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Mona Nomura
You guys, this image is SO huge! HAHA - Mona Nomura
Lol - Farzad
Ignore! :D - MissSaghar
ترابلشوتینگ: to solve your problem you must shut down your computer and fuck yourself immedately! - M∂hmood
رافائل هنگ کرد! :)))))))))))))) - M∂hmood
Like for saghar :D viva MicroSoft :D :D - Farzad
This is one of my new favorites. - Kevin Bondelli
i wonder what mona is like at a flea market - she probably finds the rare gems! - Allen Stern
Too bad there isn't a StumbleUpon for flea markets. - Kevin Bondelli
Allen: Will work for free food! ;) - Mona Nomura
I want to randomly deploy this into a piece of software as an easter egg. - Kevin Bondelli
aaaahhhh, windows.... hahahahha - Melissa Janine
I made a Mac error pop-up to keep this one company. - Kevin Bondelli
This *still* makes me laugh out loud lollll!! - Mona Nomura
wow september? nice to see this again hehe - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
As Carlos said, I am "crate digging" . . . my feed used to be so visual. I am finding ALL sorts of posts. - Mona Nomura from IM
Oh shit that's funny! - BEX
just laughed at this one again :) - (jeff)isageek
Hehehe - Jonathan Hardesty from fftogo
Fly, little butterfly, Fly! - Martha
oh this must be at least thirty-seven years old. but still funny! - Kirill Bolgarov
It can't be THAT old; it's done in XP look-and-feel... - Karl Knechtel
nice! I've never seen this one before. - Phil Maxwell
- the f word - Monique
Karl, that was a joke - Kirill Bolgarov
XA x333 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Classy. \p/ - Zu from AOD
Had me LOL ... Literally. - Charlie Anzman
:D:D - Nucro
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
hahaha - Marissa
oh damn I liked it already - Victory through semantics
Where in the Sam Hill did this come from?! LOL - Mona Nomura
It's all about the butterflies - Jesse Stay looks pretty slick these days. The butterfly has shapelier wings. - Vezquex
Still funny. - Amit Morson
Thomas Hawk
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr -
My 16,000th Photo Uploaded to Flickr
16,000 down, 984,000 to go. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Not long to go! - Andrew Trinh
And what a fine one it is! Congrats - Michael Fidler
it'd definitely going to take me a while to get to a million. I'm publishing about 200 photos to flickr a week right now and at this pace it will take 92 years to get there. I'll get the pace up to 400-500 a week in the future though. Better technology should make processing easier and someday my kids will be grown and I'll be able to quit my day job and focus on this even more. The best photos have yet to be taken. - Thomas Hawk
When I think about this I realize your best days are ahead of you. - Russellreno
That is a great photo - Darin aka iGoByDoc
What's your shot/publish ratio? I mean, on average how many shots do you take to produce those you publish? - Yuval Atzmon
atzmon, I probably average about 2,000 shots a week that I shoot. And I'm probably processing 300 or so of those a week at present, so I'm probably keeping about 15%. The other 85% never get processed and are kept in my archives. I'm trying only to process and publish the shots that I think meet a certain quality criteria. - Thomas Hawk
Wow and Congrats!! - Vox
Dude, you're a machine. - Zee.
Jauder, the good news is that processing will only get easier in the future. I've watched it get better with each successive Adobe release. Lightroom 2.0 is the best processing tool yet. It's not necessarily faster per se though because with more tools there are yet even more ways to tweak a photo hence even more time. But the tools to speed things up are coming too. auto geotagging, better anti dust tech, faster processing speeds, easier online tools with faster broadband are all around the corner. - Thomas Hawk
16,000 ?? Yikes. Cool number. Congrats. - Charlie Anzman
big numbers don't mean squat - Ivan Pope from twhirl
big numbers means someone (Thomas) is dedicated to his art. He is pretty talented as well! - Michael VanDervort from twhirl
Perseverance furthers. - Michael Markman
This photo is total awesome. It is made even more awesome by the knowledge that there are 15,999 more photos just as awesome as this one. EDIT: This photo is now my desktop background. :) - James Rishabh Mishra
Congrats! - J. McConnell
Awesome!! Keep going Thomas!! beutiful work... YOU are such an inspiration... thanks! - Susan Beebe
congrats Thomas! - Shey
Damn that is all kinds of awesome. - Mattb4rd
Wow, quite an accomplishment! - Jeff P. Henderson
Great job Thomas. Keep it up. - Andrew Smith
Congratulations.. keep going! we'll be watching :) - Juan Pablo González
Congratulations Thomas! - Holger Eilhard
Congrats & cheers TH. Your images confirm, you are, indeed, sui generis. - Dave Martin
Beautiful shot! Congrats for achieving this landmark! - Muhammad Ahmed
Congrats, I even don't think I took so many photos in my life. :) - Ferhad Fidan from fftogo
@thomas: Yahoo should be giving Flickr to you for free. You'd do a great job with it. And it would be historical: the first user-generated (company) acquisition :))) - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Beautiful!!!! - Rafael Montilla
awesome!! - Rhoda Meek
wow from last year, I'm almost at 29,000 photos uploaded to flickr now. - Thomas Hawk
Keep 'em comin' Thomas! - Charlie Anzman
I guess the metier of 'photo editor' is kaput...or, at least, greatly altered.... - Chris Gulker
You know they are going to delete your account without warning once you hit 999,999, right? :) - Ace
Ace, I hope not, I'd be so pissed. Actually I think alot of what gets me so upset about all the content/account deletion issues is that I really do worry that it actually will happen to me. Flickr staff hates me and they'd *love* to delete my account. I worry that I'll wake up one morning and everything will have been nuked. I suppose that's why I'd like to see them enact the ability to... more... - Thomas Hawk
Holyshit! You have taked just couple of photos... - k00pa
Why your flickr page says 28,974 items ? - k00pa
Because this post is from September last year k00pa :) - Simon Wicks
@Chris Gulker. Someday I hope to work with a photo editor. God knows I need to. I like to think of my Flickrstream today more as the raw material in a lot of ways for future projects. A good photo editor adds tremendous value to shaping a photographer's imagery. - Thomas Hawk
I don't even know where my birth certificate is. #stfu #birtherpeoplearecrazy
Ok, well I do, but that's just because I've needed it to prove I exist to the powers-that-be here in Denmark, thus I've practically had it glued to me for a while now. Even still, it's a certified copy, not the original, and about half the size of a regular piece of paper. I imagine the birthers would have a field day with that... - Bette Cooper
Joey, I'm sorry to say, you are really an illegal immigrant from Elbonia. - Wirehead
i keep finding mine when i don't need it - Imabug
I do. Your birth certificate is on file at your state office of public health. You can get a "certified copy" for passport purposes, etc., and your hospital may have given your parents a ceremonial one with footprints and stuff on it, but your real live genuine birth certificate is in a file somewhere, or on microfiche, or scanned into a database. - John Craft
I have my birth certificate... somewhere. - John (bird whisperer)
I dug out the whole family's. They are all 'certificate of live birth' and three of four have no seals. They are official copies. From the 60s to 00s. California. - Eric Rice
What are "birther people"? - Rochelle
Rochelle, they are people who feel that Obama has never proven he was born in America and is a citizen. - Derrick
@rochelle Birthers are the latest tinfoilers who believe that Obama isn't a US citizen. Filed under 'moon landing is fake' and 'holocaust was a hoax'. - Eric Rice
"I scanned it and have a digital back-up as well as the original." - I keep a scan of my Birth Certificate, and my passport, on my phone's SD card. - John Craft
I have a Certificate of Live Birth, just like Obama. - Steve Lowe
Ahh. My parents have mine in their safe. - Rochelle
Mark Krynsky
Come chat with me & others about Lifestreaming, FriendFeed, or Hamburgers right now -
We had a fake Robert Scoble show up. - Mark Krynsky
But a real, Spin, yo. ;) - Eric Rice
Rachel Lea Fox
xkcd - A Webcomic - Sheeple -
xkcd - A Webcomic - Sheeple
"Hey, what are the odds -- five Ayn Rand fans on the same train! Must be going to a convention." - Clare Dibble
I swear there's a term in psychiatry for this specific type of delusion. - Victor Ganata
Solipsism? - Jim Norris
Eh, I guess there's no point in responding, there's nobody else out there to listen. - Jim Norris
LOL. - Victor Ganata
Haha. At some point this said :) So-and-so and 4 other people liked this. - moo. bye.
Would Randoids take public transport in the first place? - Thaths
Francine Hardaway
Blocked @danschawbel after this: cont.please send me your email address after youve become a fan at Excuse me?
