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Being a Nomad for a Year -
RT @haacked: Weird. Email?
RT @julielerman: okay, I named the class *manager* not *repository* this time.
RT @pluralsight: Wanting to build applications in Node.js? Follow along with @robconery's new Node Application Patterns course here ==>
RT @coreyhaines: Started learning Go yesterday. So far, I like it a lot. Seeing some hints of awesomeness not just from productivity but also code-level
RT @jbogard: from the "not Hacker News Onion but you wish it were" file,
RT @julielerman: @robconery aww c'mon,,,I just had to beg my almost 53 yr old husband to stop chanting about pee pee and poo poo and then you too?
RT @newsycombinator: Tesla Wins Back The Right To Sell Direct To Consumers In New Jersey
RT @jongalloway: Just another direction this could have gone.
RT @parislemon: I'll go the other way with the joke: the Clippers 3.1 Home Pro Live LA edition.
RT @maninsuitcase: @shanselman your posts on open source worked, it encouraged me. PR just went into @AtomEditor and I didn't know a line of coffee before!
RT @pluralsight: Ember.js is becoming a favorite MVC JavaScript framework for many web devs! Learn it in @robconery's new course ==>
A Better ID Generator For PostgreSQL -
The Frustratingly Lovable Crazy-making Huggable Ball of Whack That Is Ember.js -
Take Control of Your Git Repos with DigitalOcean -
Your Own Private Heroku with DigitalOcean and Dokku -
Writing a Better Abstract -
RT @shanselman: Unbelievable news! @Pluralsight has made our *feature length* tech documentary "Get Involved" free for everyone!
RT @topfunky: Please retweet if you think @tpope would be an awesome guest on @pluralsight Play by Play! I need to convince him to do it.
RT @scalzi: "Your heart is so... FUCK" -- my wife, upon realizing in the middle of a romantic moment that she forgot an entirely unrelated thing
RT @RobAshton: Blogged: "You have ruined Javascript"
RT @MarsCuriosity: I like these buttes and I cannot lie. Checking out possible science targets.
RT @StephenAtHome: I'm so glad the SCOTUS overturned campaign donation limits. Now if they can just take up Twitter character limits. I have so much more to sa
RT @elight: RE: @rbates TL;DR: he’s ok and still on a much needed break.
RT @GreatDismal: Putin's got ninja dolphins now.
RT @dysinger: I've met a few young(er) people lately that hate anything newer than 5 yrs ago. I wonder if they realize they'll be unemployable soon.
RT @RobAshton: "There’s a very obvious multi-year trend that anyone who gets interested in FubuMVC leaves .Net shortly afterward"
Everyone Who Tried to Convince Me To Use Ember Was Wrong -
RT @haacked: Twitter won't let me retweet myself. But that shit was funny!
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