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Facebook Is Generating 21% Of Your Total Site Traffic -
Facebook could be witnessing a slow down in increasing number of users month-over-month but in contrast the site’s referral traffic is improving. In March this year the online social media giant has been found responsible for sending one out of every five visits to websites, which is 37.65% higher than the Facebook referral traffic recorded in December last year.According to the latest report from Shareaholic, the referral capacity of Facebook has been improving for the last few months. However, in the month of March, websites tracked by shareaholic recorded a sudden unusual spike in referral traffic from Facebook. The report clearly highlights the trends in referral traffic and growing contribution of each online social media network. Shareaholic’s findings are based on four months of data collected from 300,000+ websites that recorded more 400 million unique visitors each month. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Why Images and Photos Rule Social Media -
Social media is a marketing monster. It provides the most powerful platform to share your message with the world. But, how do marketers break through all the “noise” on social? With so many companies sharing so much stuff, what tactics do the savviest marketers use for social media optimization across their social networks?I came across the Social Media Content Optimization Survey, administered by Software Advice in partnership with Adobe, and I wanted to share its findings with you. Revealed in the early stages of the survey were the answers to the important questions I asked above, and more. Looks like if you aren’t using images and photos in your social media distribution, you may be missing the mark.Here is a Q&A with Ashley Verrill, Social CRM Researcher at Software Advice about the survey’s findings and the most effective tactics marketers are incorporating into their social sharing strategy and execution. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Google Approves The Marketing Land Google Glass App -
How's this for felicitous timing? Just days after Google Glass does its first public sale, which sells out all available units, the newest official Glasswa - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Three Reasons #SocialMedia Marketing Strategy Drives Content -
At this stage in the digital marketing game, content and social media are past the point of “nice to have.” In both large and small marketing organizations, strategies and budgets are being set to focus efforts in both areas. Yet many misconceptions still exist around what each term really implies. To some, social media is a means to distribute messages, and to others, social media marketing strategy is at the core of content creation. It is important for marketers to understand how to get the most out of their marketing strategies—whether they focus on content, social media, or both.If it’s true that social media and content marketing serve many of the same business goals and marketing objectives, such as building brand awareness, attracting new prospects, engaging customers, and supporting SEO, what is the difference and why should marketers care? Content marketing should be viewed as the process of creating engaging content that companies use to educate, inform, and entertain... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Popular Pays combines social media and marketing -
A Chicago-based startup that wants to turn popular Instagram users into online billboards says it's riding a surge of growth.Popular Pays, an 1871 alum now based in the North Loop offices of Havas Worldwide Chicago, connects popular social media users with companies, which hand out free products in return for exposure.CEO and co-founder Corbett Drummey said Popular Pays, founded in August, went from about 600,000 impressions in February to more than 3 million in March. Drummey said the increased activity is the result of the company’s effort to get larger national brands to sign onto the platform and that the upward trend is holding in April.Drummey said his company has stopped working to sign up smaller local clients to the platform. “Now they come to us,” he said, referring to small businesses like coffee shops, where the company first tested its idea. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
MediaPost Publications Social-Savvy Brands Favor Facebook, Twitter -
While the real value of brands' various social networks remains a mystery, it's still fun (maddening?) to compare top performers in terms of followers, engagement, and activity.On average, the 20 most social-savvy brands had about 14.5 million Facebook fans in March, along with 1.9 million Twitter followers, and north of half a million YouTube subscribers.That’s courtesy of new findings from social analytics firm Socialbakers, which also found that top 20 social brands posted to Facebook an average of 52 times last month, while tweeting 174 times and uploading video to YouTube 19 times. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
The Future of Social Media ROI: From Likes to Relational Metrics -
Measuring the success of social media interactions cannot be done using traditional ROI metrics. The nature of the communication channels involved requires a brand new approach.Last year’s record haze that blanketed Singapore and surrounding countries caused enormous social media chatter. Singaporeans turned to Twitter and Facebook to voice their concerns, fears and complaints about the smog emanating from burning Indonesian farmland across the Malacca Strait in nearby Sumatra. Many were worried that respirator masks were in short supply as citizens descended on pharmacies to stock up.3M, a major supplier of N95 face masks was quick to respond. The company jumped into action, forming a crisis team of 20 employees dedicated to coordinating with the government and its supply chain to make sure there were enough masks to go around. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
