). Look at all these comments! I am using FF more and more these days... Useful for eGuiders.com that's for sure. - Marc Ostrick
I'm not sure your following me. - Amit Morson
Hey Scobie :D Follow me ! - paniaguai
What the heck. Follow me if you like. I'll be as entertaining & informative as I can. - Aaron Schaub from iPod
Been considering doing the same. Your post just might be the flame that lights a fire you-know-where to get it done. - @katebuckjr
I only follow a few people and keep losing track so lord only knows how you managed to even begin to keep track of a conversation before friendfeed came along - Iain from BuddyFeed
Well done! Who need followers that aren't reading your tweets anyway. - Sean Rasmussen
I'm considering doing same once I'm more confident in my use of FriendFeed. I RT'd this and it resonated with at least one of my followers. - Tony Hollingsworth
'Hand-crafted personal network' is the meme of the moment, and whilst I can see the workmanship, where's the value going to be for you, Robert, in following this rag-tag (no offence people :) ) of folks from a gazillion different verticals. (OK, so they're mostly life scientists). - Andrew Spong
um..... - Spencer
My take: you can't be an authentic, credible voice to your community if you let 'sex & dollars' spammers hang on to your coattails. Spam followers matter.... in a bad way. Allowing them to be associated with you diminishes your potential value to genuine followers. It's a pain. It takes time. It's worth doing. More on this, if interested: http://tr.im/vJwb - Andrew Spong
Hope to see more "old fashioned blogging", like it better than tweets. Tweets are bound to disappear into oblivion the moment they're posted. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
"Spam followers matter.... in a bad way." - I certainly agree with this. I block pornbots just as quickly as they follow me. I'm less vigilant about the commercial follows, but usually they go away by themselves after a while. - John Craft
You're already following me here (don't care about twitter tough), so i just hope you don't un-follow, even though you probably don't understand what i'm talking about most of the time, since it's in portuguese. - Diego Sana
So what happened to the advantages to following so many people you always talked about? - Bas
Thanks for connecting here, still learning all the advantages of FF - carece
@Andrew Regarding spam followers and the idea that allowing them to follow you somehow dilutes your credibility, I just have to disagree. To me that places the burden on the wrong person. I don't have time to waste pruning those who follow me, unless they are overtly annoying.My stream is public, they can follow me anyway. What matters to me is that the spammers leave me alone. If they don't, I block them. If they keep quiet, I don't care. - Patricia F. Anderson
What is important is not who follows me, but who *I* follow. - Patricia F. Anderson
Funny my twitter feed is much noisier but I have been very selective on who I follow. I have tried to make the feed relevant and actionable. At times I post things that seem out of the norm on my twitter feed but that is mainly for the few people who follow me that don't get it but I am trying to keep up their interest level. I also control who follows me, yes this breaks the model but I think the follow everyone model was broken and reckless - Richard Gallo
Am I interesting? Dunno. I'm often controversial, tho. ;) BTW, we met in person at a Pittsburgh Blogfest, but I really don't expect you to remember that. - Eric Williams
Enjoyed the post. I just started Twitter a few days ago to get away from Facebook. I like friendfeed the best - can't wait until it becomes more mainstream. - Robby Parker
Awesome move. Consider that my comment please :) - Charlotte Barker
friendfeed is definitively more evolved that Twitter. Conversely, user bases of Twitter is still its real (and unique) point of strenght... - Marco Castellani
Don't want you to follow me (unless you find my stream of interest) but it's quite interesting the number of people that comment to get you to follow! - Ben Drury
Hey Robert! So, I would like to talk to you about a social media company I'm working with right now. They launched a few months ago and their trajectory and momentum is pretty amazing. Oh, and I started unfollowing the noise in my Twitter after I commented on your blog post. - Gregg Le Blanc
Great ideas. I've been selective (though it fluctuates) about following people/accounts on Twitter since I joined about 2 years ago. I can't take too much noise. - Joe Lance from twhirl
I'm asking the same thing Bas asked... what about your video on the benefits of following so many people? I took a stab at that method of madness by starting to follow all kinds of people, and following anyone that followed me... but I always felt like I was missing good content from good people because of all the "spam". I started to use TweetDeck to create groups/columns for... more... - Timothy Federwitz
thanks - Keith
I like conversing with interesting people. Sometimes that means commenting to get followed, @cogiva. ;) - Eric Williams
Hi Scoble! - Pete Gilbert
I did almost the same thing - unfollowed about 1000 from my 1500, no attention is way better - Maarten den Braber
Couldn't agree more. It's about time we all grew up. BTW Don't follow me. :-) - Gee Ranasinha
Robert what's the deal with Twitter? - stockmanmarc
Your post makes good sense. I didn't auto-follow & still find folks to unfollow because their noise gets too loud. - Debra Ellis
Very clever. I imagine the signal to noise is sooooo much better. - Chris Brogan
