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Justice Seeker
As an independent investigator who chooses to share these very significant findings with the general public, all researched photographs and any other item that could fall under intellectual property law and posted herein is posted as a matter of public interest. All items were obtained from sites available to the general public. There is no associated profit. IMO NO COPYRIGHT PROTECTION related to these material exist and the postings are covered under 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE Click the blue dot>> to bring up all available images. Hoover over the pictures for related text. - Justice Seeker
Clearly those are Marissa's natural legs in Argentina. They are using photoshop and camera trickery to give the illusion of amputated limbs just as they did in the movie Forest Gump; Gary Sinise has legs! Clearly, they are also using makeup and photoshop to make pretty people for their fraud scheme. If the robbing of the American people does not upset you, the fact that the US medical... more... - Justice Seeker
It also appears that the Jason Geremia persona was able to set himself up in a phony business; he then remarks on his phony Facebook page under work and education; "Geremia Builders L.L.C. i used to be an awesome home builder.. but obama put an end to that.." He does not live in Rhode Island yet managed to file the Articles of Organization for his phony business with more... - Justice Seeker
See the other stories of fraud & fabrication to pull off the #BostonHoax at including how MIT Officer Sean Collier never existed, the phony Norden, Brassard & Campbell families, the BS lies regarding injuries and amputation, how State of New York Government people assisted in the Hoax, how using children as propaganda proves any means to an end is the MO... more... - Justice Seeker
Dated 12/3/2013 "Heather" is interviewed and shows off her four new fancy prosthetic legs and reports she is now able to walk in four inch heels. Dr. David Crandell Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital appears to be promoting this fraud!! Now July 29, 2014, I find the following: "In an episode of The Real Housewives of... more... - Justice Seeker
The picture above with the three girls behind bars; the woman in the middle is Erika Brannock. Her actual name is Sharon D'Angelo. She lives in NJ; as you can see, her and Marissa are friends. I just discovered Brannock while working on something else. She, too, has both her legs. The sister and the mother in the fraud are her actual sister and mother. The sister's name is Melissa... more... - Justice Seeker
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson
Harry Johnson
Theodoros Prodromitis
Theodoros Prodromitis
Moon Bridge
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Justice Seeker
Theodoros Prodromitis
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Theodoros Prodromitis
Theodoros Prodromitis
Social Media Club
Media Relations Specialist / Software Advice / Austin, TX -
Justice Seeker
Crisis Actors are more than apparently government sanctioned frauds assisting a corrupt government in defrauding the population. These crisis actors are clans and multigenerational. Here we have the Delano, Marino & Wilson Clans. The "victims" of the Boston Marathon Bombing DO NOT EXIST. Meet the phony Norden family and their true identities!
Crisis Actors & The Norden Bother Fraud.png
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Hoover over the images to see related text. Click images directly to enlarge. Click the blue dot to bring up all images. - Justice Seeker
“LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL” ANNOUNCES LIZ NORDEN OF STONEHAM, MASSACHUSETTS AS THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF THE 2014 EDITION OF “LIVE’S SEARCH FOR UNSTOPPABLE MOMS” Norden Will Take Home the Grand Prize of $100,000 It is actually Kecia Reed Wilson that has the $100,000 check in her hand. LIZ NORDEN DOES NOT EXIST! - Justice Seeker
The frauds are summarized in this intro to the book TWICE AS STRONG: 12 Seconds, 2 Brothers and the Marathon that Changed Their Lives tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombing from the viewpoint of those directly impacted: friends, family, and first responders who contributed to saving the lives of JP, Paul, and Jacqui. Even the Author is a... more... - Justice Seeker
"Dave Smitherman is a writer who was moved by the Nordens and their experiences. He flew to Boston to meet the family and help them tell their story." Actually the "writer" lives in Georgia as do many of the frauds in the Norden scam; his name is Harry Wilson. Harry Wilson is grandfather to Samantha Elaine Wilson, who plays the persona of the "girlfriend" to"JP Norden", and grandfather... more... - Justice Seeker
Michael Delano has beeen identified in a picture with Debby Marino Levy; Debby played the mother of Sean Collier by photograph in the Collier Fraud. Debby Marino Levy is sister-in-law to Brenda Keinle Marino who is the actual mother of Joe Marino who plays the persona "JP Norden". Debby Marino Levy is, also, an Aunt to Elizabeth Amy Marino. You should, also, note that with the exception... more... - Justice Seeker
Brittany Rutherford and Elizabeth Amy Marino who are sisters have an Aunt that is a Wilson by marriage. The families appear to be related. Jessica Thompson has a close relationship with the Aunt of Rutherford and Marino. "Colleen Norden was with her mom at the time of the marathon and she helped tracked down her brothers who were at two different hospitals." The persona of Colleen... more... - Justice Seeker
See the short summary with picture at and for more information on and pictures of these frauds. - Justice Seeker
These people are still undergoing verification and validation. "Peter "Uncle Pete" Brown is JP and Paul's Uncle. He has been instrumental in sharing information and coordinating events for the brothers." Eugene St. John appears to be playing the persona "Uncle Pete". "Sean Gelinas monitored Paul on the way to the hospital and was concerned that his face would be the last one Paul would... more... - Justice Seeker
Social Media Club
Curator / World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum / St. Augustine, FL -
Justice Seeker
The Nordan brothers' injuries due to terrorist attack & "bombing" at 2013 Boston Marathon are a lie. "Mother" of MIT Officer Sean Collier is connected to actors in the Norden scam. Debby Marino Levy & all these #CrisisActors are interconnected, their own society, & sanctioned to Defraud America by corrupt government.
