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Why it took Arizona nearly 2 hours to execute a prisoner
RT @pbump: The Occupy protestor arrested for assaulting a police officer describes life on Riker's Island.
RT @gabrielroth: The seven years worth of New Yorker back issues you must read … WHILE YOU STILL CAN
The apology letter Google SHOULD used to announce the end of G+ "Real Names"
OH: @Photoshop needs a “Windex” function to remove dirt in a picture.
Only 1/7 the population of earth. “@TheRomit: Some staggering #s from Facebook DAU: 829MM Mobile DAU: 654MM MAU: 1.32B Mobile MAU: 1.07B”
RT @dangillmor: Global censors: EU regulators want Google to remove links from all Google sites, not just European ones
TLC Wrongly Accused Hundreds of Being Illegal Cabbies in Past Year via @Popehat
Verizon Gets Snarky, But Basically Admits That It's The One Clogging Its Networks On Purpose
No One Wants Russia To Host the 2018 World Cup
Re-reading the Calvin & Hobbes comicstrip always makes me question my priorities.
Copyright As Censorship: San Francisco Eviction Lawyer Uses DMCA Takedown To Censor Protest Video
How Technology is Unraveling the Clues of Flight MH17
Tons Of Sites In Unwitting AddThis Experiment With Tracking Technology That Is Difficult To Block
Another Reason For Defending Net Neutrality: NSA Surveillance
So It’s Come To This: Longform’s 25 Favorite Unlocked New Yorker Articles
Longform’s 25 Favorite Unlocked New Yorker Articles -
RT @longform: 25 of our favorite articles from the newly unlocked @newyorker archives:
Only I would decide at 11:30 PM to download the iOS 8 beta and flash my Retina iPad. And I’ll want to see it through before sleep. #NoSleep
Any chance iOS 8 will be available in 21 days? That’s how many days I have left in my iOS Dev Membership. Here’s to hoping. 🙏
And they play iPhone games. RT @pbump: EPA Attracts Massive Online Attention on Day We Learn June Set New Global Temperature Records
Even the EPA needs to relax and play mindless iPhone games. It’s funny that accounts got crossed, though… Just no IAP with Fed funds, ok?
So It’s Come To This: The CIA Has a Style Guide
My wife sent me a txt b/c my noise canceling earphones kept me from hearing her & she didn’t want to get off the couch 10ft away. Yay tech!
Why can’t I include a line break in a FB message? Why must it use the “chat” format? Why am I sounding like a curmudgeon? Why?
The US meat processing company at the rotten center of China’s latest food scandal
Judge's Overly Broad Discovery Order About Online Critics Allows Ubervita To Bully More Authors Of Critical Reviews
Staten Island ferry sailing the Hudson past midtown. A rare spot to see it.
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