Mark H
"A recently suggested human approach to make a black hole would be to use a gamma ray laser. This currently theoretical device would focus sufficient energy onto a small enough region of spacetime so as to create a black hole with a Schwarzschild Radius equal to a thousandth the diameter of the nucleus of an atom (one attometer). The Hawking Radiation of such a black hole would be in the terawatt range, and could theoretically be used to power a starship’s heat engines." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Furthermore, Kerr and Kerr-Newman black holes have rotational energy. Perhaps we could harvest some of this energy for ourselves. In principle, this could be done by surrounding the laser-created, microscopic black hole with a high intensity magnetic field, and then “offering” it the “culinary delicacy” of a relativistic plasma. The rotational energy would be extracted outward along the magnetic field lines by something called a torsional Alfvén wave. Due to the plasma’s resultant negative total energy, the rotational energy of the black hole will decrease when the plasma pierces the event horizon. This phenomenon has been successfully modeled for stellar mass black holes." - Mark H