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Monica Lancaster
Justice Seeker
The jury selection in the Tsarnaev case is a sham. These are all actors in a US Federal Court including the Defendant, the Defense Counsel and the Judge. The purported closed door meeting between "Judge O'Toole" and #CarmenOrtiz #USAttorney with defense not included yet sitting there and saying nothing was quite telling as well. #CarmenOrtiz objects to rules. more... - Justice Seeker
The filings by Defense Counsel and the Judicial ORDERS are fraudulent. Of late, a filing purportedly by Attorney Watkins has properties in the PDF that name Judy Clarke as the author and indicate that the documents were drafted on a computer at Washington & Lee University in VA. Watkins is purportedly a federal public defender; his filings should be coming from the federal public defender office. - Justice Seeker
Judicial orders are being entered only on the case docket with electronic orders entered by a docket clerk who has no authority to enter these orders and the orders are being left off the master docket of the court ALL RECENT ORDERS where all orders by all judges are entered in chronological order; these orders entered by the docket clerk are bogus. Interestingly, the memorandum had... more... - Justice Seeker
Following the bogus order, a motion to amend the order was supposedly entered by Conrad and, again, the properties say Judy Clarke & W & L. Miriam Conrad is, also, purportedly a federal public defender. - Justice Seeker
We all know the victims of the Boston Bombing are bogus and now a discovery that the Boston Hospitals have a financial interest in assisting the US Government in defrauding the population - SEE the Raytheon Document. - Justice Seeker
Multiple instances where rule driven process has been deliberately abandoned and VERIFIED bogus filings submitted to the court have been documented Take a good look at the people in the photos. There is no coincidence involved; this is an alleged criminal conspiracy by the Federal and Massachusetts State governments and a slew of private... more... - Justice Seeker
More photos of the first three friends arrested can be seen > Interestingly, photos of Dias Kadyrbayev shown at the link have an uncanny resemblance to Sharon D'Angelo's AKA Erika Brannock's friend Hao Deng. Here is a photo of the Honorable US District Judge George A. O'Toole - Justice Seeker
Be aware folks that your Healthcare is in bed with these psychopaths!! - Justice Seeker
No photo or video coming from the mainstream media ESPECIALLY after a suspicious event can be trusted as true. Video and photo fraud created the illusion of amputations and subsequent prosthetics. They even created pretty people for more impressive propaganda. Multiple modes of photo fraud were engaged including age regression and progression.... more... - Justice Seeker
Every American needs to write to the Supreme Court Justice that oversees the federal courts in their state. The Justices need to be aware of the corruption in the lower courts and they need to UNDERSTAND that the people will no longer tolerate their tax dollars being used to support corruption. The documents in the PDF's have adequate evidence to support fraud coming from the US... more... - Justice Seeker
Supreme Court ruling on the guarantees of open public proceedings in criminal trials cover proceedings for the voir dire examination of potential jurors Essentially proof that the sealing of the memorandum was a PROPAGANDA STUNT to peak the public's interest. The phony connections to the phony event by those in the phony jury... more... - Justice Seeker
Steven Hodgkiss
Please see my latest blog post Titled Steven Hodgkiss Social Networking's Blog Feed on using Free Inbound Marketing Tools provided by #MarketHive ....................... This is a continuation of my previous post Five Steps To Facebook Success Become an invaluable resource Convert new customers by providing real value to your Facebook fans. By providing social media resources to small businesses, Dell for example, has created a Facebook page that not only attracts a lot of traffic but also sparks conversations and gets people talking about the brand and, with reputational capital, come customers. Support existing fan pages If you're lucky enough to have dedicated, passionate customers who have created their own fan pages for your business, reward them for their support. When two Coke associates set up a fan page for their favourite brand, Coca-Cola thanked them with a free tour of their facility in Atlanta. Keen to maximise their success, Coke's... more... - Steven Hodgkiss from email
Steven Hodgkiss
Please see my latest blog post Titled Steven Hodgkiss Social Networking's Blog Feed on using Free Inbound Marketing Tools provided by #MarketHive ....................... I read a really an SEO-inspirational story on this week about musician Matt Farley, who made $27,000 making music on the side, and getting it on spotify and iTunes, after noticing that people type in ‘weird stuff’. High five to Matt Farley for leveraging the long tail of iTunes and Spotify! Some cool takeaways for the rest of us a) Dive in even if you suck at first When ever you start a new activity, it is often accompanied by an initial bumpy layer, where you, well… suck at it but with enough effort you get it. So many marketers leave traffic and commercial opportunities on the table by simply sticking with what they’re good at or what they know. Some examples I see most common are: Not making videos in a vertical that has a lot of universal search Not branching out into social or... more... - Steven Hodgkiss from email
