Noah Carter What will become of in a FF world? I got a lot of equity in - but find I don't use it now that I "Share on FriendFeed" - stupid question? -
I must admit I never liked using - Shane Floyd
I like using Diigo than - Oliver Ding
I use as my bookmarks. I've never used the sharing features and rarely search. I'm not sure how I could find a link again once I've stuck it in FF. -
I use as a substitute for my browser bookmarks, so I can access my bookmarks from anywhere. I also have it post a daily summary to my blog, but I don't really use the sharing features. FriendFeed isn't a good choice to save bookmarks for future use. - Mike Hussein Cohen
y, diigo is the best - poorbird is basically how I control all of my "bookmarks". All the rest are just social media! Needless, it's very valuable to me - MikeonTV
I still use - ok call me old school, but I like "in the cloud" apps! And as you ALL know by know... I am # 3 evangelist of FriendFeed (Scoble & Louis Gray are first/second), so I post more links knowing you all will see them!! yes, my way of saving my links and sharing them!! double whammy! (and yes i know how to use the bookmarklet feature! doh!) - Susan Beebe interfaces great with friendfeed and it makes it easy for me to reference something. It wouldn't be great if I really had a hard time defending it. - NoahDavidSimon
I use Diigo (and hooked up as auto replicate). I don't generally post the same stuff to FriendFeed that I bookmark. The services serve two different purposes, and as Mike said, it's not as easy to look up things again in FF. If I post something in FF it's because I want to talk about it. Posting to Diigo/Del is to archive it so I can find it again later. - Lindsay
I use when I know I really want to tag sometime, but nowhere near as often as I used to. - Mike Reynolds
I like this much better than! - Ethan Klapper is great! I put all my bookmarks there and I can easily find them. Firefox own tag system is good but gives popular tags so I don't need to make up them. - k00pa
The reason why Friendfeed works well is that it draws from different sources. It's not simply a replacement for these other services. - Robert Sanzalone