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Jaclyn aka spamgirl

Jaclyn aka spamgirl

for some of us, librarian is an identity, not just a profession
At Taiga panel and can play Spot the Non-white person. (1 of my least favorite games). Haven't noticed at rest of conference. Sigh. #erl14
Educating on the sly - students want to learn how to be published, won't show for OA events. #erl14
At Taiga panel. Basically here to see what provocative thing @mchris4duke will say ;). #erl14
Educating grad students about OA. Excited given our campus' recent talks about OA. #erl14
Sick baby = Austin trip in flux. (I'll still be there to present, but the rest of the fam is iffy). Le sigh.
Unlike! I hope you see a remarkable turnaround soon. - Jen
What? No! Unpossible! *sends healing vibes* - Marie
Oh no! Sending good healthy/get well thoughts! - Galadriel C. from Android
Today I've (1) commented on a blog post and (2) replied on a listserv. Most of you probably do this a lot, but I find it scary as hell. :/
Friendfeed doesn't count. You people are nice. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Go you! - laura x
2 of us spent hr helping Univ Lib come up w/talking pts for mtg w/deans about OA. Good thing we'd just prepped OA recommendations! #goteam
I SAW MARIE! Also, I will see her present tomorrow. You should all be jealous. #scelcapalooza
Whenever Mr.H watches the Katy Perry & Elmo video, he shouts "Mommy!" at her. (Note: I look nothing like her.) #SaturdayFF
Heard my first example of student saying "#hashtag" out in the wild. About dropped my phone. #old
It's so irritating when people say it. In Target a couple of months ago, a lady said, "hashtag el oh el" & I wanted to throat punch her for humanity's sake. - Anika
I've apparently gotten too old for snow sports. I just keep yelling at the kids to pull up their pants. And the white dude with dreads? GTFO
I highly recommend fresh squeezed grapefruits for the Derby that ends your weekend. #bringitMonday
Work with me and @Svelteassassin in sunny SoCal!
OK, now that winners have been announced, the # of applicants to ER&L scholarship who said their school has 0 ER classes is depressing. How can ER not even rate a special topic? Maybe they were too narrow (serials, UX, digital might overlap but not be called ER) but still.
I'm going to suspect some student ignorance there. A great many of our students, if asked that question with a term *other than* ER would not realize that we have that class (it happens to be called "E-Resource Management" here). - RepoRat
Like, if you asked our students if we teach data curation, or research-data management? A lot would say no because we don't have a course with that exact title. They would be wrong, but there you go. - RepoRat
I think it's got a lot to do with the specialties of the faculty combined with that overlap you mention. My libschool had a collection management class that touched on e-resources from that perspective, and there's currently a "digital collections" course that looks like it would have some academic-lib-type stuff but is mostly more on the archival and creating end of the scale. Oh, and... more... - Kirsten
Maybe they need to talk to their advisors (says the person who never had one)? I mean, one would hope that if these students are applying they actually have some interest in ER, and would have sought it out if it existed. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Oh, definitely. Standard advising practice where I am: "what are you interested in?" (*every time*, because answers change) followed by "okay, consider taking X, Y, and Z." - RepoRat
RR, you make me wish I'd had you as an advisor. (Or at the very least someone who wasn't on sabbatical my entire time in school :P) - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
bzuh? they didn't reassign you? I had four extra advisees last fall because of somebody else's sabbatical. - RepoRat
Nope, and I was so depressed and culture shocked I didn't think to ask. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
ScienceDirect appears to be down. Le sigh.
Working for me. Tempo glitch? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Our access was down an hour ago (complete with place-holder message) and is now back. - Kirsten
Did you buy your ER&L flights yet? I forgot, and prices went waaaaay up. Boo.
I did buy my flights, but I still have to get my hotel room. I stayed in a cheap Days Inn last year. I might do the same to save a little coin. - Joe - Systems Analyst
drag, i havent gotten mine yet. :( - Marie
Yes - got my ticket confirmation in early December. Maybe now is the time they go up before they go down again? - Galadriel C.
