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Super stressed out at the moment. Trying so hard to not let this get to me, but it is. Ongoing issue that I can't seem to ever resolve 😔
Lego Movie was AWESOME.
Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team! - Jonathan Disher
Flat tyre on @audi. Tool kit missing vital piece. Consequently car needs to be towed. It's school holidays. Sweet baby cheeses. #wineneeded
My afternoon went pear shaped.
You will be very missed in our house #byecharlie @theprojecttv #tears 😭
So, yesterday I accidentally on purpose bought an Audi R8 ....
Decided I might be over being an ebay seller before I even really began. Must be another way to sell my excess stuffs.
Dishing up dinner on my fave plates #totesawse 💀
Ah, school holidays. We've been home for 48 minutes and it's already WW3.
Fucking rainbow looms.
SLEPT IN!!!!!!!! 😁😭😩
Those bills I have due today are just an April Fools joke, right? Right????
My life is kinda two steps forward, three steps back at the moment. #justkeepswimming Penn, you'll get there …
Can't concentrate.
Texting my friend. She ends with "see you next week". Code for stop fucking texting me or what? #waytofeelloved
Coulda been worse, could have been "C u next Tuesday"? - Melly
What's that saying that goes something like "Stars can't shine without darkness"? Or is that, in fact, the quote....?
Vegemite, egg and tomato on whole meal toast makes the BEST breakfast #trustme #tryityoumightlikeit #yogabbagabbasongstuckinmyheadnow
It is 7000 degrees in this building #dressedforwinter
Damn. I hate it when people change their twitter handles and then I can't remember what the new one is and then I can't find them.
Had to turn on the heater. For fucks sake.
It's a rock tee Monday 😝
Kept awake a LOT last night by stupid dog barking at stupid foxes. Today is going to be hard 😩 Also: Monday.
Saturday morning #nomakeupselfie ... I don't wear foundation anyway, so that part was easy, but I'm…
Just had the hottest shower ever. Consequently my skin is now bright red.
Saturday morning. I'm lying in bed generally being lazy. Can hear the Ferals fighting downstairs. Think I'll stay here.
If they follow my footsteps @Maab, I may never let them out of my sight. which means I won't sleep for the next decade or so....
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