The new do
Photo 216.jpg
I wondered if that was a good oh my or not! Thanks Pea - Penny
HAWT - AJ Batac
Very nice! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
perrrrrrty - sofarsoShawn
Thank you .. thank you. I hope I made the right decision. You're all making me feel better about it .. - Penny
In his bunk --> - Johnny from iPhone
Love it!!! The cut is great and the color too!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Thank you! :) - Penny from iPhone
You look fantastic, Penny! - Jenny
do like ... ba dum dum tsshhh (srsly though - looks great) - Scott. Cat Herder.
looks great! - Marissa
Very nice! - Anne Bouey
Thanks everyone :) Appreciate the compliments! x - Penny
Looks good on you! - Jeff P. Henderson
*bump* - felicious from FFHound!
BLOW ME ONE LAST KISS FF 2015. (This is me, right now, a little drunk ... yes ... but nonetheless blowing a kiss to all the wonderful peeps on FF and wishing you all a fabulous 2010! Thank you for the fun and friendship you have shown me over the last year. I love you all!)
Photo 1416.jpg
Happy New Year! - Alix May
A little drunk?... How you doin'! (Happy New Year) - Johnny from iPhone
I'm getting a lot more drunk :) - Penny
It looks like a still of some 30s flick complete with screen goddess :) - Michael W. May
MWM ... <3 ... thank you .. happy new year to you. I'm glad we crossed paths this year :) Hope 2010 is an excellent one for you x - Penny
*hugs* :) A happy new year and beyond to you and your family, Penny. - Michael W. May
Happy New Year ! - Nir Ben Yona
Happy New Year, Penny! :-) Not long now down there. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Happy New Year, Penny! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Happy New Year Penny! - Mo Kargas
Aw, a Happy New Year kiss for FF ... could now also be the "Blow Me One Last Kiss" post :) - Penny
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
<3 - Alix May
Muah! Kisses & Hugs, Pretty Penny! <3 - AHnix (Anna Haro)
So many hugs and kisses back to you too A <3 - Penny
*swoon* - El Conejo Viejo from Android
I aim to please - a tiara on my head for Master Barry :)
Photo 1457.jpg
Penny wins the Internets today - MoTO Boychick Devil
OMG I've never won the Internets before!!! Wait, wait, let me put on my tiara!! :P - Penny
*flings bouquet* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Should I bat my eyelids now? - Penny
coyly, very coyly - MoTO Boychick Devil
Beautiful! - LB needs a vacation
*bow* - Mo Kargas
anytime Mo-Bot gives sway to mere meatlings, it is a day for the ages - MoTO Boychick Devil
Ah Mo, he's not the scary overlord he claims to be ... I just want to go 'coochie coochie coo' and pinch his cheeks. He's so cute :D - Penny
^_^ .. WAIT WHAT?! - Mo Kargas
:D You heard me. - Penny
The things I'd do for MoTO :) - Penny
As one does - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Princess Penny - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Comparison: Brunette or Blonde (ignore adorable babby and do not let her sway you)
Photo 1411.jpg
Photo 226.jpg
Babby picture wins! - Bruce Lewis
Definitely brunette. - Anika
Brunette but you rock both. - Kisha
*wonders if Mo is using his powers to sway the peeps* ... - Penny
brunette with high lights? - Heather
I would like to state definitively that the threat of robot lasers in no way affected my opinion, and I have never been coerced by Mo in any manner, shape or form. - Bruce Lewis
Heather - I was considering that ... Bruce - maybe the lasers didn't sway you but clearly the totally adorable babby did!! (I'm not surprised) - Penny
Brunette! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Brunette - Scott. Cat Herder.