I've been thinking about unfollowing a bunch twitter folks as well. I'll look at SocialToo again. My initial experience with SocialToo wasn't good. However, it was during their infancy. - Ron Hudson
I don't blame you at all. Leo was all over that yesterday. - Daniel B. Honigman
why would simply leaving a comment prompt you to follow me? - David Wescott
You're not going to change your mind and mass unfollow us are you? - walidmREALTOR
Sup! :-) - Jon Winters
I suspect it identifies you as a real person interested in dialog, David. - Eric Williams
Followers are currency and you have plenty to spend - Lee Odden
Bob, did you do anything on Twitter recently ? Did you massively refollow people ? Seems like you screwed up Twitter : down for a while... ;-) - Enikao
Follow me! @carloscomputers - carloscomputers
very cool timing with just before twitter goes down hard! well done Robert! @crbrowning - Colin
@davidorban - David Orban
I've followed you and have really enjoyed your posts. I think I would miss that - Tom
Good to hear that your experiment has stopped the spam @lindsaydavies - Lindsay Davies
ciao Robert! - FullSite
Your ego is amazing. You make it seem like it is a special deal to be followed by you. I'm glad there are many very bright, talented people here who follow others, regardless of class, education, social status and not based on some snobbish criteria. - RuthNH
DON'T follow me! I write in Italian :-) - Lorenzo Strambi
Here I be - Robert
Wow, this is a lot of comments. And kudos for following Followable people who have something interesting to contribute to your day. I'm glad you did it, because that means you'll find AND share more interesting things. This, in turn, makes you more followable too. Thanks for seeing the light, so to speak. - ax0n
You killed twitter. - Melissa Pierce
and now with twitter down, many will flock to here! - Mark V. Fusco
I love rob - Mark from iPhone
Did this take down Twitter this morning Robert? - frank barry
That must of taken a long time :-) I've always been a fan of twitter, but I must say they have struggled in the last few weeks. We are working with their API on a project and their seems to be an issue every other day that causes problems. Do they have what it takes? - Chris Nadeau
I follow under 200 people and it's great. I can't imagine 1k+ . I add about three or four a month. - Mike Janicke
I unfollow people when I find I ignore their tweets/updates. After reading your blog, I think we ALL need to be more judicious. - Janet Barker-Evans
Is this why Twitter is down? LOL! Can't check to see if you unfollowed me. Hope not. You, Shel Israel, and Jeremiah Owyang were some of the very first people I followed way back before Twitter even had 100,000 people on the service. -- It's been a fun ride but, of course, the spammers always show up to make things difficult. - Brenda Young
How do you really know if you should be following someone until you follow them for a while? Sometimes I don't start talking to someone until I see a common interest, then I tweet back and we start talking, but that could be months later. I don't follow everyone back, but I follow back those that interact. I will unfollow once I see that won't happen, or I don't like their tweets. - Nadine Gilden
Twitter is victime of it own success, they have to re learn how to scal better, but more important they have to learn to share better. - abdellah
looks like you'll need to follow at least 343 people LOL - Shari Weiss
@Patricia I don't want potential followers to be put off by who is following me. I wouldn't want them to think I care more about have n+1 followers than I do about what they're going to see if they review who I've allowed to follow me. Not to cull spammers suggests I care more about my experience than theirs. To a great extent, the quality of their experience will determine the quality... more... - Andrew Spong
Friendfeed takes over for twitter finally? - Thomas Resing
1600 ... isn't that a big number too? It could be you'll think again before you follow every one here :) - Mario Gastaldi
Hi... do I get a follow? - Jason Mayoff
If you are already following me. Will you double follow me? :) - Brady
Hi Robert!! :) - Zaneology from Nambu
Still waiting for my Building 43 t-shirt. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ;-) - Donna Tuttle
Be sure to come by Dallas when you swing through Texas! - Zaneology from Nambu
Respect your opinion Robert but we'll have to agree to disagree. Yes I despise all the FakePornSpamBots who follow me. I block as many as I can, but can't keep up. Our views differ regarding what is important to SEE! I treasure home Home stream! I read it, refresh, read, refresh and in minutes I have the pulse of the world... at least MY world! EVERYONE has something of value to share at some point. If I UNfollow tens of thousands, I will miss so much worthy of consideration. - Arleen Boyd
Just another reason why it's good to diversify, I can still read your posts here. :) - Luis Sandoval
Cheers! - Jeff Wiant
Funny. I was catching up on news on Friendfeed for some odd reason. Great post; plenty for new and long-time users alike to consider there. - Alex Howard
I'm still waiting for the ultimate tool to manage my followings - I can only manage to keep up with about 1/3 of those following me. I'd love to see something that can tell me what friends of mine also follow those that I am or those that are following me. Maybe it's out there and I missed it? - TheDiva Rockin
Anyone interested in assessing the quality of their followers should check http://tweetblocker.com. It's pretty chastening. I aim to improve on my C rating. http://www.buzzom.com is a fun, fast way of decoupling yourself from non-reciprocal followers. You can select individuals to purge, or flush 50 random non-reciprocal followers at a time. - Andrew Spong
