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Scientists track the origins of a ship buried under the World Trade Center
The CIA lied: agency admits it hacked Senate computers to snoop on torture investigations
Researcher Details USB-Based Attack That Circumvents All Known Protective Security Measures
Watching The Karate Kid on AMC is the highlight of my night.
Yeah, if you're not Apple: "Samsung Says Phone Business is Tough and Likely to Remain So"
Graphing New Yorkers' Lives Through the Open Data Portal
FCC Chairman Questions Verizon’s Decision to Throttle Some Heavy Users
The biggest benefit of pre-K might not be education
So It’s Come To This: 30 Third-Party Apps for Journalists
Podcasting Patent Troll Realizes Podcasters Don't Make Any Money; Desperately Tries To Escape Lawsuit
A catastrophic solar storm just barely missed Earth in 2012
Russia wants Apple's source code:
It really grinds my gears to see Adobe’s @Photoshop Express send me push notifications when I stopped editing a photo.
Satanists Troll Hobby Lobby
Amazon To Hachette And Authors: Here, Let Us Explain Basic Price Elasticity To You
Colorado ISP Peak Internet Sues Customer For Bad Online Reviews
RT @neiltyson: The @UPS tracking uses 17 digits & one letter. Enough for 2.6 quintillion packages. That's 370 million per person on Earth.
So It’s Come To This: The New Face of Hunger
So It’s Come To This: 100 Children’s Books to Read in a Lifetime
Apple’s contextual keyboard (or autocorrect) picked up on my love of Chipotle. My iPhone is my BPF (best phone friend).
So It’s Come To This: The Origins of Common UI Symbols
RT @techdirt: Ok folks, we're now at 90%, but that's still not 100%: To understand why this matters:
RT @lydiadepillis: Whoa, big news: @NLRB rules McDonalds can be named as a joint employer, making it easier for workers to unionize:
RT @jtotheizzoe: These Ivory Coast cocoa farmers had no idea what their crop was for. Watch them taste chocolate for the first time:
RT @AntDeRosa: Mars Opportunity rover sets new record for distance traveled off-Earth
NBC, Now Owned By Comcast, Once Told FCC It Should Break Net Neutrality To Force ISPs To Be Copyright Cops
How Fonts Reveal the Many New Users of the Internet
RT @MVPBS: On a clear night, the Martha's Vineyard sky is like a planetarium.
Facebook would be much more enjoyable to scroll through if my feed wasn’t littered with other pages that people like.
FISA Court Judges Keep Buying Verizon Stock; Wonder What They Know...
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