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3 Social Media Mistakes You Shouldn’t Even Think About Making -
Your company might have a killer value proposition that gets to the core of what you offer, but it’s bound to be of limited utility if you aren’t using all available content and social media marketing tools to broadcast it to your prospects.At the same time, not all marketing strategies are created equal. As you develop your firm’s social media presence, avoid making these three common social media mistakes. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Adds Two Former Apple Execs -
Pinterest announced two big hires today: Michael Lopp, who will head up engineering at the social-bookmarking site, and Bob Baxley, who joins as head of product design and research.Lopp was most recently a director at Palantir Technologies, a software company that specializes in data analysis. Before joining Palantir, Lopp spent over eight years as senior engineering manager at Apple. Baxley was most recently senior manager of design and product management at Apple. He was previously the director of design for Apple’s online store, and served in the same position for Yahoo Search.The company was recently valued at $5 billion, and is, in many ways, a dream network for marketers and retailers. It’s a large traffic driver for retail sites, outdoes Google in visual search, and has been rolling out new features for businesses. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
10 Things You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing Right Now -
Here’s the thing about social media: it’s constantly changing. What worked or was trendy last year is now old news.Every year, Social Media Examiner releases its annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report and looks at how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses. Lucky for you, I’ve picked a few highlights from the report that affect you as a small business owner. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 Keys to Millennial Marketing: Smartphones, Social Media, Hyper-Targeted Content -
It's universally acknowledged that millennials (those between the ages of 18 to 36) are the most tech-savvy generation. When marketing to this segment, you need to think about three key elements, according to new research:SmartphonesSocial mediaHyper-targeted contentIn its latest report, Content Finds the Consumer, global consumer experience management company SDL provides an examination of millennial media habits. The results show that close to 70 percent of millennials use two different devices every day. Among them, smartphone usage dominates. Millennials check their smartphones 43 times per day. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest to Launch a Self-Serve Ad Auction -
Pinterest only launched its first paid ads with a group of brand marketers last month, but it's already setting out to court advertising's long tail.The social-bookmarking company is rolling out a self-serve, auction-based ad system that it says is currently aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Unlike the ad business it's been getting off the ground with big brands like Kraft, Nestle, Gap and General Mills, which is priced based on CPMs -- or cost per thousand impressions -- the self-serve auction will take bids on a cost-per-click basis.And while Pinterest has set high spending thresholds for brands to experiment with its "promoted pins" -- asking for $1 million to $2 million commitments when it was shopping the ads around this winter -- pricing in the auction will be set by the marketplace. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Google’s Rumored Stars Bookmarking Service Gets A Bit More Real As Chrome Extension Leaks -
We’ve been hearing rumors about Google Stars — a new bookmarking service from Google — for quite a while now, but today, the project got a bit more real thanks to an extension the well-known Google watcher Florian Kiersch found earlier today. German blogger Carsten Knobloch has made the extension available for download and you can find a link to it at the end of his post here (installing this is at your own risk, of course).2014-05-30_1040Once installed, Stars is integrated into Chrome and takes over your regular Chrome bookmarks page and replaces it with a grid-like view of the sites you have already bookmarked in Chrome. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
6 Ways to Build Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2014 -
At Omnicore, we strive to stay on top of what’s happening online in every arena from SEO to Conversion optimization. When we look at what’s ahead for the coming year and start thinking about what we as marketers will need to do to stay ahead of the curve, we’re both excited and challenged by the thought.2014 is going to be an exciting year, both in terms of the content brands will generate and the trends in visual marketing and web design that will make it to the success stories.Here is our take on what you need to do in 2014 to build successful digital marketing campaigns this year. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
5 ways to effectively integrate memes into your marketing campaign -
For some reason, a lot of people tend to overlook memes when they’re coming up with their marketing campaigns. That’s a shame because the format presents a great way to integrate popular Internet humour into campaigns.Here are just a few reasons why people should include memes in their marketing. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Facebook team has updated its mobile app -
Mobile app updated with a function that allows it to listen in on background noise, pinpoint media--including TV shows, movies and music--and then include that media in a status update. The info will be included as a subset of the popular "feelings and activities" section of statuses, 5 billion of which were posted in the last year, according to Facebook. The company says that the new feature will make conversations "quicker and easier," and is just one more indication of the social network's newfound devotion to mobility. To avoid getting too Big Brother-y, Facebook made the function optional, and it can be disabled in the app's options.Looking to become a more ubiquitous name in the mobile customer relationship management, or CRM, industry, released last week an update to its mobile CRM app that included 30 new features focused on creating a single environment for customers to complete their tasks.The characteristics of a solid Stache are sleek, well-groomed and a... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
