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A room for your questions and suggestions about SocialWhois :)
Ира Кудель
Открывает глаза на мир.
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Liya Roy
Aurobindo Pharma gets USFDA approval to market drug for type-II diabetes. | Friend Lane -
Liya Roy
Aurobindo Pharma gets USFDA approval to market drug for type-II diabetes. | Friend Lane -
gina austin
TastyEyes is now online on dirtystage
Fatih Taşkıran
Cheat Sheet veya harita çevirileri yapan, sunumlarında kullanmak veya bilgilenmek isteyenlere: güzel düşünülmüş, ince detaylarla örülü bir örnek. ;) - Fatih Taşkıran from Bookmarklet
Peter Hoffmann
So Kevin Rose started a twitter direcory which is imho very similar to socialwhois. What do you think? -
FriendFeeders' Directory . [idea for socialwhois : add GEO data / mashup users to map] -
"FriendFeeders organized by Country, State or City." -- socialwhois could also include longitude/latitude; perhaps useful for local meetups. - Adriano from Bookmarklet
Relational Tag Cloud generator .py :: neighborhoods -
could be an interesting side project for socialwhois -- "relational tag cloud generator python script is released under the GPL license. Its output is an MXML file that can be compiled to flash using the Adobe Flex 2 compiler." -- but wondering what the diff between tags would be... anyways, that interactive graph is really cool: grab term(s) and move it around to reorient the view. An application would be to graph how socialwhois users are neighbors. - Adriano from Bookmarklet
Looks intersting Adriano! :) - directeur
tags? graphs? flash? looks like sth. i want to check out ;u - Franc, a rememberer
Jasmin Smith
eeek.. I just found out what SocialWhois is by looking myself up, and I feel grossly violated... Like standing nude in front of strangers.
"You can completly hide your profile. It won't show in WHOIS searches, nor by direct access to your profile URL. Please don't do this unless you really want to play solo, and not social. " - Richard Walker
woah! i didn't know you could do that. ...i guess if i want to share i'll put it on friend feed.. - Franc, a rememberer
Updating my interests in difficult. I had to start over because adding deleted previous interests.
SEARCH top INTEREST TAGS :: then find people with your *combined* interests - brings you to Google-ranked interests at socialwhois. The next trick to finding the intersection of users with combined interests is to list the desired tags in the search box, then -"people interested in" where the negation will exclude tag pages. [The search includes vi-inspired keyboard shortcuts; 'shift-enter' to open in new tab; '/' to get to the search box. ;-] - Adriano
9 Feb. -- google has now crawled 367 tag pages which a 3-fold increase since last week. The top interest then understandably was "marketing" which has now fallen to #12 -- good news is that the top currently is "helping-people" (thus socialwhois is socialconsciousness ;-) - Adriano
Yes, the google alerts have been pouring into my inbox a lot more than usual. Lots from socialwhois. - April Russo
16 Feb. -- google spider has traversed 943 tag pages. The top interest since last update still remains "helping-people," followed by "creativity." Interestingly near rock bottom one finds "today" and "god." - Adriano
23 Feb -- odd... the number of crawled tag pages has *decreased* to 656. The top three interests are psychology, history, and "and." The third one must be a glitch, unless logical conjunction has become popular ;-) - Adriano
The Tags idea is a great idea, but LOL in my search, it came up with tag words that I used when bookmarking a story from pixel bits It mixed up tag words describing me with how the story was tagged LMAO I call him Zuckerbum affectionately.
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Sorry — stupid voodoo algorithm, no cookie for you! :) - directeur
Valeria Maltoni
thought I'd point out my post today - good work!
Thanks for the nice review Valeria! :) - directeur
@directeur, maybe you'd like to address the comment on sign on I got from a reader in the post... - Valeria Maltoni
Marcos Marado
when I see a tag anywhere on socialwhois, I want to be able to "click" it in a way of saying "I am also interested in this, add to my list of tags"
I like the idea too :) - directeur
Hm, the expected action when clicking on a tag is show all persons tagged with this. Maybe there should be a drop down menu "Add this to my tags"? - Peter Hoffmann
Peter, exactly! what I'm thinking about is something even simpler: add a button to the "per tag" page to add the given tag to one's profile. for eg. when I click on "jazz", it'll show me people interested in jazz and in this page I'll have abutton to add jazz - directeur
SocialWhois Live Dev' Update: Some suggested links just for You -
Image 1.png
You have interests? FriendFeed has content for you :) Here are mine: - directeur
interesting! yeah for FF advanced search! - MikeAmundsen
“SocialWhois Live Dev' Update: Introduce your friends to the world!” -
Image 8.png
Yes, you have a new feed so you can introduce your friends to the world :) just add the feed: to FriendFeed - directeur
done! thanks. - MikeAmundsen
My pleasure, Mike! :) - directeur
very interesting, directeur. - Valeria Maltoni
The voodoo must have confused me with someone else. It suggested the following keywords: Boulder, gardening, colorado, beef, personal, blog, parenting, plants, organic, calendar, meat, recipes, cooking, baby, environment, community, sustainable, local, Lyons, food
huh! :) I'm sorry, checking this out Erica! - directeur
Oh look, it thinks im "" when I am in fact "" - EricaJoy
aaannnnd it comes back to me being an idiot on friendfeed. I had the account associated with my FF profile. False alarm! - EricaJoy
ha! :) - directeur
