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The invasion started slowly...with's begun hitting #TBT... soon it'll hit #YOLO... the invasion of our parents!
Guys, @AMC_TV has been showing #TheKarateKid all day to celebrate the start of #SDCC2014! Hope they do this every year for #SDCC! ;-)
First saw The Karate Kid on VHS, with a VCR we borrowed from the neighbors. @amc_tv #throwbackthursday #TheKarateKid
Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Problem with that stat is, how many phones are $400 or more with a smaller display than 5 inches.
In May, 98% of Android smartphones that sold globally at the equivalent of $400 or above featured a display greater than 5 inches.
RT @benfritz: Disney finally redates "Pirates of the Caribbean 5," now for July 7, 2017 (was July '15)
Boycotting zoos is not a solution or even reasonable. Zoos are the only reason that many species still exist in the wild.
Still mad that Affleck is Batman? Still laughing at DC and cheering Marvel on? Marvel just made Thor a woman.
Will people stop misspelling Rogue as Rouge? They're not the same word and have very different meanings. :-)
RT @bad_robot: RT for a chance to win the latest from the Bad Robot Workshop! Plus @theory11 winner & last week’s winners announced!
RT @bad_robot: RT for a chance to win the latest from the Bad Robot Workshop! Plus @theory11 winner & last week’s winners announced!
RT @SuperheroMNews: SMN is officially one year old since re-launching the website last July! Special thanks to all our avid followers...
GHOSTBUSTERS - 30th Anniversary Celebration: via @YouTube
GHOSTBUSTERS - 30th Anniversary Celebration: via @YouTube
Is it just me, or is AMC's Ghostbusters 2 video and audio off from each other a fraction of a second? #Ghostbusters @AMC_TV
Get home from Muskegon, and see the end of Ghostbusters on tv... and now Ghostbusters 2 is starting. Awesome.
Remember #Ed? It Starred @CavanaghTom, @itsJulieBowen and even had @JimGaffigan for a few episodes! Like Ed here:
RT @AWBrawler: Yet Wii U which has the most exclusives is the one mocked by gamers trying to seem cool.
RT @wwmtnews: CPR certification is available online, at home, using a SUMO training kit.
RT @elmayimbe: When films can look or sound like anything, director Christopher Nolan says, extraordinary work will emerge. via @WSJ
I just pledged on Burlap to Cashmere: The New Record @PledgeMusic #acoustic
RT @Jake_Lester: People really will complain about anything wont they? "Why is Superman sad" Looks just as happy as most of these guys
RT @nickandmore: RIP Bob Hastings - AKA Commissioner Jim Gordon in Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, etc.
RT @staypuft: Cats and dogs living together. MASS HYSTERIA. RT @nbcnews CAUGHT ON CAM: Lightning bolt strikes ground in NYC
Guys, @CelebrationCnma treats customers very well. Every problem I have had (not many since they opened many years ago) has been solved.
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