Robert, your timing could not be better. ;-) - Dave Martin
Great post, with perfect timing! Dang it, Dave Martin just took it off my lips. - Vadim Lavrusik
I hereby rename this comment thread neoTwitter <waves at followers> - Andrew Spong
/me waves - Kevin Johnson from iPhone
Awww, you gotta admit, saturation, the level of influence that you have, because of your high follower, count, is a tool of mass destruction. Seriously, did you think if you recommend an online service that people would not try it out? Was this an asassination attempt - Peter Murphy
I'm glad i'm not the only one who misses /me actions from IRC, Kevin. ;) - Eric Williams
With today's Twitter outage your timing is pretty stinking good, Robert. :) - Chris Cree
Now to get the rest of the world to follow that same logic when it comes to follow/unfollow! I only started being more selective as Twitter (and everyone else) started getting aggressive with spammers or anyone that even remotely did a single spammy tweet. Now if only there were the same contact management tools available for the other social networks as with Twitter. No matter what though, I'll continue updating my status when I eat a peanut butter sandwich! (With Fluff of course!). - Paul Monaco
Twitter couldn't handle the mass unfollow load, blew up... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I've been followed by Robert Scoble :-) - David Finch
Follow iPolitics - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
Now I think that it is time to think about a way to make money using Twitter. - abdellah
@Mark, +1. When in doubt, the default delegation of blame goes to Robert. - Dave Martin
what is critical mass for twitter? Too few and nobody interacts, Too many and spam bots overwhelm, Is it 1K or 2K needed to get a real experience? - WarLord
Of course I thonk it is a different experience if you hand follow reading each bio from the beginning then these mass purges are unnecessary - WarLord
I thought you already followed me. lol - Duane @PreppyDude Myers
Not sure if you do, but here I am... - Aron Michalski
I am intrigued how RT addict will RT now?!! (ps: FF please don't post this to my twitter) - abdellah
I have been keeping my twitter account private a majority of the time lately b/c I am going through a divorce, but I really kinda like it. Have been reducing followers as well as the number I follow. - Jackson Miller
You should follow me here in FF and on Twitter too! - Karthi
hopefully most of us have proven our worth beyond commenting on this single thread - andy brudtkuhl
I like the way you operate, Scoble. Thanks in advance for the follow! - Dr. Frank Ramblings, Ph.D
Nice way of doing it... - Charles
No need to follow me unless you are actually going to engage in conversation with me. - Jeff Hurt
If you're already following and we comment, will you unfollow? *wink Hoping all is well your way! - Dayngr
4&5 are my favorite! Those are big reasons I decide to follow someone too. - Kelly Mitton
I'm lucky. Have never had Twitter spam. But then again I'm no Scoble either :) - Lori Reed
I am the peanut butter eating bot - Benjamin Spector
I'll add my name to the list. I came back to FF after the Twitter DoS outage. Maybe Scoble broke Twitter by all his unfollowing. He was the "glue" holding Twitter together. :-) - Tom Newman
Robert: Here's the bit you missed off the end of your title here: .... and put them in that group I don't read :-) - Jim Connolly
Great post. I'm sure that some people might say that this kind of mass unfollowing will hurt Twitter, but I think it's just the opposite. Users who are following people they have no interest in just to pad their own numbers are diminishing the meaning of "following." - Mark Denton
@Ulrichmargarita - Ulrichmargarita
I don't know how you ever did it the other way. I am not in the tech world near as much as I used to be, which wasn't a whole lot. I just followed some random people I saw on SMugMug-related people on here when I started. You were one of them. I had no idea who you were (and still don't :-), but you talked about Twitter a lot too, which got me on there as well. Both services have really... more... - James Schipper
Follow away! - Ferdinand Perez
ok 400 jackpot - abdellah
Quality over quantity in all things, including (perhaps especially) Twitter. Loved your friending methodology -- those are the same rules I've applied since being on Twitter. Posted them onto Posterous to share the love with credit to you: http://lorilaurentsmith.posterous.com/ - Lori Laurent Smith
it's not about unfollowing, it's about filtering... - Barak Hachamov
I started out following everyone on Twitter.Then I got wise. When someone's stream becomes more noise than signal, that's when I consider unfollowing. I realize that threshhold is different for everyone, but I'll take "what I had for lunch" over a dozen bogus "marketing tips" any day. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
Well, I am trying to use FriendFeed more after watching Scoble's video on all those monitors he had up. I'm not a big consumer of information and don't own a TV but this online social stuff has been a perfect fit into my life because I can connect with people who are fountains of knowledge on a specific subject or are "human mashups". I like both! - Adria Richards
Why !? - Bertrand Soulier from iPhone
I've been reading al of this unfollow bits, and this point of yours: - Donna
Hey, I think that today you might make your point about FriendFeed being more interesting than Twitter. Hope you are well. Talked with @fransteps this morning and she is excited to work with you at Rackspace. - Kami Huyse
