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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @wired: Here's an unbelievable thing that actually exists in the world: The satanic leaf-tailed gecko
RT @wired: Here's an unbelievable thing that actually exists in the world: The satanic leaf-tailed gecko
Amazing! - Son of Groucho
I read the entire article before I finally "saw" the one in this photo. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Stephen Mack
A compilation of the music videos for Weird Al Yankovic's new album, Mandatory Fun [Wiki link] -
A compilation of the music videos for Weird Al Yankovic's new album, Mandatory Fun [Wiki link]
A compilation of the music videos for Weird Al Yankovic's new album, Mandatory Fun [Wiki link]
Show all
From the Wiki article: "To help promote Mandatory Fun in social media circles, Yankovic produced eight music videos for the album; one was revealed each day starting on July 14, 2014, a day prior to the album's release. Yankovic commented that 'there is no more music television' as there was in the past, and that 'the Internet [...] is the new MTV' that operates continuously. He took the idea that promoting a new video for eight continuous days 'would make an impact because people would be talking about the album all week long.' [...] The music video aspect of Yankovic's songs had been a past part of his success, but for Mandatory Fun RCA Records opted not to fund production of any videos. Instead, Yankovic turned to various social media portals including Funny or Die and CollegeHumor which he had worked with in the past; these sites helped to cover the production costs to allow Yankovic to make the videos with Yankovic foregoing any ad revenue from the videos. Yankovic chose to... more... - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
More: "The first music video debuted on July 14, featuring the song "Tacky". Produced by Nerdist Industries, the one-shot video features Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, Jack Black, and Yankovic dressed in tacky clothes and dancing purposely poorly while lip-synching to the song reflecting on the song's lyrics about a person who brags on about his obnoxious... more... - Stephen Mack
1. Monday, July 14, "Tacky" (Parody of Pharrell's "Happy") (from Nerdist) - Stephen Mack
Also: Thursday, July 17, "Tacky" (live on Conan) (from Team Coco) - Stephen Mack
More: "The video for 'Word Crimes' features kinetic typography created by Jarrett Heather, reflecting the song's theme of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation." - Stephen Mack
2. Tuesday, July 15, "Word Crimes" (Parody of Thicke's "Blurred Lines") (from alyankovicVEVO) - Stephen Mack
More: " 'Foil''s video, produced in conjunction with CollegeHumor, shows Yankovic as a host of a cooking show obsessing on the use of aluminium foil, slowly descending into conspiracy theories; it also includes guest appearances by Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant. - Stephen Mack
3. Wednesday, July 16, "Foil" (Parody of Lorde's "Royals") (from College Humor) - Stephen Mack
More: "'Handy' was released through Yahoo! Screen's 'Sketchy' channel, and is presented in the style of a late-night informercial with Yankovic performing as a residential general contractor; the video also includes Eddie Pepitone, Justin Giddings, and Ted Hollis." - Stephen Mack
4. Thursday, July 17, "Handy" (Parody of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy") (from Yahoo Sketchy) -- reposted by a random individual on YouTube at - Stephen Mack
More: "The video for 'Sports Song' plays to the song's theme, featuring Yankovic along with the Riverside City College Marching Tigers band performing a routine on a football field during the song; the video was directed by Yankovic with Andrew Bush and Brad Schulz and produced in conjunction with Funny or Die." - Stephen Mack
5. Friday, July 18: "Sports Song" (from FunnyOrDie) - Stephen Mack
More: "The video for "First World Problems" was directed by Liam Lynch, and shows Yankovic, posing as a 'pretentious jerk' wearing a 'douchey blonde wig,' over-reacting to minor annoyances of a well-off lifestyle." - Stephen Mack
