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Room to discuss the SmugMug photo and video sharing site.
Paul Robinson
Check out Blossom in the App Store: The best and fastest way to browse your SmugMug photos on an iPhone or iPod Touch.
Russell G
Is SmugMug down as getting read errors from server?
looks like smugmug & dgrin are both very much down - Andrew Gorohoff
Thought so! and me right in the middle of doing some site changes, so thought it was me :) - Russell G
They are back up now - Andrew Gorohoff from iPhone
Roberto Bonini
Is there any way to find a list of good photgraphers on #SmugMug??
Richard Lazzara
now you can twtmug your photos on smugmug onto twitter - Richard Lazzara
smug-search - Ubiquity command to search images on Smugmug -
smug-search - Ubiquity command to search images on Smugmug
smug-search - Ubiquity (Firefox Extension) command to search images on Smugmug. - Micah
SmugscopeCustomSmugMugUi - I Just Released a GreaseMonkey Script that removes the default categories from the form select on SmugMug's Create New Gallery web interface -
It all started over on the Dgrin forum: - Micah
Interested in beta testing a project developed against the SmugMug API? Just request an invite to this FF room: Thanks everyone!
Bob Gannon
Can we geo tag all the photos in a gallery at the gallery level? Takes me to long to tag each photo. Ideas?
Vinuth M. Madinur
However, there are a few features that I've been desperate for. :) I needed to put same photos into multiple galleries. And wanted to add individual select photos to groups instead of entire gallery. Are these features in the pipe line? :)
Those are oft requested features, and yes, they're on our radar. - Chris Abbey
Vinuth M. Madinur
I joined SmugMug family recently :) So far I think it's a great service. Many of my friends asked me where I was hosting my photos since it didn't look like Flickr and they thought the gallery looked great.
Chris Nixon
Hey Guys. Any idea why my shots from the iPhone app come through upside down? - Chris Nixon
And the double posting. - Jordan Hofker
The double posting happens with all uploads. Apparently SM are not sure if it is their fault or FriendFeed's - Chris Nixon
Yeah, sorry to hijack your post :-) I just haven't seen any discussion around the double-posting issue. The upside down thing is weird. Did it just start after the most recent version? - Jordan Hofker
I've only had my iPhone 24 hours, so no idea if there has been a change. They show as the right way up on the phone. - Chris Nixon
in the 2.1 firmware apple fixed a bug were they were returning images upside down. We had auto rotated to correct that, now the corrective rotate we're doing causes this. An update to correct this is being worked on. - Chris Abbey
Thanks Chris. I appreciate you letting us know. - Chris Nixon
btw, SmugShot 1.1.0 (in ITMS now) fixes this in case anyone hasn't already grabbed it. - Chris Abbey
Russell G
Issue with images showing twice on FF -
I'll take twice over never, :( - Chris Abbey
Roberto Bonini
Anyone know of a Windows Media Centrre for Smugmug to pull down photos? A commenter asked that on my blog.
I rephrase: A WMC plugin to pull photos from SmugMug. just reread it and saw it didin't make a whole lot of sense. Sorry :) - Roberto Bonini
Chris Abbey
David Pascoe
anyone else see 100's of old photos appearing new on RSS ?
apparently not. - David Pascoe
actually, yeah... not all the time but it did happen once or twice - Shawn Duffy
David's View
Just posted some Classic Car photos on SmugMug -
wondering what percentage of viewers actually rate photos? also wondering if popularity of photos might be better measured by some sort of count of views & comments?
oh kayyyy - torr
Don MacAskill
I'm gonna assume everyone saw this already, but we launched SmugVault today - Store everything for next to nothing. -
don - what are the chances we'll see stats like youtube insight? daily views by image/size rather than the monthly count?
AFAIK, no-one has really asked for it, so it's not even on our radar. *shrug* Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted.... but I can put it on the TODO list if *you* want it. :) - Don MacAskill
i see... yes if you could it would be valuable insight for me, i track the views manually every 24 hours to see which images are being viewed at the medium and larger sizes... the youtube insight data is a new feature - have you seen it? - torr
Nope, haven't seen it, but I'll try to take a look. Thanks! - Don MacAskill
thank you don! - torr
Stats are super cool! One of the best improvements to Flickr in the past few years. - Thomas Hawk
We have stats (lots of them), just not broken down by day. - Don MacAskill
imo, for your paying pro customers...daily view stats would be great (not thumbnails or small pic views though), daily discovery stats would be really great (search engine vs. url direct etc.), daily demographic stats would be a great bonus (age, gender), and where possible daily viewer geography data (country, state, city) - torr
Don MacAskill
Go vote for SmugMug on LifeHacker! -
Don MacAskill
Curious about iPhones and SmugMug? -
Chris MacAskill
I love this shot. :-) I gotta do this! -
hah...very cool :) - David Parry
rofl, that's great! - Don MacAskill
Be sure to wear earplugs when you roll around in the goop. You don't want that stuff in your ears. - Dan Lovejoy
the down side to gallery wide comments: :)) - Chris Abbey
Don MacAskill
Blast from SmugMug's past - 4 years ago! -
Don MacAskill
Hey everyone. Party time in here, eh? ;)
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