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Boost Sales With These 7 Social Media Steps -
When social media first hit the scene, I thought three things: this is a waste of time, I don't have time for it and my customers are not here. I was wrong on all three counts. Social mediums are vital to your business. They all can grow your brand awareness and your profits.Just three years ago I was oblivious to these tools. Today, my companies have more than 5 million views on YouTube, accumulated 300,000 Facebook followers and another 275,000 active followers on Twitter. Like you, I started with no followers and a very limited belief in these platforms.Here are seven things we did that helped us build a presence and a following on the social media platforms. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
» What Does Google Mean When They Say ‘Glasshole’? -
Believe it or not, there are a few people that find themselves uncomfortable around new technology. One gadget in particular that people seem to be wary about is Google Glass because it’s always-on and the device has the potential to witness and record everything the wearer does. If the user decides to upload said content to the internet – or is broadcasting live – anything he or she captures will be visible for the world to see. Of course, there are many other reasons why people are put off by Google Glass which is why Google has decided to release a few guidelines on using them.Essentially, Google is telling Glass owners not to be a rude and creepy “Glasshole.”What is a Glasshole exactly? According to Google, it’s a Glass user that doesn’t respect others while wearing the device. If people have questions about the device, wearers have a responsibility not to “get snappy,” Google says. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion -
In a play to dominate messaging on phones and the Web, Facebook has acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion.That's a stunning sum for the five-year old company. But WhatsApp has been able to hold its weight against messaging heavyweights like Twitter (TWTR), Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) and Microsoft's (MSFT, Fortune 500) Skype. WhatsApp has upwards of 450 million users, and it is adding an additional million users every day.Referring to WhatsApp's soaring growth, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on a conference call, "No one in the history of the world has done anything like that."WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for smartphones, according to OnDevice Research. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
15+ Awesome Google+ Tricks You Might Not Know About -
Google is slowly but surely improving Google+ and trying to bring the social network to the masses. Yet some of its best features are less than obvious for both avid Google+ users and those who are still wondering what the point of it is. Here are some of the less obvious tips for getting the most out of Google+. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Twitter Has a New ‘Facebook Design’ in the Works -
Get ready–Twitter’s going for something a little different, yet kind of familiar. Think of it as throwing out an old pair of shoes and replacing them with something more up-to-date and fashionable. Fashionable is the key word here.It’s been widely reported that Twitter is preparing to launch a redesign that Facebook users might find awfully close to home. In fact, the basic visual language of the popular networking site seems to be the inspiration for Twitter’s alleged reboot. Though the company hasn’t officially rolled out the change or commented, Mashable reports that one of its editors had an opportunity to work with it. Additionally, some Twitter users are already getting a sneak peek. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
7 tips for scientists to succeed with social media -
Social media has become more than sharing pictures online and connecting with friends. It’s now a vital tool for career advancement.Panelists from the “Engaging with Social Media” session at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Thursday shared their best practices using social media in science.Here are seven ways scientists can help get ahead with social media. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
A Beginner’s Guide to Building Links Through Content Marketing -
Content marketing shouldn’t be done just for links. That said, if you are developing quality content, your content marketing can – and should – include the acquisition of quality links. In the day and age of Google algorithm changes and penalties, the real question isn’t just how to get links for your content, but rather how to get links for your content that won’t get you penalized. In this guide, we’re going to look the best ways to get links to your content, and how to assess the quality of those opportunities before pursuing them. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Content Marketing Vs Link Building – What To Focus On -
Digital marketers today face a difficult SEO dilemma. What's more rewarding: keyword marketing and link building or content marketing? What are the arguments for and against choosing one approach over the other?In this post, we'll address what you should be doing to improve your search traffic: classic SEO with techniques like keyword targeting and link building or full on content marketing. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Mining your infinite online follower audience is a low-cost way to propel your small-business brand into the global digital world. Establishing your brand with social media allows you to cultivate relationships as well as strengthen existing ones. Your social media efforts can lead to brand recognition, credibility, brand advocates, increased web traffic, search rankings and word-of-mouth marketing. Social Media’s B2B Value: Building Relationships.With 73 percent of U.S. internet users turning to social networking sites and 53 percent of American adults carrying a smart phone, businesses that don’t employ social network marketing may find themselves losing out to the competition. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Flickr Turns 10: The Photo-Sharing Site's Rise, Fall and Revival -
If you happened to be at the O’Reilly Emerging Tech Conference in San Diego 10 years ago today, on February 10, 2004, you had the opportunity to witness a meaningful moment in the history of the web — though I doubt that anyone in attendance realized it at the time.The creators of a Vancouver, B.C.-based startup called Ludicorp Research & Development were at the conference mostly in order to talk about the technology behind Game Neverending, an online virtual world they were building. But while they were there, they also unveiled their side project. It was a tool for sharing photos, and they called it Flickr.Game NeverendingFlickrArt for Game Neverending, Flickr’s short-lived predecessorWhat they showed that day wasn’t quite the Flickr that was soon to become a phenomenon. Instead, it was a service that melded chat rooms with real-time photo sharing. Features for less instantaneous communications quickly elbowed out the original concept, which got renamed FlickrLive and then disappeared entirely. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How to engage with media in the digital world -