6. Saturday, July 19: "First World Problems" (from alyankovicVEVO) - Stephen Mack
More: 'Lame Claim to Fame' is a stop-motion video directed by animator Tim Thompson, using a scrapbooking approach to show the protagonist's passing ties with various celebrities. Among the cut-outs of celebrities named in the song, the video includes pictures of Dr. Demento, the radio host that helped Yankovic's rise to popularity." - Stephen Mack
7. Sunday, July 20: "Lame Claim to Fame" (from alyankovic) - Stephen Mack
More: "The final video released was for 'Mission Statement,' and was produced by TruScribe, featuring time-lapse drawings relating to the song's lyrics on a white board. The video took about 10 months to create." - Stephen Mack
"Handy" was July the 17th according to the wiki. Sports Song the 18th, and First World Problems the 19th. - NOT THE CRICKET
8. Monday, July 21: "Mission Statement" (Parody of Graham Nash's "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes") (from WSJ via Vevo) [YouTube URL for Mission Statement forthcoming, I don't think it's been published there yet] - Stephen Mack
"Word Crimes" is definitely my favorite. - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jimminy -- I corrected the dates above. - Stephen Mack
For me, it's a toss-up between "Word Crimes" and "Foil" :) - Brent Schaus
The co-branding I find fascinating. - Stephen Mack
And using a CSN melody for "Mission Statement"? Stroke of genius, imo. - Brent Schaus
I haven't watched that one yet. :) Tonight! - Stephen Mack
The big downside to his strategy of peppering his eight videos across different sites is that it's tough to find them all. Yesterday I was at a friend's house and we were searching YouTube (via the TiVo app) trying to watch them all, and missed half of them. It'll also be interesting to see if some of the better videos don't get as many views because of which account or site was used to post/promote, or if some of the more marginal videos get more views because of the traffic of the originating site. - Stephen Mack
labels (not just RCA) refusing to bankroll promotional stuff is a pretty common occurrence. has been for ages and ages. they sure want a cut of any profits made, tho! #LittleRedHen - Big Joe Silence
The album has hit #1 on Billboard: (via Andy Baio, - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Controversy over a word used in Word Crimes: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
LOL! ... "Is it wrong to eat a blueberry muffin if it looks just like your dog?"
Possibly... - Shannon - GlassMistress
Made me chuckle! - Anne Bouey
Such treat. Very mimetic. Wow. - Pete
Victor Ganata
The adjective form of "gas" is "gassy" but the adjective form of "pus" most commonly used in medical documentation is "purulent", for reasons you can probably guess.
I know this because of the Tourniquet album "Gelatinous Tubercles of Purulent Ossification" - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
LOL - Jenny H. from Android
I blame the Big Cat lobby. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Ken Morley
It's like watching Rocky IV - Greg GuitarBuster
Sometimes you gotta know when to quit. - Ken Morley
Well if Rocky keeps getting back up, who really wins? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Stephen Mack
I cook pretty much the exact same thing every Sunday after the Mountain View farmer's market trip: Soy-sauce-marinated baked chicken, steamed broccoli, stir-fried oyster mushrooms, and corn if it's in season. We often pick up a pie as well.
*grabs keys and heads for garage* - Professor A.I.
We'd love to have you and your wife over, Prof. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Why thank you Mr. Mack. That's very kind of you. - Professor A.I.
Oh and tonight I made an heirloom tomato and basil salad, too. But the kids don't touch that, so it was just for my brother-in-law and me. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sounds like a meal worthy of repetition. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Mark H
Little Miss Pink Eye.
Little Miss Pink Eye.
It hasn't affected her tongue. - Melly
Oh good, that would be gross :P - Meg VMeg
Ha! - Melly
CAJ hates pants
RT @brainwise: Party Spock.
RT @brainwise: Party Spock.
