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SocialDM has been discontinued....
★ Soner Gönül
Bu akşam 20.00 itibariyle memleketime Kurban Bayramı’nı kutlamaya gidiyorum. 5 günlük tatili iyi değerlendirmek lazım. Herkesin Kurban Bayramı şimdiden kutlu olsun. Umarım sevdiklerinizle beraber güzel bir bayram geçirirsiniz. - ★ Soner Gönül from Bookmarklet
hayırlı yolculuklar ve iyi bayramlar :)) - Recep Alparslan Ceylan
Teşekkürler Recep ve Cihan. Size de sevdiklerinizle güzel bayramlar dilerim..! - ★ Soner Gönül
★ Soner Gönül
★ Soner Gönül
Facebook is proud to play a part in promoting peace by building technology that helps people better understand each other. By enabling people from diverse backgrounds to easily connect and share their ideas, we can decrease world conflict in the short and long term - ★ Soner Gönül from Bookmarklet
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Bu tool denendi ve işe pek yaramadığı görüldü. :) - Burçak Çubukçu
Bu da sizi sosyalleştirmezse ne sosyalleştirir? - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Kol Tregaskes
This rooms seems quiet.
How are things going with SocialDM? - Kol Tregaskes
damn FF and their new features....... - Hao Chen
Haha. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Carter ♥ JS
What other social networks, communities, etc don't support a means of messaging people? What are the next few sites that SocialDM should support?
I use Plurk sometimes. socialmedian and Twine are 2 others. - Kol Tregaskes
Carter ♥ JS
I'm thinking of implementing other means of receiving a SocialDM (configurable by the user). Options include: IM (XMPP), Twitter (DM or @reply), or SMS. I won't pretend to know how I'm going to do this, but what do you want? If you had to pick one of the three?
The question Carter is how will you pay for the sms? :( - directeur
IM would be the best, SMS I think there are technical difficulties in many countries. - Flavio
@directeur yeah, I don't know. but if everybody wanted it, I'd find a way... - Carter ♥ JS
XMPP - Meryn Stol
XMPP. i wish friendfeed had some sort of DMs through their IM bot. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
A: That would be nice indeed. I hope they see the merits of the socialdm idea. Still I quite like the fact that SocialDM positiones itself as "network-agnostic" because there are more networks which don't allow for direct-messaging: most notably, BLOGS. Blogosphere is big distributed social network! - Meryn Stol
do the three of them! - Marcos Marado
Twitter DM with link to the full text of the DM on your site - Daniel J. Pritchett
I agree with Marcos: the more the merrier. - Meryn Stol
If you voted (all of the above), please try to pick just one. If I try to do all of them, I'll likely accomplish none of them. :) - Carter ♥ JS
IM only works if you're online mainly (or if you use IM anyway), SMS if you have a mobile and don't mind paying to receive the note. DM on Twitter is by far the best way from the options above. I'd really like that! But of course you need to have a Twitter account. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
xmpp - Hao Chen
Kol Tregaskes
Is there some kind of user directory? Or user search facility?
Might be useful for finding people? - Kol Tregaskes
Is SocialDM linked to SocialWhoIs? I didn't think it was? I specifically mean a directory and search facilities for SocialDM - Kol Tregaskes
I think socialwhois could add support for that... And why would you want it for socialdm specifically? I never search for people to IM with. For me, IM is for after a connection has been made on some other ground (real-life, blog, twitter, friendfeed...) - Meryn Stol
Kol, in a perfect world everyone who registered for SocialDM would add the service to their profile in FF (like you have). That way when you read something in FF that makes you think "I should contact this person", you can hover your mouse over their name to see if SocialDM is an option. - Carter ♥ JS
Yeah but a user log on the site would be better and easy to location users. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol Tregaskes
I've tried to send message a message. The site says you can use an e-mail instead of the webform but I've tried sending myself a message and it's come back with an error.