Enough about me... what do YOU think of me? - Eric Rice
oops, s/me/my personal brand - Eric Rice
Leo Laporte
Live now, This Week In Tech with Denise Howell, Tom Merritt, Jeff Cannata, and Jason "Maverick" Calacanis. Discuss here...
first - Bruce Segal
There we go - Ken Sheppardson
1k peeps in - Devin Baines
hey - Matthew
Lets do this thing - Jack
Thanks for remembering to ask for this Denise - Chris Heath
Wooo! - Lise
15+ likes already! - Gavin
hola - Mike Bracco
Hold on to your butts - Roberto Bonini
ello ello ello - Jackson Pollock
yahoo - David Ginsburg
HAMMER TIME! - Jason Thompson
"Thats what i like about it" Funny man leoo - Akshay Dodeja
howdy - Denise Howell
Hello all - Dante Repko
heyp - Sebastian
Ello! - Robert
w00t there we go... Looking foward to this show - Chris
Hello - Doug
is this how I comment? - Myles Cloutier
Thanks for reminding Leo of Friendfeed Denise - Matthew
Will you be talking about WWDC? - nick
hello again :) - Zeeshan Virani
Bring back the stoagie - Zane Blandish
hello - jeffoneill
awesome - Aubrey_Ingraham
Lets do dis. - DivemasterDoug
Hello! - John Slanina
Hey Yo! - Roy Pledge
why is this better than irc? - Myles Cloutier
Leo say FU again! - Garrett B. Rhodes
woohoo! - cchiango
Yay Palm Pre! ;) - Rob
Jeff Cannata FTW - Hasan Al Shehabi
OK, this is going to go through the roof on likes and comments... - Ken Sheppardson
for clean embed style chat with comment box at bottom (auto scrolling) - Chris Heath
Excited for yet another amazing episode of twit! - John
here we go - Stephen Collins
first time here - Gus
Ok, let's get this started. - Mister IQ
That was a dumb remark - Gavin
Kick the tires, light the fires - Tim Frasier
this is a lot harder to follow - Theodore Grabow
How is this better than IRC? - Henrik
Leo, you should do Talkshoe for this show - Matthew
on FF for first time in a "coon's age" this thing has gotten all javascripty! - James Britton
Hey hey!! - Randy Cornetta
This is way better than irc - Gavin
This is not difficult!! - MarK
Really cool to see Jeff Cannata on the show today. - Eric Florenzano
screw you! LOL - Alex Jordan
How do I use this?? - Bruce Wagner
@Henrik it's not - BryanSchuetz
Wow...haven't seen comments come in this fast... - Mike Bracco
iPhone Rumors please! - Roy Pledge
Liking, and searching - Gavin
Nice, I love BOL! - Bill Frater
miss dvorak - Alex Jordan
Henrik: It's archived ans searchable, for one thing - Ken Sheppardson
Don't miss the Pirate Party success in the EU election now :) - Ola Johansson
Whoa! My FriendFeed live feed is going crazy! - Mister IQ
@Gavin does anyone really search comment transcripts? - BryanSchuetz
whats the dif between this and chat - David Suro
السلام عليكم - TunisianGuy
Calacanis will do Dvorak impressions for those who miss him. - Kevykev
I am a college student and looking to attend the #140 conference and was wondering if you can please help me out in attending? - nathan
Doug is usually in here - Jackson Pollock
yeah, pretty fast... - Bill Frater
live commenting - David Suro
Already the most entertaining in weeks & the show has just started! - Todd
Nice pre-show - Sergey Petrenko
the FF chat persists - Chris
TRS FTW! - Roy Pledge
hey peoples - Jason Calacanis
hey FFers, how do I make it so that there's always a comment window open for me in this thread? - Lise
FF is sticker than irc chat - Stephen Collins
If you want a clean window, with a comment box stuck open on the bottom, you can click on the timestamp of the entry twice, or just go to - Ken Sheppardson
searchable - Chris Heath
ITs as crazy as a chat line. :) - RALPH
Hope the show is as good as the preshow - Steve Dickey
yay Jeff ... moving on up ... :D - Zeeshan Virani
Using friendfeed For The First Time And It Looks Cool With The Ajax Stuff - nanochrome
Jeff Cannata is a cool guy - James Britton
I feel like i need 3 monitors to watch for the video, one for FriendFeed, one for the IRC... - John
Rofl, prenatal - Gavin
"Natal" means Christmas in Portuguese - Filipe Rodrigues
Hi Jason! - John
Preshow was good - Roberto Bonini
Too cool for Alex Albrecht anyway - James Britton
SCREW YOU! - Chris
I agree with Jason, this can be confusing sometime - Michael Ballack
Ken Sheppardson great tip thanks. - Walter McNabb
CALACANIS - nice little drama you had this past week with Fluther - - Mike Bracco
@Ken S: Thank you! - Lise
Play him off keyboard cat. - Rob
calacanis is leos wingman - Tobias Lewsadder
i keep having to scroll down a lot - nanochrome
Leo, you did the right thing with Mike Arrington. He TOTALLY deserved it! :) - Bruce Wagner
lol I knew it - Chris
"screw you!" - Dakota O'Neill
Tom's wife is Eileen not Elaine - Doug Walker
we'll do it live - Jackson Pollock
Y'all see the Leo/Arrington Keyboard Cat?? - Ken Sheppardson
Podcast listeners are not going to understand the whole "Screw You!" thing. - Mister IQ
This scrolling is crazy for this thread. It didn't used to be like this. Wow. I'm getting dizzy - Lise
i dont see the big fuss about ff - David Suro
It took an iPhone to produce the Palm Pre - Jay McCormack
this use of friendfeed comments is interesting/insane - Raymond M. Kristiansen
I actually think that the v1 Pre is better than v1 iPhone was - Gavin
Jason looks pimp - Bart
App's Are The Winner For The Iphone - nanochrome
Apple is going to totally eclipse the pre tommorrow - Roy Pledge
how do you get it to scroll fo ryou - Jackson Pollock
Leo, peeked at the new Instinct, more changes coming - Chris Miller
@gavin I would hope so :) - Akshay Dodeja
Roy: Agreed - Jay McCormack
apps for the pre are coming soon - Michael Benny
@Mister IQ: I think anyone who watches this show regularly has already heard about yesterday's debacle, heh. - Cory Roush
I'm waiting for a 1.1 WebOS before getting a Pre - Stephen Collins
G2 is what you're looking for Jason - Gavin
I don't have the numbers handy... can somebody remind me how many apps were in the iPhone app store the day it launched? - Ken Sheppardson
Isnt that the Samsung - Tom Ryder
It is the default for it to scroll. - Scott Ohlemacher
sounds like jason wants the nokia n97 - Mark Zip
But It Can Only Be Made With HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT - nanochrome
Palm should have built the app store for it sooner to make a better initial impact - Chris Miller
So, who wants to bet that even though Calacanis pushed the Arrington issue before the show, he'll bring it up again during the show. Arrington's a prick, apology or no... - James Britton
Thats called a payphone. - Tom Ryder
@Tom yes the Samsung - Chris Miller
I think Jason looks kind of like the actor that played Squiggy on Laverne & Shirley. - Sean Patrick Sengenberger
can I get more lines of scrolling - Troy S
Well could be in Canada - Greg
Palm should've done lots of things earlier. People forget that Palm has 900 employees vs Apples 35,000 - Ken Sheppardson
HTML CSS Javascript is all you need for a phone app - Michael Benny
No - Gavin
@Cory Yes, but the listeners to the recorded podcast probably didn't hear about this. - Mister IQ
james it was already brought up, were you not watchin? - Chris Heath
It was all over digg - Scott Ohlemacher
I agree. I feel bad for the Pre because they're not going to get the coverage they deserve. - Lise
Apple comes with discounted apps, no slideout keyboard ever, enhanced OS and 2 iPhone hardware versions - Chris Miller
is there some way to have the comments scroll down from the top ranter than pushing off the screen? - BryanSchuetz
@chris heath, that was not during the show, it was before recording wasn't it? - James Britton
They better announce a new iPhone on Monday - Lise
+2 BryanSchuetz - Jackson Pollock
Apple definitely needs to do something amazing - Gavin
Yeah, the market has already "priced in" a new iPhone, so to speak. - Ken Sheppardson
Definately - Roberto Bonini
Apple will win by default - Jackson Pollock
Video phone, front-facing camera. - Colin
They better release OS 3.0 Monday - Roy Pledge
I need apple to announce a new iphone - Kim Landwehr
james there was a lot of discussion before the show, but it was brought up when leo started talking about the pre - Chris Heath
@chris heath, guess i was too busy getting blinded by ff live stream here :) - James Britton
Roy Pledge: I don't think they will release it. - Mister IQ
And everyone says it charges very slow - Tom Ryder
hmm that didint' help - BryanSchuetz
A "win" for Palm isn't killing the iPhone, it's just selling Pres as fast as they can make them. - Ken Sheppardson
LOL @ leo throwing the stone charger - Lise
iPhone is from MARS - Pre is from VENUS. Pre works with fingernails. IPhone not so much! I'm told... - Todd
Video would be software - Gavin
2megapixels - Jackson Pollock
Is Jason flying a helicopter? - Eric Rice
I've gotten very good at using the iPhone keyboard, a lot better than I thought I would be - Matthew
video chat on new iphone will be a wow - BryanSchuetz
Can u tether the Pre? - Mike R
bg notifications are the bomb for the pre - Gavin
Mike R: I think no - Jay McCormack
"3" network phones in UK/Ireland all have front facing phones for video calling, US is so far behind on this feature - James Britton
Zephyrlily: I am using that in my Firefox sidebar, and it is going crazy with this TWiT live FF room. - Mister IQ
If you want this feed in a stand-alone pop-up anchored on an open comment box, try - Ken Sheppardson
The arrogant american mind. The pre is us only. Nobody outside the US gives a c*** - Jackson Pollock
zephyrlily, the realtime has been taken away for comments, right? - Matthew
Hi from the UK! - Najeeb Mirza
The Pre will be a solid player in the market. - Jim Bednarz
Flinging a card up to close an app is very viceral on the pre - Michael Benny
Is Palm Pre really comparable to the iPhone? - Bruce Wagner
Thanks Jay@ - Mike R
zephrlily: I've never seen that page before. How long has that real time functionality been around? - Mike Bracco
Bruce: Absolutely - Ken Sheppardson
Doubt it. - Andre D.
That is sweet. - Roberto Bonini
Wow, awesome animation! - Gavin
"Screw You Leo" beer drinking game??? - Todd
@Zephyrlily @kens link worked - BryanSchuetz
Very Sweet - nanochrome
Lindsay: I think they will do multi-tasking on the new hardware. The 3G hardware won't be able to keep up - Jay McCormack
Lindsay: No, i don't. They are already releasing Push Notifications. - Mister IQ
zephyrlily, but the comments don't look like the old style, correct? - Matthew
Apple will do multitasking after they figure out music subscriptions and a real right click - Michael Benny
Blackberry easily shows the apps running,but even with the Palm you will have to learn which slide closes, puts in backgrond or uses - Chris Miller
@lindsay doubt it, push notifications only - James Britton
when is the next iphone coming out? - Bruce Wagner
You can get Everything 450 with the Pre... $70 - Ken Sheppardson
The Iphone 3 Will Blow The Pre Out Of The World - nanochrome
Pre G1 iPhone - Roberto Bonini
hopefully they'll announce a new iPod Touch with a camera - Matthew
Canada will probably get Pre next year ;-) - Greg
Yeah I Want To Get A Ipod Touch - nanochrome
no Jonathan Ive team anywhere but at Apple - Jackson Pollock
I want the Apple Touch/Netbook so bad! - Mike R
Who puts a camera on a Touch!!!!!!????????? - Roberto Bonini
Can't understand why people like Blackberry's. BIS is horrible. - Andre D.