Someone needs to make a dubstep or trap remix of the "Amok Time" battle music, stat! - Victor Ganata
BTW, earwormmed myself with that post. "Everyday I'm shufflin'" - CAJ hates pants
Bahahaha, looks like that drill is going into my head! - Melly
اوووف - حوسین
Is that good or bad? - Melly
good - حوسین
Steve C
Dad's heartbreaking Internet plea spurs strangers -
Dad's heartbreaking Internet plea spurs strangers
"Just days after his infant daughter's death, Nathen Steffel asked strangers on the Internet for only one thing: He and his wife wanted a photo of their daughter without the breathing tubes and tape that masked her little face. The response has been overwhelming. Hundreds of photos, sketches and paintings have poured into the family's northwestern Ohio home and their inbox. "I'm getting messages in languages from all over the world," he said Wednesday. "It's more than I can count." His daughter, Sophia, died last Thursday at a Cincinnati hospital from complications of a tumor in her liver, six weeks after she was born in Columbus. She was awaiting a transplant when she died. Her father posted a message on Reddit asking if anyone could use their photo of Sophia in the hospital and remove the tubes attached to her face and wrist. "Since she was in the hospital her whole life we never were able to get a photo without all her tubes," he wrote." - Steve C from Bookmarklet
The internetz can be used for good. It's just rare. - Steve C
Melody Gardot… Love Me Like a River Does♥
by Gosselin.jpg
Love me like a river does,, Cross the sea,, Love me like a river does,, Endlessly,, Love me like a river does,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Swirls about,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Wash me out,, Love me like a roaring sea,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all,, Love me like the earth itself,, Spins around,, Love me like the earth itself,, Sky above below the ground,, Love me like the earth itself,, Baby don't rush you're no waterfall,, Love me that is all….. Have a great weekend. - mina_sydney
this is what real music is. merci ma cherie <3** - Cera
Thank you, Malik jan, glad you liked it - mina_sydney from iPhone
Thanks, dear Cera :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Beautiful song. - ma∟ıĸ - Gajamoo گـ َـجَـ مو
Awesome song ... :-*** - Sepi ⌘ سپی
... - Arash
Thank you, booteh jan and Sepi jan :)** - mina_sydney from iPhone
Thank you, Dear Iker yoldas, Gajamoo khan and Arash khan :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
Awesome song ... :-*** - Sepi ⌘ - Homa
++ - amin
+++ - Hadi.YaLın
Listening Now ... :) .. Love me that is all - Hadi.YaLın
Hope you enjoyed it, Godfather :) - mina_sydney
I'm Hadi :D Mina jan - Hadi.YaLın
Oops..., I'm so sorry! Hadi jan :) - mina_sydney
I'm change my name for a while to fun :D my best friend :) - Hadi.YaLın
+ - hosein.x6
+++ - ashk irani
^ - Paul
Miss your beautiful posts:)* - Cera
Miss your beautiful posts:)* - Cera - صمد بهرنگی
چرا نیستید؟ - Hadi.YaLın
Miss you Mina joon <3 - Homa from Android
Checks in with Mina's acct to see if she is okay (from CarlC's acct) - CarlC from Android
Happy New Year Dear Mina :) may it be full of happy fulfilled moments :) - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
سال نو مبارک - فرتور
