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Damn sexy voices.
Totally #teamleo .... Ever since the airport ❤️ @pattybrammall #Offspring
I have a visitor in my front yard. Two of them actually. Eating their breakfast amongst my vines ☺️
Fucking Candy Crush.
Frustrated because I can remember the dream I had last night in vivid detail, except I can't remember who the other main character was!
This is what happened when Jabba fell into the Rancor Pit
Melbourne Star ⭐️
We're watching a movie. Me: He's gonna die. Hubby: They're all gonna die, it's called LONE Survivor". #goodpoint
Anyway, I've taken a lot of panadol and nurofen today. My head is fuzzy. Probably should log off. Or go do some online shopping.
Because I'd feel that.
How could you forget you had a sex toy up your clacker? For ten years... ??
Clacker. *flatlines* - Anika
Bought myself a present today 😝
Ground is covered in ice and I have to go and take kids to school. Wish we could be on holidays for a bit longer. Preferably back in Darwin.
Ate too much lunch.
Three weeks of work to do today. Joy.
I just completed work on the single most stressful work day of my year. And I did it sick as a dog. Glad EOFY only happens once a year 😱
Mind you, had a crazy good dream that was no doubt a by product of my stuffy head.
Totally sick 😩 #damncold
Rainbow. South of Charlton, north of Woosang. I had to write that. Woosang. #cantmakethisshitup
Standley Chasm, West MacDonnell Ranges, NT #loveNT
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