I've been reading all of this un-follow posts lately, and this point of yours in WHY you unfollowed: "#2 Because I personally care about everyone I am following their noise level is a LOT lower. ." Is exactly what I do. And now I am starting to understand Friendfeed more. and using posterous to do aggregate posts. So is this overload making more people sit up and think first? I think so. At least the intelligent ones. - Donna
I love you Scoble! ;) - Carol Levesque
with all due sycophantism :) - jeff hammond
This is a great move, Robert. It's also a lot more human...I was almost convinced that you were the only person who could actually drink from the fire hose without choking. - Steffan Antonas
That sounds fair. After this morning, I've renewed my love for FriendFeed and Tweetworks. Until the next DDos attacks, of course. I will miss the fake porn stars, but I did when I moved from L.A. - Scott Pierce
Steffan; I agree...there is no way anyone else could do what Robert S. does. It's good to see him become human. - Robert Jones
This has been my problem for about the past six months. I routinely go in and unfollow, get the noise level down to where I want it, and then end up following back a bunch of new people, some of whom I'm incredibly grateful to get to know. When I had track, it was a whole lot easier to manage the stream, but I suspect even that tool would now be out of hand. I have a set of rules for... more... - Karoli
hee hee. i am commenting not so much to beg your follow but what a clever pitch:) - Tresha Thorsen
Robert - I have not read all 416 comments so if this was asked and you answered forgive me. What was the all of a sudden revelation that caused you to reverse stance on Twitter Followers? - Jeff Vreeland
It's difficult to maintain and filter a list on all the social networking sites. I cannot even imagine maintaining the kinds of lists you must deal with, Robert. - Jeremy Brooks
Dude, you broke Twitter! When you unfollowed all of your 100,000 the other day you pulled the rug right out from under it, so it fell down and now it can't reach its beer. :-) - Robert Morrison
Actually I felt rather sad being fav'ed by you on FriendFeed then dumped.. But again. I get more from you from FriendFeed, so oh well, stop talking about Following and Get on more with Tech! :P - Du Senyao Peter
Me Me! lol! - MrBill
i like the idea of importing favorite tweets into friendfeed. i haven't used that favorite feature much because i haven't seen any real use in it. thanks! - Jonathan Blundell
When twitter is down I always wish I could tweet: checkout friendfeed. Nevertheless, how will following folk that leave a message here really improve the quality of your input? While I don't want to judge many of the fine folk on this thread, are they all that interesting? In other words, isn't this the start of the same problem you had on Twitter... - Jon Mountjoy
what like here? this is a comment :) - michelle harris
Well to bounce back on your Twitter is down comment I think it is time to watch this video again http://www.youtube.com/watch... Hilarious! - 77Agency
Robert, I'm glad you decided to stop auto-follow (finally). :) - Veronica Sopher
I'm in - Jeroen Sangers from Nambu
works for mw - Brendan Jackson from twhirl
Robert, but why clutter your FriendFeed stream? This comment is not to get you to courtesy follow me on FriendFeed, think you've established you've changed your thinking. :) - L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE
OK, I have enough people to follow so I will close the comments on this thread. Thank you everyone, I will try to get to everyone today. - Robert Scoble
AJ Kohn
As if the Palm Pre ads couldn’t get any creepier http://www.youtube.com/watch...
As if the Palm Pre ads couldn’t get any creepier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr4oNfF4_Fo
LOL - Josh Haley
hehehehe - Jonathan Hardesty
Gah! O_O - Derrick
This reminds me of the scary parts of The Ring. - Kevin Fox
i like them - sean percival
She reminds me of the Borg Queen... - FFing Enigma
Kinda calming. Also what up with Bing! That's free publicity for MS. :p - Arawak
I was waiting for a group of people to come on-screen with black eyeballs and have an orgy. - Mark Krynsky
I hate those commercials! lol Seriously Mark! - Heather
1UP Mark! LOL - Derrick
I'm with Tina. She's like the Borg Queen's little sister. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
hahahahaha nice! - MB Linder
Perhaps I owe an explanation. I'm expecting my account with Facebook to be suspended at any time. Hence my surprise when I found it still in tact. While we're at it, I joined two conservative alternatives today: KicSpace and Freedom Torch. Why don't you guys join me? - Cassandra Troy
when I first saw it I thought she was a ghost... which begs the question if palm thinks it's dead? - Patrick
My wife's friend's daughter was over last night (9) and said the exact same words! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I thought it was going to be an ad for the SciFi channel... - Robert Freeze
Max Headroom revisited. - Larry Kless
Argh, my epilepsy x_x - CannonGod
I kept waiting for that zombie to pop up - you know the one I'm talking about (from that German energy drink commercial series). - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I just want to know what they were imbibing when they brainstormed this campaign. - Steven W. Kelly
It's as if an ad team found inspiration in Silent Hill. - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
Stress Reduction Kit
Post this on your wall. - Valley
Echo scoops scattered comments into one live stream - http://www.building43.com/videos...