I presented a talk at the STC Media and PR Conference today about successfully engaging with modern media. Here are the highlights:The media landscape as we know it has changed significantly due to technology shifts - social media, Google search, the proliferation of multiple devices (smartphones, iPads) and a variety of digital channels of communication. Underpinning this is the move to exhibitionism (user-generated content), voyeurism (I want to know what you are doing), real-time technology (always on) and the shift to an era of engagement.So the world has changed from one where media were trusted and the main source of news to the new world of engagement where citizen journalists (anyone) breaks news, influencers emerge who aren't 'media' and the creation of multimedia formats of storytelling (written, visual, video, audio). - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Study: Mommy bloggers and visual bookmarking help SMBs yield organic growth -
It’s no secret that social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have become a force to be reckoned with in social media. Retailers and e-tailers have harnessed the power of social platforms and used it to drive traffic in stores and ultimately to boost sales. This begs the question: At what point do marketing tactics substantially change a platform from its intended purpose of social media to something that more resembles guerrilla advertising?Visual bookmarking phenomena Pinterest fits into the category of what you would call “visual bookmarking.” The site’s interface lets users “pin” any photo from the Internet to a "board" on its site, most of them coming from retail sites. The genius of the interface is that when a user hits the "Pin It" button, the program pulls up all of the images on the page being visited, allowing the user to select just the right one to create a seamless “Pin” for the board. The Pew Research Center Internet Project study shows 73 percent of online U.S.... more... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Firefox 27 Launches With Improved Social API, SPDY 3.1 Support -
Mozilla today launched Firefox 27. The new version of the browser features a major update to the Firefox Social API, which now includes support for the old-school Web 2.0 social bookmarking tool Delicious and the Indian music service Saavn. More importantly, though, the Social API now allows users to run more than one service at a time.Firefox’s Social API is meant to provide social networking services, chat tool and news sites with a persistent spot in the browser to pop up notifications. It launched in 2012 and Mozilla opened it up to developers last year, though I never got the impression that companies were racing to launch their Social API integrations. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
6 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing -
When it comes to helping you out with social media, we often like to categorize things. For example, we’d write about the optimal timing of your posts, or how to come up with the best headlines, and the like.What happened over the last few weeks though is that we collected a number of awesome tips to post on social media, that didn’t quite all fit together. So we thought, why not creating a list of unique tips, that might not have that much in common, but are hopefully still very useful for you!So, here we go, a list of six rather random social media tips to help you improve your marketing today ... - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Social media drives online retail traffic -
Social networking platforms are driving traffic to online retail sites.This is one of the biggest findings from Adobe's Q4 2013 Social Media Intelligence Report, which analysed paid, earned and owned social media trends.Key findings of the report show that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr drove an unprecedented amount of qualified traffic to retail sites in Q4, with revenue per visit (RPV) increasing across social channels.The analysis is based on aggregated and anonymous data from retail, media, entertainment and travel sites between Q4 2012 and Q4 2013, including 240 billion Facebook ad impressions, more than 1.5 billion Facebook posts, 500 million unique visitors to social networking sites, and 6.3 billion social engagements on Facebook, including comments, shares and likes. Paid social data is derived from Adobe Marketing Cloud data. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Bookmarks are dead, long live bookmarks -
Remember when bookmarks were everything?In the late 1990s I had hundreds of bookmarks (maybe 1,000) that I meticulously organized into folders. I spent a couple hours every weekly pruning and curating my bookmarks, which I'd actually refer to and use. Remember This bookmark-killer launched in 2003 with a great premise: instead of storing bookmarks on only one machine (or one browser) you could instead store them at (a precursor to "the cloud") and access them from any web browser on any machine. A brilliant concept.What's Hot on ZDNetLenovo buys Google's handset business for $2.91BAfter 30 years, why did the Mac never break into big business?Best unlocked smartphones (February 2014)Why not Chromebooks instead of Windows laptopsThen Google pretty much killed the bookmark as we know it. Its search became so good that it was easier to Google what you were looking for than to find it in a long list of bookmarks. Heck, a lot of people find it easier to Google a website than typing the URL in the address bar. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
The (New) Basics of SEO: Hummingbird and Beyond -
Quality content forms the foundation of every good website – or at least it should. For many years, content was commonly produced and marketed using a number of tactics bordering on ‘black hat’ in an attempt to game the search engines.Strategies often included keyword-stuffing posts, social bookmarking, directory, blog and article submissions, surreptitious back links – all in an attempt to boost your page rank for key terms. Most, if not all of these techniques have become not just obsolete but detrimental to SEO since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.The object of the updates to Google’s search engine algorithms is to provide users with better content for their search queries and to reduce the influence of spam on the user experience. Google Hummingbird went live in September 2013 and is the most recent major update to Google’s algorithm. Hummingbird is designed to be “fast and precise” and has put more focus on conversational searches and providing answers to specific questions. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Tweet success: Small businesses turn to social media marketing to build brands -