Canada gets the Pre later this year - Ken Sheppardson
To Make It A Iphone Without A Phone - nanochrome
So far, Palm Pre looks way better than Blackberry, I see it as 1. iPhone 2. Pre/WebOS 3. Blackberry 4. everyone else - James Britton
An iPod Touch with a camera would be awesome, then it can be used with all the camera apps on the app store - Matthew
"All we need is an open source iphone with a replaceable battery, multiple carriers, and a real slide-away keyboard." - Bruce Wagner
Matthew: probably not until September if it happens. Especially since the iPod event is in September. - Mister IQ
James: Where does andriod fit? - Jay McCormack
Bruce: thats a G1 - Roberto Bonini
what is the enterprise hook for palm pre? what sync app? activeSync? Push? - Chris Miller
Imagine webOS on iphone hardware - Jack
Mister IQ, last year they announced the new Touch in the summer, before it came out in September - Matthew
My WinMo phone has an app to turn it into a wifi router - Michael Benny
And A Mic In A Ipod Touch So Mic Apps All Work - nanochrome
I have a T-Mobile MDA and haven't upgraded because EDGE data is costing me $5 but if I got a new phone, it would be $25!, thats over $200 more per year! - Sean Flaherty
I'm sure we'll see webOS on different form factors withing 12 months... there's already a candybar in the works - Ken Sheppardson
@Jay throw Android in at number three (maybe tied with 2) and shove blackberry down - James Britton
Japan has HD video cell phones already! - Scott Hubble
Google gave out free phones at I/O - think Apple will do the same at WWDC? - Jesse Stay
Matthew: Still it may not be released until September by my guess. - Mister IQ
"apple has a tendency to make me drool" - Jay McCormack
how about a 3G macbook Air using a via cpu & ION platform - Michael Mooney
Mister IQ, I definitely agree with that - Matthew
it won't be a tablet either, it won't have a pen. - Jackson Pollock
@Ken Definitely. It makes no sense to switch over to Sprint. - Andre D.
Apple and a solid state tablet? - Chris Miller
Jesse: What plans did they 'give out' - Jay McCormack
Netbook???? - Roberto Bonini
Apple stone tablet - James Britton
what about the Crunch Tablet??????? - Matthew
Google gave out G2s with a pre-paid card - Ken Sheppardson
I think Jason C. is wrong, Apple is not going to release a Netbook - Akshay Dodeja
Jay, Google gave a month of free service with the phone for developers to play with. - Jesse Stay
no, they said that they were looking at it, but only for research - Jackson Pollock
Apple will release a netbook, but it'll cost $1800 - Jay McCormack
netbooks are in their first year. apple never jumps on something that new. - Jackson Pollock
Apple TV in a TV? i doubt, but ok Calicanis... - Mister IQ
@matthew Arrington's not getting my money - James Britton
Perhaps our definateion of netbook is wrong. Jason explain what is the spec of Apple Netbook - Akshay Dodeja
I wish a CrucnchTablet! :D - Daynah
I agree..... A new revamped ATV is more likely - Roberto Bonini
It hadn't occured to me that Apple could do a *subsidized* small laptop... hm... - Ken Sheppardson
Crunch tablet looks good, and at $300 it would be a bargain, we'll see. - Matthew
I agree with Jay... - Daynah
James Britton: I still want a CrunchPad... - Mister IQ
The only way Apple would do a tablet-like machine, it would be with the iPhone OS - Jackson Pollock
why NETBOOKS SUCK - interesting take - Mike Bracco
10" Apple laptop with AT&T for $299 up front - Ken Sheppardson
I could never work on a netbook - Roberto Bonini
Jackson: That would be cool - Jay McCormack
Apple will never release a netbook with ATOM processor. - Akshay Dodeja
zephyrlily: I use nvidia software to put any window on top - Jay McCormack
Apple Might Make a netbook but they will redefine what netbooks are - nanochrome
zephyrlily, you would probably have to have a separate app that does that for you - Matthew
Jackson Pollock: I hope it would have a full version of OS X. - Mister IQ
I think Apple might drop the price of AIR, the margins on - Akshay Dodeja
Steve hates pens and gloves and everything like that. They would never do a tablet with a pen, and never do a tablet without a pen, but with OSX. It will be a huge iPhone - Jackson Pollock
I tend to agree with Jeff Cannata about tablets, iPhone is a perfect size, just needs more power/storage/openness - James Britton
Would you read on a Kindle DX????? - Roberto Bonini
Who would want a giant iPhone? - Mister IQ
AppleMan Bag - Chris Miller
The iManPurse - Mister IQ
The guy ahead of me in line for Pre Saturday morning had a Kindle. First time I'd seen one in person. I'm tempted. - Ken Sheppardson
Mister IQ: If it was a beautiful screen, more power, yes! - Jay McCormack
Apple tablet will be just as sucessful as the Apple Hi-Fi speaker system - Michael Benny
I think he is right - Akshay Dodeja
that sony thing is ridiculous - Matthew
That'll be the big news from Apple this week: a new line of bags - Ken Sheppardson
LOL you guys are killing me with the purse jokes - Roberto Bonini
Yea for Man Purses! :D We can accessorize together. :) - Daynah
INET - nanochrome
Dear Jason, you know which platforms already have the turn-it-into-a-wifi-hotspot app you described? Windows Mobile and Symbian. For months. - Vlad Bobleanta
iBook - Jim Bednarz
tom's exactly right - Chris Heath
Mister IQ. They would never do that. if an engineer gave Steve a touchscreen devise that you have to hit a tiny little red x in a corner to exit an app, he would throw it out the window. It has to have a touchscreen OS. - Jackson Pollock
They're not going to release a Netbook unless there is some sort of developer focus. Remember this is a dev conference. - Jesse Stay
Macbook Air Touch???? - Roberto Bonini
@Ken Thinking about it now, I've yet to see one in person. - Antoniu
OK, maybe...but i would prefer OS X - Mister IQ
hmm just realized I can route all the comments here to chat through - BryanSchuetz
And there's our title "The Manpurse" - Aaron T. Harvey
I can see a convertible tablet Air - Ken Sheppardson
the iPhone OS is built from OSX. - Jackson Pollock
Ahh this long Friendfeed chat is getting annoying, I wish I could invert it and have the message box on top. - Akshay Dodeja
yeah and the ATV runs it as well - Roberto Bonini
sorry not the chat itself, but the scrolling part. - Akshay Dodeja
Apple will never make anything with a pen or a hinge that you rotate. It breaks with every one of Dieter Rams' rules of good design. - Jackson Pollock
if you open it in a second window the comments will scroll up from the comment box - BryanSchuetz
@ken that was really helpful. How do we find these embed links ourselves? - Lise
@Ken thanks! Much better! :) - Akshay Dodeja
@ken thanks - Jackson Pollock
kshep: oh thanks, that view is waaaay better. wish it was default. - Vlad Bobleanta
Leo should start a FF post for comments during WWDC for people @ WWDC to liveblog and others to chat. - Mister IQ
Lisa: Click on the entry timestamp once to get it by itself on a page, click on it again for a pop-out. - Ken Sheppardson
Leo your Twitter Calacanis.... [pic] Link leads to a File Not Found Error page - Erle Stride
correct me if wrong... but no one on the shows monitors this right? - Jay McCormack
Looks like Bing already lost its #2 spot to Yahoo: - Cory Roush
@ken thank you! - Lise
FriendFeed's a really slick way to live blog announcements. A room/group dedicated to WWDC would be slick - Ken Sheppardson
Leo does, not sure about the others - Hipp from IM
ken leo will be live streaming some sort of apple coverage tomorrow iirc (there should be a twit-conversation for it) - Chris Heath
Will It Be A New One...... - nanochrome
What time is WWDC tomorrow? - Jesse Stay
0900 am - Jackson Pollock
Let me guess... only in the US? - Jay McCormack
mmm so now I have the FF chat window in front of my twit live view. this is awesome. - Lise
or 4am the day after where i am - nanochrome
Thank you to Mahalo, oops SquareSpace - Chris Miller
no, i mean a #squarespace iphone prize only in the US. - Jay McCormack
Too bad I'm working while WWDC is going down. I'll monitor the MacRumors feed - Roy Pledge
I gotta get up for work in 6 hours - Jackson Pollock
They're making developers get up at 9am? - Jesse Stay
LOL - nanochrome
Hey... we had to get up at 7am for Google I/O. lol - Daynah
@Jesse: It's day one, they wont be hungover yet - Roy Pledge
Daynah hmmm...maybe it was good I stayed home. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse: The keynote is 10:00AM Pacific - Ken Sheppardson
Ken ah, that's much better - 11am my time :) - Jesse Stay
3am here - Jay McCormack
Wake up, open the laptop, and listen - Jesse Stay
That Merritt is one smart cookie! :-) - Hipp from IM
I wish I could see the FriendFeed chat next to the video of this - Jesse Stay
@jessestay I have it running side by side in iChat - Hipp from IM
Yeah good idea jesse - Roberto Bonini
IT DOES LEO: after a threshold, ads get thrown out of system - Mike Bracco
The creepy dancing Six Flags guy - Ken Sheppardson
zephyrlily I know how to do that - that's not what I was referring to. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jason is full of it, people will watch good ads... Superbowl anyone? - Roy Pledge
@jesse I'm sure when (if?) Wave comes out, Leo will do that. - Vlad Bobleanta
Bing takes over Yahoo, wihtout much effort. all advertising - Chris Miller
yo friendfeed peeps - ralphsaunders
I am really surprised how good Bing is - Michael Mowery
These new ads on Digg are going to be annoying because Adblock won't be able to block them. - Antoniu
What up Ralphy! - Hipp from IM
I use Bing to find blog images now - Jesse Stay
the map thing for bing is really hard to use - ralphsaunders
hi hipp :D - ralphsaunders
321, but they'll be just like another digg post and non-instrusive - Chris Heath
I been using Bing and its not bad - Kim Landwehr
I don't think Bing is doing well regionally beyond the US. i can't get the map stuff to work in Australia. - Jay McCormack
But Google Is Better And I Don't Like Going To Any Microsoft Site - nanochrome
Bing 's reign as Number 2 search engine ends after one day - @TechCrunch - - Todd
bing = because it's not google or bing is not google - Holger Eilhard
Even if BING is great, what is the compelling reason to use anything other than Google which IS great and I am really comfortable with already? - Joel Asaro
I'm very impressed with Bing. I haven't used Google since Bing come out. - Joseph Ferris
Joel: Agreed... there's just not enough to move accross to it - Jay McCormack
That's the problem it good but there is nothing about Bing that makes people want to use it over Google - Kim Landwehr