Jason Goldberg
These days, if a news site makes me register or login before reading the article i just pass on it and move on.
or google cache - FullSite
Awesome. I'll read it for you then. - Merredith Branscombe
Ditto. Why put up barriers for others to see your cool content? Let them get a taste of it and maybe they'll subscribe after they realize they can't live without you. - Irene Koehler
Of course - Brendhan Givens
amen; you want my eyeballs they are there if no registration - wowfreeze.blogspot.com
Same goes for blogs that make you register before commenting - uhh, no thanks, I'll go where there's a real community. - Danny Brown
It's normally that - or a reverse-Turing test, and those are painful. - Tim Tyler
I avoid it but If I really need to read it than the above mentioned methods work fine. - Ashish
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
That is wrong. Can't... look.... away - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
LOL - Imabug
hahaha. the more times i see this, the funnier it gets - TonyRetrobot
YouTube comments make me sad for the world.
I totally agree. - imabonehead
first. - Veronica
FIRST!!! - Veronica
We keep them on Youtube so they don't go out and do more damage. - Morton Fox
show me your boobs. - Veronica
OMG, they're here! /dives through window runs down street - Adrian
hey check out my vidz! - Wagner
If you don't send this video to 100 people, the person you love will never fall in love with you, and your dog will die tomorrow!!!!!!111! - Veronica
YO MAMA! - John Blanton
Haggis, I know and love that video well :) - Veronica
I saw this post on Digg 2 months ago. - Veronica
yea obvsly fake!!! - Wagner
his mom's ass is not fake because i saw it last night. - Veronica
ild do her - Rhys Amos from iPod
learn 2 spell, newb - Veronica
UR F*G Im gonna kick ur asses learn sum manners idiots!! - Wagner
seriously though, you guys crack me up! thanks for the laughs :) - Veronica
Still laughing here.. - Adrian
awesome website Adam! hahaha! - Wagner
that is the best addon ever. i might start using firefox again just for that! - Veronica
U fail Im last!!! - Wagner
Really interesting video, I hadn't seen it like that before! I think you'll like our site here: http://bit.ly/61tly - Edward Coffey
Christopher: leave Flickr out of it :) - Rhys Amos from iPod
if i sAw this guy i would punch him or kik him in the nuts that he doesnt have - adam garrett
I heard your mom's got it going on b4$74RD! - John Blanton
ron paul hates this - adam garrett
t3h loost comntr iz t3h redneck ..rly natsi? j/k - John Blanton
"All UR n00bs R pwned 4 us"- Generation wtf OMG - Garmon Estes
lol @ Garmon - John Blanton
ask ur mom she's an expert lol - Wagner
frist! - Wagner
lurst! - John Blanton
shud up be4 I cockpunchez you in the face. hit me up ladiz! - Adrian
what's YouTube? - John Blanton
You pay attention to YouTube comments? - Outsanity
@John it's what UR mom eats every night! - Adrian
duude, android market iz a special special place - Adrian
@Adrian did UR mom clue you in on that? - John Blanton
John, no offence brah, but I think the rulez book got tossed out the window a long time ago. I can't help myself now. We can be frienz tomorrow? But for now give it all you got. - Adrian
That's the spirit! - Adrian
Gee, it's so amazing how you guys are "imitating" YouTube comments. It's amazing how proficient y'all are~~~~! - Dave Friedel
Suckaz. - Dave Friedel
whos imitating u gay?? - Wagner
shut it Davey! u couldn't play drums if you had drumsticks for fingers and toes - John Blanton
what's Beyonce got to do with it? - John Blanton
Dave your Mom must be a FAG, how else do you explain you? - Adrian
byonce is soooooooooo hooooooooot - Wagner
I thiknk I broke my keyboard with that last one... - Adrian
wash it off with syrup ..veronica tried it - John Blanton
I'd make fun of yo mom, but i dont wnat her teeth to clench right nowz. - Dave Friedel
Dave . ur mom fried your last brain cell ... then ate it - John Blanton
wait, so he did have one for start? - Wagner
not sure .. *MUNCH* *MUNCH* but they sure are crunchy! nom nom nom nom nom - John Blanton
Imagine if this was the last and only friendfeed thread that archeo-digitologists unearth 3000 years from now? /hangs head in sham - Adrian
hey u guys from da future, ur all gaaaaaaaaay! - Wagner
LOL@wagner - Adrian
go f**k your cousin.. you toothless fagot redneck! - Dave Friedel
LSHIFABTLO - John Blanton
FTFG!! Fuck teh Future Ghey! - Adrian
Dave I already psted dat. UR GAY - adam garrett
Which PAGE was that on? - Dave Friedel
Ok, I'm going to fuck go all your momz now. Later beyotchiz. Sub back me... arghh broke keyboard. - Adrian
LOL. Veronica's going to see 8 pages of YouTube insults tomorrow. - Dave Friedel
Dave: FIRST! - adam garrett
LARST! - John Blanton
Final. - Dave Friedel
really? ok. - John Blanton
Yup. - Dave Friedel
ur mom told me dis YouTube haz t3h flavr - John Blanton
Poor Veronica... I'm sorry! - Adrian
BLARG! - Dave Friedel
whos veronica? - Wagner
I wouldn't be surprised if she unfollows all of us when she wakes up in the morning lol - John Blanton
Wagner: LOL! - Dave Friedel
would the real Jose Jalapeno-On-A-Steek pls stand up? - jeff dunham reference - John Blanton
I missed Letterman for this. - adam garrett
