I believe we will get to hear "50-year-old Jamie Moyer" this spring.
Is he not retired yet? - Akiva
Number two in the rotation for the Rockies coming out of spring training. Sat out last year due to surgery. - Julian
Wow. That is outstanding. Good on ya, Jamie. - Akiva
I trust that he's done it cleanly. - Julian
Go Rockies! - Joe
So excited to watch how his year progresses. - Marie
I expect him to throw 98 mph heaters high and tight, and eat up about 220 innings. Or not. - Joe
I think he's also retired a few times but good luck to him - Steve C, Team Marina
He'll always be a Mariner to me; I'll always be a fan. - Akiva
He was injured all of last year I think, so that was a forced semi-retirenment. - Joe