Liz Nordan Live Kelley & Michael.jpg
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To Enlarge the pictures click directly on the image; an open save option will pop up. Be sure to Click the blue dot >> to bring up all images. - Justice Seeker
Mom Comforts Two Sons Who Each Lost a Leg in Boston Blasts - Justice Seeker
Marathon victims Paul Norden, Jacqui Webb enjoy low-key July 4th Camera trickery, again, being used as noted in the case of Marc Fucurile, crisis actor Shawn Leverock, who also has legs. see... more... - Justice Seeker
Couple severely wounded in Marathon bombing engaged Paul Norden, Jacqui Webb to be married - Justice Seeker
See the Sean Collier story where Debby Marino Levy appears by photo as his mother. He does not exist!! See all the crisis actor stories where they have been identified, without question, and more at - Justice Seeker
The frauds are summarized in this intro to the book TWICE AS STRONG: 12 Seconds, 2 Brothers and the Marathon that Changed Their Lives tells the story of the Boston Marathon bombing from the viewpoint of those directly impacted: friends, family, and first responders who contributed to saving the lives of JP, Paul, and Jacqui. - Justice Seeker
Last name for Katherine seen in the picture with Joe Marino 4th picture bottom up is still a mystery and it is not yet clear if she is playing in the Hoax. - Justice Seeker
JP & Paul Norden Bros. Benefit Fund - Justice Seeker
If you studied the photos, you should now be aware that "Uncle Jim Casey" in the 7th from the top photo is Michael Delano who is seen with Debby Marino Levy in the 3rd picture. Debby Marino Levy is sister-in-law to Brenda Keinle Marino. Debby Marino Levy is, also Aunt to Elizabeth Amy Marino. You should, also, note that with the exception of the last letter William Delano[y] has the... more... - Justice Seeker
See graphic and individual pictures of these government sanctioned frauds at - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
American >society infiltrated by "clans" of #CrisisActors with full #Impuntiy who are used by government to defraud the people>they have infiltrated the government & private sector at all levels. MIT police officer Sean Collier DOES NOT EXIST! #CrisisActor clan engaged extended family/friends for PSYOP funeral!