MediaPost Publications Hands Up: Who Has A Disruptive Technology? -
Figures released this week at the Festival of Media Global in Rome by ZenithOptimedia predict that spend on display advertising, which was presumed on the decline not even two years ago, is set to overtake paid search advertising spend by 2015. And why? Thanks to programmatic trading, according to the forecast. By definition, we know that tech is here to shake things up. Where technology collides with traditional media, the mechanics of buying advertising space are moving away from the traditional practice of using long paper trails towards an automated system.There is a buoyancy and an excitement in the world of online media. Fears of an ad tech bubble are being quashed by success stories of businesses like Rubicon Project, which debuted on the New York Stock Exchange only last week, with shares jumping over 30% in the first two days. It’s a far cry from the ambitious ad tech IPO hiccups of 2013. Now that programmatic is finding its stride, everywhere I turn companies want to be... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Birds of a Feather Flock Together on Vingle, New Social Network Site -
Do you have any hobbies you really love? A new South Korean-based social network called Vingle wants to help you connect and converse with people who have similar passions across the globe no matter what languages they speak!The site boasts over 2,000 interests that users can create and follow via a collections tool. Popular topics on the site include news, sports, entertainment, food, fashion and travel. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
myWebRoom Picks Up $2.8M To Build Out Its Online Platform For Self Expression, Drops Beta Tag -
This morning myWebRoom dropped its beta tag and announced that it has raised a total of $2.8 million to date.As a service, myWebRoom is something of a hybrid social, bookmarking, and user-expression experience. In short, each myWebRoom user has a WebRoom that might look something like this ... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
7 Words of Wisdom From C.S. Lewis On ... Social Media Marketing? -
C.S. Lewis is famous for wearing quite a few hats in his time: novelist, teacher, critic, and apologist – to name just a few. “Social media marketing expert” was most definitely not one of those titles. (In truth, Lewis wasn’t that keen on technology on the whole.) But, great minds like Lewis and Tolkien have a way of speaking universal truths that even apply to fields they couldn’t have dreamed (cough, cough… social media marketing).The BuzzPlant team is a tight group of Lewis nerds (we even got to do some marketing work on a Narnia film), so indulge us, won’t you?“It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.”Classic advertising wisdom says a customer has to hear a message seven times before it really registers. Repetition is key in driving a message home. So, if you have something important to say on a noisy platform like Twitter, don’t be timid about repetition in your Tweets. Guy Kawasaki says to repeat Tweets four times a day. (And if Guy does it, it’s usually a good idea.) - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Marketing lesson: Social media marketing -
Advice on improving social media marketing results, from some of the best in the business:Post in “micro-opportunity” windows. Based on the way meetings are scheduled and conducted, many businesspeople are checking their social media accounts just before and after the top of the hour or bottom of the hour. Deploy [your social media marketing] in these micro-opportunity windows. – Jay Baer, founder of Convince & ConvertLimit your social media platforms. Find three or four social media platforms where you can build the strongest presence that will be most beneficial for your business. – John Lee Dumas, founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFireAllow employees to advocate for your business. Wouldn’t it be great if all of your sales and marketing people shared content from your company’s account? Help your company reach more people and help your sales and marketing folks better brand your company in social media. – Neal Schaffer, president of Windmills MarketingAttend live events. Get out of... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How To Convert Leads With Social Media -
Businesses that engage in social media marketing are already doing themselves a world of good. A strong online presence is crucial to successful online marketing, and social media plays a huge role in building that online strength. Social media, however, can do even more.Converting leads with social media seems like a pipe dream to many businesses, but for some, social leads actually convert. Stop doubting your ability to turn a real social ROI; here are some of the best tactics for converting leads with social media. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
8 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing -
Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ can be high efficiency platforms that serve as a hub for all your social media engagement activities.Video and photo sharing sites such as YouTube, Flickr, and Instagram can be repositories to archive content that is distributed through other channels. Blogs can become niche-market penetration tools to reach individual audience segments.That said, social media should not be viewed as a standalone channel that is separate from other marketing initiatives. Instead, view it as a “multiplier” that integrates with and enhances existing marketing communication strategies.In other words, rather than create social media campaigns, make all of your marketing campaigns social.Here are eight ways to integrate social media with other forms of marketing. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tactics: More Than 35 Ideas -
