Eric Rice
I just went to and played with Adobe's online office suite. Holy crap. That ConnectNow is the greatest thing I've ever seen.
will have a look too now!...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
agreed, I like it alot... whiteboard and all! woo hoo! I am seriously thinking of using this for managing my virtual teams and for collaborating on project management documentation. still too early to tell... but I like the rich feature set and the UIX is sweet! - Susan Beebe
I just used this quote on my blog at - Robert Scoble
I created some screenshots here --> - Susan Beebe
Disclaimer: I'm a huge Adobe fanboy since I first started using Photoshop in 1991. (Bonus: Anyone else a veteran user of Macromind products? ;) - Eric Rice
I'd no idea they did an office suite! Personally I like Zoho - john conroy
Eric: I won a prize for reporting the most bugs in Acrobat 1.0 (they gave me a $1400 laser printer back in 1995). I love that team and am glad to see they are doing great things. - Robert Scoble
Hey Eric, Scoble's got your cool post on his blog!! very cool indeed! I am really liking Adobe's new!! :-) - Susan Beebe
macromind? pwned by ur question. Looking forward to this adobe suite. Long time adobe fan-glad they're finally making some strides in the cloud. - Mark Forman
do you need acrobat 9 to use all the features?...via feedalizr - Dieter Schwarz
Dieter: No, it's flash-based (flex?flash?)... I read something Adobe AIR version as well, but I'm dealing with a drooling problem right now. ;) - Eric Rice
Mark: hehe the stories I could tell you about Marc Canter in 1991 would probably, well, be the same as the stories I could tell today hehe. - Eric Rice
I think this is build on Flex (Pods, etc.) - Susan Beebe
Robert: Did you ever get into tug-of-war battles with those huge rolls of printer cellophane for dye-sublimation printers? That stuff was stronger than titanium, I swear. - Eric Rice
I remember that stuff. Woz had one of those printers. Cost $40,000. Now a $50 printer does a better job. - Robert Scoble
I'm really impressed! - Guillaume
I don;t see much that connect gives me that SharedView doesn't. Any help? - Soulhuntre from twhirl
Glad you like it Eric! I think it's one of the cooler products we have. - Ryan Stewart
You can even remote control a user's desktop. That's just amazing! - Alexander Marktl
Buzzword is very pretty, and I'm impressed with ConnectNow. Nice product. - Daniel Andrlik
It all sounds great, can't wait to try it out - Shey