Letterman is ghey! and has a chubby for Palin!! - John Blanton
Wait, if you scroll back, Veronica partakes in this for quite a while... it did start going overboard though. But you know, this is now a VERY REALISTIC YouTube comment thread simulacrum. Well played boys and girls! - Adrian
Well, she claimed she saw my mom's ass, so she's not that innocent :) - Wagner
@Adrian yeah she did ..which is why I jumped in but oh well .. - John Blanton
@Wagner everyone has seen your mom's ass - John Blanton
@John lol I saw that one coming - Wagner
SICKO!!! PERVERT!! - John Blanton
foremat space see colon slash your back - John Blanton
wutz wrog wit lurnin dee johnglish? - John Blanton
where did Wagner go? - John Blanton
missing me? that's so ghay! - Wagner
wha!? wha!? wha!? i so not ghey u ghey!! go pick ur nose - John Blanton
@John tell ur mom I said hi - Wagner
EPIC FAIL!! - John Blanton
my osx bit me - John Blanton
mac is for losers! - Wagner
bsod = pretty colors - John Blanton
oh so agree. I don't read them.... this coming from a troll talking... you know it is bad if I don't read youtube comments - NoahDavidSimon
@Noah yeah it is that bad which is why I'm not posting anymore non ghey most excellent videos there anymore l0l - John Blanton
Ok I got to get to bed ..hopefully @veronica won't hate us then unfollow us when she sees all of the comments l0l - John Blanton
I don't think she follows me anyway, so no worries :) - Wagner
I don't know why no one ever leaves blip.tv comments. I record there. imports to facebook and I'm the man - NoahDavidSimon
good jod veronica...now this thread is alive and will conquer all the world! :P - Antonios Papadakis
I don't know what I prefer : youtube comments or spam ? - Severin
german is a fine language for swearing - Wagner
Did he die? - Fee501st
This thread kinda reminds me of that bit at the start of Doom 3 when they open the hell portal. Except instead of turning in to zombies and hell-creatures, you guys have become YouTube commenters. - Amy
but I'm still an hell creature... - Wagner
lol, actually I guess it's debateable as to whether there is any difference between a hell-creature and a youtube commenter anyway... :P - Amy
nah, we hell-creatures are far more good looking ;) - Wagner
Sorry, that was my mistake, but only because the H in hell is not silent. You do use "an" before a word starting with H if the H is silent (i.e. an hour, an honor) - oh, and english is not my native language, so I'm allowed some mistakes now and then ;) - Wagner
and of course *I* am the inhabitant from hell here, so I can call it "ell" if I want ;) - Wagner
Two words, Yahoo Answers That is all. - Tony C (Unrated)
I'll take that as a compliment, Christopher ;) - Wagner
well, you know Earl, being such a trustworthy source of information, I would refrain from citing Y! answers with strong emphasys :) - Wagner
I never comment in YouTube. They are just mean for no reason. - Ronald S
OK! So *that* happened after I went to bed, huh? ;) - Veronica
LOL this thread really exploded! LMAO. - Jeremy Brooks
fuck that - Dobromir Hadzhiev
People are so hateful and ingant, yes I said it, not Ignorant, Ignant http://www.urbandictionary.com/define... - Tate
They always end with something about race. The video could be about puppies, some how someone makes it racist. - Gavin Stephens
how is babby formed? Oh, whoops, wrong service with retarded comments :P - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, (29 September 1571–18 July 1610) was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. He was the first great representative of the Baroque school of painting, noted for his intensely emotional canvases and dramatic use of lighting. He is widely considered one of the greatest painters in European history. Even in his own lifetime Caravaggio was considered enigmatic, fascinating, rebellious and dangerous. He burst upon the Rome art scene in 1600, and thereafter never lacked for commissions or patrons, yet he handled his success atrociously. An early published notice on him, dating from 1604 and describing his lifestyle three years previously, tells how "after a fortnight's work he will swagger about for a month or two with a sword at his side and a servant following him, from one ball-court to the next, ever ready to engage in a fight or an argument, so that it is most awkward to get along with him." In 1606 he killed a... more... - Derrick
Evan Williams
@TechCrunch @arrington "we have been given the green light by Twitter to post this information" What?! By whom? That's not our understanding
"It’s important to note that we have been given the green light by Twitter to post this information - They aren’t happy about it, but they are able to live with it, they say (more on why they did that in our later post)." - Eric Schonfeld http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Daniel J. Pritchett
Wow, what a day. Ah, startup security. :) - Damon Cortesi
ouch - Nick Halstead
I gotta say for any company that was in negotiations with Twitter that latest post from TC was massively damanging - Nick Halstead
techcrunch seems to be down - peter
peter, wow yep it does [edit] oh wait it's back up - Mike Chelen
看不懂...似乎水很深.... - K.D.
很喜欢看到这些公开的对话,也许twitter会借机发展的更好!不会是无间道吧? - telefan
何止“无间道”,双簧+海派清口+间歇性失忆+分裂人格互串,这些可能性都不是没有的:) - K.D.