I sent a mail from my registered address to The message I got back is 'Sorry, your email is not listed in our database.'. I've gone back to the site to register but it says I already am. What am I doing wrong? - Kol Tregaskes
I've just tried to use the webform (sending from myself to myself as a test) but it tells me I'm not subscribed to me. Can I test post someone please (email and form)? - sorry occupationally hazard as an ex-tester I tend to test everything. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I also have the same problem. I'm sure it's some sort of "safety feature" to stop people from confusing themselves by sending a load of DMs to themselves, or something like that. ;) - Tyson Key
Yeah, you can't DM yourself. :) Maybe I'll change that. - Carter ♥ JS
Hmm, could do. I just tried it this way to test it but thanks to Carter and Nicola for their messages it seems to work. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Carter ♥ JS
Auto-complete implemented. But beware: these are just the people you are subscribed to. If the user isn't subscribed back (or isn't in the SocialDM system) then you're out of luck. The "validate" button is your friend. :)
Cool - Tyson Key
I went to my page at and the recipient was already populated. But when I clicked validate it took several seconds to react. A little indication that it's doing something would be helpful. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I will look around for a better way to indicate that the service is "working". Thanks for the suggestion! - Carter ♥ JS
Meryn Stol
Forgive me for spamming, but is there a group where I could see the latest Friendfeed add-ons? Like user scripts, and SocialDM of course. :)
Carter ♥ JS
Just implemented a "recently added" footer. Might help you to know who's using SocialDM! Look-and-feel shamelessly borrowed from
Cool - Tyson Key
Oh, there's a ton. I wouldn't bet against it ;) - Carter ♥ JS
Nickimi aradım, "And (s)he is interested in" içinde "jartiyer" çıktı.. - Simto Alev
hey that's me :) - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
JA, you're totally right. One of these days, I'll get my act together and work with directeur on integrating SocialDM. - Carter ♥ JS
Howdy, howdy! Now I'm asking for royalties!! :) Seriously, glad I inspired you Carter, that's the least knowing all the feedback you gave me during SocialWhois' private tests :) - directeur
Carter ♥ JS
DM-ing: 1) The feed now has a link for people to DM you directly. When your import the service, just click the "Include entry description as a comment" checkbox. 2) You'll see this link showing up at the footer of emails as well. The format is really simple:
VERY cool addition, Carter! - FFing Enigma
I aim to please. I figure if we hit some critical mass, FF will let us be an "official" service. :) - Carter ♥ JS
Hao Chen
Friendfeed Buddy List for Greasemonkey, added support for DMing -
Friendfeed Buddy List for Greasemonkey, added support for DMing
Prototype. There is a DM button next to the Buddy List title. Type in the recipient's username and message. - Hao Chen from Bookmarklet
nice. is there a way to add the avatar? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
yea. the UI needs some work. - Hao Chen
Or to make it an option? - Shey
ok. just keep em coming. they are good scripts :) - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Waiting for scripts to work again in Chrome alpha. - Kol Tregaskes
Really cool script. - Meryn Stol
Carter ♥ JS
I've added a footer to all emails to help people understand how they can go about replying. Definitely more to come along these lines.
Hao Chen
Would it make sense to change the reply-to email address from to where username is the sender, so people could reply directly via email?
It would make a TON of sense, but I can't do that with the Google AppEngine. What I AM going to do is borrow Twitter's DM email format, and provide some links and suggestions at the bottom of all the emails. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter, just a single line "Message X back at <service>" would be helpful =) - FFing Enigma
You know what's weird? I thought I knew how to set the from description (ex. "Carter Rabasa" <>", but now it seems like the AppEngine is stripping that stuff out. Kind of a drag. :( - Carter ♥ JS
yes! - Marcos Marado
Markingegno - Donato
Question: what happens if I try to send a DM to someone who doesn't use SocialDM ?
you can't. - Marcos Marado
@Marcos - easy like that! haha.. thanks - Markingegno - Donato
I'm working on coming-up with a smart way of letting you know who you can (and can't) DM. It's a very tricky problem. Hao Chen is lending his support, so we'll see what we can come up with! - Carter ♥ JS
Well, you can't via the web interface, but you could try via the email interface. A message back saying "X isn't using SocialDM" would be most helpful! - FFing Enigma
I'm working on improving the email UI, primarily to let you know when something fails. Thanks for the tips, keep 'em coming! - Carter ♥ JS
Meryn Stol
I like this idea so much. As said earlier, I hope Friendfeed takes you on the team or something. Direct messaging (also public like twitter @username) is what's missing on FF.