The video preview is a thumbnail, how can Denise expect you to watch a video in a search result in total - Jay McCormack
Bing; how about not showing previews of short videos. problem solved - Roberto Bonini
True - nanochrome
how do they pull relevance - Chris Miller
Does bing do that for Youtube videos??? - Roberto Bonini
I Don't Think So - nanochrome
Bing beats out Yahoo, cuz it's the only pre-installed search on the new Explorer!! - Alex
Leo: Groan - Roy Pledge
Nice work digitalkitty - Erle Stride
I Didn't Know That - nanochrome
@holger I prefer But It's No Google - Lise
Its not supposed to be google - Roberto Bonini
well then mission accomplished - Lise
This is the same issue over and over again. It's not the technology's responsibility to not watch inappropriate content (porn or violence or whatever). It's the parent's responsibility to instill the right values in the child. - Jay McCormack
And now we all know... - Jesse Stay
See! Leo has done a good job educating his kids to look at the right stuff - Jay McCormack
Where is everyone going for WWDC coverage? - Mister IQ
@Chris That's true, but I would personally rather just see user-generated content without the advertising. At least Digg is doing it much better, as long as they clearly disclose what is advertisement, than banner ads and popups. - Antoniu
is WWDC going to be streamed, or will it only be for download after the fact - Matthew
Bing video search does show youtube videos - Kim Landwehr
@Master IQ: I'll be following MacRumors - nick
Permitted content is tolerated different in each counrtry I visit fow work. makes intresting browsing - Chris Miller
Matthew: Only for download, unfortunatly. - Mister IQ
MacRumors... Assuming the feed doesn't egt hacked again - Roy Pledge
Aaargh!... - Jesse Stay
@Matthew Several sites will be live blogging the event, Apple will probably put up a video later in the day. - Antoniu
yeah. Apple provides a video pdcast feed to subscribe to in iTunes. - Roberto Bonini
'tis a Mutiny, me mateys! - Jesse Stay
Arrrrrr, matey..... Dont no one say parley!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
How about Balmer not liking US tax proposals? ... - Xenophrenia
Leo: ask Denise about the developements in the Jammie Thomas / Nessor case too, plz - Hipp from IM
he should have simply gone to just take over that account - Chris Miller
LOL Jason. Exactly - Lise
it is already settled right? (from here in St Louis) - Chris Miller
they said it wa pulled and settled with the donatio. HE made no statement boutactually using twitter and actually RUNNINg his account - Chris Miller
Exactly - that case has already been lost in court. Tony needs a better lawyer. - Jesse Stay
Twitter starts verified accounts soon, problem solved. - Jay McCormack
actually it wasnt lost. Twitter didnt say "guilty" but settled already - Chris Miller
did Jason just screw up? - Jay McCormack
Quick MG! Word's out.. - Jesse Stay
Ooops Jason? LOL! - John
it is one of their monetization moves. fees for payment system - Chris Miller
Payment and Authentication for twitter is a good idea. - Jay McCormack
who becomes the digital banker? and what happenes when the twitter bank is down? - Chris Miller
who owns their name on twitter? their real full name? - Lise
sorry bank closed, twitter is down - Chris Miller
Chris: Fail whale becomes a MUCH bigger issue... right - Jay McCormack
I do - Cory Roush
Would that be a Fail Safe? - Hipp from IM
Hard work... it's taken PayPal years to get it right - Jay McCormack
Exactly when did PayPal get it right? - Roy Pledge
LOL @ clinton and cigar. Did anyone get that? - Lise
Would be nice if they bring back their old features they took away because their infrastructure couldn't handle them before they try to add new ones. - Ken Sheppardson
Of the many payment options, it's easy, it works, it's international, it might be expensive, but it does work. - Jay McCormack
he didnt make any intention to even use or expand no the account, he just wanted it down - Chris Miller
yeah ken, but you and i know that's not a technical problem - Chris Heath
@Lise: I laughed, but then felt guilty because no one seemed to find it funny :P - Cory Roush
Have you ever tried to contact Twitter support? - Jesse Stay
@Ken I agree. I'm still upset about this whole @ reply feature - Lise
You have to have TechCrunch to write about it for them to listen that you are being impersonated. - Jesse Stay
@Cory I don't think anyone got it. lol - Lise
@Jesse: Yes, and it was one of the most frustrating processes I've ever went through. - Cory Roush
Facebook is the same - Jesse Stay
Bing is no longer the #2 search engine. - Mister IQ
Couldn't Open ID help that? - Brian Allen
Didn't myspace have a process for this also? - Jay McCormack
so registering TherealLeo (like Dvorak did) makes it legit? hang on.. ok kidding - Chris Miller
We got our twitter account back, /sixflags - sean andersen
Tony didn't bring cupcakes. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken ROFL! - Jesse Stay
Tony La Russo's 501c3: It's NOT about adoptions; it's about DONATIONS. Donations might be affected by something like a Twitter account, especially in the future. - shelter watch
I guess this means Tony's not getting on the Featured users list - Jesse Stay
@JasonC you look cute as Maverick! I say keep the look. You don't need the cigar, though. - Lise
Lise: he needs a cap or something to finish the look - Jay McCormack
600 people want an iPhone - Jay McCormack
That's more than 140charcaters. - Ken Sheppardson
Bill Gates did talk about this at D5 tho, people forget - Jackson Pollock
Natal can recognize 48 points of motion compared to the PS3's 2, plus you know Natal will work with Windows 7 - Matthew
Natal combined with the new controller Sony showed would be pretty slick. - Ken Sheppardson
Felicia Day looks good with anything! :-P - Hipp from IM
watch the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview from D5. Bill talked about it and was laughed out because people thought he meant the Wii interface - Jackson Pollock
Shane Kim said that releasing Natal in the spring would be "aggressive". So they still have a year or more to work on it. - Matthew
no, the eyetoy is not the same as Natal - Matthew
Using the newer tech like this in an arcade environment with a wrap-around screen would be interesting - Ken Sheppardson
That new PS3 controller demo Sony did was sweet! - Scott Hubble
here's a video of the company MS acquired to work on Project Natal..... - Matthew
How long after release will it take for some Sicko to make Milo Naked - Erle Stride
it's a video of their Z-Cam - Matthew
The press has completely missed the navigation piece of Natal...did you see the minority report style menu conteol and the voice control of teh video playback? - Rob
Wii's just integrating acceleration to get position. The Sony controller actually measures the position of the controller, doesn't it? - Ken Sheppardson
I want 3D games with those controllers - Jesse Stay
MS will put Natal on Windows as well, so Minority Report type interface is possible when this comes out - Matthew
what if they added skype to xbox using natal - Michael Mooney
Time to resurrect VRML :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Lindsay: Just create a post, and let people comment. - Mister IQ
ah found the official court filing record of Tony La Russo against twitter - Chris Miller
And an increase in feet through TV screens ensues - Jesse Stay
nobody uses voice on the PS3 online games - Matthew
What's the state of the art in head-mounted displays these days? - Ken Sheppardson
I think there's a lot of younger people wanting to play the Beatles - Lise
anyone else having audio/video issues over the last 10 minutes? - detorn
What about Alan Wake? - nick
it's the software plus specialized chips in the device, zephyrlily - Matthew
No, you might want to try refreshing or going to Stickam or uStream - Mister IQ
James: fine here - Jay McCormack
did all three IQ, tried different browser too - detorn
lmao at keyboard cat - Hipp from IM
eh, getting better, odd. thanks all - detorn
I don't know then, you may have bandwidth issues or may need to reboot. - Mister IQ
Scribblenauts sounds great for kids. - Denise Howell
you can also have dracula, and then write in vampire hunter and he will obviously kill dracula - Matthew
scribblenauts - Matthew
Scribblenauts looks amazing, I may have to check that out. - Patrick Sullivan
I typed Palm Pre into the demo and cash payment fell onto the screen - Chris Miller
only iphone has motion controls - Matthew
does the DS have an accelorometer? - Matthew
DS can add a "motion pack" in its second slot, acts as one. - Denise Howell
If you type in Twitter the Fail Whale comes up - Jesse Stay
Is Scribblenauts for DS and DSi or just DSi? - Mister IQ
The new DS only has one slot, no GBA slot - Matthew
the DSi - Matthew
I love my iPod Touch, it is my first apple product - Matthew
:-) Yes, it was a joke - Jesse Stay
I'm so getting Scribblenauts. - Filipe Rodrigues
I missed something. The game is... you write stuff, and stuff pops up? - Ken Sheppardson
i think so ken - Chris Heath
Anyone attending the #140 conference in NYC i would love to attend! you guys hear about this? - nathan
Ken, yes, I believe - it supposedly has a huge database of objects - Jesse Stay
kshep: It's a puzzle game where stuff helps you. - Mister IQ
ken, it's like a platformer, and you can bring in whatever you want to help solve the levels/puzzles - Matthew
Ah... gotcha - Ken Sheppardson
You know what drives me mad! "Fall 09" as a release date. Just watched the scribblenauts video, says available Fall 09. 1: Fall = Autumn for me, 2: When is Autumn? Each hemisphere has autumn at different times of the year! Argghhhhh! - Jay McCormack
"Fall" = Q4, IMHO - Ken Sheppardson
jay McCormack, it means it will be available for the holidays - Matthew
Matthew... again a problem. We have "holidays" throughout the year here. - Jay McCormack
christmas time - Matthew
it's a terminology thing: How hard is it to say Q4 2009. - Jay McCormack
winter usually means early 2010, or whatever the case may be - Matthew
You see my winter starts in April - Jay McCormack
Yeah, but yours is wrong, Jay. - Ken Sheppardson
i 'can' work it out, but it yet another US centric thing - Jay McCormack
tom sets the record straight - Chris Heath
It's broken. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken: LOL - Jay McCormack
yes, it's US centric - Matthew
Upside down. - Ken Sheppardson
But as an ex-Lobbyist, doesn't that make him even more qualified to serve? - Hipp from IM
