Interstellar could cure Insomnia for some people, and it was just a little bit better than that movie.
Movies this year that are better than Interstellar: Cap 2, Guardians, Big Hero 6, Dragons 2 and yes, even TMNT and Transformers 4.
I can't believe I am saying this, but even though Interstellar was very well made, nearly everything else I have seen this year was better.
RT @NintendoAmerica: Check out the new amiibo you can add to your collection in Feb. 2015!
RT @NintendoAmerica: Check out the new amiibo you can add to your collection in Feb. 2015!
RT @theforcenet: We knew #StarWarsVIII would shoot at Pinewood Studios, but now we know the first standalone film will too:
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
RT @starwars: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has completed principal photography. #StarWarsVII #TheForceAwakens
"Watch the cast and director of 'Ghostbusters' reunite on 'Today' for 30th anniversary" via @EW
RT @RobertDowneyJr: Girl Joy!! Avri Roel Downey, 7lbs, 20 in., 3:22 a.m. 11-4-14... Pretty like mama, and dimples like my uncle Jim!
After Super 8 came out, I wanted more movies like it, Goonies, E.T., Etc. Earth to Echo fits that mold nicely. More adventures please!
English Translation of the Final Relatio of the Synod on the Family; Does the title alone have your mouth watering already? If so, just wait until
Stir up some sweet and tangy homemade maple barbecue sauce via @mlive
Ghostbusters 3 to be All Female Team, Directed by Paul Feig, and a Reboot -
Watch as a boy makes major strides with his speech disorder. (via @Upworthy)
RT @SweetPaulMedia: Marvel's Legendary Star Lord anti-bullying cover.
Hey @htc, need a new phone. Should I get the One (M8) or should I wait for your October announcement? I'm on @sprint
When did rolling the ends of your pant legs come back in style?
RT @johnDiBiase: Few things warm the heart more than hearing your son walking around doing a Soundwave impression #transformers
Whenever I watch this scene of the last goodbye between Magorium and Mahoney, I wonder why people could ever hate this movie.
#ThingsIAmThankfulFor Random Twitter Friends. We may not agree all the time, but we do agree enough.
#MoviesThatDefineMe Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
#MoviesThatDefineMe The Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Mr. Magorium, The Muppets, Star Wars #MoviesThatMakeMeHappy
Want to learn more about me? Watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
Attention you Sweaty Nerds, #TDOSLWH brings you the all new all different extended 2nd #SupermanLives Doc Trailer!!!
Go see @thegivermovie. You'll feel rejuvenated! I loved it.
Go see #TheGiver. Well worth your time. @thegivermovie is well constructed and incredibly moving. Expectations exceeded in the right ways.
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