Darling mina, happy nowruz. I wish you the best of everything >D<** - Cera
بسیار سپاسگزارم دخترم. سال نو شما هم فرخنده و پیروز باد. شاد و موفق وسربلند باشی. - Arash
مینا جون سال نوی شما هم مبارک :) - aghah
happy nowruz. - ashk irani
سال نو تون مبارک - amin
+ - amin
آخ آخ چقدر من این موزیک رو دوست دارم - Techfan
Baby don't rush you're no waterfall!! - sam
عـاها بیاع
عـاها بیاع
فداد شم پسرخاله خودت فیلم رو با جزئیات نقادی کن لذت ببریم - معــیـن
ها ماشالله منو کم دارن ها - Nemo
pulp fiction - خدا
عیییییییییییییی جانم پالپ فیکشن - -سعید همیشه سبز -؟
پالت فیکشن بود گمونم - شیـربـرنج
بله بله ماشالا همه دوستان فرهیخته و اهل دل هستن - معــیـن
پالپ فيكشنه كه :-)))) - Mr.M®teza
نخیر میزطاهاع در فرومه یه سایت دانلود فیلم بود گمانم؛ دادا باید مورد خیلی زبانم قاسمه باشه که خودم دس به کار شم مثل دکتربازیه شیث یا چپ کردن خانومه و سه نخطه :دی - معــیـن
ها آره میرعلی؛ میزطاها سفارشی چیزی داشته باشی مثلا از عبدولی جهت اخازی ازش باشه میپذیرم :)) شب عیده دسم تنگه - معــیـن
خیلی باهال بود - بوگی ؛ زرشک پلو با مرغ
خب عشخته ؛ ینی فیلمی نداری گیفش کنم جهت اخازی ترجیحا بی ناموسی؟ :)) - معــیـن
:))) - پيام
ئه پالپ فیکشن! دلم کشید یه بار دیگه ببینم - mar©o
:)) - Dr.RoHo
++++ - دمپایی
:)))))))))))))))) - غضروف
تحریک شدی. :)) - بافومه
این همیشه تازه است! - اندیشه
دس دس - اسمارف لاکی
اه! پالپ فیکشن! :دی - همصدا - فالوده شیرازی
دس پا - معــیـن
نشین آقا نشین خانوم :| - معــیـن
متفرق بشید من دارم میام وسط میخوام هیــــــــــــــلیکوپتری بزنم :دی - ووووزلا
مواظب روزبه هم باش آدم آهنی میرخصه هولوع :دی - معــیـن
دیشب میخاچتم بعد از بردمان این را شخم بزنم :( عرررررررررررررررررر - خورشیدک در ظهر تابستان
Hahaha güldüm lan. :) - çağlar
لیتل اوخی :)) بخخخلز - معــیـن
böyle olmalı - yedi
شخم همینطوری! ": - خورشیدک در ظهر تابستان
الکی نگی همینطوری نباشه همونطوری باشه؟ :-" - معــیـن
اوه به فن آوری سوت دوطرفه مجهز شدی :)) - معــیـن
بهترین فیدت همینه دیگه؟ :دی - بافومه
دادا سلایق مخاطبان متفاوته :دی - معــیـن
چندتا رو شخم بزن تا حساب کار دستمون بیاد. :) - بافومه
دادا ملت اعصاب ندارن بیا ببین #گیفام #عکسام #موعزیک :) - معــیـن
يادش بخير اين :)) - Ramona
13-Year-Old Charlotte Brontë & Her Brother Wrote Teeny Tiny Adventure Books, Measuring 1 x 2 Inches | Open Culture -
13-Year-Old Charlotte Brontë & Her Brother Wrote Teeny Tiny Adventure Books, Measuring 1 x 2 Inches | Open Culture
13-Year-Old Charlotte Brontë & Her Brother Wrote Teeny Tiny Adventure Books, Measuring 1 x 2 Inches | Open Culture
"So you consider yourself a reader of the Brontës? Of course you’ve read Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. (Find these classics in our collection of Free eBooks and Free Audio Books.) You’ve probably even got on to the likes of The Green Dwarf and Agnes Grey. Surely you know details from the lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. But have you read such lesser-known entries in the Brontë canon as Scenes on a Great Bridge, The Poetaster: A Drama in Two Volumes, or An Interesting Passage in the Lives of Some Eminent Personages of the Present Age? Do you know of Brontë brother Branwell, the ill-fated tutor, clerk, and artist, and have you seen his own literary output? Now you can, as Harvard University’s Houghton Library has put online nine very early works from Charlotte and Branwell Brontë — all of which measure less than one inch by two inches." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