jay q1 is winter january, feb, march - Chris Heath
fall usually means in time for people to buy it for x-mas - Matthew
You only think I'm Jesse Stay... - Jesse Stay
Chris, q1 is Summer, Jan through March - Jay McCormack
Q4 also means january - Matthew
Sorry... i'll stop nw - Jay McCormack
at least fiscally - Matthew
jay, you must be in the southern hemisphere - Chris Heath
Oh good lord, no - Aaron T. Harvey
Chris: Australia - Jay McCormack
Just say "Yes", Jason :-) - Ken Sheppardson
ten-four - Chris Heath
Chris: But i do live on planet earth. - Jay McCormack
twip = this week in poker with host jason - Chris Miller
Go Norm - Jackson Pollock
NORM ! ! ! - Matthew
Jason was playing it up with all the celebrities out here at Sundance this year. - Jesse Stay
Hey denise can i please ask you a question that you can ask the TWIT lovers for me? - nathan
as in MacDonald - Matthew
who needs a punchline, when you have the world crackwh... - Jackson Pollock
word* - Jackson Pollock
Disclosures Jason? ;-) - Jesse Stay
I think all the twit regulars get free audible accounts - Jay McCormack
I'm a twit regular... oh, you mean on the show. - Lise
ah - that would explain his enthusiasm. That said I like audible too. - Jesse Stay
i don't know about that jay, leo may have got a few free accounts to give out - Chris Heath
Lise: LOL - Jay McCormack
They talked about it about 12 months ago i think. - Jay McCormack
Turn It Up A Bit - nanochrome
audible has been TWiT's best advertiser/sponsor - Chris Heath
Bad mix Leo - Roy Pledge
NOOOOOOOO - Aaron T. Harvey
please, Jason does the worst Christopher Walken - Matthew
Audible definitely lives up to the hype that Leo and friends put on it - Doug
This is where we need Dvorak - Aaron T. Harvey
Christopher Walken should sue.... - Roy Pledge
don't quit your dayjob. you're no craig gass - Jackson Pollock
he's no Jay Mohr - Matthew
my god... calicanus reminds me of my father - Jay McCormack
Turn It Up Leo - nanochrome
Ricky Gervais too - Simon Wicks
Can't hear anything Leo! - Colin Clarke
ustream is fine - Chris Heath
Probably the channel he was doing caller audio on this morning. - Ken Sheppardson
What about xp upgrade? - Jay McCormack
Yeah - nanochrome
Thanks to #audible for supporting #TWiT :-) - Mister IQ
I get the employee discount from my friend at Microsoft - Jesse Stay
Much better in VM from our tests - Chris Miller
I so wanna try Android on my Wind - Hipp from IM
Luckily You - nanochrome
Windows 7 is awesome, can't see how Android would be that popular on netbooks - Matthew
The $50 upgrade to Win7 was VERY encouraging. - Cory Roush
When is Microsoft just going to release a browser for the 360? I don't understand their holdback. - Jesse Stay
Via Kiwinerd: Leo Screw You Ringtone: - Mister IQ
Leo, the newest dashboard for the Xbox (NXE) lets you install your games to the hard drive, and it barely makes a sound. The fans don't make that much noise, it's the DVD drive that makes all the sound due to wanting short load times - Matthew
The streaming HD on the TiVo Netflix interface is beautiful! - Aaron T. Harvey
I think that ringtone should have Keyboard Cat as a backing track instead. - Ken Sheppardson
yay FF - Lise
Love ya Denise ! - Matthew
Nice to see you today Denise! - Jesse Stay
Is there a good Iphone app for friendfeed ? - Marcos Detry
Marcos: I haven't found one yet - Jay McCormack
wooo @ everyone come in - Lise
Everybody who has ever been on the show. - Ken Sheppardson
The FriendFeed mobile site on the iPhone is good - Aaron T. Harvey
Have a big giant party show! - Mister IQ
why do I have to scroll back up to click comment.... am I missing something ? - John Hillestad
ROFL!!!! - Jesse Stay
what's Dans twitter? heh - Lise
I'm dying here! - Jesse Stay
LOL Screw you! - Lise
awesome! - Chris Heath
Needs Keyboard Cat in the background - Ken Sheppardson
Too funny - Roy Pledge
Paulywood FTW - Hipp from IM
@Marcos: Have you tried BuddyFeed? - Cory Roush
thanks zeph - John Hillestad
lol arrington - Lise
200th episode is on Father's Day! - Doug Slater
lol Denise - Hipp from IM
Throw in Christian Bale - Ken Sheppardson
I can't stop giggling - Lise
I JUST POSTED the Calacanis Audible Love Dance...haha - - Mike Bracco
I think Chritian Bale vs. Leo would remix pretty well... - Ken Sheppardson
use Ustream Lindsay - Matthew
nice show! - Bill Frater
Starting to think this is a media stunt. - Jay McCormack
Lindsay - Matthew
Linsday: Can't you just hit 'enter' - Jay McCormack
whoops, Lindsay you can hit enter - Matthew
I'm out - gotta go kill a wasp nest (wife's yelling at me). See you guys later... - Jesse Stay
It's not really a chat engine - Aaron T. Harvey
I don't think Michael was the only person who was supposed to get a review unit Friday and didn't. I suspect there were logistical issues. - Ken Sheppardson
It works great within iChat or Google Talk - Hipp from IM
It's stuck between real time chat and blog-type comments - Aaron T. Harvey
A very large screen! - Aaron T. Harvey
Go Jason; Pogue IS an embarrassment - Jay McCormack
I heard that some of the Best Buy stores didn't even get the Pres in until Saturday afternoon - Doug
ratings ratings ratings - Chris Heath
Molly for the muthaflippin' win - Matthew
LOL @ jason C is in fact white - Lise
LOL @ playing the tune so they can capture it for the youtube video - Lise
Man Purse! - Aaron T. Harvey
sorry - Ken Sheppardson
hey-oo - Chris Heath
heeheehheheeh - ralphsaunders
140 likes. FF is TWiT country - David Lloyd
burger king - John Hillestad
make that one mroe :P - ralphsaunders
Love the Show!!! - Dante Repko
Well, I'm out folkses... food time! :-) - Hipp from IM
it needed a few F bombs - John Hillestad
Leo, her name is Eileen not Elaine - Colin Clarke
colin he does that sometimes... - Chris Heath
colin, at least he's close - Chris Heath
Lindsay: 9a Pacific, 12p Eastern - Mister IQ
leo i have to leave for work a 8pm gmt will be finished - Michael Mooney
thought Leo said 10 pst am - John Hillestad
okay backpack - Lise
The WWDC Keynote is at 10AM Pacific - Ken Sheppardson
Chris , True. - Colin Clarke
Is Pirillo gonna be there / - John Hillestad
hopefully not - David Lloyd
Well the calendar says 9a Pacific - Mister IQ
there wont be a live video feed of the keynote - David Lloyd
looks pretty fine - John Hillestad
is this a green screen? - David Lloyd
"The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 will kick off with a keynote address on Monday, June 8 at 10:00 a.m. A team of Apple executives, led by Phillip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, will deliver the keynote address" -- - Ken Sheppardson
anyone watching twit live? is this a green screen shot or are they at WWDC? - David Lloyd
I'd expect to see a bunch of liveblogging during the keynote, ala - Ken Sheppardson
looks good - John Hillestad
im so confused lol - David Lloyd
the footbally thing - Lise
Leo, where will it be streamed? - Matthew
6:00PM this evening for me :D - ralphsaunders
LOL Leo - Lise
HAHAHA @ the secret plan broadcast live - Lise
Leo, i agree 5-star TWiT today - Chris Heath
what happened yesterday? - mark pompeo
I am trying my best to learn how to use friendfeed but, I can't say I like friendfeed as much as leo does... here's to trying it again! - flashtrader
Here's a q&d of Calacanis' jig with audio added - Phil Maxwell
i like how it auto-updates - Brian Harper
Great Show Leo! - Eric B
That keyboard cat sure gets alot of work these days even in the afterlife - siouxmoux
Glad to see one of the TRS guys on the show. TWiT gets better and better..oh and screw you Arrington! - Ryan Tiffany
ready! - Shannon Burns
All I can say..I don't use ringtones and I would use that screw you one... - Samuel Lewis from twhirl
Another great TWiT. - Arawak
Leo WWDC FF please - Erle Stride
if Jonathan didn't show up there, he won't at all unless there's a new category in the mac lineup at the end. - Jackson Pollock
this dude is broadcasting live - Jackson Pollock
it's like a kid having opened his first presents on christmas eve, saying; it's early, it's early, I have many left - Jackson Pollock
People forget Lion, Liger, Tigon et - Jackson Pollock
I am hearing them fine - Jackson Pollock
Wow, 6GB freed space in Snow Leopard. - Mister IQ
handwriting recognition for the trackpad - Jackson Pollock
might mean tablet - Jackson Pollock
That pretty much means tablet as far as I'm concerned. In terms of touch, the trackpad on a macbook is the same hardware as the iphone/possible mac tablet - Jackson Pollock
Well, Quicktime has been the same for the last 3-4 versions more or less - Jackson Pollock
That's not an Apple ad Leo - Jackson Pollock
They're previewing quicklook - Jackson Pollock
Very not authorized. - Jackson Pollock
I'm thinking it's $29. It is an incremental update - Jackson Pollock
OPEN SOURCE. OPENCL - Jackson Pollock
That's such a nice move. This will make it explode the way it should. - Jackson Pollock
What they're saying is that they're an option to the Windows horror - Jackson Pollock
iPhone time - Jackson Pollock
video about streaming video on iphone going on right now - Jackson Pollock
the Jokemaster Jr - Jackson Pollock
NOW here we go - Jackson Pollock
there we go - Jackson Pollock
Price? no price. It uses your phone data plan - Jackson Pollock
Later this summer he said - Jackson Pollock
And that's why they laughed - Jackson Pollock
yes correct - Jackson Pollock
hey it's R2D2 - Jackson Pollock
to 10k people? don't think so - Jackson Pollock
riiiight. everyone has an iphone, sure - Jackson Pollock
but not a impluasible situation. look at what collages are doing with the Kindle DX - Roberto Bonini
look what 0.5% of colleges in the US only are doing - Jackson Pollock
here comes the 20 minute demoes - Jackson Pollock
You know, you guys were nagging Apple like this last year. You wanted 3G, you wanted GPS bla bla. Now you're poo-pooing GPS and saying that there is zero coverage of 3G in the US. The beauty of the iPhone is the lack of a continual need for hardware updates. The functionality is not tied to the phone. Every version of the phone has the same functionality, only with different specs - Jackson Pollock is down? - Dave
Yikes, are the streams down? - Mister IQ
Watch Divx Movies online free - Can Karaca
Scott Beale
Mona Nomura
Dear Internet: I think it's best I log off. Good night. #RoomSpinning #DignityFAIL #IamDrunkDontPickOnMe #ThankYou #Nite #fb
good night, M - Bren
G'night Mona! - Bee
G'night, Mona! Sweet dreams. - Christian (Simply X)
Shut up, Spin. Just SHUT UP. - Mona Nomura
Charlene Li
Faith Dow
@ev Further it's incredibly one-sided. There are already filters in place that take care of this or don't you know your own product?