Distributing information about your business in a way that viewers will find valuable — helpful and relevant to their business — is the definition of content marketing. The goal is to create relationships by building trust in your company, boosting your credibility and enhancing your “go-to expert” status. There are numerous ways to distribute content: digitally, in print and in-person. The methods or media you choose will depend on your audience (what channels they access), your budget (the time and money resources available), and your inclination (it’s not an easy undertaking but, done well, can be extremely successful).Here’s an extensive list of ways to utilize content marketing to tell your “brand story”. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Exploring Pinterest for Establishing Business/ your Brand -
Countless number of people are blogging nowadays to share their valuable content, hobbies, interests, tastes and values but not many of them are aware how to connect and reach to the global digital community, magnetize audience to drive traffic, discover strategies for conversion, and create that everlasting impact which inspires people to buy their products and talk about them. Everyone aspires to seek attention and grow in a way that attaches a “world’s largest” prefix to their Brand or business.In all possibility, all of us try to achieve the following 3 goals -1) Grow the network fast by reaching to more and more people.2) Discover and share the things people love.3) Map the target audience, gain quality traffic and convert them subsequently.All these goals can be achieved through the most popular widely-growing social engagement network–Pinterest. So let’s indulge to know the ins and outs of this viral platform and learn how to give a positive-first impact to succeed in all the forthcoming marketing efforts. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Three Easy Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing -
You’ve heard that social media marketing can lead to more loyal customers, more brand recognition, more repeat business, more… well, everything.But successes like these aren’t instant or automatic. Effective social media marketing requires a great deal of effort. It isn’t easy for small business owners—or anyone—to come up with a steady stream of pithy statements in 140 characters or less.That said, there are some simple solutions that can make a difference in reaching and connecting with your audience. Here are three strategies you can add immediately to your social media marketing arsenal. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social Media Versus Social Networking as a Content Marketing Strategy -
Content marketing and social network marketing are not the same thing. Content marketing is creating solid, high-integrity content that attracts prospective business opportunities. Social network marketing is pushing around your friends, family, and the hundreds of other people you do NOT know, but have befriended so it looks like you know a lot of people.I hear the two terms, Social Media and Social Networks, used interchangeably. But that does NOT make them the same. Nor should they be thought of as the same animal. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Successful Blogging: 17 Answers to 4 Major Questions -
Did you know more than 2 million blog posts get published every day?Looking at this number, chances are that your readers might be suffering from content overload and likely might not be willing to read your content, unless you offer them something strikingly different.If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, you need a full-proof strategy, a plan that would encompass everything from writing to publishing, sharing with others to responding to feedback.Here I have jotted down 4 major questions that you must ask yourself before starting a blog. Don’t worry I have the answers as well. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Mozilla and Pocket launch new bookmarking feature for the Firefox Social API -
Hours after hiring Javascript creator Brendan Eich as its new chief executive, Mozilla has launched a new feature for its Firefox Social API: Social Bookmarks.The new feature, debuting with launch partners like Pocket, extends Mozilla’s existing Social API. Social Bookmarks work just like the Firefox favorite button, with an immediate save-on-click function and a drop-down with additional, optional steps.This release marks an important step for Mozilla’s Social API — the API was criticized in the past for its limitations, including the inability to support more than one social network at a time. Social Bookmarks could help the browser company recruit social media services to build new, more consistent extensions for Firefox. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
12 ways to automate and systemise 95% of your blog promotion strategy -
Promoting blog posts can be a very repetitive and mundane task, especially for bloggers in the early stages who don’t have a six or seven figure audience to send their content out to.Below are some of the tactics and techniques that I’ve experimented with over the past few years to try and systemise aspects of blog promotion.Some of them are very basic, such as using simple IFTTT recipes, and some are slightly more complex - involving combinations of autoresponders and ‘pay with a like buttons’.Wherever you are in growing your blog, I hope you find at least one or two things that will save you some time, or help you reach a larger audience with your blogging. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Firefox 28 released with UI changes and multiple bug fixes -
Mozilla has released the latest general release build of the Firefox browser, specifically, Firefox 28 for Android, Linux, Mac and Windows.Existing Firefox users will be upgraded to Firefox 28 automatically (or can check for updates via the About Firefox dialog in the Help menu), while new users can download the latest version from The Firefox 28 for Android, on the other hand, is being rolled out to the Google Play store and will be available in all regions in coming days.Mozilla has added a bunch of new features with Firefox 28. The highlight feature of the Firefox 28 is the new notification centre support for web notifications on Mac OS X, and the VP9 video decoding.A detailed changelog for Firefox 28 on Windows has been provided by Mozilla, and it includes new horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume controls; support for Opus in WebM and various security fixes. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
