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Not Just for Arts and Crafts: How to Use Pinterest Productively -
Pinterest gets a reputation for being all about pinning pretty things and not getting much done. However, as active users could tell you, it's actually great for organizing information, finding inspiration, and getting real work done. Especially on creative projects. Here's how.At its core, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool. Sounds pretty boring right? What's neat, however, is that it's not isolated in its own world. Unlike something like Evernote or Pocket, the site's users share their own pins and pin boards with each other. The result is creative cross-pollination. You can get inspiration for your own projects while other people draft off of-and build on-your ideas.This makes Pinterest ideal for a number of use cases that don't fit with other tools like Evernote. Projects with a largely visual component, or that can benefit from creative input from outsiders, are prime candidates. Here are a few use cases where Pinterest could be better for a task than something else. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social Media Marketing Tips from Facebook’s Mood Manipulation Study -
Facebook’s massive mood manipulation study may have stirred up debate about the ethical nature of the research, but its findings are of incredible value for digital marketers. The major takeaway for marketers is that each user’s social content is strongly influenced by the mood of that user’s News Feed. Overall, the findings offer several social media marketing tips that marketers can use to improve their own strategies.The study skewed the content of about 700,000 Facebook users’ feeds to display content that was either heavily positive or heavily negative in nature. According to Facebook, that manipulated content pushed those users to create content that was similarly skewed—users exposed to predominantly positive content were much more likely to post updates with a positive tone, and vice versa.In other words, Facebook wields incredible influence over its users. Even when Facebook is not intentionally altering content to affect users’ moods, the content featured in a Facebook user’s feed clearly has the ability to affect his or her mood, both on Facebook and into the physical world. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How To Get Industry Influencers To Boost Your Social Media Reach -
As social media marketing continues to mature, professionals are learning the value of reaching a large number of people. One post to an existing social media network will reach a professional’s existing audience, but those consumers are likely already aware of that brand. Reaching new customers is key, but social media is a much more subtle form of advertising than placing a billboard in Times Square or running an ad during the Super Bowl.If brands can locate a person who has wide reach on social media, one message can reach a large number of people. If the message is interesting enough, those members’ messages will be read and passed on by their followers, potentially reaching thousands of people in a short time. That’s why social media has such huge potential, but only when executed strategically. Here are seven steps for getting industry influencers to boost your brand’s social media reach. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How to run a killer social media marketing campaign -
Phone up a complaints hotline and it is not uncommon to hear that your message is being recorded before you are passed to the operator.Reasons listed include "quality control", or the more nebulous "monitoring", and whatever happens in that conversation only the company is left with a record, and not the consumer.All this is changing. According to Conversocial, almost 60% of 18- to 24-year-olds now use social media for customer care, and a third of all social media users prefer to contact companies that way. Disgruntled customer now vent across Twitter, inviting retweets from the sympathetic and subjecting firms to regular public scrutiny.Only in May of this year router company Mediabridge ended up having its router withdrawn from Amazon after a disagreement with a reviewer on the product page. A Reddit post by the reviewer claiming that he had received a threatening letter from the company went viral, with a Reddit mob flooding the page with scathing reviews. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Marketing to women on social media: 5 tips for doing it better -
"There's really no growth in comfort," said Katie Raymond, social media marketing manager for Harman, "If you're feeling pretty comfortable in what your social strategy is in targeting women, then you probably need to change it a little bit."It's not a bad thought considering that women control the majority of household spending but still experience a disconnect in the ways brands talk to them."For us as tech brands, we need to not lose sight of the fact that the way social media really works, is it benefits women in the way that women communicate," she said. She gave the example of crowd sourcing product reviews- something women are more likely to do, and are more able to do through social media. That means social can provide a space for authentic conversations around brands, she said.Updating strategy also takes a new approach that mirrors a changing workforce where more women are on or leading the teams responsible for advertising. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social Media Sites You’ve Never Heard Of (But Should) -
You know all about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+, even if you don’t necessarily have profiles on each of these platforms. However, there are thousands more . There are corners of the world where nobody uses Pinterest, and the most popular social media platform is something you’ve never heard of. Take a chance on a favorite from around the world. You might be surprised what you discover. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Make Your Social Media Marketing Work: Avoid These Slip-Ups -