Jesse Stay
Twitter Tells White House: No More Transparency -
Twitter Tells White House: No More Transparency
Great post Ari, and good points - I'm sure we'll see many more examples over the coming day. - Jesse Stay from Bookmarklet
This came up re: Amber Alert and something else, I forgot (not followfriday but something otherwise large) - Eric Rice
Jason Williams
Ev is now crying uncle on the replies issue. Dear Twitter, start being more transparent. You're a utility now. (via
Picture 8.jpg
Live4Emma (L4S)
"The interactive design group SOUNDS.BUTTER renders songs visible with a programmed sewing machine stereo via" - Live4Emma (L4S) from Bookmarklet
"So what are you wearing?" "Rolling Stones, track 17" - Eric Rice
That is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen today. Reminds me of the shirts they're carrying at ThinkGeek now that spell things like "MOM" and "DAD" in binary ascii. - Mike Hartman
Steven Perez
OK, I'm ready for the swine flu!
Either that, or I'm ready for some cosplay as The Shadow. - Steven Perez
dude. that is an epic The Shadow cosplay. - mjc
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of cilantro-lovers? STEVEN PEREZ KNOWS. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
@mjc + 1 - Mo Kargas
Hahhahahahahha!!!!! - Mona Nomura
dont tell me that you are naked underneath that!!! - Gerald Neo
No, but I nearly suffocated. How the hell does the Shadow fight anyone when he's too busy trying to breathe? - Steven Perez from IM
Evildoers beware! - Steven Perez
But I don't have a scythe. Just a sonic screwdriver. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Where in the World is Steve Perez? - Rodfather
Hanging out with Carmen Sandiego. :D - Steven Perez from IM
You are the terror that flaps in the night. :) - Morton Fox
OOooooooooh, I am so getting one of those masks now. :D - Steven Perez from IM
"Terror that faps in the night"?!? ... OH, FLAPS! - Steven Perez from IM
I never did get that Dark Man movie. - Jason Toney
I did. Rip-off city. - Steven Perez from IM
digging the Shades, SP. - nouhad
The Shadow is always stylish, nouhad. :D - Steven Perez
it is black mage. - Snipergirl
Actually, he's my cousin. And does he hate his outfit. All black in Houston summers? Yikes! :D - Steven Perez
Take care! ;-) - ◄ 道 ► D/\\/|I|D ッ
Yes. I blame Rochelle and Penguin. :D - Steven Perez from IM
hahah!~ - Carlos Ayala
If I had a gas mask, my swine flu entry would be titled ARE YOU MY MUMMY? - Steven Perez from IM
Not in that outfit, he doesn't. :D - Steven Perez from IM
I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. :D - Steven Perez from IM
go-go-gadget cilantro - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Or the Audition for Darkman II - Jesse Newhart
Itty bitty swine flu germs will land on the brim of the hat. Lose the brim. - John E. Bredehoft
NO WAI. I dipped the hat in Tamiflu. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Yes, it was. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Ah, in that case: *blushblushblush* Thank you, Caroline. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Really? *ahem* I C U THRU YUR BLINDZ. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Oooooh, does this mean Claude Rains will play me in the movie SWINE FLU: THE REVENGE OF THE INVISIBLE MAN? Cuz that would be teh awesomesauce. :D - Steven Perez from IM
ha ha! you're out of your mind - Cee Bee
FINALLY!!! Someone noticed! :D - Steven Perez from IM
No, we've always known, we were just too kind to say out loud. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
So the Shadow isn't the only one who knows?!? Well, that's a bummer. :D - Steven Perez from IM
Hehe. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kaia will never find me while I'm wearing this disguise. :D - Steven Perez
Steven, Hellen Keller could find you wearing that disguise. ;) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
NO WAI! I'm the Shadow, bee-yotches! No one sees me ... UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!! MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!! - Steven Perez from IM look like one of those scurry dudes from "Dark City"-- Sleep! Now! - .LAG liked that
Ooooooh, I forgot about the Strangers! But then, I can't have any water. :( - Steven Perez from IM
They should totally add the Stephen "The Shadow" Perez character to Team Fortress 2...he totally fits in. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
+50 Liberal arguing skills, +100 Awesomesauce, -10 Skills with the ladies. :D - Steven Perez from IM
What would your three weapons be? You need a primary ranged, backup ranged and a melee weapon. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Hmmmmm, ... primary ranged - sonic screwdriver; backup ranged - BFG9000 (because why go small?); melee - size 13 boot, just like in DOOM. :D - Steven Perez from IM
You forgot your V for Vendetta mask, lad. o: - George William
The FedEx guy forgot to drop mine off, so I had to get one special ordered for my big head. :D - Steven Perez from IM
:)) - Shandiz
LOL that is great - Kimberly Randall
Thomas Hawk
P021809PS-0069 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! -
P021809PS-0069 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I vote that the next time we need a photo of Air Force one that we just have Obama take it himself rather than spend $328,000. He seems to know his way around a Canon body with L series glass well enough. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Yet another reason I didn't vote for him. He's not a Nikon man. - William Beem
It is partisan issue ... - Clarence Chiang
I always thought Democrats shot Canon while Republicans shot Nikon. - Thomas Hawk
We should all be about saving $$$$ in this economy! - Mike Andric
On a separate note, it is sort of cool that the White House has a Flickrstream. - Thomas Hawk
@thomashawk it's really fricking cool that the white house has a flickrstream - patrick
What he needs is for Canon to build him a lefty version. ;-) - Brian Sullivan
I shoot with my left eye like Obama. - Thomas Hawk
I don't squint when I take photos. Both eyes open. - Akiva
I squint and after a day of shooting, the right half of my face is sore from squinting all day. - Rochelle
Thomas: isnt he shooting with his right eye here...? may be u meant "...with left eye closed.." - Roshan Ramachandran
damn, you are right Roshan. I guess I'm not left eyed like Obama. - Thomas Hawk
Dems don't like Nikon. It's to close to Nixon. :D - ChiliMac
Canon > Nikon. - tabbr
I wonder if anyone has the guts to tell him that he needs to use his left hand to support the base of the cam to get less shake :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
*obligatory roll of the eyes to tabbr* - Anthony Citrano
So what do independents shoot? Pentax, Sony? - Jeff P. Henderson
At least he is looking through the correct opening in the camera, something I would not have expected from our previous president... ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
Ashton Kutcher shoots Nikon. - tabbr
I may be completely off, but judging by the way he is holding that camera, I can't imagine it is his or that he has shot it much. He looks like he's trying to shoot a P&S. - Jeremy Kunz
He is holding it wrong. My guess is he would prefer to use the live view function but doesn't know how to turn it on. At least he isn't holding it back to front. - CJPhoto
tabbr, I don't think any1 cares what Ashton Kutcher shoots (ofcourse he does get paid for it - you have seen the ads right?). Jeremy, CJPhoto, he is the president for God's sake, not a photographer :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Shivanand, you are right, and I'm not intending to knock him down, I'm just observing that I seldom see someone with a camera that is sporting a pro grade lens do that and I'm trying to guess why. I can hold a camera really well, but my pictures... well, that's another thing. - Jeremy Kunz
he didnt order the crazy photoop - pb:
"I see cheezeburgerz" LOL - - Ric Mayer
Jeremy, most people who didn't learn to shoot with crappy lenses in dim situations with manual cameras, don't go through the rigour of maximising equipment. I bet, the resident photog of the whitehouse, should take it upon herself to educate Mr. president, so we can all enjoy pictures from the viewpoint of one of the great minds of our lifetime. - Shivanand Velmurugan
i think he's just goofing around here though. it's not his camera according to the caption. - Nathan Rein
If I were a graffiti artist I'd make a stencil out of this photograph and spray paint it everywhere. - Thomas Hawk
Anyone know what lens that is? Just curious. - Patrick Binder
I almost seem to remember a photo of Obama shooting with a photographers camera during the campaign. - Patrick Binder
Patrick: that's almost certainly a wide prime, either 24/1.4L or 35/1.4L. Probably the latter. - Gabe
Looks like the 85mm f 1.2 to me. - Thomas Hawk
that not an 85mm f1.2...unless my last copy was different and i am almost positive its not a 24mm 1.4 either. - Carlos Ayala
Carlos: You're right that it's clearly not an 85/1.2 (the AF switch in the photo is obviously different than either the original or II version), but I'm having a hard time convincing myself it's not the 24/1.4. - Gabe
@Gabe the reason i think its not the 24 is because of the distance of the red line and the top edge of the lens. now granted it could be the angle but it seems that the red line is further away (than the lens pictured) if it were a 24. too bad that there are no metadata/tags on this picture. - Carlos Ayala
Carlos, how would metadata help? - Gabe
cool! - Susan Beebe
Any idea if that 5D is a MkII? - Gabe
Mona Nomura
A.P. Exec Doesn’t Know It Has A YouTube Channel: Threatens Affiliate For Embedding Videos -
A.P. Exec Doesn’t Know It Has A YouTube Channel: Threatens Affiliate For Embedding Videos
via Spin LOL!! - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