10 secrets of Internet Explorer 11 -
Microsoft’s web browser is bursting with cool extras that most people don’t know about, including a way of getting rid of adverts for more aesthetically pleasing reading, organising your favourites, and snapping two web pages side-by-side.You can download Internet Explorer here, but let’s see what else it can do… - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Three sites that will super-charge your social media use -
Content is king, say social media gurus. It’s important to share lots of great content, they say.That’s great, but what if you simply don’t have the time? What if life and, you know, real work get in the way? And anyway, what’s the point of sharing so much “stuff”?If you are a travel agent and keen to make more of social media, sharing good content can benefit your business. It helps keep you front-of-mind and shows the world that you are a travel expert, all of which help to drive bookings.Good content might be sharing someone’s travel blog, an eye-catching photo, the latest video from your favourite tourist board, your best travel quotes or tips on packing a suitcase. Your shared content should be interesting, helpful or amusing - and relevant to your business.Sharing content doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Here are some practical tips on how to find, share and create content quickly and easily. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
When Shama Kabani Hyder published her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing in 2010, she got an email from a potential customer. "Is it available on the iPad?" he asked. "You mean that device that came out yesterday?" she replied. "Yes," he said.Customers keep raising the bar on what they expect from businesses, said Hyder, founder and CEO of the The Marketing Zen Group, to the crowd during a breakout session at Inc.'s 2014 Growth conference in Nashville. And businesses have to work even harder to meet those expectations.In the talk, titled “Digital Foresight: 7 Pivotal Trends Every Leader Must Know,” Hyder shared her advice for companies navigating the ever-changing world of social media. Here are the trends she says you need to follow. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Cross The Effectiveness Threshold In Your Social Media Marketing -
Whenever Scotty would say to Captain Kirk, “She’s brrreaking up, Captain,” or even, “She can’t take it anymore,” he was suggesting that the Starship Enterprise’s condition was going beyond a threshold from which there was no turning back.plane_soundbarrier_shutterstock_107848724Thresholds exist in many parts of our lives: economies, diseases, pharmaceuticals and marketing. We don’t simply carry our brides across the threshold, but our planes cross them at the end of runways, and we even see ourselves metaphorically crossing one into a new age.You might have a higher threshold for pain, while an absolute threshold is the smallest amount of stimulus needed to detect a sound, smell or color.In advertising, the threshold effect refers to the notion that our efforts require concentration. If you spent a hundred thousand dollars in national advertising, you can predict that the effect will be inconsequential. If you spent that same budget in your local community, you might very well own the market.Spend too little in any given situation, and you might as well have simply thrown your money away. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Unveils New Tech to Become More Measurable -
Now open for business with its new ad offering, Pinterest has taken the long-awaited step of making itself more measurable to brands.The four-year-old social-bookmarking company is opening up a business insights API, letting a small group of developers who build software for marketers tap into intelligence about how pins are performing across its network of 30 billion and counting of them. (API stands for application-programming interface and is a set of rules that allows third parties to interact with platforms and services.)It's the first time Pinterest has let third-party developers build on top of its platform and an anticipated move since the company hired John Yi away from Facebook last year. Mr. Yi had previously headed up Facebook's sprawling preferred marketing developer program. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Valued at $5 Billion and Still Growing -
By definition, Pinterest is still a startup — a very healthy startup valued at $5 billion, according to ReadWrite. Indeed, the visual search engine has shown consistent growth, and now it’s time to validate its ad-based business model.Such validation shouldn’t be difficult. Pinterest has already proven itself a powerful driver of retail traffic, both in volume and in average order value. According to analysts, the visual nature of Pinterest is part of what makes it engaging and retail driven. In fact, it’s the well-organized and rich visual content that enable the site to thrive.And now, according to New York, Pinterest is sneaking up on the big boys. While the media doesn’t give the network much respect, says contributor Kevin Roose, Pinterest is eating its competitors alive. He also points out that Pinterest’s design and user base is about as perfect as any social network can get for marketing and sales conversion. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 takeaways from the ‘death of the homepage’ and the New York Times innovation report -
Last week, Quartz and The Atlantic declared the homepage dead — killed by social media platforms, the “side doors” that deliver readers directly to stories.The occasion for this round of epitaphs: The New York Times innovation report, obtained in full by Mashable, which shows Times homepage traffic has fallen by about 50 percent in recent years.Epitaphs get clicks. Among other things The Atlantic has declared dead or soon-to-be-dead: coal, originalism, literature, American entrepreneurship, Twitter, and Osama bin Laden. (OK, we’ll give them that last one.)In Web headline parlance, dead usually doesn’t really mean dead: It means a previously dominant force in an industry has lost some influence. And that’s definitely true of the homepage: While 80 million monthly homepage visitors would delight most publishers, the decrease does indicate a sea change. Here are three takeaways from what the Times report had to say about direct traffic. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