Steven Hodgkiss
User Experience in Design, Google Domain Registration, Ad Copy and Lots of Link building
Please see my latest blog post Titled Steven Hodgkiss Social Networking's Blog Feed on using Free Inbound Marketing Tools provided by #MarketHive ....................... As usual Google and their latest moves and desires are at the forefront of the conversation. But Yahoo and Bing get a nod this week with some new tweaks to their paid ad displays. There are some beginner and advanced conversations on getting links in, linking out and separating the idea of link building from the idea of entity mentions and brand building. As usual there are some great minds and interesting theories in the debate and you should definitely add your own spin What are inlinks and outlinks and relation to Google SEO? Getting started in SEO, understanding links and how Google uses them is one of the first steps to putting together a solid digital marketing plan. While this starts off as a basic request for a definition, it evolves into a discussion the nuances of various... more... - Steven Hodgkiss from email
Steven Hodgkiss
Please see my latest blog post Titled Steven Hodgkiss Social Networking's Blog Feed on using Free Inbound Marketing Tools provided by #MarketHive ....................... Should you start a business blog on your website? What can a blog do for your business? A blog is a great and easy way to promote your business. Studies have shown us time and time again businesses that do blog have clear advantage over their competitors. To sum the most obvious benefits having a business blog will help your search engine rankings, increase your website traffic, generate more leads from your website and improve your brand visibility. A quick introduction to blogging The word blog is derived from the term "web log". It is a platform for easy publishing of content. A website that's part online journal and part open forum. Sometimes blog readers can post their reactions to blog posts and other readers can then add their two cents to those comments, thereby... more... - Steven Hodgkiss from email
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Pinch Me Photos
Juls Dabz
The Truth Behind Pope's Message to Filipinos - "Don't Breed Like Rabbits" - “Catholics must not breed like Rabbits” a Pope’s message to the Filipinos as his view to address poverty in Philippines. In his recent visit to this Catholic dominated...
The Truth Behind Pope's Message to Filipinos - "Don't Breed Like Rabbits" - “Catholics must not breed like Rabbits” a Pope’s message to the Filipinos as his view to address poverty in Philippines. In his recent visit to this Catholic dominated archipelago, almost the entire country is in halt, captivated by their anticipation of what magical message the highest Cat...
Ainsley Adolf
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Justice Seeker
#SandyHoax #SandyHook #CrisisActors #JillianSoto & #CarleeSoto #YoungDaughter have #BigGuns Appparently the #Hoax was to diminish 2nd Amendment Rights for the slaves while the #GovernmentSanctionedFrauds work on their target shooting and train their young. #CrisisActorFamilyClans breed to defraud the population for the government. #ItWorks
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Be sure to click the blue dot with >> inside to bring up all the photos. All researched photos are posted under 17 U.S. CODE § 107 LIMITATIONS ON EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: FAIR USE. Further, Statement of Rights and Responsibilities 4. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture). - Justice Seeker see photo #30 which shows the mom from the Massachusetts family See Jillian Soto's cousin Heather Cronk here and then take a good look at photo #3. Plumped up facial features with camera fraud just as they used... more... - Justice Seeker
The photo of Olivia with her AR15 is dated October 30, 2012; note she does NOT have braces on her teeth in that photo. We need to question if this 15 year old child was involved in this crime against the people or is the usual camera trickery seen in the government's psychopathic productions being used? Is Michele IN FACT playing Jillian Soto with age regression video and photo fraud? - Justice Seeker
Interesting that the hash tags for #CarleeSoto and #Hoax do not work in the header!! - Justice Seeker
Preview of what will be included in FF #CarleeSoto entry - Justice Seeker
Fabricated events are coming at us in a steady stream. These four links are PROOF that they are fabricated and the state actors are all connected and participte in multiple events. - Justice Seeker
Correction: Lersch family 5th photo connected to Massachustts but does not live there. - Justice Seeker
However, many in this crisis actor clan related to the Lersch Clan do live in Massachusetts and in Connecticut. Meet Carlos and his relative who is a troll on twitter promoting the hoax as real. more... - Justice Seeker
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Ainsley Adolf
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Tin Hoang
Tin Hoang
Xe cân bằng và xe đạp có bánh phụ. Đâu là lựa chọn tốt nhất?
