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RT @NarniaFans: Wow. We're at 24,999 followers. Quick, everyone retweet this, and maybe we can hit 50,000. (We can dream, right?)
RT @CelebrationCnma: People say they're @Marvel fans, but they leave during the credits. #AReasonWhyIHaveTrustIssues
RT @MattGoldberg: Want to see @BradBirdA113's classic THE IRON GIANT get a great Blu-ray? Ask @WBHomeEnt.
RT @BradBirdA113: “@SeriousBug: Any idea when we'll see The Iron Giant on Blu-ray?” WB & I have been talking. But they want a bare bones disc. I want better.
I don't think there are any apps that are nicer in iOS or Android at this point. If there are, it's the developer's fault.
Name three apps that are nicer in iOS than Android, if you've used them in both. I have yet to find even one.
"No plot" can mean many things. But when a movie has a story, the only way is if it has plot points.
Don't understand when people say a movie has "no plot." Is that short for "I didn't understand the plot of the movie?" or "Not a good plot."
RT @johnserba: @LuminousSpecter Sorry, the Dinobots can't save you now.
Any #Nurses out there want to help us get @NursesCafe started? Sign up at and create topics or reply! Tell friends!
RT @AnimeExBurst: Sorry, Star Trek 3, but I'm more hyped for Star Wars VII right now.
RT @SweetPaulMedia: Marvel may buckle and move Captain America 3 out of Superman's way. I'm guessing Cap 3 will have an April 2016 release date.
RT @elmayimbe: Disney Mad Scared To Put 'Captain America 3' Against 'Batman Vs Superman' - via @latinoreview
RT @forestry: Artist Spotlight: Future of Forestry - The Music Bed Community - Music Licensing:
RT @GBNewsdotcom: Behind the scenes of Ghostbusters 2.
RT @LindaHudsonMN: @ectocontainment @staypuft I wish they still had their Ghostbuster 'show' at #UniversalStudios Florida
RT @johnserba: Listed notable cast members of the new X-Men movie for this piece and my word count exploded.
See @Disneynature's #Bears this weekend! Amazing visuals and a great story.
Mythica: A Quest for Heroes - starring Kevin Sorbo by Arrowstorm Entertainment via @kickstarter
RT @SweetPaulMedia: What is happening here? That's a perfectly good lawn!
RT @SweetPaulMedia: See @Disneynature's #Bears this weekend. It's narrated by @John_C_Reilly. He does a great job of bringing the right amount of levity to it.
RT @SuperheroReport: Holy crap they actually found Captain America.
RT @GBNewsdotcom: Retweet if you'd like to see Hi-C Ecto Cooler come back!
#FF For cute and adorable animal stories and pictures, be sure to follow @FuzzyToday
Photo: Man of Steel 2 to feature Batman, Wonder Woman in Costume
Man of Steel 2 to feature Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in Costume For the first time in the history of the...
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