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Christian Fea
12 Eye catching Top Brand websites to boost your creative approach. Awesome!
Sasha Kovaliov
Brent -  Yes I am
Come as you are: My desktop - I keep telling you guys I am a nonconformist but for some reason you don't believe me.
desktop_2009 , 8_29_06 PM.jpg
Love this gorgeous image of all the Twitter tools: (We review most of em here:
yes this is most helpful for context or twontext - Thomas Power
Aaron Wagner
I think there should be an "Unfollow Monday." There are lots of spammers out there.
Maria Reyes-McDavis
Love this, @crowdspring, important info to make sure you're actually getting return on social media.
"It's amazing who we can be if we are willing to drop the story of who we think we should be." - Steve Chandler (via
Thanks Sabina - nice to meet you! - Spencer Parikh
We are already connected on FB :) - Sabina
Confuse the heck out of people by using the Wordpress ‘GMail’ Theme for your blog -
Confuse the heck out of people by using the Wordpress ‘GMail’ Theme 	for your blog
Brilliant! Now if there was a tumblr theme... - jho
it's surprisingly well done you know... - Zee.
GG, will try it for kicks. - Zu from AOD
i might set it up for my gf tomorrow and seriously confuse her - Zee.
Lets just give this a try for a few days guys before we all complain to hell about it...
AGREED! - Shey
I don't think I'm going to last a few days. - Dawn
LOL! - Bwana ☠
Are you kidding me? We like to complain with the same celerity with which the UI auto-updates. - Akiva
nope. complaining ;) - Erin @queenofspain
yup, still trying to get a hang of it. - Gerald Neo
I'll have a seizure by the time a few days are over :) - Frederic
If this were Facebook there'd be about 2000 groups saying "BRING BACK THE OLD UI" haha. I love the new UI, personally. - Eric Florenzano
It definitely takes some getting used to. - Evan Brown
lol Frederic... - Zee.
A bit too hyped, but I like this new UI - nouhad
huge learning curve...and not just the realtime updates either - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
A beta is to get comments. So people are commenting. - Todd Hoff
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