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Theodoros Prodromitis
Hlias Staurou
Adesoji Adegbulu
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Justice Seeker
Hover over the images for related text. To enlarge the images so you can read the fine print click directly- an open/download option will pop up. Don't forget to click the blue dot to bring up all the images. What you see in this picture is a pack of evil liars supported by the US Government NOT victims of a bombing - Justice Seeker
More to come! NOTHING is as it seems. The injuries that purportedly occurred in relation to blast at the 2013 Boston Marathon are being brought to you by photo/video fraud and prosthetic props. There is more than corruption going on in this instant matter; there is EVIL. Let's just say that the amputee house wife from New York is not who she says she is nor is she an amputee and she is... more... - Justice Seeker
Here is the company #DanRoth claims for his employment status #DanRoth #KindOfFishyLooking - Justice Seeker
It appears there may be two Roths playing the Sydney persona; Dan & Rob have a sister named Emily, and she is a perfect match to the prom night Sydney. The shape of her nose and her right side upper canine really seal the deal. - Justice Seeker
see more #Proven #CrisisActors by clicking Uncle Scam in the HEADER - Justice Seeker
Ian Rintel is the owner of Hoboken Golf; his Aunt is Karyn Salkind Slepian and he is seen with Rob Roth in the top middle image. Emily Roth is sister to Rob and Dan Roth. Amanda Roth is married to Rob Roth. - Justice Seeker
Theodoros Prodromitis
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mobile apps.png
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Justice Seeker
A picture says a thousand words!!! #JamesFoley #StevenSotloff #GodHelpTheUSA Exposure of this corrupt government is our best defense. Tweet, Facebook, Download and send to your mother, brother, sister, father, and your Aunt & Uncle. Slam all media with these pictures! How dare this scum living off of the American people continually pull this crap!
This is without one doubt the crisis actor that has ALL ALONG played the persona James Foley.png
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Hover over images for related text. Click directly to open, enlarge or download. - Justice Seeker
More unquestionable PROOF! - Justice Seeker
#CrisisActor for #StevenSotloff now confirmed see link @ 8th comment @ the link above this comment. - Justice Seeker
Justice Seeker
Hover over the images for the related text and click the blue dot to bring up all images. The compelling video where the US Government uses frauds to rob the people and spread their propaganda while mocking those who truly suffer. A Step Ahead has not one person who is working at that company under their actual name and the amputations are brought to us by illusion through video and photo fraud. A post regarding the aformentioned matter coming soon. The Boston Marathon Bombing was to rob us and promote propaganda for the elite that own our government! END OF STORY! - Justice Seeker
A Step Ahead Prosthetics & Orthotics has Contracts Issued by Department of Veterans Affairs and they have received mega bucks for no actual care to our vets. See the two PDF files before the last. - Justice Seeker
The dog appeared to be in the care of Schulz but he died this past June. He looked like a good boy and would have been helpful to an actual veteran! - Justice Seeker
Anyone still in doubt that these beheadings are a complete and utter FRAUD go here> - Justice Seeker another one I hadn't seen.THAT has to be a fake ear..And Lusardi is Sotlof? - cath unwin this is Vicki Bomgardner Nagle Aunty of Rousseau for sandyhook...Has to be same woman with that name////// - cath unwin
Crisis actor confirmed in Sandy Hook and the person he claims he lost is his SO IRL AND it appears now he is playing the persona #StevenSotloff - Justice Seeker
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Justice Seeker
James Costello was quite an interesting story; it changed from his being at a party in a building when the blast hit to his being at the finish line but as the tale turns is the name of the game!
Costello's fiancee is not a licensed nurse.png
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NOTE: 17 U.S. CODE § 107 - FAIR USE regarding all pics in this graphic - Justice Seeker
Matthew John is believed to be the actor playing James Costello and his now purported wife is believed to be Bianca Zara Note the dates in the photos; the media reports these two frauds were married on August 23, 2014... more... - Justice Seeker
Theodoros Prodromitis
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