It would be great if you could bring specific FF items under the attention of specific users. These items should stand out from the rest of the feed. - Meryn Stol
Thanks Meryn! I completely agree with you, and it'll be interesting to see how FF-style DM-ing evolves as more people use this tool. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter ♥ JS
Suggestion - if you want to send the email via the web interface, could there be a drop down list of people to choose from? I don't know everyone's login ids since FF doesn't show them... I just know them by their user names. It would be nice to not have to go track that info down before sending.
agrt. that or auto-suggest (preferred). - Hao Chen
Yeah, but where would the data in the drop-down come from? One of the issues with the FF API is that while I can see who X is subscribed to, I have no way of knowing who is subscribed to X. - Carter ♥ JS
In the drop down, wouldn't it just be the people who have already signed up for SocialDM that subscribe to you? (ie. not everyone who is subscribed to you) - Hao Chen
I still don't see how that would work. When you're getting ready to compose a message, I'd have to query every other person in the SocialDM system, download their subscriptions, see if you're in them, and then slowly build a list of valid recipients. I could maybe try to cache people's subscriptions when they register, but those could quickly get stale... - Carter ♥ JS
I see your point. Hmm...could use SocialGraph API, but accuracy wouldn't be great. (ie. http://socialgraph-resources.g... looking at contacts who link to your friendfeed) - Hao Chen
Carter ♥ JS
Scoble: While I'm trying to figure-out how to fix my app to accommodate users with massive subscription lists, I've fixed the bug that prevented you from creating an account. You can create an account and DM anyone who is following you. The only problem will occur when someone tries to DM you.
Carter ♥ JS
The email address used to contact people has changed (for the better). The new format is [service]+[username] Today the only valid service is "ff". So, to contact me you'd shoot an email to: That's it!
w00t! Very cool, off to test! - FFing Enigma
Oh, and I'll be posting a FAQ soon! - Carter ♥ JS
Nice work Carter! - Shey
Tina, I got your message! But I can't respond, because you're not subscribed to me. :P - Carter ♥ JS
Doh! That's what I get for not cleaning subscriptions today =/ Off to rectify! - FFing Enigma
FFing Enigma
Here is an example of the somewhat garbled text we're seeing on some of the SocialMail notices. Originally brought up here
Are you using a web based mail or a desktop email client? - FFing Enigma
Could someone email me (address above) the "source" of the offending email? In Gmail you click the down arrow on the right and select "show original" to get the source. Thanks! - Carter ♥ JS
Source will be on its way; FWIW the encoding is charset=ISO-8859-1 - FFing Enigma
No, my app is just screwing up the decoding/re-encoding process. I'll be honest, I may not know how to fix this :/ But I'll give it a shot! - Carter ♥ JS
Is there a way to chose whether you're sending plain text vs html emails, Carter? - FFing Enigma
Well, if you send via the web UI, it's text. If you send via your email client, it just depends on how you've set it up. My code will look for both a text part and an html part, and forward both along to the recipient as a regular, multi-part email. - Carter ♥ JS
Carter, could you try forwarding the message text only, rather than multi-part? - FFing Enigma
Maaaaybe, except that many mail clients send both and I'd like to try and pass that along to the user (without breaking things) so that emails look pretty. :) I'll have to investigate further... - Carter ♥ JS
Reason I ask is b/c the web interface is just a text box, so there's no formatting there. Since some of the messages are going to be text only, it might be easier if they all are. - FFing Enigma
Right, but some mail clients won't even send text. They'll ONLY send HTML. So I'm always going to be stuck with that case. Besides which, the encoding problem probably has nothing to do with HTML. I've sent HTML emails just fine. I'd send you one, but you're not subscribed to me. :P - Carter ♥ JS
Wow, I'm getting pretty insecure now. No one I've tried to DM has responded yet. Either I'm doing something wrong and it's not going through or no one likes me anymore! :O
Maybe try to message someone who you can easily check with? Once I improve the emails (illustrating how you go about responding to a message, etc), I think this will be fine. - Carter ♥ JS
JA, that's fixed now. :) Let me know if you got my message, puhleeze! :) - Lindsay
Carter ♥ JS
Another question that I don't know the answer to: what kind of "feed" should this service provide? It has to provide something, or it won't get to play in FriendFeed's playground. I'd rather not create another Wakoopa, any ideas?
