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Dan: Bibrarian

Dan: Bibrarian

Your friendly neighbourhood cyberpunk librarian.
This is all LB's fault. She introduced me to the meme. Then she showed me examples of the meme. Then she explained the meme... And soon, I wanted to play too. #MOTObombing
Errybody's doin' it! - Prairie & I Know It
:D - Anne Bouey
Once you see it, hehehe. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The PDFs have been transferred to the iPad. I repeat, the PDFs have been transferred to the iPad. No data lost, no swearing heard. Please return to your seats.
it's a Festivus miracle! - holly #ravingfangirl
ALERT. For the first time in a year, I'm about to hook my iPad to my Mac. This could get ugly.
*holds breath* - Prairie & I Know It from Android
PHASE TWO: Can I drag books to it and have that work? - Dan: Bibrarian
As it happens... There are three old-school style BBS programmes for OS X, two of which I'm familiar with. (O_o) Go figure.
What is a BBS? - Olga Mathis
Long ago and far away, before the Internet was big, people dialed into other people's computers using modems and phone lines. They could chat, play games, leave messages, and communicate on forums through software known as a Bulletin Board System, or BBS. - Dan: Bibrarian
So, what would it look like if the Moon orbited the Earth at a distance equal to that of the International Space Station? Well, disregarding the Roche limit, gravity, and tidal forces -- it'd look like this.
Back on FriendFeed after a long absence, but damn, I really need to clean up my connected services.
Wow, but I can't add Twitter (says my username doesn't exist) or YouTube (which says the same). I'll try again later. - Dan: Bibrarian
Some of the connected services barely work these days. Tumblr and Flickr have to be manually refreshed, and some RSS feeds only import in massive batches. For Twitter, try Advanced Tweets: - John (bird whisperer)
I was afraid of that. Ya know what? No worries. I'll just update this one manually and remove the connections. I do that with Google+ and all it means is a copy/paste. :) Thanks, John! - Dan: Bibrarian
There will be another person like Taylor Swift. There will be another Maroon 5. There will not soon be another Scatman John.
A New Theme. A New Blog. New Ideas for Content. -
J-Pop and the Non-Existent Content Barrier -
And when you’re done studying, you can go swimming. -
And when you’re done studying, you can go swimming.
The Telecom Exec Who Refused to Let the NSA Spy Is Out of Prison, and He's Talking -
Those who seek to harm shall not pass without a fight. -
Those who seek to harm shall not pass without a fight.
Long ago, and far away, buried in the mists of time that was the Internet of yore, there was a filthy, vile place called Stile Project. It’s still around, but it’s just another tube site these days, and not a very good one at that. The webmaster there would provide some of the most breathtakingly sordid content, stuff that now seems commonplace,... -
fiorenn: reckless thoughts abide -
reckless thoughts abide
For My Boy, Video Games Are Better Than the Real Thing -
Essay - A Deeper Look at Throat -
Recreating Kowloon – Amusement Park Slums -
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