What can you do online? A lot. The Internet has many things to offer. From searching information to getting cool online or intangible services such as reading from a psychic, to selling actual products – all of these can be done on the web.One of the things that most users do online is log in to social media sites. Millions of people from around the globe actively access their social media accounts each day.That being said, it’s just a smart move for businesses to use these platforms to market their products or services.If you are a business owner and you’ve been using social media to grow your brand, but you don’t think it’s working on your part, there might be some things that you are doing wrong. Throughout 2014, improve your social media marketing strategy by avoiding these common mistakes. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pure360: Purchasing behavior unaffected by Internet and social media -
According to Pure360's UK buying behavior study 'Confessions of a Shopping Nation', consumers believe that traditional marketing methods have more influence on their purchasing behavior than digital. Even so, three-quarters of UK consumers actively ignore all types of marketing messages and 59% feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of marketing information they are exposed to."The digital era has truly revolutionized buying habits and with consumers being daily bombarded with information, marketers must be more clever and tailored in their approach than ever before," says Abi Jacks, Head of Marketing at Pure360.Despite growing digital marketing budgets and the use of multiple online and mobile channels, more than two-thirds of consumers in the study said that social media and the Internet in general have very little influence on their purchase decisions. Today, 84% say they are spending more time than ever researching purchases, their main objective being to find the best value for money. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Internet Marketing 101: Social Media -
Social media works hand-in-hand with other, more traditional SEO strategies. Where SEO is about building a solid structure on which customers and search engines can navigate your content, social media marketing is about sharing that content and giving customers a reason to interact with you.Building a community and managing social engagement isn’t always easy, especially when it feels like a new social platform is “bringing in all the cool kids,” and if “you’re not on it you’ll never generate results.”The truth is that with a good plan and a lot of persistence even small companies can use a few social channels to really improve their results. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Yo app expands to Windows Phone and gets more useful with IFTTT channel -
Having taken iPhone and Android by storm, social app Yo has now been released for Windows Phone smartphones too.The single-use app, which pings "Yo" notifications back and forth between its users, already had more than 1 million users before its latest expansion.Developed in Israel, the app is backed by $1.2m of seed funding, with its developers hoping to prove that it is more than just a novelty app championed by journalists and Silicon Valley execs for a joke."The past few weeks have been incredible, with millions of users discovering how simple it can be to stay in touch with just with a Yo," said creator Or Arbel in a statement. "We are going to keep bringing that experience to as many users as possible and the new version is an important step in that direction."There are plenty of skeptics, but Yo is already showing potential when linked with other internet services. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
SnapUp Lets You Go Shopping, Track Prices Just By Taking Screenshots On Your iPhone -
A new application launching today on the iTunes App Store wants to make mobile shopping – including organizing products you like from multiple stores and receiving price drop notifications – as simple as taking a screenshot on your phone. SnapUp, as the app is called, is able to automatically identify and recognize the products you save as screenshots in your iPhone’s Camera Roll, allowing you to then move those products into lists, keep track of sales and other deals, and then finally buy when the price is right.The San Francisco-based startup was founded around a year ago, and is headed up by engineers Dan Cheung and Eric Goldberg, a One Kings Lane alum and the first engineer at StumbleUpon, as well as Shan Mehta, whose background is in e-commerce, banking and investing.Originally Cheung and Goldberg were working on a service that would help consumers find cool and interesting products, but after Mehta joined the team, they decided to shift their focus to mobile. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Google+ At 3 Years Old: Not A Ghost Town, But A Social Referral Graveyard -
Let’s put it aside from the get-go: Google+ is not a ghost town.Without a doubt there are millions of people who use and value the social network, which turns three tomorrow. There’s a vibrant community of photographers; there are Hangout on Air true believers; there are marketers who swear it’s the best social network for engaging with customers.And despite Walking Dead speculation driven by the unexpected resignation of longtime Google+ boss Vic Gundotra in April, two Google executives insisted this week that it won’t go out with a whimper.But the fact is that by one important measure — referral traffic — Google+ is unusually quiet. Some might say eerily so.As one Google+ commenter put it, “We seem to know that G+ is no ghost town. It is more of a social referral graveyard.” - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is An Absolute Must -
According to research by eMarketer, social media will have 2 billion users by 2016, and India is going to lead this growth. Social media may limit your thoughts to 140 characters, however, no amount of words can stress on the importance of the medium. People promote brands, encourage conversations and discussions, why, they even build brands via social media. MensXP understands the importance of 140 characters or less and give you seven reasons why social media marketing is an absolute must. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Following -
