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SH Titanfall Montage 1 -
SH Titanfall Montage 1
Sometimes I get Lucky 1 -
Sometimes I get Lucky 1
Re: Can PageLines DMS Save WordPress? -
"@Jason Gipson I promise, I am the last guy to get all defensive talking about the customer experience many people are having. It is very clear something radical needs to change, and soon. Your point about a product is a good one as well. As a customer of vendors with incredible support (FlyWheel, WpEngine and others) like Rackspace - who lets face it is the gold standard for amazing support - I hear you loud and clear. As for the communication? I was on the DMS Beta before launch and became part of the "PageLines 300". There is a constantly open Skype chat where a bunch of power users and devs hang out - with regular visits from PL staff. Ken" - Soulhuntre
Never been in a fight. You? -
Reject the basic assumptions… -
Thoughts on fathers day… -
Some things, you need to hear… -
A dimly seen shape moves… -
Re: doin’ the prom queen… -
"There is a test here" - Soulhuntre
Re: doin’ the prom queen… -
"test2" - Soulhuntre
Re: doin’ the prom queen… -
"test" - Soulhuntre
Re: Blog Comments and Experimentation – Or Why @Livefyre Is Here to Stay -
"Is it ironic for anyone else that this post has @disqus as the tool in use and not @2b5b396aae0ae945c9b29605a77edb4d:disqus ?" - Soulhuntre
Re: Out of business avalanche: Small biz owners report ‘closing up shop,’ and ‘can’t afford to stay in business’ -
"Why would you think that? Int he months before the election those reports were twisted out of any real accuracy to suit the political needs of this administration - surely the ones showing the aftermath will also be twisted." - Soulhuntre
This is the day. As of today I no longer have even the slightest sympathy for willfully bad results due to laziness or inattention. I'm done
Nothing annoys me more than a pointless failure in attention to detail. Doing shit right is often just as easy as doing it wrong.
To Chief Justice Roberts - you're a worm. To the rest of the country - all the more reason to elect Mitt and end this idiocy.
So, it looks like all of #obamacare was upheld by #scotus - this is a bad thing but not insurmountable.
It looks like they might have to be turned into a tax... making it one of the largest tax increases EVER - exactly what Obama tried to hide.
Whelp, looks like the SCOTUS might have failed us.
Predicting the future: Obamas responses to the supreme court
Watching the live coverage of the Supreme Court.
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