vay cimcimelere bak sen yav - Alfonker Tapir
i made some modifications to the recipe though...omitted the potatoes and capers, separated the garlic cloves rather than slicing the whole bulb into two and substituted the oregano for thyme, bay leaves and rosemary. - grizabella
Gimme! - Anika
oh, it is devoured actually, but i'l set aside a portion for you next time! :) - grizabella
Yay! - Anika
bu incik herhalde? hüp diye çekme muhabbeti vardı bir de. - babeuf
incik miydi emin degilim, buyukler biraz, belki de kolun kemikli ksmiydi. az once firina attiklarim incik ama :) - grizabella
ımh .( - H.Mar Gargarin
yemegin suyu cok guzel oluyor diye sarapla birlikte azicik da su ekledim bu sefer, diger turlu cok az su kaliyor dibinde cunku. halbuki bunun suyuna ayıgız usulu ekmek banmak neredeyse yemegin kendisi kadar guzel, insan mahzun oloor sonra elinde ekmekle kalakalinca :) silip supurulmezse o sudan cok guzel corba da cikabilir tabi. - grizabella
"kleftiko" diye onunla hic alakasi olmayan ucubik bisiyle, ustelik de "griza tavsiye etti diye" ismimi lekeleyerek fiyd acan ( ) fikret bey'i kinayarak hoplatiyorum ;_; - grizabella
acıkdım :/ - elixir
üff çoğ güzeeel göründü - elixir
bana da. ühü. kendim ettim kendim buldum ;_; - grizabella
ama ama...şu an az acıkmışken resmi gördüm kırıldığımı farkettim açlıktan.. - elixir
Bakmakla bişi olmaz lan, ekmek banıp yemiyorum ya! Dur az, hımmm, gaayet şık görünüyor evveet, ıımmm, evetevet, suyu da var çok ii. - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
bu saatten sonra bu pisirilmez tabi ama cosahane kuzu haslamasi olan bi yere aticiim sanirim kendimi birazdan. guya zencefil'e gidip yesil mercimekli kuru patlican dolmasi yiyeceğidim. ozume dondum bir kuzu fotosu ile ahah. - grizabella
Keşke bu kadar evrimleşmeseydim de şunun kemühlerini bile yeseydim. Hımmm. Gayet güsel görünüyor. İncik mi bu. Ahhyy. Bi dur be'olm. - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
hahah hernesto :) dun yemek sonrasi arkadasimin attigi kemigi istahla kapip kemiren kopegi gorunce ben de imrenerek bakmistim! :) - grizabella
Hocam, bi arkaaş kuzu feedi yazmıştı ekranı yaladım bişi olur mu? - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
ahahaha! :) oyy sen orucluydun bi de di mi? - grizabella
Iımmm, be kadar da güzel ığıınnm (şuurum sizlere ömür) - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
Az ama bu, tadımlık mı, daa yoq mu, ekmek uzatsana griz şordan. Aııff. Gidiim ben. - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
şu slow cooker olayında insanlar nasıl oluyor da saatlerce sabırla yemeğin pişmesini bekliyorlar bir türlü anlayamadım. sonuç muhteşem de olsa o kadar zaman yemeğin pişmesini bekleyemem ben - simyacı
Elinize sağlık efem, Allah kabul etsin ziyade olsun, barekallah. Teşekkürler. Mersi. Sahura da bise bekleris artık. <3 - H.Mar Gargarin from Android
az kaldi hernesto, sabir :) simyaci, slow cookerda malzemeleri geceden koyuyorlar genelde, zaten that's the point, basinda beklemen gerekmiyor, sen uyurken o yanmadan, rezil olmadan agir isida kendi kendine pisiyor :) ama yemeyi icmeyi seven insan uzun da surse yapiyor boyle seyleri. 7-8 saat olmasa da bu da bayagi bi 3 saat falan pisiyor mesela. yahniler de oyle, koy ocaga unut yemegi.... more... - grizabella
