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paul terry walhus

paul terry walhus

Austin, Texas web developer, working on a "social networking badge" for conventions, meetings and trade shows
ATX Drink and Click at Fados -
Another Drink and Click ATX is coming up this Thursday.  Call me maybe. -
I hope I’m lucky enough to catch a flight on SW with this attendant some day.  This made me laugh. -
The South Asian New Year Festival is an annual outdoor celebration showcasing the historically rich,… -
At the +Cambridge Towers pool today, that’s +Dorothy Epp -
The Epps, Dueckmans, and Walhus families eat out at Chuys on Barton Springs Road.  See if you can spot… -
The bartender at Fado’s needed more ice.  +Drink and Click™ ATX -
FlowStorm 2014 at Creation Flame in Cedar Creek, Texas on the final day.  It drizzled but folks still… -
Flowstorm 2014 Learning Man Festival with world-class instructors like Marvin Ong and Nicky Evers, p… -
This slide show shows the world’s first and only Flow Arts & Sustainability festival in Cedar Creek,… -
Louise or “Lou” Myers from Adelaide Australia travels the world from festival to festival, I told her… -
Another spin to spinning, sitting and using your head.  This is at Flowstorm 2014 in Cedar Creek, Texas… -
And now really getting the spinfest going at Flowstorm 2014 in Cedar Creek, TX -
More spinning!  At the Flowstorm 2014 eco-fest in Cedar Creek, TX -
spinning at Flowstorm 2014 put on by Creation Flame in Cedar Creek, TX -
Flowstorm 2014 Learning Man Festival with world-class instructors like Marvin Ong and Nicky Evers, p… -
Shaggy Rogers and 1 other was tagged in Paul Terry Walhus’s album. -
Added photos to Drink and Click™ Austin, Texas and Nikon Event. -
I got a loaner camera from Nikon, I got a loaner SD card from +Juan Gonzalez and the bartender gave … -
Preparing for +Flowstorm 2014 at +Wesley Thoricatha’s Creation Flame Quilombo Paixao farm near Cedar… -
We have a slab floor and today Abel stained the floor. We used “Kemiko Malay Tan Stain” and the slab… -
Quilombo Paixao 161 Linam Ln. Cedar Creek TX 78612 Quilombo Paixao got ready for the epic Flowstorm … -
Google+ post: No title available… -
Fun with robot toys at SXSW Create -
portrait of a violin player who at the moment was assisting at a booth at the SXSW Create event, I’m… -
Robot and child at SXSW Create -
Austin skyline from SXSW Create -
The thrill of a child experiencing 3D printing at the SXSW Maker Event at Palmer Auditorium -
Compare this video (skip to 1:13) to +R.J. Cichocki’s auto awesome version:… -
These are my Top 50 followers and friends on Google+! 1.) +Bob Nagy 2.) +Annika O’Brien 3.) +Jason … -
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