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@kelisha @cbkyeoh hooray!
RT @TechnicallyRon: Today's DailyMail with headlines replaced by user comments. ROYAL EDITION. I have NO idea.
@cbkyeoh @kelisha just found this photo from a ride to Bungendore
@bos31337 it's fabulous and somehow appropriate their links are /cgi-bin/cvsweb/etc
RT @bos31337: Coders! If you're not getting enough snark in your diet, here's the supplement you need.
Maybe in my lifetime someone will die and be brought back after three days
RT @melissagira: "I would like to see more emphasis placed on fair labor practices than on whether or not I have a "real" orgasm."
RT @adambrereton: Hey, you said I got three wishes!
RT @scottdagostino: The greatest sentence ever written was printed in the Times today: via @GilesKristian
RT @KJBar: It is cold and wet outside #melbourne
@kelisha thinking of you guys
RT @rickygervais: I just did a tweet to convince everyone about the merits of homeopathy but then I deleted it. It should still work though.
@cbkyeoh hooray! gl with the new hospital.
RT @dohbee: Don't just change your passwords for #Heartbleed, but delete all the unused accounts you can as well.
@cbkyeoh best of luck!
@jacobian @mdz sounds uncomfortably fascinating, wish I was there
RT @reasonable_hank: A review of anti-vaccine letters to ministers: Articulate, intelligent and passionate jesus @BernardKeane #StopAVN
rm ~/.Xresources
RT @sapnam: my friend was telling me about her engagement the other day. and i was like oh cool, with what brand?
@josh_triplett @me_gardiner it's still typically sixty seconds of fumbling. Better to show a video or screenshots in a <5 minute talk.
@emmajanedotnet yes, it should be up in a few days.
@me_gardiner much better to make them send you PDFs or jpegs in advance...
RT @jdub: An anarchist, a communist and a libertarian walk up to a podium. None of their laptops work with the projector. #lca2013
RT @JamesBromberger: Plz join me in thanking Euan, Jason, @luke__john @techman_83, Tomas, Matt, Paul and rest of A/V team for #tbldownunder #lca2013 video stream
RT @jdub: “Break things randomly, if applications don’t complain, you’re good! I think the kernel should adopt this policy”, says keithp #lca2013
RT @snerdish: @sourcefrog @timberners_lee @piawaugh about the blink tag? Agreed
@timberners_lee @piawaugh thanks for the reasoned thoughtful answer. Sad situation.
RT @silviapfeiffer: #lca2013 ... TBL suggests to come up with new ways of getting money to the artists ... Maybe a payment protocol...
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