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Space & Astronautics News

Space & Astronautics News

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Obiting Carbon Observatory-2 lifts of at Vandenberg Air Force Base; image credit: NASA TV
Tropical Storm Arthur: wind speeds now 60 mph, with rotation. https://www.youtub... -
Atlantic Tropical Storm Arthur appears to be ramping up, and NASA's Tropical Rai... -
Tropical Storm Arthur to hit US Atlantic coast, could become hurricane. NB: Wind... -
Polar bear cub at Toronto Zoo has first meal from a dish. -
NASA TV: Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base. ht... -
You will find tropical storm and hurricane coverage at -
Technicians and engineers work with the OCO-2 spacecraft during processing insid... -
OCO-2 Lifts Off on Carbon-Counting Mission. A Delta II rocket blazed off the lau... -
Tropical Storm Arthur from NASA's Terra satellite; credit: NASA Goddard MODIS Ra... -
Remember Soyuz 11 (Союз 11): Georgy Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov, Viktor Patsay... -
Cassini Names Final Mission Phase Its 'Grand Finale'. With input from more than... -
NASA satellites track Tropical Depression 1 in the Atlantic. -
NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) satellite is set to launch at 5:56... -
A new study shows that devil rays plunge nearly 2km below the ocean surface, mak... -
Incompetent vet gives pet Jack Russell lethal injection by mistake. I hope he is... -
Happy Canada Day! A view of Canada under the clouds seen from the International... -
Find out where the Station is and enjoy the same views as the astronauts by visi... -
Astronomers using ESA’s Herschel space observatory to probe the turbulent beginn... -
Cosmonauts G. Padalka and M. Korniyenko train for Expedition 43/44. Image credit... -
As part of the Program for ISS-43/44 Expedition preparation, the specialists fro... -
Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2: It was the sound suppression water system that fa... -
Today's Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 launch has been scrubbed, due to "a waterf... -
Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 is on external power (live); credit NASA TV -
Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 on launch pad (live); credit: NASA TV -
Climate change is likely to cut Antarctica's 600,000-strong emperor penguin popu... -
The Cassini spacecraft mission celebrates 10 years of exploring Saturn on July 1... -
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