griza asıl derdim de o koku zaten. o koku eve yayılacak ve ben onu yemeden bekleyecem yada uyuyacam o iş çok zor. elde ekmek suyuna banacam diye krizler geçirerek beklerim :) - simyacı
haa tamam, ahahaha :) aklima emre'nin dunku "bi oturusta ne yiyebilirsiniz?" fiydi geldi bi de, taslar iyice yerine oturdu simdi! - grizabella
hah şimdi anladın sen beni :) - simyacı
o zaman oyle bisiler piserken seni mutfaktan hatta evden uzak tutmak lazim! :) - grizabella
home office olayı yüzünden o da zor. tek çözüm birinin pişirip getirmesi - simyacı
Allaam acliktan olmek uzereyim, 20 dakikadir masa bekliyorum, benzer bisiye cok heveslendim ve bi de o kadar bekledim diye kalkip gidemiyorum da. Uhuhu ;_; - grizabella from Android
ahaha nerelerdesin. - elixir
Mangerie :) oturdum, yidim sonunda! Hallelujah! - grizabella from Android
oh afiyet şekerler. - elixir
dankeler. - grizabella
Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me, When i’m no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me, When i’ve got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will, I know that you will, Will you still love me when i’m no longer beautiful? Dear lord, when I get to heaven Please let me bring my man, When he comes tell me that you’ll let him, Father tell me if you can… - mina_sydney
Best In This Momen! - کیـــومرث-Alfi
Hi, Dear Alfi :-) - mina_sydney
Hi Mina jon.....miss you dear - کیـــومرث-Alfi
beautiful song! - Cera
Same here, Alfi jan, Please take care. - mina_sydney
خوبی مینا جان ؟ مرسی بابت آهنگه :) - Hadi.YaLın
Salam, Hadi jan. merci man khobam, arzoo daram shoma ham khob bashi :-). You are very welcome, glad you liked it :) - mina_sydney from iPhone
++ - hosein.x6
awesome soundtrack! - Paul
خیلی کم پیدایی رفیق - aghah
Her voice is haunting - ashk irani
... - Arash
اوه ببین کی اینجاس :) به سرزمین مادری‌ت (:دی) خوش اومدی مینا :) - مسعودک
مسعودک جان٬ مرسی٬ مرسی :) - mina_sydney
forever! - chakra
beautiful song ! thanks for sharing, mina - صمد بهرنگی
... - Arash
So young and beautiful! - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
This song gives me goosebumps! it's so good! - Paul
This song is magical <3 - golpar
شخم دلتنگی. We missed you. - aghah
... - chakra
We’re so proud of your work in saving lives in Africa. We missed you at RPA Hospital. Take care of yourself, angel - Paul
miss you Mina jan :**** <3 - Homa
+ - amin
این خیلی قشنگه - ﻋﻠﯽ.ﺑﺎ
جای مینای عزیز هم خیلی خالیه - aghah
Beautiful song! - Ricky
We miss you Mina. Hope you are well wherever you are :-* - Cera
miss u :-* - ☼Shepherd☻
An exceptional melody! - samuel
Eerie and pleasing song & lyrics. Thanks for sharing Mina! - CarlC
Thank you, Not Carlos. Glad you liked it. Happy Holidays :) - mina_sydney
آرزومندم سال نو مسیحی برای شما فرزندم شادی و موفعیت بیشتر به ارمغان بياورد. - Arash
Yes I will Hon :D - Kenneth Rothschild
Will you still love me when I'm no longer rich and powerful? - Todd Hoff
Thank you Kenneth :) - mina_sydney
مینا جان خوشحالم میبینمت :) - Hadi.YaLın
Merci, Hadi jan :-) - mina_sydney
Dear Todd Hoff, I'll Think about it :) - mina_sydney
Not being either rich or powerful I can still wonder about the deal being made :-) - Todd Hoff
Mina, hope things are peachy! H2CUS - Paul
Sweet melody! - sam
I can't stop listening to it! - sam
Sarah G.
The secret to the success of my parents 50 year relationship is that they are now old and deaf and can't hear what other says.