Yeah, can't wait til they start suing bloggers. That trial will be epic. - Steven Perez
Steven. Re-read the headline. - Mona Nomura from IM
Classic. First the Shepard Fairey business, now this. Old media. - jjprojects
Read? That's crazy talk, Mona. :D - Steven Perez
haha, Steven. But this is the funniest thing I've read all week. - Mona Nomura from IM
"Here’s a funny thing I ran across related to this particular quote: “A.P. executives said they were concerned about a variety of news forums around the Web, including major search engines like Google...Google pays the AP for the right to run AP stories...So the AP is concerned about a company’s legitimate paid use of AP content. This just PROVES that the AP is totally incompetent!" (comment at - MiniMage
They're just like Telecom, they have NO clue. This is SO funny. - Mona Nomura from IM
AP is just doing a lot of saber rattling, because the Google-AP contract is soon up for renewal. None of this will come to anything, and I don't think AP's bargaining position will improve a bit. With a major section of its clientele dropping like, well, newspapers, they need all the friends they can get. - Stan Scott
Like a lot of brands, they just don't get it. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Hilarious! And it gets to the heart of the matter - the old managerial hierarchies have left in place a bunch of dinosaurs who can't understand the changing world around them. That's how a company can have a division doing cutting edge stuff (well, promoting viral sharing with youtube embed isnt too cutting edge) and an executive management that thinks such behavior is illegal! - Zach Landes
Great find, Mona. An industry ripe for total meltdown. - Sean McBride
Sean - I ganked it from Eric Rice (Spin). If you don't nkow him, check out his feed. He's one of my favorite FFers. Plus, he is FUNNY. - Mona Nomura
++++Stan - Anika
They're always causing stinks about everything. That's why this is SO funny. - Mona Nomura
You May NOT Use iTunes To Design, Manufacture or Produce Nuclear, Chemical or Biological Weapons [ITunes] -
lulz - felix
damn IT - Eric Rice
There was a time when you were not allowed to install iTunes for Windows on non-Apple hardware or OS (meaning it was illegal to install the Windows version on Windows) - April Russo (FForever!)
It's like they can read my mind... - rønin
Mrinal Desai
Is Twitter Turning Into MySpace?
It sure does feel like it. - shaun mclane
Paul : Never heard of Facebook? - Julien Bérubé
Mona Nomura
DLable Sketchbook for web designers (NOT an April Fool's Joke) -
DLable Sketchbook for web designers (NOT an April Fool's Joke)
Liking it just cuz it has to be said it's NOT a joke <3. This day is MADNESS. - Eric Rice
There needs to be an acronym - #NAFJ ... wait, is that a Myers-Brigg personality type? - Mona Nomura from IM
You are the only person I trust on April 1st. =P - Brad Butner from twhirl
I think there's going to be a movement this year LOL #antiAprilFools - Mona Nomura from IM
Sounds like tomorrow's a great day to pitch a product to a few people. :-) - Jesse Stay
Mona Nomura
Upside Of A Down Economy: Crocs To Go Out Of Business -
Upside Of A Down Economy: Crocs To Go Out Of Business
BEST. NEWS. EVER! Happy Friday to me! - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
OMG! That really is the best news ever! My hatred for those know no bounds! - John Wang
happy and sad. Sad b/c more ppl are out of jobs - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I feel horrible since they're folding but ECSTATIC those things will FINALLY no longer be produced!!!!!! - Mona Nomura
I'm kind of sad. They are good for the beach. - Rodfather
Hit the close out sale, Rodfather - Mona Nomura
I wish I could LOVE a post. - Chieze Okoye
of course. by no means am I happy that people will be out of jobs. but i really am happy beyond belief that the horrific monstrosities will be gone. - John Wang
What are you guys so excited about? There are already knock-offs out there, and established footwear manufacturers will make them as long as they sell. - Kevin L
What will we have to make fun of now? - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Knock-offs are made because ogs sell. If the OGs are no longer produced - so long knock-offs! It's only a matter of time until they become EXTINCT. Thank god!!! Tamara - Bluetooth headsets ;) - Mona Nomura
As many people as I see wearing them, this is surprising news. Awesome news, but surprising. - Sarah Perez
YES. - felix
My favorite house shoes. - Yolanda
oh no... will there now be a whole secondary market for these things? collectors and croc junkies paying obscene money for the dwindling supply?? Maybe I'll stock up on them now. ;) - felix
Over like - Pete D
Dust off your ebay accounts! - Mona Nomura
@Mona Yes! I like this idea - Tamara, #TeamMarina
I probably wouldn't have that big of a problem with them, if more people took care of their feet. OMG gross. - Mona Nomura from IM
Sad, really. I know people who work while standing all day who thought these shoes were a gift from God. Hate to see them go for that reason. Personally, I never "got into" them. - Anthony K. Valley © from fftogo
THere are tons of other options - in soles, bunyon shoes, podiatrist certified, etc. Those things are just plain ugly. - Mona Nomura from IM
Boo! Great as house shoes or on the beach! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Flip flops are your best friend! - Mona Nomura from IM
I hate flip-flops too - but they're comfy at home :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Andru you just broke the interwebs - AJ Batac
Hide for Andru Edwards comment - Mil∂d
AND with flip-flops, there's COMPLETE foot exposure going on so people tend to take care of their feet! - Mona Nomura from IM
my kids love their crocs. I love mine. and they are cute sandles. not ugly. - Erin @queenofspain
Swiss cheese for feet = DO NOT WANT - Mona Nomura from IM
A) We're not going out of business. B) we have other stuff that aren't the "ugly" iconic shoes everyone knows and c) Losing my job wouldn't be the best news ever. :-p Seriously though - if people talked about our OTHER shoes, maybe we can move on from the comfort but ugly talk into just comfortable and EVERYONE will be happy..... - George Smith
the company is also very active in social media - Erin @queenofspain
I AM SO HAPPY - Mike Nayyar
I hear their social media guy is wicked awesome, cute, and funny....errrr hi everyone - George Smith
Hahahhaha. Omg I am mortified - George, I will never celebrate you losing your job. SORRY. I just HATE those shoes! - Mona Nomura
They are ugly--and they seem like they last forever--we'll still be seeing them around for awhile yet. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Must pass this on. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Erin - those look like logger women shoes. - Mona Nomura from IM
Best story ever - when I was interviewed at Crocs, they asked me what I thought of the company. I said I was impressed with their growth but, and I quote "I'm from New York - You'll never see me wearing those ugly shoes." I was hired immediately. I wear Crocs daily - not the iconic ones - but all our other shoes. I don't like some stuff we do, hate others, and am completely passionate about the ones I love. We're not just a one shoe company! ;-) - George Smith
George - I stand corrected Good to know you still have your job! And I LOVE the interview story LOL - Mona Nomura
Whoa. EDIT: +10 George. Good to see you're up and working. - Derrick
No problem. I figured I'd correct you because I knew you'd listen and you're also always online. ha. We are making some cool stuff and I always want to hear what other people WANT. I mean - our consumers are "people with feet." If you don't like what we do, tell us what you want and let us try. Comfort doesn't have to come in swiss cheese shoes. lol - George Smith
hahahha but props to you for being up on your game! - Mona Nomura from IM
Hey - the reason I know you're always online is that I'm always online. That and My patented crocs spidey sense. - George Smith
Mona, not saying you are one, but the fact someone went to the trouble of writing a definition for "croc-o-phobe" says something about the croc wars. :) - Micah
Major props to you George, for being up on your social media game. You epitomize a 'good' community manager. ;) Though I still hate those shoes hahahaha ;) - Mona Nomura
Hey - I don't own a pair with holes. I wear these: or our Flip Flops religiously. I would probably quit if they made me wear the ones with holes on them. I may love working for Crocs, but I like being the real me a lot more. - George Smith
Didn't Crocs acquire Bite Shoes (the running sandals company)? Glad they're not going out of business. - Andrew C (✔)
so long... farewell... good bye..... - Harold
Well I'm going against the grain here and have to say for a long time I was a croc mocker but I had a change of heart when I wore my mates pair fishing on my boat. Yes they look bad and the bright colours suck but talk about the best shoe for walking in the water fishing and grippies shoe for fishing on the boat. For me a sad day to all you hates please spare a though for me when my fishing crocs wear out where do I turn what do I wear suggestion are welcome. 8( - John Spencer from BuddyFeed
@Andrew - yeah we did acquire Bite (they did golf shoes and running sandals). Here's an initial example of the golf shoes: - George Smith
Jason hahahha. Chia pets are 10+ years and still going strong. But you are FUNNY. - Mona Nomura
HAAALLELUJAH - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
wait...chia pets are cool. At least the og ones are. I don't know about the new versions of them though - Tamara, #TeamMarina
So what will be the next fad? - Iphigenie
Pope condoms joelle - Steve C, Team Marina
Yeah, I hate that crap! - Susan Beebe