Wouldn't it be nice to create a Facebook or Twitter page and then magically get the right people liking and following you? And get those same people to spread the word about your company? Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. If you're looking for some practical and effective tips on how to develop a following on social media, you've come to the right place. Here are my top five ideas for building an engaged audience and getting results from social media. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Whyd, The "Human Pandora", Releases Its iPhone App -
Whyd, a music discovery website, is an app I really enjoy and which I try to write about when something happens. Whyd started out as a “Pinterest for Music”, letting people pull together playlists from all of the services–YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.–from the internet, but is growing beyond that into a broader music discovery service.Yesterday Whyd released its iPhone app, but I want to talk about the vision for the company, which I talked about with co-founder Gilles Poupardin over coffee.Whyd is cool because it fulfills a real need: there is more music than ever online and freely available, but it is locked up in several content siloes; letting people pull together playlists from all the different services is pretty cool and useful. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Did You Get Hit by Panda 4.0? Here’s Something to Lighten Up Your Day -
Some pretty big websites got knocked down hard in Google’s recent Panda 4.0 upgrade. How did your sites fair?If you got slapped down by Google’s new search algorithm (and reports suggest eBay lost a whopping 80% of its organic search traffic released on May 20, 2014), maybe the SEO jokes from SkilledUp will help brighten your mood.But, after you’ve had a chance to lick your wounds and have a chuckle, let’s get down to the tough business of building your site back up with a long-term focus on content marketing and SEO. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How to Measure Impacts of Email and Social Media -
Asking for your measurements isn't too personal of a question, so long as we’re talking about your email and social media marketing results.Tracking results is an often-overlooked task, especially if you’re caught up in great campaign ideas. Yet without seeing the full picture, you may make false assumptions and inadvertently alienate your customers and the potential to grow your business. To assess whether your email and social media marketing efforts are really working, take a closer look at the following. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Local businesses build trust with social media -
"What's it gonna take for me to get you on this Facebook page today?"Auto dealers ask that question with increasing frequency these days, now that buyers use social media to help in the search for a new ride.Forty-three percent of car buyers said they would use Facebook to search for a local dealership, while 59 percent would "trust" a review from a Facebook friend more than reviews found at other sites, according to the 2013 Automotive Social Media and Reputation Trend Study.That word – trust – isn't necessarily the first one you'd conjure up when it comes to shopping for a car. But dealers are instilling a renewed sense of it by working to ensure that a good experience in the showroom translates to a strong presence online. Their goal? Supercharged engagement in the form of thousands of new Facebook fans and "likes," a steady flow of Twitter followers and millions of good impressions, a metric for the visibility of ads and posts. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Shows Off its First Ad at Cannes While Gently Tweaking Google -
Pinterest showcased its first advertisement at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, an inspirational, heart-tugging 60-second video spot that played well among the crowd of creative honorees. But the company’s larger message to that audience–and the marketing world at large–seemed to be: we’re more like you than those people out in Silicon Valley (where Pinterest was founded).During a keynote presentation on Monday, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann–making his first appearance at Cannes– came armed with a clear set of messages: the social bookmarking site, despite its tech roots, is all about beauty and creativity. And Pinterest, not Google, is the place on the Web where people go to answer open ended questions and seek creative inspiration. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2014: A Marketer’s Guide -
Trying to manage social media within an enterprise organization? If so, you’re probably using some sort of software tool to help automate the process. As large organizations continue to embrace social media, it’s virtually impossible to be effective without using some sort of software platform to manage and analyze your efforts.Are you using a legacy software that you have outgrown? Or is management reviewing its options?Marketing Land’s sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, has recently released the 3rd edition of the popular report, Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2014: A Marketer’s Guide. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 Social Media Mistakes You Shouldn’t Even Think About Making -
Your company might have a killer value proposition that gets to the core of what you offer, but it’s bound to be of limited utility if you aren’t using all available content and social media marketing tools to broadcast it to your prospects.At the same time, not all marketing strategies are created equal. As you develop your firm’s social media presence, avoid making these three common social media mistakes. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Adds Two Former Apple Execs -