Justice Seeker
see more of the corrupt people in our society who have full #impunity as long as they assist the government in #DefraudingAmerica at - Justice Seeker
ALL LIES! "For Colliers, it was a bond of brothers" "There are six Collier kids. One is a pediatric nurse practitioner, one a social worker who pursues legislation to help handicapped individuals. Another is a student in forensic science and another a civil engineer. Sean was a police officer. And Andrew, of course, is a gearhead." - Justice Seeker
This story is a lie! There is no #AmandaNorth: she did not give emotional support to #ErikaBrannock because that story is, also, a lie. #StacyMessierMyron and her immediate family including her son #BrandonMyron live in New York State. - Justice Seeker
Apparently the PD of Somerville Massachusetts is in whole corrupt as they went full force in carrying this IN WHOLE story that is blantant BS and fraud. Persona of step-father #MichaelRogers at the podium appears to be played by #RobertHamm. - Justice Seeker
This video validates that #SeanCollier never existed. #Deception #Disguise Step-sister "Jennifer" is not only wearing a wig but it seems her voice has been altered in this video. #JenniferLemmerman has been validated by her own photographs and is, without question, #StephaniePaulinMcCauley. - Justice Seeker
Transcript of this video This content comes from Closed Captioning that was broadcast along with this program. >>> joe biden and dr. jill biden will travel to cambridge for a memorial service for m.i.t. police officer sean collier. on monday i spoke exclusively to collier's siblings, i began by asking them how their family was coping with the terrible loss. >> i think we're coping as... more... - Justice Seeker
The MBTA Officer #DickDonahue is a #CrisisActor from Arkansas and his #extendedfamily (so far this appears to be family from the wife's side) is included in this #fraud and so are his children who appear to be in photos that supposedly reflect on the adult personas as children - Justice Seeker
8/11/2014 New graphic. The elderly man in the 2nd to last photo is believed to be of the #WilsonClan - the elderly woman is incorrect. Upon discovery of the #HammClan the elderly woman is, in fact, #LaureenHamm who is playing the psyop #SeanCollier mother #KelleyRogers . #LaureenHamm is standing with #CrisisActors #JodyCaudle who is... more... - Justice Seeker
Hey Justice Seeker, Kelly Mockus is wearing the exact same shirt and jean jacket in the "suspect fleeing" picture. The red head in the picture at the funeral above Kelly is right next to Kelly in the cross walk!!!!!!!! - Government Cancer
Look at the bottom border of the shirts and at the length of each girl's hair; it is not the same shirt or the same girl but they sure do have a close face match going on there. I am not seeing the redhead in the fleeing photo. The redhead is supposedly Collier's sister #JenniferLemmerman but IRL she is a blond by the name of #StephaniePaulinMcCauley... more... - Justice Seeker
Justice, The black n white zebra print is on Kelly's yoga pants.It's the same shirt n jean jacket. The girl next to Kelly in the crosswalk of fleeing picture is in above picture 'article 2312397-19687a'. The guy next to the red head in the crosswalk could be the moustache guy in background beyond (not touching) the bowed head in '19687a'. In pic 'article 2312397-1968807d' compare the top of the guy's head.Same hair line. That could be Kelly in pic 'article-2312397-196889e' Same style. Thanks 4 your help! - Government Cancer
GOV CA I have that funeral crowd pretty much ID'd but because one fabricated event after another keeps coming our way finishing the graphics is on my to do list. Who what where really is a moot point because this is mock court and a massive defrauding of the American people. Not too much can be done when all three fed branches are involved with no legitimate federal law enforcement. The... more... - Justice Seeker
george taxidis
Juls Dabz
Catholics Link to Satanic Secret Society - Know the Most Sickening Truth - Satanic secret society has been said to be the true ruler of the world today behind the awareness of many. They run the whole game in politics, business sector, entire entertainment...
Catholics Link to Satanic Secret Society - Know the Most Sickening Truth - 
Satanic secret society has been said to be the true ruler of the world today behind the awareness of many. They run the whole game in politics, business sector, entire entertainment industry (music, movie, sports and porn), military, all US government agencies, corporate world, mainstream media...