A 5-Step DIY Promotion Guide for Startups to Generate Business Without Google -
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of search engine traffic, and the strategies that you can use to attract and keep it. But here's something everybody who loves SEO needs to recognize: It's dangerous, short-sighted, and risky to count on a search engine monopoly to subsidize your business model, not without diversification.That's why you should favor an SEO strategy that makes sense for promotion,even if the search engines completely ignored what you did.But let's take things a step further by looking at how you can diversify your incoming traffic streams and boost revenue and awareness without the search engines.Some of these tactics will help your SEO, but that's not the focus. Today, it's all about securing business growth without the aid of Google.Let's break it down into a five-part process. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
5 Myths About Social Media Marketing -
Marketing twenty years ago was rather rudimentary: design-catchy billboards, mail-out flyers to millions, and of course, television advertising.Consumers have now moved into the digital space, yet they still crave the attention of corporations they admire. Unfortunately, many brands are still getting stuck on social media, failing to effectively utilize this channel.Scott Langdon of HigherVisibility chimed in with an interesting angle on why businesses may struggle socially:I have found that a lot of our clients are struggling with social media because they’re following a rule or an idea that is completely untrue, but I always tell them that it isn’t their fault. Social media is constantly changing, so myths are constantly spreading. It’s important to go through some of these myths and figure out where you’re following the wrong path. It’s hard to let go of a strategy that you thought was working for you, but I promise that if you do, you will see a world of difference in your social... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pinterest Launches First Paid Ads With Kraft, Gap and Others -
Pinterest is finally setting out to make some money.The social-bookmarking company catapulted to renown from total obscurity among marketers and publishers in late 2011, when its user base and the traffic it delivered began to spike. It's raised $564 million since it was founded in 2010, but has taken a leisurely approach to building a business.That's about to change. Last fall it announced that it would test promoted pins, and ad-industry veteran Joanne Bradford joined the team in December.Now that its ducks are in a row, it's poised to make a big push. It has more than a dozen marketers set to run campaigns with three- to six-month commitments, including Kraft, General Mills, Ziploc, Nestle, Lululemon, Gap, ABC Family and Expedia. CEO Ben Silbermann is hitting Cannes this year, following in the footsteps of Google, Facebook and Twitter, which have staked out big presences at Cannes over the years to court the ad community. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Bookmarking Site Delicious Acquired for the Third Time in 10 Years -
Delicious may go down in tech history as the company everyone wanted to own, but no one wanted to keep.The social bookmarking service, founded in the early 2000s, announced Thursday that it has been acquired by Science Inc., an L.A.-based incubator. This marks the third time Delicious has been sold off in less than a decade.In late 2005, Delicious was acquired for the first time by Yahoo, which promised to give the startup "the resources, support and room it needs to continue growing," just as Yahoo had promised with Flickr, another company it acquired that year. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
YouTube Founders to Sell Delicious, a Social Bookmarking Site -
The social bookmarking service Delicious has changed hands twice over the last decade, while failing to attract a mainstream audience.Now it is being sold again. Science Inc., a technology investment and advisory firm run by Michael Jones, the former chief executive of Myspace, is expected to announce on Thursday that it has bought Delicious to anchor a new portfolio of mobile content companies.The deal is effectively a bet by Mr. Jones that he can reinvigorate a company that has seemed like a perpetual fixer-upper.He is buying Delicious from Avos Systems, a company formed by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the co-founders of YouTube. Mr. Hurley and Mr. Chen bought Delicious from Yahoo in 2011, after Yahoo was said to be considering shutting it down.Mr. Hurley told The New York Times that year that he would “try to introduce Delicious to the rest of the world.” Aspects of the site have been upgraded, and a spokeswoman said it received about 200,000 new sign-ups a month. But Delicious remains a niche service, with roughly two million monthly active users submitting links. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Laying Down the Laws of Social Media Marketing -
Social media platforms can be, without question, some of the most effective resources in your digital marketing arsenal… but only when said resources are used efficiently and effectively.Analogous to the traffic laws that keep us from doing harm or having harm done to us, understanding the proverbial laws of social media marketing will ensure that your company’s social media presence does no harm to your brand or to the customers you’re striving to attract.Recently, the social media marketing experts at Fusion 360, a leading digital marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah, shared a thoughtful primer on the matter and laid down the laws of social media marketing. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Better bookmarking is the next goal of Google Chrome -
Google wants to control everything on the web, it's no secret, and introducing more useful features is one of the ways to make web users addicted to Google services. And where should Google start? Of course, the best place could be the web browser, the app which is used to scan the web.Google Chrome, the company's popular web browser will soon add a new feature that could improve the way web users save websites. Forget the stickies, Google is already testing a Chrome feature called "Google Stars" -- a bookmarking service injected within the company's web browser.Google is expected to unveil the new bookmarking service at the upcoming I/O conference.The new feature enhances the way users save websites, complete with the website's screengrab, and all sites are displayed in a grid view. It also allows users to manage bookmarks according to categories, with filter support for quick search on available bookmarks. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 Biggest Challenges in Online Marketing -