Oguz Serdar
cool down. have a seat. enjoy! - Morgan
vah vah vah :) - Bepanthol ve 1 kişi daha
the guy seems to be shocked in the left box :) - Oguz Serdar
"What did you learn?" - Bwana ☠
no water, no joke :) - Oguz Serdar
Bret Taylor
Today, Google engineers announced a technology called PubSubHubbub that makes RSS/Atom more real-time, and they deployed the technology on FeedBurner. FriendFeed also added support for the technology, so if you have a FeedBurner feed, your updates should show up in FriendFeed within seconds rather than minutes after the feed updates.
To enable it for your FeedBurner feed: go to Feedburner, click on the "Publicize" tab, and then click on "PingShot" and enable the PingShot service. That will enable PubSubHubbub and send your feed to a number of ping services. - Bret Taylor
what, right now? i mean immediately? From today? - Zee.
Zee: yes, right now! - Benjamin Golub
Zee: yes, from today, though the technology is very much "in beta," so I am sure there will be hiccups. - Bret Taylor
Excellent, thank you Bret and FF, will switch this on now. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
WOW. - Zee.
Nice - thanks Bret! - Jim Connolly
RSS is back in the game... then - Yann Ropars
This is very cool - Edwin Khodabakchian
Once step closer to being able to build an open distributed twitter like system! - Edwin Khodabakchian
this has been done already by superfeedr.com - google's behind the game on this one, but def takes it mainstream. - Scott Magdalein
Peter: most blogging platforms ping Feedburner when you post a new entry, Feedburner pulls down the feed, Feedburner then pings the hub, then the hub notifies FriendFeed :) - Benjamin Golub
We're still working out kinks so if you have any issues please send me a message! - Brett Slatkin
You lost me at "Today" I shall now just smile and nod politely - Steve C, Team Marina
Where's the spec? - Dave Winer
Dave: http://pubsubhubbub.googlecode.com/svn.... Edit: Brett beat me by nanoseconds! - Benjamin Golub
If I understand correctly this essentially turns any site with a feedburner feed into a real time publisher? But to read it in real time you need what? - BryanSchuetz
Since this is a Google thingie, does it work on Google Reader already? - Tarmo Aidantausta
FriendFeed can receive the pings *RIGHT NOW* - Brett Slatkin
guys, how long are we really talking before it should appear here? Seconds or minutes? - Zee.
The Reader integration is a prototype; more to come soon! - Brett Slatkin
no way, so Google Reader could technically go real time?? - Zee.
That would be cool, wouldn't it? =) - Brett Slatkin
I stopped reading here: "RSS isn't supported for simplicity." Laughing. Out. Loud. - Dave Winer
I better make sure i get post titles right the first time round..... - Zee.
Brett - any chance i could ask you a couple of questions via email or dm? - Zee.
Hey Dave that's my mistake. We support RSS! http://code.google.com/p... I need to update the spec. - Brett Slatkin
is that SUP's role take up by those rss accelerator? or SUP is losing a chance to propagate in this field? - huixing
Huixing: we plan to support all widely adopted real-time standards to make FriendFeed better. We are not tied to SUP only. - Bret Taylor from iPhone
Brett, why didn't you use the weblogs.com ping protocol? Your comment there about RSS, right up front, really captures the whole philosophy -- right? Let's just reinvent stuff that already works, so... Why? To break everything that already works? It won't happen that way. It'll only make your adoption curve steeper. - Dave Winer
Is this working for anyone else? Anyone getting near real time publishing to Friendfeed with feedburner? - Zee. from iPhone
Would you ping me (dave dot winer at gmail dot com) when I can use RSS with this system. I'll be happy to evaluate it and provide feedback if necessary, and endorse it if it works. Thanks in advance. - Dave Winer
Alright we've fixed in the spec Dave. Sorry for the mistake. Followed up. - Brett Slatkin
Dave you can use rss feeds http://code.google.com/p... - Darren Stuart
I agree why didn't ff just implement a ping server and just let people add it to their blogs? - Darren Stuart
Darren: you can use our public SUP in that way: http://friendfeed.com/api... - Benjamin Golub
Zee- there are some debugging tools at the bottom of http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/, which I think is the hub you're using. For example, I don't see anything here: http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/topic-d... - Casey Muller
Ping this, ping there. What's so great about it? - Burcu Dogan
Benjamin: thanks that just saved me a little work. Should be linked on the api page I think. ;) - Darren Stuart
Just enabled this myself, glad to be on the bleeding edge for once ! - Justin Long
Awesome. Just enabled it. Thanks for the details Brett. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, can you let me know if it works for ya? - Zee.
@Casey i can't seem to get it working - Zee.
Darren: it's linked from http://code.google.com/p... but yeah we should do a better job of exposing it. - Benjamin Golub
can someone please let me know if they've managed to get this working? - Zee.
There's also a WP plugin I wrote that does the same thing. This might be a good option for anyone who's not using feedburner. http://wordpress.org/extend... - Josh Fraser
Zee, I set this up for my Empoprise-BI blog, wrote a blog post (using Blogger), and six minutes after posting I haven't seen anything in Google Reader or FriendFeed yet. So if you're not getting advertised response, you're not the only one. I'll test again at a later time. - John E. Bredehoft
cool...just want to be sure it isn't me alone - Zee.