Zobello Clothing
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Justice Seeker
Note Andrea Campbell posted a picture of Andrea Grace (her mother) and her Grandmother who happens to be the same woman they claim to be Krystle Campbell's grandmother and validated by the grandmother in family picture at the top; she is played by Elizabeth Leverock and likely no relation to Andrea C. Campbell. Elizabeth Leverock is the sister of William Record Senior. Elizabeth Leverock's husband, George Leverock, is seated next to her in the family photo and he is wearing a red shirt; it also appears to be him on the right (your right) in the screen shot with the portrait of "Krystle". William Record Jr. is seen in the 5th picture from the the bottom up with his wife, Lee, and he is also seen in the picture diagonal to that picture. The screen shot showing a portrait of Krystle Camplell has John Record, Andrea C. Campbell and Elizabeth Leverock's husband. The character William Campbell who is persona Krystle's father is played by John Record who is the son of William Record Sr. and... more... - Justice Seeker
The following links will clue you in as to this massive Defrauding of America. If you want your country back, and you want to STOP this illegitimate pathological lying government and get it replaced with actual public servants these reads may very well be the start. The crime of criminal conspiracy that involved all three branches of the federal government, the Massachusetts government,... more... - Justice Seeker
I wonder if John Record, also, plays Judge O'Toole UPDATE: 1/20/2014 It appears Joh Record is IN FACT impersonating a federal judge. - Justice Seeker
With a little help from FBI makeup artist, I'm betting Nicole Ossman Record, John's wife, could pull off a snappy Judy Clarke. Interesting name, kind of like Tim Osman. Nicole is with John in the 4th picture. FBI admits they can and do change the total appearance of a person; a look-a-like... more... - Justice Seeker
Filtrona Greensboro is an international supplier of plastic and fiber products. It manufactures plastic injection- and dip-molded vinyl products for protection, masking, electrical, fastening, security and finishing applications. The company supplies a range of medical, fencing, refrigeration, aerospace, traffic control and lighting products. It also manufactures medical diagnostic... more... - Justice Seeker
Edited 6/22/2014 Nicole Ossman Record is NOT in the Campbell family picture but this is definitely an extended family affair! First comment corrected with new findings here> - Justice Seeker
1/15/2015 IMPORTANT UPDATE The Tsarnaev and Mehanna criminal cases are and were MOCK TRIALS. The entire defense is phony and John Record is IN FACT playing Judge O'Toole; the Defendants are also actors!! Defrauding America through the collusion of the three federal branches, state governments and the elite in the private sector. Alicia Campbell is Krystle Campbell and her mother Andrea... more... - Justice Seeker
Steven Hodgkiss
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Steven Hodgkiss
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Ainsley Adolf
Justice Seeker
The totality of the circumstance ENLIGHTENED with the BS by olCoach FAKING the name Maria, a party supposedly close to the Defendant and his family, on the blog site http://thebostonmarathonbombin... that supposedly advocates for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Likely IN WHOLE PSYOP to DEFRAUD AMERICA Phony victims! Phony arrest warrants! Phony indictments! Phony court! Phony Defense Counsel with no legitimate judicial assignments! Phony court filings supposedly by the Defense coming from the DOJ in DC! Phony Special Administrative Measures Memorandum not certified by the Attorney General! No Defendant by the given name in custody of the BOP. STRICT HIPAA regulations yet pictures leaked of a dead body and post surgical patient to the public. Phony trips to Russia by Representatives on OUR Hill in DC! Phony President visits phony Victims in hospital! Phony Congressional and Senate Committee Hearings! Phony news reports! Phony victim that recovers from catastrophic phony injury in 2 weeks time and goes to a ball game! Corrupt Sports Organizations promoting the Phony BS! Dead people ALIVE AND WELL and discovered because the dead were phony names but the images were people alive and well working for Global Corporations. Phony photos with images of... more... - Justice Seeker
best rant ever? ... who is left on the list? did i hear that #JanetNapolitano was pre-positioned for another fake shooting in #California? - p01yN0Nym0u5
I didn't hear that but when I figured BU helped pull off phony Lu memorial I sent California a "Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!" Tweet cause CLEARLY the price of higher ed is fixed so that the elite's young can be groomed for a life of corruption! Especially the ones in Corruptachusetts. AND How about Washington & Lee i.e., Bruck and Clarke WTF how have these corrupt sickos been getting away with this? - Justice Seeker
1/7/2015 Shills pulling their impersonation of Tsarnaev relative over at weebly again. This time claiming to be maret to wiseowl • 2 hours ago wishful thinking??? That is a huge issue, if only Dzhokhar can be heard, if only he would be given a chance to speak the truth. This is exactly what I was demanding from the authorities, to let Dzhokhar to speak for himself and for his brother.... more... - Justice Seeker
maret to EyesWideOpen I did write to his office, not sure if he gets it. I guess, as a result, the new load of threats are expected to come. You people, don't realise how serious and intimidatig the whole thing is for my whole family. Young people, the friends of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan, are in prison only because they could be witnesses from the defense that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan had... more... - Justice Seeker
maret to EyesWideOpen It was said in our home (in Grozny, Chechnya), while looking straight into the eyes of my sister (the aunt of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan). And there were three other people present during that conversation (one of them is a Russian translator), one is a social worker for Dzhokhar (that is how she presented herself), and the third was the person, who spoke openly. At... more... - Justice Seeker
1-6-14 "Maret EyesWideOpen Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were not at that marathon at that day, period. They didnot go to the marathon. They bombed nobody. Why is it so difficult for you to admitt. The member of the defence admitted to the family member that they (defence) know that Dzhokhar is innocent, that they know the boys did nothing. That the defence is pressured from the highest level... more... - Justice Seeker
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