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David Cohn
Hard to get a front page on Digg unless super active. You have to treat it like a full time job to succeed - which is why I got disengaged.
Being a Power user on one network has its disadvantages! - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Digg is a weird. When I post something from my blog to Digg, I get like 5 uniques (on my articles, which average a "whopping" 3 Diggs each). However, when I post to the [newly redsigned!] Reddit, I am virtually guaranteed at least 100 uniques. Any insight? - Ethan Klapper
Ethan, I experienced the same results when I first started blogging. Reddit users, while few, actually go and read an article that draws them in. The digg community, which has tons of users, are mostly active on the front page and the top 3-4 most popular in a category. So while you get hits with 1-2 votes on reddit, you won't get any big impact unless you have a ton of diggs on your submission already. - Howard O'Berry