Does it cache user details like that? For the life of me, I can't make it get rid of (which has been removed from my FF profile for a couple hours now). - EricaJoy
18 hours later, it still wants to associate I am now firmly convinced this data is cached. How do I get rid of it? - EricaJoy
Erica, yes there's some memcache, but... how come you can't get rid of it? Even after you delete everything? Or do you mean that the "voodoo" still generates the same thing? I can tweak things for your case... Looking at this, right now - directeur
I mean the voodoo still generates the same thing. - EricaJoy from IM
Erica, ah! that's not only the memcache side then... In fact, there's some persistent data that come from sgn which are cached elsewhere by google. In this case, the best is to fill your tags by hand, they'll be saved and the WHOIS will return what you typed - directeur
I just did the social graph API example to check this and nothing from delicious is returned. See: http://socialgraph-resources.g... - EricaJoy from IM
Thanks Erica, DeWitt was right! He suggested to me during the private tests to simplify more the voodoo - directeur
The voodoo is still returning the bad data. No good. - EricaJoy
Thanks Erica, I will fix this, promise. But be sure, if you fill your profile, it will be returned when someone does a whois search. The voodoo is only used with people who don't have accounts yet. Yet, you're right, this thing must be improved - directeur
I filled it in manually already, just wanted to let you know that the voodoo is broken. - EricaJoy from IM
Thanks Erica :) - directeur
Seth GODIN (author of "Tribes") :: People, Not Ads, Build Social Networks -
Seth GODIN (author of "Tribes") :: People, Not Ads, Build Social Networks
Seth GODIN (author of "Tribes") :: People, Not Ads, Build Social Networks
"That's human nature. We want to connect with like-minded people. What you have to do that's very difficult is create the platform –- whether it's a cocktail party or a technology -– where people can get over social friction, where people can make connections that would ordinarily feel awkward." -- That's the heart of the project... - Adriano from Bookmarklet
Completly agree, thanks for sharing this Adriano! :) - directeur
Perhaps the URL could be exposed a bit more... for example: //{ff,tw}/%s -- where %s is the username; that way the user's profile is accessible from scripts. Also, a (Firefox) bookmark could then do a direct lookup via "keyword <username>" from the browser's address bar.
Adriano, I actually thought about this too, but avoided it for the first version, since I need to know how much load this will get. (optimization) - directeur
actually I misunderstood voodoo... so here's what works for Firefox: bookmark // then assign it a keyword, e.g. swho. To lookup someone registered from the browser's address bar, "swho username" will do the trick. [To lookup people with interest foo, bookmark // -- then similar trick at address bar, "stag foo"] -- directeur, congrats on a great start! - Adriano
Dread Pirate PJ
How do I set up the disqus public inbox thing in my socialwhois profile?
Add[your_nickname] as new site to your disqus account. Then URL like (you choose it at previous step while adding site to disqus) is your Community Code — fill this field in your SocialWhois profile. That's all. ( - Anton
Exactly! What would be nice is someone who can help me with some screen shots or yet better a screencast for different features, anyone? :) - directeur
@directeur, I can make screenshots for tutorial on this feature. I would do a screencast but I don't know any convenient tools... By the way, it would be great to make public inbox creation fully automatic. Though I doubt if Disqus allows to add new website to profile via api (if it were so I'm sure it would be implemented already =)). - Anton
Anton, I'd really LOVE to see a tutorial about it, so please go ahead and create one. Regarding the screencast, what plateform are you on? There's nice software for this kind of stuff for OSX I think. And yes, I looked at DISQUS API and that's a little bit hard to automatize stuff :( - directeur
Unfortunately, I'm on Windows XP. Anyway, screenshot tutorial is almost done (needs adding some text now). You can grab it here. - Anton
Anton, this is great! Thanks a lot! Can I copy it and add it to SocialWhois? (and link back to your blog?) - directeur
I'm glad to help, directeur =) No need to link back, just copy. And feel free to edit it in any way (I know my English sometimes sucks). I hereby grant you rights to do everything with this. =) Funny, now it seems like there's no way to delete "example_user" account from Disqus I created while making tutorial =) - Anton
That's very very über kind ! Thanks a lot! I hope to return the favor someday :) - directeur
!ha! i *could not* figure out how to enable this on the Disqus side until i saw Anton's screenshots. thanks! BTW - dropped a not of thanks in Anton's Public Inbox, too. - MikeAmundsen
Thanks, Anton, for the screenshot tutorial. Much appreciated. - Dread Pirate PJ from NoiseRiver
currently working on OpenID... progress: About 75%, but shhh, that's a secret, ok? :)
Um... okay. Don't worry... I won't go posting it to Friendfeed. Honest I swearzorz. - tehKenny
Larry Lewis
Thanks for the invite, this room will really help when I set up the service later today. Thanks again Directuer for all you do. You are a blessing.
My pleasure Larry :) - directeur
SocialWhois Is About Everything Except Popularity | Black Web 2.0 -
SocialWhois Is About Everything Except Popularity | Black Web 2.0
"Even from it’s beginnings, the social media world has been primarily defined by popularity. Many of us seek a different path in how we use these social tools and fancy web 2.0 sites, but the majority drowns us out in their quest to get the most followers or the biggest audience." - Rahsheen
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