Sean Collier does not exist graphic.png
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Hoover with your mouse over the pictures to see text regarding the picture. To enlarge the pictures click directly and open/save option will pop up. Be sure to click the little blue dot to bring up all images and see more of the corrupt people in our society who have full impunity as long as they assist the government in #DefraudingAmerica at - Justice Seeker
ALL LIES! "For Colliers, it was a bond of brothers" "There are six Collier kids. One is a pediatric nurse practitioner, one a social worker who pursues legislation to help handicapped individuals. Another is a student in forensic science and another a civil engineer. Sean was a police officer. And Andrew, of course, is a gearhead." - Justice Seeker
This story is a lie! There is no Amanda North: she did not give emotional support to Erika Brannock because that story is, also, a lie. Stacy Messier-Myron and her immediate family live in New York State. - Justice Seeker
Nicole Lynch -Collier's fabricated sister. Striking resemblance to Nicole Messier Marino. Nicole Messier Marino is a relative of Stacy Messier-Myron who is Brandon's mother, and Colleen Conroy Messier who in the Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax played... more... - Justice Seeker
Apparently the PD of Somerville Massachusetts is in whole corrupt as they went full force in carrying this IN WHOLE story that is blantant BS and fraud. Persona of step-father Michael Rogers at the podium appears to be played by Tony Cocca. - Justice Seeker
This video validates that Sean Collier never existed. Brothers and "Nicole" were disguised but the others were not. Step-sister "Jennifer" may have had her voice altered. "Jennifer Lemmerman has been validated by her own photographs and is, without question, Stephanie Paulin McCauley. - Justice Seeker
Transcript of this video This content comes from Closed Captioning that was broadcast along with this program. >>> joe biden and dr. jill biden will travel to cambridge for a memorial service for m.i.t. police officer sean collier. on monday i spoke exclusively to collier's siblings, i began by asking them how their family was coping with the terrible loss. >> i think we're coping as... more... - Justice Seeker
Apparently MIT is, also, corrupt. - Justice Seeker
#FYI some jackass has been deleting our content. evidently they don't remember how that worked out for them last time. - p01yN0Nym0u5
Further identification of these frauds with pictures and all available history discovered thus far at and it turns out that Debby Marino Levy, who plays Sean Collier's mother, is the sister-in-law of the real mother... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Fwd: Boston Marathon Bombing victim Marc Fucarile & his fiancée are crisis actors, frauds & vile human beings. #DefraudingAmerica The Leverock Clan strikes again as co-conspirators in collusion w/ PSYCHOPATHIC US GOV, #MSM & WORLD CLASSLESS BOSTON HOSPITALS >criminal conspiracy against the people of America. (via
Shawn Leverock_Kristina Veselovsky.jpg
Kristina Veselovsky August 2010.jpg
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Social Media Club
Infographic Designer / Multimedia Producer / Union of Concerned Scientists / Cambridge, MA -
Alex Thompson
Seven Famous Celebs Who Rule Instagram
Justice Seeker
Meet frauds claiming to be victim Brassard family. IMO when the public is INFORMED that the event is a drill these are #CrisisActors BUT when the government claims the event was real these are state actor co-conspirators in a Criminal Conspiracy to terrorize & #DefraudAmerica. Introducing Colleen Conroy Messier, Tracie Lynn Conroy, & John Bootkoos.
Colleen Conroy Messier 8 3 2009.jpg
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Their personas to #DefraudAmerica were Ron, Karen and Krystara Brassard. Likely John Bootkoos is a bogus name - there is no searchable history! It's interesting that his S.O. elludes, in what is percieved as humour, to the name John Butkus in her remark when there is a John Butkus in that region that works for Arcadis. REMARK: see Tracie AKA "Krystara" is not a Criminal Justice Major. She went to Sage College of Albany for... more... - Justice Seeker
Tracie AKA "Krystara" will actually be 30 years old on July 16th. The 10th picture down had a caption that the picture was from her 26th birthday party in 2010 - the picture itself does not show this and the caption could not be captured with the screen shot. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday. - Justice Seeker
This is their story one year later. - Justice Seeker
Again, the Red Sox Organization appears to promoting this fraud. - Justice Seeker
It appears the school used in the fraudulent history for "Krystara" also helped to promote the fraud. - Justice Seeker
Here is their donation page. Hoover over the pictures for any text regarding the pictures. It appears John bought himself a new toy with money he gained through fraud. You might also note that he is playing with his new toy on April 19, 2013. Turns out this is a very interesting toy - here is a 2012 pic describing his DRONE!... more... - Justice Seeker
Here are a couple of links to the news articles that are also in the PDF files above. - Justice Seeker
Colleen is Tracie's Aunt. They have family in Boston. Their family member's Linkedin profile and her company's efforts in soliciting funds are is in PDF files above. - Justice Seeker
You can find them all on Facebook; I have copied everything in case they delete or go totally private. All three actually live in the State of New York. There is a Leverock connection; the dance organization that John, Tracie, and Linda Leverock belong to appears to be the common link for this particular group of fraudsters! - Justice Seeker
The bombing scene and note the lady in the turquoise shirt is also a Leverock and another alleged co-conspiratorr defrauding America. More on Lonna Leverock Corcoran - Justice Seeker
Mark John Waite
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Social Media Club
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