Oh the irony: FAA Thinks Two Pound Drones Aircraft. But 1100 Pound, Manned and Flying Craft? Unsure. http://www.forbes.com/sites... via @forbes
Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! https://www.dropbox.com/referra...
One of the best TV shows of the year is not on broadcast or cable TV. House of Cards http://movi.es/Voopd #Netflix.
I have entered the LYNX Space Academy for a chance to actual space #inspace https://t.co/6AiH9tvO
Games over someone turned out the lights. :)
RT @malikdavon: Beyoncé's opening act is terrible all they're doing is throwing a ball back and forth and running into each other??
World leaders running a country w/ an app? what could go wrong? POTUS:"call Duke." Siri:"Did you you mean launch nuke?" http://m.smartplanet.com/blog...
Filled out my absentee ballot. Not sure why it removes the SC Lt. Gov. power as senate pro tem if you vote yes for joint Gov. & Lt. Gov.
Getting Window 8 training. Overall like the new interface but not crazy about some changes.
Felix Baumgartner jumped. Godspeed.
Watching Felix Baumgartner record breaking space jump at about 23 miles. He will be the first man to break the sound barrier by free fall.
RT @divamommy19: RT If you're watching the #olympicceremony right now, PLOT TWIST: The Queen locks everyone in the stadium and says "Happy Hunger Games."
Ok this whole Olympic boy meet girl theme was weak at first, now it's annoying
Enjoying the humor in opening Olympic game w/ Mr. Bean and James Bond and the queen
My sister came over has got into the pool
Wish that I could have looked around in the Poinsett Club. Will probably never get a chance to get into it again
Joel Christopher Jr. 102 Lakewood Court, Easley, SC 29642 southcarolinapalmetto@yahoo.com (864) 269-2426 EDUCATION BACKGROUND Associate of Science in Network... - http://southcarolinapalmetto.b...
Join Me (Carcharoth) in the Battle for Shadow Cities! http://www.shadowcities.com/signup...
Watching the movie "Courageous"
At Golden Lanes in simpsonville sc bowling w/ some coworkers
Saw the ad for the new Dallas TV series. That brings back memories. Who shot JR? lol
I sort of liked the teaser video as much as the commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch...
I sort of liked the teaser video as much as the commercial http://t.co/HDWrcaIK
I sort of like the Volkwagen teaser video as commerial http://www.youtube.com/watch...
I sort of like the Volkwagen teaser video as commerial http://t.co/HDWrcaIK
Having fun playing SWTOR but now time to take a break and play The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Just Santa on big sleigh on Hwy 123 headed toward downtown Greenville
Having a much better then normal meal at work tonight because of the food provided by Intel.
Condolences to the family & friends of popular social media personality Trey Pennington
Festive mood at work right now. All the phone lines are down. Accord to one person, someone may have cuts the fiber optic line.
Just entered the Starpoints contest. http://t.co/qXNUznV
Looks like early Halloween at work due to the pirate ship cubical decoration contest. We've had pirate theme contests going on.
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