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If you're in the US and considering getting Moo cards, this is a good time to do it. They just opened a printing center here now and are celebrating it with a promotion of free standard shipping till May 6. Sharing the love: "Spend $20 (USD)/€15/£10 or more and get free standard global shipping by using the code CYN4HU on the payment page!"
Time to re-order, perhaps change the design a little... - Bora Zivkovic
This inspired me to reorder. I did not qualify for free shipping but i have cards on the way. - Russellreno
I want to like moo cards. But the pricing really puts me off. I ordered gorgeous (photo edge-to-edge) fully-customized business cards a while back from Vistaprint for less than a third of what moo cards charges :(. - Adam Lasnik
@Adam - can you put a different photo on every card with VistaPrint? - Lindsay
Aw man :( I just ordered my first Moo cards last week, so I'm outta luck. But at least I'm supposed to get them next week sometime. Can't wait. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Cool! This'll be my ... third set, I think. - Anthony Citrano
Nope, Lindsay, but why would I want to? That's not meant to be snarky; I just don't understand the use case. - Adam Lasnik
@Adam - The whole reason I like Moo is that if I want to order 100 mini cards they can each have a different photograph on them... I take lots of pics so it's like making a mini portfolio I can carry around with me... Maybe I just want a few of each card, like in the batch I just made for Tad ( There were 6 images so he'll... more... - Lindsay
Wow crazy, just earlier today I mentioned to a friend and we talked about how come they still don't have a printing center in the US. Btw, love moo.. - Aviv
Going to try to get them before the promotion ends. Damn banks hurry up! - Corvida
I love me some Moo cards. Thanks Lindsay! - Derrick
What I do not like about moo cards is that they still do not offer standard (US) biz card sizes! Standard US size is 3.5in x 2in inches, moo does 84mm x 55mm (3.3in x 2.17in). You'd think that with operations in the US they would offer US sizes.... - Juan Pons
Ah, Lindsay, thanks for the clarification. Still seems like quite the niche, but obviously they're doin' something right :-) - Adam Lasnik
love my Moo cards. - Thomas Hawk
@Adam, if you're not a photographer, artist or graphic designer then I can see how it might be overkill, but it's a great option for those who want to showcase their work at a reasonable cost, or people who just like a little bit of variety!! :) - Lindsay
Defintely makes more sense to me now. Thanks! - Adam Lasnik
All my biz cards are MOO cards, created online and shipped from London. People I hand them to often stop and "feel" the card ... MOO biz cards, mini or traditional (I use both) exude quality - there's a tactile difference. - Bob Young
Moo cards FTW! - Iain Baker
Oh man I just ordered some and it took 3 weeks with standard shipping! This will make reordering less of a nightmare. - Gina
Jonathon Colman
Walkers Paradises - Americas Most Walkable Neighborhoods -
Walkers Paradises - Americas Most Walkable Neighborhoods
Here's the full list of the 138 Walkers' Paradises (Walk Score 90 or above) in the largest 40 U.S. cities. Twenty-two cities have at least one Walkers' Paradise. New York leads the pack with 38 Walkers' Paradises! - Jonathon Colman
I like the work that Walk Score has been doing. - John (bird whisperer)
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