What? - Joe
So much talking. - sglassme
I hope that's our reality. We all joke I'll be a lot happier when my hearing goes. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Had the biggest "that's so smiley" from yesterday. So, he got his big bully tooth surgically removed last week. It was hooked onto a bridge, but the dentist said the other side was enough to hold it. well last night we were at Oink's ice cream having a cone, and all of the sudden smiley casually spits out some thing that looks like a walnut half. Which was weird because he had cherry... more... - Sarah G.
I now have tears on my face from laughing so hard. I think all of our lives would have been different if he had a normal sense of pain. - sglassme
Stephan Planken
Visited my boss in the hospital where he was transferred to for one of the surgeries on his long road to recovery. Sophie made him a drawing. It is a good reminder how accidents can just happen, and can easily affect the rest of your life.
Next surgery will be nine hours, with three surgeons. They will work on muscles, blood vessels, nerves. This stuff is so complex it blows my mind. I'm glad he is still around to tell the tale. He even got to keep his leg as a bonus. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
We is friends.
Show all
I'm trying to work out when we first met IRL. - Melly
you met in 1945. It was war time. He saw you, you saw him, and shouted out "mates!" - Sir Shuping is just sir
Close. I think it was 2009. - Melly
We is adorable! - Jenny H. from Android
I'd like to meet these one day - Mo Kargas
February 21, 2010 - Johnny
I like to think Johnny is wearing something Star Wars themed in each picture - Mo Kargas
What Mo said re: meeting y'all. - The Lunatic Ur Lookin 4
You're always welcome, Mo. - Melly from FFHound!
<3 - Mo Kargas
#SaturdayFF I took a writing course once. One of the instructors told me my verbs were "Hemingwayesque". I still have no idea what she meant.
They liked to drink and hit on the adjectives. - Pete
I think he's insulting you. Cold clock that chump! - Mo Kargas
It's okay. At least I have hair. - Melly
Is it horrible that I stumble away from strong nouns and verbs while thinking adjectives and adverbs are magnificent? - Todd Hoff
Disgustipating. - Melly
lol - Todd Hoff
Jenny H.
By the end of the summer, I will be one giant, contiguous mosquito bite. :|
Nice thing about living in a dry Nevada forest? No mosquitos. - Jenny H. from Android
Don't make her regret this, mosquitos, or I will hunt you down! - Eivind
Time to show the fashion of wearing mosquito netting. - Janet from FFHound!
At least it's less than a thousand degrees in the shade. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Very true, Stephan! :) Janet, I may have to at some point. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
Eivind, I grew up in Idaho. It will take more than mosquitos to make me run! - Jenny H. from Android
So potatoes make you run. Check. Mosquitos, nope. - Todd Hoff
Norway is a potato nation. Naturally, I gravitate towards potatoes. :D - Jenny H. from Android
You have a good eye. - Todd Hoff
excessive garlic intake and a citrus misting spray (you can make with orange/lemon/lime/whatever infused water) greatly reduces your appeal to the little fuckers. trust me on this, I'm from South Florida. - t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich
brewers yeast. we made capsules back in the day. there might already be capsules now. whereas garlic causes you to have a scent other people can smell brewers yeast doesn't have the same effect to other humans, just mozzys. (note: I did not learn this from america but in my travels) - Lnorigb
I'm willing to try anything! Thanks Tamara and Lnor! - Jenny H. from Android
I feel your pain. I am a total mosquito magnet. I am using Campho-Phenique to deal with the itch - it seems to work better than cortisone, at least for me. - Laura
*mosquito's meat of choice* ====> - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Are you guys trying to season her? - Eric - Back to the Grill
LOL, I hope not! - Jenny H. from Android
So far, not too many of the critters in the High Desert. B, I too am a skeeter magnet. What is it about the inner rings of our hometown? Or is it the toasted ravs? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Hippo needs a scarf. - The Lunatic Ur Lookin 4
He's wearing his pink ribbon ;) - Melly
In Defense of Raccoons -
In Defense of Raccoons
LIES! THERE IS NO DEFENSE. - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Saw a cat walking home yesterday, except on closer inspection it was a raccoon. - Andrew C (✔)
raccoons are awesome jessie!!!! do not deny it! - Sir Shuping is just sir
LOLOL I just saw this on i09 and thought of you! - Soup in a TARDIS
