Tamar Weinberg
This is definitely the most happening room on FriendFeed.
I can't agree more, this room is awesome. - Ethan Klapper
It is! All praise Muhammed! - MikeonTV
very true! It's certainly inspired me to come visit FF more often. - Heidi Cool
This is one of the main reasons I come to FF. - Ethan Klapper
When I look at info just in the stream, I don't realize how cool it is right off, lots of great info here! - Tris Hussey from twhirl
@tamar I agree, this room is on and popping!! The level and speed of interaction, and the diversity of content is fantastic. - Steaprok
yes - Kit Krash
@mikeonTV muhammed definitely deserve the credit for it - homaid
Hey Tamar! Welcome to the Social Media Jungle. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק