ChaCha Fance
Digsby = IM + Email + Social Networks -
The bestest!! =) - ChaCha Fance
Um, yup :). My fave - Jacob Nahin
my fave too. but somehow the updater is not that good. - Syahid A. from twhirl
mac version? - @baratunde
I was all excited about this...even had a Mac download icon and all...I'm betting the Mac/Linux version will emerge soon enough. - Ryne Nelson
I know the Digsby guys... and YEP, they are working hard on the Mac version; not sure about Linux one. - Susan Beebe
<3 Digsby!!! - Andrea Hill
would have an opinion if these folks had a mac version ready - Ethan Klapper
Yeah... the Mac version is taking so long I've pretty much lost interest. - Cyndy
Digsby sunk my looked pretty cool while it lasted, though - Rahsheen
positive reaction just inspired me to give it another look - jaybol
I wont stop using pidgin but I have installed digsby for the facebook chat interface - MikeonTV
looks interesting. I've signed up to be alerted when the OS X version becomes available - Scott O'Raw