I think our apartment dumpster would be overrun with raccoons if the skunks hadn't moved in first. Skunks are our only defense against the forces of darkness. - Jessie
LIES. - Cecily
raccoons are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
But they're so cute*! (*except when rabid or trying to steal food out of your hands.) - Jenny H. from Android
Or when they gang up and carry off small pets to eat them. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
A fledging winery here in annapolis royal says raccoons are their biggest threat. The vines are encased in electrified fencing and lots of keep out signs. Apparently some racoons can read and will move on. - Todd Hoff
The raccoons have only moved on to find something to knock over the fence. They're coming back. They aaaaalways come back. - Jessie
Andrew C (✔)
It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun -
"Armed with a handgun and licensed to carry it concealed on his person, Wilcox read the situation, saw Miller—male, armed, firing a long gun and yelling—and thought he had an opportunity to end the threat." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"He did not notice the diminutive woman on the sidelines with shopping cart and the handbag. She evidently had not made a scene. Wilcox approached Miller from behind. From his perspective, he had a chance to end the killing. From a broader perspective, he was already marked for death. Amanda came up behind him and pumped multiple shots into his ribs." - Andrew C (✔)
"Fine. I leave it to you, the hypervigilant. Even though the statistics show mass shootings are on the rise, and not one has been stopped by armed good guys—armed civilian good guys. In fact, they've been shot more often than they've shot the baddies. Which is natural, since assault weapons are on the rise, and it's hard to conceal a weapon that can outshoot someone with a Bushmaster. I... more... - Andrew C (✔)
This is a really thoughtful article that raises excellent questions. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I read something yesterday that made realize I wouldn't even know _how_ to run away from the sound of gunfire. Apparently workers for NGOs etc who get sent to dangerous places get some training to identify which sounds are towards the source of the shooting and which are away from them. - Andrew C (✔)
One thing that's readily apparent: people buy guns primarily to shoot other people. - Victor Ganata
Victor, I disagree, but only with the absoluteness of your statement. Some people buy guns primarily to shoot people, maybe a majority do, but not all. - Greg GuitarBuster
Yeah, I was trying to telegraph non-absoluteness by using "primarily" since a lot of people really do just hunt. But it just struck me that the author's first question was "Who do you shoot?" And buying a gun for self-defense means that you anticipate shooting someone. - Victor Ganata
This pretty much sums up the argument I have against the Good guy vs. Bad guy idea. We have zero mandatory gun training in this country as it is, but can you really trust other's judgement? There were also a few accounts of people who stopped the Gabby Giffords gunman almost being shot themselves by onlookers who saw them with guns and thought they were part of it. - Chris Topher
Roberto Bonini
RT @xeni: Women are the ultimate 3D printers. We have been replicating humans for a very long time. Each print job takes like 9 months though.
At Daddy's work.
At Daddy's work.
This morning when I dropped Emily at daycare, she put Hippo in her bag as soon as we got there. Usually one of the carers has to talk her into it! - Melly
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Steven Perez
Say hello to my nephew, Marcus Tyler Lacy.
7.15 lbs and almost 21 inches long. - Steven Perez
So far I'm at 4300 km after 2 years. :-) - Nils Sandin
is this your fitbit? - Halil
That's the data collector :) - Eivind from Android
Steven Perez
w00t! Friday! No more school! w00t! :) - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
are you king of the forest>? you are to me Mr. B!!! - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
Hey, Val. Everything the light touches is mine. Unfortunately, I usually have my eyes closed. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
You are from Usa? - moreya
it isn't morning now - moreya
Good morning, Bunneh! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Good morning, moreya. It's always morning to me. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
Good morning, pretty Tam Tam. Almost time for babby. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
ehehehehe - moreya
Good morning, John. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
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