Update - seven minutes after posting, the post showed up on FriendFeed (both in my feed, and in a group that receives the blog feed). Nothing in Google Reader yet. - John E. Bredehoft
Josh Fraser - nice! - Micah
John: The Reader integration we demo'ed was a prototype; more to come in the future! - Brett Slatkin
yeah, it seems 7 minutes is about how long its taking me for too (to arrive in friendfeed) - Zee.
Could you DM me the feed URL? I'll look into the details and figure out the issue. Like I said before, we're still working out a few kinks (the FeedBurner integration is initial support right now). So thanks in advance for your help in making it super fast! - Brett Slatkin
Brett, the one i'm testing it on is http://zee.me/blog and the feedburner url is http://feeds2.feedburner.com/zblog1 - Zee.
Looking into it now, thanks! - Brett Slatkin
Cheers Brett - i'm itching here... :) - Zee.
If you're looking for another implementation of PubSubHubbub, I'd suggest you give a look to our http://superfeedr.com ;) Thanks for your time and feedback! - Julien
Heh, what's the idea behind the crazy name? ;) - Tyson Key
does self hosted wordpress natively ping feedburner? - Tyler Gillies
Nice to see XMPP more and more used on the web! It's a nice environment, also for cloud computing! - Egon Willighagen
Nice tech, strange name though. Wonder if Google has a projectname generator, feeds it some foundation words, and then watches it spew out 1,835391 suggestions in 20-sized chunks? Too bad they didn't pick up PubSubBuzz instead, rhymes better. Also, what was EVER WRONG with PubSubHubris? (fresh and full of promise). - ianf ⌘
This tech has been around for ages. It's getting much needed promotion right now, but it's not new. The name comes from XMPP's pubsub mechanism, with hubbub on the end. The option for PingShot has also been in Feedburner for months. - Marlin Forbes
I think that unless you have installed the pubsubhubbub plugin for wordpress, that feedburner still polls your content. It pushes your content out to other interested parties using the new mechanism, but it will still poll your feed. Correct? - Marlin Forbes
you can have wordpress ping feedburner under settings->writing add http://ping.feedburner.com - Tyler Gillies
great to see you talk today bret, thanks - sean percival
appreciate that - Hans Kainz
My feedburner feed updated in real-time but the blog post is still not published here on friendfeed? - Svartling
didn't work for me on last post....and i have the ping shot on - Bob DeMarco
Great! - Brett Slatkin
Live4Emma (L4S)
:D - AJ Batac
^___^ - Neya
*smiles* - Jemm
Muwhahah. :-) :-) Don't let nobody ever take away your smile. Don't let nobody ever change your funky style. --Eric Lindell - Mathew A. Koeneker
HAHAH nice one, MAK! - Live4Emma (L4S)
Bows head! :-) Tis Eric's lyrics that I just attempt to emulate. - Mathew A. Koeneker
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We'll get your loved one to the mortuary AND cater! - Anika
Hot dang, It's Friday!!! (With Bonus Chuck Norris)
And ain't I glads 'bout it! - Bryce Roney from email
In pictures: Space junk spinning around Earth - http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnew...
In pictures: Space junk spinning around Earth
In pictures: Space junk spinning around Earth
share - Exir
(: one of my faves - iwfx!
Yeah, but it's Generation X's fault that we have to look at all those "Y"s... We(they?) started it. (I get a little confused. I'm 30, so which side of the fence am I really on?) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
:D I saw one of those today :P - comix aka martha
ewwww - Shey
Kamilah, I'm in the same boat. 31, and every definition says I fall between the X and Y cracks. Which, in light of this post, kinda grosses me out. - FFing Enigma
LOLZ Tina. I guess it's the shadow effect of my parents being a little too young to be true Boomers. I'm a little too young to be Gen X - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Just missing a strange looking tattoo and you're there Shey - Charlie Anzman
:) why y? - FlyMeToTheMoon from email
I thought Gen-Xers were older than Ys? - Shey
Yes, Shey, what made you think otherwise? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
According to that, I'm officially an Xer. Once again, I apologize on behalf of this entire generation for the saggy pants that refuse to go away. We though it was cute. Fun. Temporary. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I'm Generation Y. But my butt-crack is firmly concealed. Unless I'm at home... - Shey
@Andrew Thanks your link - FlyMeToTheMoon from email
ahahahah - Susan Beebe
darn kids...pull your britches up!!!! - Stephanie Segel
lol true - Will Higgins™
Hahaha! - Anne Bouey
I would hate to see Generation - ( )X( ) - Adam Helweh
lol@Adam - Shey
heehee - AJ Batac
My co-worker to a T...or Y. - Jack&Cleo
Lol, this picture really describe our generation lol - Moon
@Kamilah oops, I misunderstood what you were saying. Yes, you're right -- it's totally Gen X's fault. - Shey
lol,,, - Ashanti
I don't want to see the other side of that… - Daniel Schildt
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