Yes. :) - El Conejo Viejo
Overwhelming votes for brunette. It *is* much easier to maintain ... - Penny
Brunette, but you look good either way. - John (bird whisperer)
Brunette. I am completely missing the part where Mo expressed his opinion in any way I could perceive consciously. And I am chilly, so no lasers could be involved. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Eh, what did I tell ya. Booyah! - Mo Kargas
Brunnette - Cardeen Risen
Brunette - ovigia
OMG. All the feels. Baby Sophie and me looking so much younger! And with long hair :( - Penny
!!! - Bren
Here ya go, Bren :D
Photo 140.jpg
I like your whussup pose better :D - Penny
yeah, but I was right. you look MUCH better ;) rawr - Bren
Excellent hat :D - Hookuh Tinypants
*blush* Bren :) - Penny
:) - Bren
Finally. Was looking for this! I remember this being in response to a Hat pic from Bren. One of my first goes at trying to interact on FF :) - Penny
:D - Bren from iPhone
I'm going straight to hell :P
........................................................ :D - Johnny from IM
If this is who is in charge of Hell, I'm cutting to the front of the line. :P - Christian (Simply X)
Good thing I invested in that condo overlooking the Lake of Fire. - El Conejo Viejo
................................................................ :D - Mattb4rd
I'd love to be in charge of hell. Think of all the stories you'd hear from the sinners :D Also, I'm still wearing these at work ... my customers are giving me funny looks ... I love it!!! :D - Penny
Where's the pitchfork! - Mo Kargas
D'oh no pitchfork! Tomorrow I have a 'fallen angel' costume to wear :D - Penny
And with gloves. HAI Johnny - Penny
*gulp* - Mo Kargas
I crack myself up. This was so hard to do without laughing :P - Penny
*Falls down DEAD* - Johnny
*picks himself up*... *falls down again*... good lord... - Johnny
I so do need a pitchfork .... - Penny
........................................................................................................ yes... - Johnny
Been thinking ... a riding crop would go well with this. - Penny
Stop it... :D - Johnny
Can't ... I'm on a role now. Obviously this also needs knee high boots :P - Penny
... Fine... Pics or it didn't happen.. - Johnny
I wish I had red knee high boots now. Then my life would be complete. - Penny
Yes... - Johnny
What about a tail? - Johnny
ooooo a tail sounds excellent! Also am checking out knee high boots on ebay... $42 bucks may be a worthwhile investment for a crappy pair of heels to complete my look! LOL - Penny
:D - Johnny
Is a red leather cape too much? - Johnny
Hmmm ... it might be overkill. Still, if I had one, I'd try it. I'm up for anything (as you may have noticed LOL) - Penny
Yes, I had... :D - Johnny
I want horns. :( - Wirehead
wow. - mjc
Apparently, I left this conversation WAY too early. - El Conejo Viejo
Hehehe ... I loved this headband so much ... and this was an hilarious thread. - Penny - Bren from iPhone
HORNY PENNY ;P - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Hahahaha Anna! Yes, indeed!! - Penny
Finally, after days of trying, it appears that I can post here again. I know I've been absent for a long long time, but I have some very awesome memories of the times I did spend here. Tonight, I have spent hours trawling back through my posts saving bits and pieces... Thanks for all the awesome memories :)
Hi, Penny! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Hiya! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hello Beautiful people :) It's been a while!! - Penny
Why did I have to be on the Blue team? I hate wearing blue. Why can't I be on black?? #sookielala #netball
It has got very hot this arvo. Playing netball tonight will be soooo much fun* *Note sarcasm 😡
Where did the day go? Anyone? Bueller? #notenoughhours
Is no one listening to the Austereo Network?? Taylor Swift playing with the news at the same time ...
I had a dream last night that I met Jensen Ackles and I got a walk on role in Supernatural #awesome
Just called a business in QLD.... Then realised they are an HOUR BEHIND us now due to daylight savings. Sorry Mr Pool Man 😁
The @RollingStones have cancelled their Hanging Rock concert again! Lots of devastated people in our community at the moment :(
38 minutes on hold @telstra. And I have to hang up now to take my kids to school. Thanks for nothing.
They said it would be a 16 minute wait on hold. They're 11 minutes over that so far.
27 minutes on hold @Telstra ...
I reckon they're all just getting coffee.
Had to call @Telstra ... Rang at 8am (when call centre opened), on hold for 18 minutes so far. Does everyone call first thing??
After avoiding the hideous virus that has infected my offspring one by one since October 1st, I have now contracted the bloody thing.
Had a beautiful afternoon with my Granny celebrating her 92nd birthday 💐 I'm so lucky to have her in my life ☺️
RT @Lorena_C: I recently spoke to @abcopen_vic about my work and fairy tales. Video and article here: @abcopen #fairytales
Just went for a bike ride. Still hate it. Prefer running any day.
Not everything is always as it seems.
RT @BgoAddy: Love on a daily basis, seek outside help and remind others they are worthy, says @LifelineAust #Bendigo CEO
I have what I hope is a simple tech question .... Help please??? Ping @stufromoz maybe you could help me pretty please?? 😊
Still bawl my eyes out at Titanic. And still get super frustrated that Jack doesn't get on the fricken bit of wood.
Still bawl my eyes out at Titanic. And still get super frustrated that Jack doesn't get on the fricken but of wood.
Watching Titanic in 3D ... I wonder if it ends the same ...............
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