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Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti

Web Designer from College Park, MD, check out my portfolio
someguy9 on Why Point and Shoot cameras are dead. -
"That's a great point! It's still surprising that mirrorless cameras are in a state of decline because I'd say they are new to the market. Granted most consumers probably don't know the difference between a point and shoot and a mirrorless." - Andy Feliciotti
Re: HDR Vertorama Photography – How to Create Mind-bending Images -
"I never thought about doing this, very creative! I gotta try this out next time I go shooting" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Shot I Took Down at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Sunset [OC] -
"Thank you so much! If you want to keep up with my latest photos feel free to add me on FB :)" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Shot I Took Down at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Sunset [OC] -
"I sent you a follow back, nice photos Dan! The water was captured with a 4 minute exposure... a little bit more information about this photo is on my blog" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Shot I Took Down at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Sunset [OC] -
"Very nice! love that they were pink when you captured the cherry blossoms" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: Photos: The Cherry Blossom In Bloom -
"Added one of my photos, hope you like :) great to see other photos from great photographers!" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Any photographers on here that I can follow? -
someguy9 on Long Exposure of an old wharf -
"Love the color of the water" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: It’s “Back Up Your Photos” Tuesday -
"I have an external drive that gets backed up nightly to crashplan, I have never had to recover but I assume this method should work out in the end :P" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: My Automotive Photography as Told Through -
"Anything with Ferraris makes me happy, love to see their lovely red paint jobs :P Great shots Scott!" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: Scenic Lookout Binoculars in Los Angeles -
"Thanks Navin! I had a lot of fun taking these photos" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on How scrollbars work according to Blackboard. -
"And to think they didn't offer me a job :P #CouldHaveHelped" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Happy President's Day! Photo I took at the Lincoln Memorial [OC] -
"Canon 6D with a tripod" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on [Hiring] $10 to the first person who can accurately Identify and provide contact information of the business in the attached photo. -
"Custom Ink?" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Took a Selfie in the Fog Last Night -
"Using a self timer with a tripod doesn't count?" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on Question about WebDNA -
"As someone who has used WebDNA for a 2 year period I wouldn't recommend investing anything into the company. It doesn't support much and is just an outdated web language no one should be using." - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on 19F Looking for a rate :) -
"8/10" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: First Snow of 2014 -
"I hope we get another pile of snow, was fun while it lasted" - Andy Feliciotti
Oh Snap! DIY Photo Booth for Your Next Party -
Oh Snap! DIY Photo Booth for Your Next Party
someguy9 on What's the coolest thing I can buy for under $25? -
Re: Washington Monument Sunset -
"Thanks Chris! just wish my tripod stayed steady the whole time :(" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: 2014: The Year of Tangible Accomplishments -
"I think getting in shape is on everyone's list :P" - Andy Feliciotti
Re: Samantha & Steve’s Beautiful Fall Wedding -
"Nice photos, love the rain boots" - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on What ARE the kids saying these days? -
"Kids that are around the age of seven literally talk about Minecraft all day." - Andy Feliciotti
someguy9 on What's your favorite misheard lyric? -
""Shamu the mysterious whale" U2, Mysterious Ways" - Andy Feliciotti
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