Wuala, your files online -
Amazing online-storing and file-sharing app, with group management. I can give a few invites if anyone wants to give it a try. - Brome
Looks interesting. Would love to get an invite. - Mike Hellers
Forgot to mention it, but I need an e-mail address to send the invite to. If you don't want to write it here, send me a request at brominet at gmail dot com. - Brome
Thanks for the invite Brome! - Mike Hellers
You're welcome. :) - Brome
I still have some invites if anyone is interested. - Brome
I'd love an invite - krug
@Brome: I'd love one: --Thanks! - Rubin Sfadj
I'd love getting one as well to niron3 [at] gmail [dot] com - Thanks! - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
Thanks @Brome! - Rubin Sfadj
@Brome Got it - Thanks again - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
PROBLEM - installation is getting stucked on 100% and can't finish the process. I tried 5 times. Software cannot be activated. - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
Update: finally working after 6 times :) - Nir Ben Yona from twhirl
Glad to see it finally worked ! Of course, this software is still alpha, so bugs can happen. But it's a promising little app, though. - Brome