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Why did I have to be on the Blue team? I hate wearing blue. Why can't I be on black?? #sookielala #netball
It has got very hot this arvo. Playing netball tonight will be soooo much fun* *Note sarcasm 😡
Where did the day go? Anyone? Bueller? #notenoughhours
Is no one listening to the Austereo Network?? Taylor Swift playing with the news at the same time ...
I had a dream last night that I met Jensen Ackles and I got a walk on role in Supernatural #awesome
Just called a business in QLD.... Then realised they are an HOUR BEHIND us now due to daylight savings. Sorry Mr Pool Man 😁
The @RollingStones have cancelled their Hanging Rock concert again! Lots of devastated people in our community at the moment :(
38 minutes on hold @telstra. And I have to hang up now to take my kids to school. Thanks for nothing.
They said it would be a 16 minute wait on hold. They're 11 minutes over that so far.
27 minutes on hold @Telstra ...
I reckon they're all just getting coffee.
Had to call @Telstra ... Rang at 8am (when call centre opened), on hold for 18 minutes so far. Does everyone call first thing??
After avoiding the hideous virus that has infected my offspring one by one since October 1st, I have now contracted the bloody thing.
Had a beautiful afternoon with my Granny celebrating her 92nd birthday 💐 I'm so lucky to have her in my life ☺️
RT @Lorena_C: I recently spoke to @abcopen_vic about my work and fairy tales. Video and article here: @abcopen #fairytales
Just went for a bike ride. Still hate it. Prefer running any day.
Not everything is always as it seems.
RT @BgoAddy: Love on a daily basis, seek outside help and remind others they are worthy, says @LifelineAust #Bendigo CEO
I have what I hope is a simple tech question .... Help please??? Ping @stufromoz maybe you could help me pretty please?? 😊
Still bawl my eyes out at Titanic. And still get super frustrated that Jack doesn't get on the fricken bit of wood.
Still bawl my eyes out at Titanic. And still get super frustrated that Jack doesn't get on the fricken but of wood.
Watching Titanic in 3D ... I wonder if it ends the same ...............
I had a dream last night that a crocodile swam past me, got out of the water, turned into a T-Rex and started eating a chicken #meaning ??
Fabulous morning ☀️❤️☀️☺️❤️
BEST SHOW EVER. #offspring ❤️❤️❤️
if I sold everything I own, maybe I could afford to produce one more episode of #offspring #justonemore #lovethisshow
I don't want it to ever end ❤️ #offspring .... EVER 😭
Getting Mr10 to work on an illustration for my next tattoo.
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