It’s mid-morning and Michael Mendez snaps a photo of the new beer he has just stocked in his convenience store. Within minutes, he posts it on Twitter to his 7,000 followers. If the response is typical, customers will stream in by late afternoon, asking for the rare brew.Mendez strategically has branded his four Miami-area fuel stations as much more than places for a fill-up. Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, he has created buzz about craft beers and other products inside the station shop, where the profit margins are higher than at the pump.“Branding in today’s world is knowing people and relating to them,” said Mendez, whose Mendez Fuel customers often share the photos and spread the word online about his new arrivals. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Advertisers See Growing ROI with Social Media -
According to the presented findings contained in a new report from The Social Graf, slightly more than one-third (34%) of advertisers are now seeing a noticeable return on investment from their spending across various social media channels.The data is derived from a recent survey of more than 2,000 marketers from around the world.Of those questioned, 78% said they are actively engaged in social media marketing. 57% admit to using Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms for advertising purposes. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Study: Over 50% say 'someone in marketing' handles social media -
To deliver unified and efficient responses across social media networks corporations must ensure their internal structures support this goal. Take a look at which global leaders will be addressing this issue at the Corporate Social Media Summit.The delivery of a powerful and coherent message across social media networks begins with the internal structures of your corporation. Your business can’t become a master of social media without first ensuring each stakeholder across your organisation understands their role. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014 -
As you begin to plan your marketing for 2014, it’s important to try to anticipate some of the big trends for next year and incorporate them into your plan. Here’s a look at 10 trends that you should definitely consider for your marketing efforts in 2014. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Why Site Owners Should Quit Reddit -
This week, I published a data report which caused quite a bit of controversy.Under the title "Reddit's 2013 Performance Was Incredible, But Questionable," the post began by introducing Reddit's 2012 and 2013 user metrics. The numbers revealed the social news site saw a 51 percent increase in page views (to 56 billion) and an 83 percent increase in uniques (to 731 million) year-over-year.Given that traffic to Reddit and activity within the site grew dramatically in 2013, you'd easily assume Reddit's traffic gains might somehow trickle down to website owners who provide some of the content Redditors reference in their discussions.But you'd be wrong. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Big data: 4 predictions for 2014 -
One could look back at 2013 and consider it the breakthrough year for big data, not in terms of innovation but rather in awareness. The increasing interest in big data meant it received more mainstream attention than ever before. Indeed, the likes of Google, IBM, Facebook and Twitter all acquired companies in the big data space. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden also revealed that intelligence agencies have been collecting big data in the form of metadata and, amongst other things, information from social media profiles for a decade.And beyond all of that, big data became everyone's most hated buzzword in 2013 after it was inappropriately used everywhere, from boardrooms to conferences. This has led to countless analysts, journalists and readers calling for people to stop talking about big data. A good example could be seen in the Wall Street Journal last week, where a reader wrote in complaining:"A lot of companies talk about it but not many know what it is." - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Reddit's 2013 growth was incredible, but is it still a social bookmarking site? -
On the last day of 2013, Reddit published its full year stats.The numbers revealed impressive year-over-year growth when compared to full year stats for 2012.In 2013, Reddit had 56 billion pageviews and received 731 million uniques. That's up from 37 billion pageviews and 400 million uniques in 2012.But how does that growth translate to traffic to publishers?A new report from Shareaholic reveals websites around the web saw a 36% year-over-year decrease in referrals from Reddit. But wait, how is that?! - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
How To Use Social Media To Make Sales -
An integral part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships—and it turns out that social media can help you accomplish this quickly and easily. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Pin pros: Insights from Seattle's top 10 Pinterest pinners -
Nearly four years after it launched in private beta in March 2010, Pinterest is a powerhouse.Twenty-one percent of online adults use the tiled bookmarking service, according to a 2013 study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.That’s more than Instagram. It’s even more than Twitter.From design and fashion to food and retail, Pinterest has made visual curation a public pastime. And in Seattle, like everywhere else, some people have gotten very good at it. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
Brand Marketing the Key to Social Media and SEO for 2014 -
I believe social media, content marketing and mobile marketing are all great programs to go after and work towards. As I went through planning and dissecting data, one underlying theme kept coming back to me. I need to work on our brand message and make sure others can see our brand’s message.Check out last week’s post on Social Media meets SEO. The heart of making this work is getting a proper brand focus. Develop your message and dialogue. It is one thing to have a good, solid broadcasted message. It is another thing to be able to have a conversation with your clients. Both are extremely important. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014 -
We have collected opinions from some of the leading experts and practitioners on social media marketing trends to look out for in 2014, which we hope will provide you with some insight for your 2014 social media marketing activities. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Savvy Businesses -
New social media tools seem to pop up every day. Here are some definitely worth checking out. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
3 Social Media Trends You Should Know About -
It's the beginning of a new year, and chances are you're resolving to do several (hundred?) things for the first time, differently, or better. But before you start listing out your new and improved social media plans for 2014, I've scoured the Internet to give you a head start.To find out what the experts are saying will be big in social media this year, read on. Their predictions will help you nail those resolutions — and maybe even keep a few of them. - Splatforms Team from Bookmarklet
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