wait, I just saw that George here said that they *aren't* going out of business. so what actually happened? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
They og article said they MIGHT. George said no. So I Tweeted a rumor smash. :) - Mona Nomura from fftogo
Gee... I wear them at work. As a nurse, their great at work. - Sean
All this over some shoes? what the heck people? - Bwana ☠
also? lookie at her shoes - Erin @queenofspain
Nooooooooooooo - Mr K from Nambu
Dru OMG I can't believe it took this long for me to figure out your super long comment. Deleted, btw. And Erin's Hala is an exception. - Mona Nomura
Mona, i LOVE my Crocs :-P my feet are in perfect shape thanks to this brilliant brand, thank you! - Majento
I'm so happy! My wife wears 'em and buys for my youngest as well. I think they are SO ugly. - Herb Hernandez
Goodbye and Good Riddance! - Kyle Judkins
It becomes other people's concerns when WAY too many people that don't take care of their feet expose it for COMFORT. Plus, Crocs colors are atrocious. It's criminal, unless you do it right (like Erin's daughter) - Mona Nomura
but i just saw earlier a pic of a new line of crocs and they looked good :( - chaz2b
Relax, they're not going out of business! This was a rumor that was squashed :) - Mona Nomura
no, i just posted the link i was talkling about, - chaz2b
wooooohooo! - Christian (Simply X)
I hate this world - Bwana ☠
It's true that some of the colors are way off, i only buy black ones & they're cool - Majento
I don't think they will ever go away. Just because you are all hating on them doesn't change the fact that they rock. And wall mart will always sell knock off crocs because they can make a killing. Parents love crocs for kids. If Crocs need to reorg to get past relying on debt to operate so be it. - Christian Burns
Lol - I'm so far behind this week!! Glad to see George already dropped by and squashed the rumor - after Crocs saved my feet in Austin @ SxSW (thanks to George) I'm a die-hard fan - and no, not of the old-style Mickey Mouse shoes - but of the cute ones I wore all over down there that no one would've known were crocs except I couldn't help telling everyone! :) - Lucretia Pruitt
I was a "croc-hater" too for awhile. My kids absolutely love them. Personally, I own Nike, Adidas, Prada, Tommy Bahama and Croc flip-flops (normal looking) and the Crocs are by far the most comfortable. - Adam Rogers
I'm with Adam. I don't wear them myself, but my daughter loves them. And if she loves them and can put them on herself (she's 3), they're winners in my book. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
And like someone above said - they're not going away. There are too many knock-offs for the style to go away. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
heh. at the horrific prices they charge for original Crocs, I went and shamelessly bought knock-offs at roughly 10% of the price - a whole rainbow collection. my feet love them when I go malling. I save my original Hush Puppies for the times I need to put up an "image" for other people. =) - Starshadow Rivaulx
My kids love them. I do not. To each, their own. - Martha
Lynne d Johnson
Lawrence lessig says viacom is tolerant of people who remix their works but not folks who just straight up jack it
Daniel Andrlik
Attention gamer geeks! I need your assistance. Seeking cross-platform battlegrid for running a D&D game over net that doesn't look like ass.
keep me in the loop on this if i drop the ball, i'd like to know how it turns out - Eric Rice
I'll let you know what I find when I'm done looking. It's a weird mix of stuff that does too little and stuff that does too much (but does that too much without being compat with 4E rules, probably due to issues with the change in d20 license). - Daniel Andrlik
Carla Thompson
Just saw a meteor. driving south on 75 in Plano tx. Alert the media!
Well, if someone loads them in a truck. - ⓞnor
Looks like a wide swath of Texas saw this. Current guess from the media is that it's a fragment from the satellite collision last week. Looking forward to seeing this pan out, but this is another good example of Twitter being ahead of traditional media. - Kevin Fox
Apparently NOAA thinks this is satellite debris, and some has been sighted (and felt) falling in Kentucky as well: - Kevin Fox
Chris, my husband had the same comment on my tweet. And yes, we both saw it and are not, thankfully, crazy. They're now backtracking and saying it wasn't satellite debris. Our alien overlords have arrived! - Carla Thompson
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Killer find from Bibi... - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I think I'll stay away from the uranium ring! - Michael Fidler
too bad they can't do the entire periodic table as a practical collection - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Heh, a neon or oxygen ring? - Tyson Key
Hutch Carpenter
I use Diigo, w/ autotransfer of bookmarks to Delicious. Having two services hold my bookmarks seems smart after Magnolia's data loss.
Hear ya Colby, but the local storage defeats the social aspect, doesn't it? P2P social bookmarking? - Hutch Carpenter
Diigo rocks! I use Diigo for the social bookmarking, but Foxmarks for an online availability/backup. - Phil Ashman
I use Diigo because it seems there's a higher grade of user (lots of academics) and I use Evernote to bookmark things I don't want to share (even though Diigo leaves a breadcrumb of every site I look at, heh. - Eric Rice
I have been a Diigo user for quite a hiel now and love the services it offers. So far it makes the top of my list for social bookmarkign services. - Chris Miller from twhirl
I do the same as you, Hutch, plus have post my daily additions to my blog... 3 places is better than 2 :). - Lindsay
Delicious will post daily additions to your blog? Ooh must check out if it will do that to Typepad! - Sally Church
Mona Nomura
Ugly Pillow That Makes You Last Longer -
Ugly Pillow That Makes You Last Longer
But, you'd have to put the pillow on top of the girl's face for it to work, and wouldn't that be a suffocation risk? - FFing Enigma
Last longer? That would chase it away! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Better than a paperbag! - Mona Nomura from IM
Can anyone say "Viagra sales increasing"? - Just Mrs. V
...and give you nightmares. - Micah Monserrat
can i get a pillow with the other girl's picture on it? ..... just kidding - Nathan Rein
+100 Trish. - Just Mrs. V
I went out with her! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
What if the pillow looks better than some poor guys date? - Jemm
Hehe, thanks for this :D It certainly made me smile! - Neya
I have "heard" that reciting the states from North east to southwest works better than this pillow. ;-) - Amani
Or to already get used to how it looks when she gets old. ;) - Meryn Stol
SICK! :D - sean percival
Hawt! - jjprojects
oh. my. gawd - Erin @queenofspain
I want the pillow on the right - Zulkarnain K.
lol Lou! - embee
That's kinda scary. - Christian (Simply X)
+1 LouCypher , that way you could put it over the girls head if she were a "Prawn". - Will Higgins™
Is that Ernest Borgnine in a wig? - Bryan R. Adams
I need the science on this one. - Martha
"If you’re like me, you’re probably the type of stallion that gives great sex for extended periods of time, pleasing your woman on multiple occasions, so much so that she devotes her life savings to you." true - sean percival
Nathan Chase
T-Shirt Hell Shuts Doors After One Too Many Hate Emails -
T-Shirt Hell Shuts Doors After One Too Many Hate Emails
"After 8 years, the owner of T-Shirt Hell, Aaron Landau Schwarz, is shutting down the site on February 10, 2009" - Nathan Chase from Bookmarklet
With merchandise like that, I thought he would have a thicker skin. - Morton Fox
yeah - it definitely seems odd... must have just been his last straw - Nathan Chase
could be just a publicity stunt to garner positive feedback, and then a change of heart too... never know - Nathan Chase
I always thought this one was cute: - Nathan Chase
That brief line about 'safety of employees' makes me wonder. People can be a little batshit when they don't get the joke. Take how many people were like, OMG BLACKNESS when Obama did a fist pound. Anyway, re-shared. Sad to see them go. Must peruse inventory. - Eric Rice
say it ain't so! I loved their t-shirts! I want to buy this one: - Chieze Okoye
Converse All Star Ox Clear (via -
Not sure I could actually get down with these, but, I'm sure other cats in the camp would be down for them. - DYKC?™
I don't think I could get down with them either. - Lynne d Johnson
Uncomfortable shoes but my socks kick so it would be ok - Eric Rice
Wouldn't wear these, but just like looking at them :) - Melissa
Annie Ok
Lethal: iPhone/iPod Touch application - use auto-location to tell you about all the potential dangers around you -
Lethal: iPhone/iPod Touch application - use auto-location to tell you about all the potential dangers around you
"Want to know everything in your area which poses a threat? LETHAL uses auto-location to deliver information you need to be on your guard. Find out more about the dangers which could surround you — the hostile animals, the likelihood of crimes, the prevalence of disease, and the potential accidents and disasters. Drawing from a proprietary database compiling information from government and academic statistics and research, LETHAL offers information on more than 300 locations across all 50 states. Are you visiting a new city and want to know how dangerous the crime is? Will you be hiking and wanting to know what beast could be lurking behind the next tree? LETHAL can keep you properly informed." - Annie Ok
just what I need...something to make me more paranoid lol - Erin @queenofspain
Niiiice we have mountain lions and coyotes here... AND RFID companies! \o/ - Eric Rice
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