Pinterest announced two big hires today: Michael Lopp, who will head up engineering at the social-bookmarking site, and Bob Baxley, who joins as head of product design and research.Lopp was most recently a director at Palantir Technologies, a software company that specializes in data analysis. Before joining Palantir, Lopp spent over eight years as senior engineering manager at Apple. Baxley was most recently senior manager of design and product management at Apple. He was previously the director of design for Apple’s online store, and served in the same position for Yahoo Search.The company was recently valued at $5 billion, and is, in many ways, a dream network for marketers and retailers. It’s a large traffic driver for retail sites, outdoes Google in visual search, and has been rolling out new features for businesses. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
10 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing Right Now -
Here’s the thing about social media: it’s constantly changing. What worked or was trendy last year is now old news.Every year, Social Media Examiner releases its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report and looks at how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses. Lucky for you, I’ve picked a few highlights from the report that affect you as a small business owner. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 Keys to Millennial Marketing: Smartphones, Social Media, Hyper-Targeted Content -
It's universally acknowledged that millennials (those between the ages of 18 to 36) are the most tech-savvy generation. When marketing to this segment, you need to think about three key elements, according to new research:SmartphonesSocial mediaHyper-targeted contentIn its latest report, Content Finds the Consumer, global consumer experience management company SDL provides an examination of millennial media habits. The results show that close to 70 percent of millennials use two different devices every day. Among them, smartphone usage dominates. Millennials check their smartphones 43 times per day. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest to Launch a Self-Serve Ad Auction -
Pinterest only launched its first paid ads with a group of brand marketers last month, but it's already setting out to court advertising's long tail.The social-bookmarking company is rolling out a self-serve, auction-based ad system that it says is currently aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike the ad business it's been getting off the ground with big brands like Kraft, Nestle, Gap and General Mills, which is priced based on CPMs -- or cost per thousand impressions -- the self-serve auction will take bids on a cost-per-click basis.And while Pinterest has set high spending thresholds for brands to experiment with its "promoted pins" -- asking for $1 million to $2 million commitments when it was shopping the ads around this winter -- pricing in the auction will be set by the marketplace. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Google’s Rumored Stars Bookmarking Service Gets A Bit More Real As Chrome Extension Leaks -
We’ve been hearing rumors about Google Stars — a new bookmarking service from Google — for quite a while now, but today, the project got a bit more real thanks to an extension the well-known Google watcher Florian Kiersch found earlier today. German blogger Carsten Knobloch has made the extension available for download and you can find a link to it at the end of his post here (installing this is at your own risk, of course).2014-05-30_1040Once installed, Stars is integrated into Chrome and takes over your regular Chrome bookmarks page and replaces it with a grid-like view of the sites you have already bookmarked in Chrome. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
6 Ways to Build Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2014 -
At Omnicore, we strive to stay on top of what’s happening online in every arena from SEO to Conversion optimization. When we look at what’s ahead for the coming year and start thinking about what we as marketers will need to do to stay ahead of the curve, we’re both excited and challenged by the thought.2014 is going to be an exciting year, both in terms of the content brands will generate and the trends in visual marketing and web design that will make it to the success stories.Here is our take on what you need to do in 2014 to build successful digital marketing campaigns this year. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
5 ways to effectively integrate memes into your marketing campaign -
For some reason, a lot of people tend to overlook memes when they’re coming up with their marketing campaigns. That’s a shame because the format presents a great way to integrate popular Internet humour into campaigns.Here are just a few reasons why people should include memes in their marketing. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Facebook team has updated its mobile app -
Mobile app updated with a function that allows it to listen in on background noise, pinpoint media--including TV shows, movies and music--and then include that media in a status update. The info will be included as a subset of the popular "feelings and activities" section of statuses, 5 billion of which were posted in the last year, according to Facebook. The company says that the new feature will make conversations "quicker and easier," and is just one more indication of the social network's newfound devotion to mobility. To avoid getting too Big Brother-y, Facebook made the function optional, and it can be disabled in the app's options.Looking to become a more ubiquitous name in the mobile customer relationship management, or CRM, industry, released last week an update to its mobile CRM app that included 30 new features focused on creating a single environment for customers to complete their tasks.The characteristics of a solid Stache are sleek, well-groomed and a... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
10 secrets of Internet Explorer 11 -
Microsoft’s web browser is bursting with cool extras that most people don’t know about, including a way of getting rid of adverts for more aesthetically pleasing reading, organising your favourites, and snapping two web pages side-by-side.You can download Internet Explorer here, but let’s see what else it can do… - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
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