In order to run a successful online marketing campaign, companies need to be able to effectively juggle multiple factors simultaneously. Online marketing is not one thing, but rather, a combination of smaller campaigns that work together. For example, an online marketing campaign will include SEO, content marketing, and a sound social media strategy.While there is a laundry list of possible challenges for online marketers, here are the three challenges most marketers face. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
What to Look for in an SEO Company -
Search engine optimization isn’t the most important link in your marketing chain, but it’s a crucial step to plan into your efforts towards a more productive web presence. The best time to research for and hire an SEO company is when you’re contemplating an entire redo on your site or creating a brand new one. This way the SEO folks can be in on your marketing strategies from the onset and tailor their plan to your specific needs since many SEO considerations transcend the tasks a business owner or key decision maker may consider when they think of “SEO.”A good SEO company needs to have many talents on tap to be capable of doing a complete job in a timely manner. You will quickly find that some of the best candidates jockeying for your business have people on staff or under contract to do much more than provide advice and services pertaining to “Google rankings.” SEO in my mind is a combination of science and art. Creativity, meet checklist. Checklist, meet creativity.Realizing I’m at... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social Marketing Strategy Isn't As Important As Joining Social Networks First -
Brands spend a lot of time thinking about their social strategy. But a recent report from BI Intelligence finds that what really differentiates brands' success on the latest social network is how quickly they join up.We did an in-depth analysis of the follower counts on Facebook and Twitter at the top 83 consumer brands and found that the creativity of a brand's social strategy didn't matter nearly as much as timing.This has important implications now that new social networks appear seemingly every day. Marketers may be inclined to wait until they have a really good idea of how they're going to use a given social site. But this may put them at a major disadvantage. Our research finds that social success goes to those who come first. In the report, we look at who the early-adopter effect matters to the most, and which brands managed to buck the trend and catch up anyway — despite a late start. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
18 Proven Ways to Get More Backlinks -
A backlink, also known as an inbound link, is simply a link to your website. The more quality backlinks you can acquire, the more importance or popularity is given to your site by the search engines. I do say quality backlinks because you want to be careful and not amass your link all over just for numbers sake. You need to pick and choose where you want your backlinks to originate. Obtaining a good number of quality backlinks is important because the search engines will take into account those backlinks and give your website more credibility and relevance thus increasing your ranking. If you have a site that sells children’s clothes and toys, a backlink from a mechanic’s site would not be given much relevance from the search engines. You need to be sure and get linked to sites with quality content that is relevant to your content. There are many ways to start gathering backlinks to your site. Some are better than others and some are not recommended at all. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses -
At first glance, Instagram doesn't seem like a powerhouse lead generator. The photo-sharing app, which allows you to add filters, descriptions, locations and hashtags to pictures taken on a mobile device, is great for brand discovery and engagement. But marketers can't include clickable buy links in their product posts, as they can on other sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.And yet, Instagram has been described as "the world's most powerful selling tool." A recent Forbes article noted that user-generated photos with branded products, as well as Instagram's sponsored posts, help to boost consumer reach, recall and awareness, and, ultimately, lead to sales conversion. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
50+ Tools for Content Curation and Content Marketing -
Content curation and content marketing are hot terms today. Curation involves weeding through the vastness of the Web to find the information your audience will find useful and meaningful. Curation is one way, in my view, to do content marketing.If you’re looking for ideas, there are some strong content marketing posts here on Small Business Trends:These WordPress content marketing plugins will help if you use that platform.Ivana Taylor knows how to wrangle content also known as books. Here are her suggestions for the best content marketing books of 2013.Finally, Jennifer Shaheen did this excellent post about four content curation tools.This list of 50+ tools is meant to help you find, sift and organize, then share – what’s relevant to your readers and audience. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
What Is Social Media? -
Social media is a very broad term that covers a wide range of online communication tools. These diverse tools — ranging from websites to wikis to blogs to galleries — have a common denominator in that information is shared among users rather than flowing out from a central point.Whereas traditional websites might only provide information, social media websites give out that information, but also invite visitors to leave comments, vote in a poll or share the content with other users.Much of the content on social media sites is based on user participation and is user-generated content. By commenting, voting, sharing, "liking," etc., users contribute to and participate in an online community. They connect with other users and build relationships. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
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