Redskins Decide That Suing Offended Native Americans Should Really Help Their Case
No reason to go to Katz for normal deli food but I just might want to try this “Roast Beast” promotion.
I am both appalled and salivating over Pizza Hut’s bacon/cheese stuffed pizza crust. Make the crust only bacon & they win my dollars.
My son asked when the #NYGvsSEA game will be over. I told him it already is. :-/
Wait, didn’t the game just start? The Giants are already punting? #NYGvsSEA
Hell is frozen. MT @SportsCenter: Don't look now, but the Browns are 1st of the AFC North. The Cleveland Browns.
Grammar In Space: Are Satellites 'In Orbit' or 'On Orbit'?
Combining the two App stores will lighten iTunes and extend the iOS functions (useful for the iPad Pro???)
I really wish Apple would combine the OS X and iOS app stores into one. Show both; allow purchase of cross platform bundles from either.
NYC has a country music station… in Manhattan. I don’t what to think anymore.
An Artist Brings NYC Back to the '80s on the G Train
I'm at Schnackenberg's Luncheonette in Hoboken, NJ
Kayaking with the kid. (@ Hoboken Cove Boathouse - @hobocobo in Hoboken, NJ)
EFF guide to cell phone use for US protesters
Wall Street’s favorite burger joint is headed for an IPO
Two weeks still isn't enough. It's been amazing, though. Maybe we'll stay a month next year.
I'm at Humphreys Bakery (Woodland Center) in Tisbury, MA
I'm at West Tisbury Farmers Market in West Tisbury, MA
I'm at Espresso Love in Edgartown, MA
Ferguson: ACLU sues for Mike Brown shooting records
Police Militarization, Citizen Journalism And The Suppression Of Free Speech: Ferguson Highlights Systemic Problem
Did the tour again - really good this time. (@ Cape Poge Lighthouse in MA)
Police in Ferguson may look like soldiers, but their tactics wouldn’t pass US Army muster
The Arab Spring is alive and kicking in middle America
Tear gas is banned in international warfare — and in use in Ferguson, MO
Any American Can Take Any Police Officer's Photo
Washington Post reporters have been arrested in two cities this year: Ferguson and Tehran
Many Pulitzer Prize Winners Demand DOJ Stop Threatening Reporter James Risen With Jail If He Protects His Sources
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