How about a feed that just generates a single welcome message. That way people feed it in and there's just a single post "Hey, I'm using SocialMail! Click this link to message me" - FFing Enigma
That could work, but do you think we're missing something valuable? I'm thinking about how this relates to @replies in Twitter. How about a daily notice of how many messages you got? Just trying to think outside the box.... - Carter ♥ JS
Hmmm... All I know is that the current feed X sent a message to Y strikes me as not very private (but that may just be my feeling and not anyone else's). Maybe just "X sent a message using SocialMail!". I could see a daily count "X sent 13 SocialMails and received 1 SocialMail today" being nice for someone who doesn't check their email daily (does that describe any FFers, though?) - FFing Enigma
Does anybody else have an opinion on this? Some people have told me privately they don't like the "X sent a message to Y" and "A received a message from B" items in the RSS. Any other ideas? - Carter ♥ JS
Or maybe just "X got a message on SocialMail!". Everyone likes getting mail, and verbiage like that wouldn't show who sent it. It specifically shows that the person received it (which let's your followers know you're accepting messages). - FFing Enigma
Yeah. But then the RSS feed looks like an infinite loop of "You got a message!" items. :( I want to provide some value/insight, but I need to respect privacy. Maybe the daily digest of "X got 10 SocialMails today!" will have to do... - Carter ♥ JS
I like the daily digest idea mainly because a private message isn't really private if you're broadcasting that you're sending private messages to people. - Lindsay
Yeah, but privacy is a moving target. RSS subscriptions are generally fairly private. But FF subscriptions are totally public. I know who X is subscribed to. And there are pros and cons to that. So, I guess I'm trying to find some middle-ground where we create something that's useful without freaking people out. - Carter ♥ JS
What about a generic digest "X got N SocialMails today" unless a mail is spawned from a FF post (if there could/will be UI that allows one to associate (optionally) a mail with a FF post/comment thread) which could then show "X got 4 SocialMails from [FF post permalink], 3 SocialMails from [permalink2], etc. It would provide another facet of the social graph, which could approach the first-class citizens of comments and likes. - Micah
I agree that RSS feeds are public, but this is a service to send DMs to people... even Twitter doesn't publish who you're sending your DMs to or the frequency. I like the summary without the recipient name because otherwise you could get people in trouble... Not that I'm particularly worried, but Tad might get jealous if he saw me sending a bunch of private messages to one of the FF studmuffins. :) Just wanted to point that out. - Lindsay
I don't disagree with any of these points. I guess I was just pushing this room to really chew on this issue before I "gave in". But you're all probably right. I'll cook-up a new format for the feed shortly. - Carter ♥ JS
Ok! I created a new domain, and now we have a new feed. Here's mine: It's just a daily digest of activity, and it's easy to add to FriendFeed as a Custom/Atom feed. Check it out! - Carter ♥ JS
FFing Enigma
Lindsay: I received your message you sent earlier, arrived in my email with a time stamp of of 5:34. Can't reply by mail yet
I have not had luck sending a test message to myself nor cubanlinks. Everything appeared as if it registered okay.
Carter ♥ JS
Things are getting better slowly but surely. I now give you:! Not the sexiest domain ever, but I think it gets the point across. There's still some stuff to migrate (like the email UI) but we'll get there. :) You'll get emails from instead of me now
simple, easy to read and meaningful! good choice! :) - directeur
Yay! - Tyson Key
Carter ♥ JS
To Scoble's issue: Google's AppEngine will not allow API calls to external services that take too long (>5 sec) or return a file too big (>1 MB). Robert's subscription list is roughly 1.8 MB. I'm going to investigate getting around this and any suggestions are welcome!
hah! Robert caused me some issues too in the begining ;-) - directeur
any tips on getting around this? I can get FF to pass me just the subscriptions portion of the profile (no entries, comments, etc) but this is still 1.8MB in Robert's case. There's an allow_truncated parameter that I could set to True, but I don't think that would fix my problem. - Carter ♥ JS
don't use appengine for that part - Hao Chen
@Hao. Yeah, I'm going to have to confront that reality soon anyway. GAE only allows 2000 sent mails in a 24-hour rolling period. I guess if this things has legs I'll have to figure-out how to outsource some of the major components. - Carter ♥ JS
Markingegno - Donato
After you've sent a message I think it would be better to have an automatic refresh of the page. Do you agree? And.. if you want to reply through a direct message, my username is markingegno :D
I'm definitely accepting suggestions on the UI. I've only been working on this since Saturday, so there's a TON of work that needs to get done. I really just wanted to see if people would even WANT this before I put too much time into it. :) - Carter ♥ JS
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