Boys and I were talking about getting a dog. Decided a Great Dane & Scottish terrier mix would be a Great Scott
It must be named Krypto. - Spidra Webster
Wait, all of the fun of writing an RFP, plus a geographically challenged committee? Why did I do this again? (Oh right, actually I love it).
Are we the only ones for whom off campus LexisNexis is borked? They gave me a ticket number, so I assume no, but I'd love to talk to someone for whom it works...
Ours was down this morning, but is now back. Shiny new interface and all. - Jen
ours has the shiny new interface as well, it seemed to have a few problems behaving when i checked earlier, but was still mostly working - Sir Shuping is just sir
They were having a problem with WAM proxy but it got fixed today. - JffKrlsn from Android
it's ok at my off-campus home. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We seem to be still linking to the old one, though the new url works already. Side effect seems to be our openurl linking from Summon to lexisnexis is now broken. The iframe seems to be the issue. - aaron
uh oh, that reminds me I haven't checked our EDS links yet. - JffKrlsn from Android
Authors: Don't follow me bc I'm a librarian, I don't buy books. Now if you're selling journals & databases...still don't wanna talk. Sorry.
Hey you guys! I found a use for the internet: identifying mysterious chocolate truffles. Just avoided eating a pineapple one!
I'd eat that one. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Three holiday parties and a meteor shower. There are worse days.
Last year's holiday cards went to 11 states and 5 countries (not counting mine). This year 19 states & 6 countries.
Why did none of you tell me about global forever stamps?!
do what?? what are those?? - Sir Shuping is just sir
They are truly an awesome thing. - Corinne L
1 price, any country, letters up to an ounce, good forever. What's not to love? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Wait, wait. Fire weather watch? Freezing overnight lows to 79 degrees in a week?
Sure. St Louis swings like that every fall and spring - occasionally in February. Dec and Jan top out in the 60s. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
When you get questions about whether or not a particular OA journal is credible, what do you normally use as criteria? I've had a couple of these recently and want to make sure I'm not missing something.
The same things I use to determine if any journal is credible. Editorial policies, peer review process, historical utility of content, etc. - Jenica
Is the publisher a member of to start. Some may argue that not all on oaspa have very high standards. - Joe - Systems Analyst
DOAJ, who seems to be publishing it? What can't I find? (e.g. name of editor, publisher, etc) How many "specially themed" issues seem to have already come out. - Hedgehog
Superficials first: Does the website look like I designed it in 1995? Is it titled "The Large Region's Journal of Gigantically Broad Field"? Then: Does it actually have any content? Do the articles contain reasonable spelling, grammar, and references? Does it actually list its editors, and do they look like they're representative of the Field in the Region? --These questions alone weed out a frightening amount of rubbish. - Deborah Fitchett
One nice thing about OA journals is that you can look at the contents. Unless it's a brand new journal and you're thinking of contributing to it inaugural isse, it's pretty easy to see if it's any good or is dodgy. Unless you're an undergrad looking to quote something that you don't really understand. That's another kind of "is this credible" set of questions. - barbara fister
Perverse Paywalls? - maʀtha
If I'm unsure after looking at the above, I have a look for the websites/CVs of editors and editorial board members and see if they list the journal. Missing a few is fine, but if hardly anyone has it up, that's a red flag. Also, is there an author fee (fine if there is), and how easy is it to find on the website (not good if you have to hunt all over the place to figure out if there is one or how much). - Rebecca Hedreen
Sent a link to an article from PLoS One to husband. Him: Is that a legit publisher? Me: <3 <3 (Education begins at home, amirite?)
Geez. Given that about every third scientific-breakthrough story in our paper (which has a first-rate science reporter) these days comes from PLOS One, I'd hope so. - Walt Crawford
My need to be comprehensive in lit review is conflicting with not wanting to go into stacks. *wah* #librarianproblems
Dear library vendors: If your pdfs consistently don't load metadata in @zotero I will use other vendors if at all possible. Play nice.
Waaaaait, I have to use vi today? *cries*
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