SEO is Dead: Long Live OC/DC -
I want to let you in on a little secret …I really hate the term “SEO.”This may come as a surprise to many since I am the resident SEO guy at Copyblogger and very active in the SEO community.But for the past two years I have felt that the entire concept of SEO, while an important part of online marketing, had a very “spammy” connotation.The term too often aligns our work with unprofessional practices like link buying and web spamming for article placement.And with the recent issues around the SEO effort of Rap Genius, and the resulting negative impressions about SEO with the wider public, I have made it my mission for 2014 to eradicate the term SEO once and for all.Yes, SEO is officially dead. Not the practice, but the term.But what term should take its place? - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
After The Facebook And Google Click, How An 'Attention Web' Might Be Better -
A few weeks ago I asked my digital media class a question. It went something like, “As a consumer of information online, what actions do you take when you really value something?” A time-tested example is bookmarking to the front page of a news source that has proven reliably fun, interesting, important to read/view/hear.These are college students who plan to enter some aspect of the communication field, either as journalists, PR and marketing professionals, digital media entertainment producers and who knows what else. But I was asking them, as much as possible, to think strictly as consumers, which I believe is the first perspective anyone going into these fields should have.Here’s a digest of the answers ... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How to Tell if Your Social Media Efforts Are Paying Off -
In his book Tweet Naked, online marketing expert and Social Media Firm CEO Scott Levy provides the critical information entrepreneurs need to craft a social media strategy that will boost their brand and their business. In this edited excerpt, the author explains exactly why you must keep an eye on your social media campaign conversion rates and your return on investment. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
What Is The Future Of Social Media? -
Much has been written about Facebook’s acquisition of the rapidly growing WhatsApp. At a total purchase price of $19 billion, it’s one of the largest in history, and some harbingers of doom would say, yet another sign that we’re back in a dot com era bubble.However, this particular merger is no AOL-Time Warner, nor is it any of the many other disastrous acquisitions that litter the early 2000s road to ruin. In fact, to pay attention only to the dollar sign behind any of Facebook’s historical acquisitions would be to miss the heart of the matter: where Facebook goes, so, too, does all of social media. After all, its initial spread pretty much made social media. Ever since Mark Zukerberg et al have continually expanded the role of social media in our society, setting the norm in terms of the kinds of services and behavior social media users can expect to enjoy and exhibit.Even now as its competitors grow and its younger users flee to more private and streamlined sites, Facebook’s long... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Content Marketing: 9 Ideas to Improve Your Blog -
Keeping your blog interesting and updated is important if you want visitors coming back to your website. Here are nine ideas to help you improve your blog. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
What next for social media? -
Social Media Week has been and gone, but are there any lessons we can learn from the global event that boasts more than 2,500 events in 25 cities throughout the year?During the New York social media show, some common threads emerged once the dust had settled. Here are my top five predictions to come from Social Media Week. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Facebook Redesign: 4 Missed Chances -
Yes, Facebook just announced more tweaks to the desktop version of your news feed -- but hold the eye roll and heavy sigh: These aren't that bad.Photos got the biggest update: Images in your news feed will span the entire width of the column. The social network also adopted a new font and darkened the background color; removed some left-side navigation options to simplify your choices; and flipped the button position in the top-right of your news feed. There are a handful of other minor changes, but they're mostly cosmetic.Facebook said the changes, which roll out over the next few weeks, stem from last year's failed redesign and aim to improve the consistency of the desktop and mobile versions. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social media will become a much bigger contributor to marketing ROI than TV -
As part of Marketing's series to mark 25 years since Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for the World Wide Web, April Redmond, chief marketing officer of Kerry Foods, remembers how her boss once scoffed at the potential of the internet.I’ve been in dotcom since before dotcom was cool. Back in my early career, I vividly remember a meeting when I was trying to explain the potential for how people would use the internet in the future to my boss. I excitedly said 'people will listen to music and watch videos on it'. He flippantly replied 'kind of like the radio and TV then!'. I left the meeting feeling stupid but a big part of me knew the internet would change the world. And so it has. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
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