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Robert Scoble
Why do people get pissed at Microsoft? I have a new Dell/Vista. Nothing but Office 2007 on it. Crashes when I try to open Outlook. Sigh.
Nothing on it? Or a bunch of stuff installed by Dell on it? - Sam Pullara
Sam: there's all the usual stuff installed by Dell. I need a Windows 7 DVD! :-) - Robert Scoble
Don't you have the latest RC candidate Robert? That should work I would think. - Altan Khendup
i say use linux and thunderbird - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
Robert, why don't you use Thunderbird ? it's free, lightweight and it has lots of plugins - امیرعباس
Microsoft needs to take control of their own support - Dell support sucks, and drives me away from Microsoft. - Jesse Stay
Have a client with a win 2003 server. It's needs OS re-installing. They've lost disks. Apparently MS don't offer OEM 2003 support anymore. the product key with the COA (obviously) doesn't work with the evaluation versions I was told by Dell to download from MS site. a third call to Dell support, and they 'find' some disks in stock after all. It was a whole day wasted though chasing around in circles. - Ian May
Three new motherboards later and I couldn't be happier with my Dell. Srsly. - A Mitchell
I've had more than my share of issues with various Linux distributions, too. Not sure who I should hate for that. - Jeff Harbert
I use Gmail these days. Outlook is nasty expensive bloatware, that I can't personally justify the cost of, and with Gmail, none of the sync nonsense required either. I do back it up locally, but not had to use that yet. - Ian May
Thunderbird sounds good but I think Opera client is worth a try 2 is so much nicer & with the browser 2. - polou/indigo_bow
hello robert - ramazan cekic
Thunderbird is wonderful! I installed it on the fly (IMAP) during the last great Gmail outage with no issues - 1001 noisy cameras
I think its just outlook... never could get that be very stable on any machine, not since they loaded it up with so many things. - Matt Ellsworth
Yeah, Linux is no better. Why, I remember Ubuntu crashing on me just last year. Not the OS, mind you, but gdm, so I was logged out. Or was that 2007? - Bruce Lewis
It's all the crap that these companies put on new PCs that is so tiresome. it's time wasting too, removing it all. - Ian May
Dell was good some years ago. Now they are average. Deinstall Vista. Choose XP. My new Dell is working stable since I did that. - Wulffy
ThinkPad, Vista and OpenOffice = works like a charm for me - Ronald
oh come on guys - Thunderbird is no Outlook, long way to go still - Iphigenie
I don't like Outlook as 1. I can't justify the price. 2. it's slow. 3. it's bloated eye candy 4. I don't need it. - Ian May
does a new commercially bought PC with Windows and Software installed crash more than a commercially bought PC with linux or mac OSX? I'm not sure, perhaps it would be because typically there's way more installed and customized that can go wrong on first run. On the other hand my commercially bought HP with Linux could not be registered online or updated ("sorry, your serial number is... more... - Iphigenie
ok Kittyburgers. I used to use Outlook, but these days I simply don't need it. I prefer Gmail, and there's no darn sync nonsense. That is the main reason I moved away from local email. - Ian May
Stop buying Dell. The load it with crapware. My latest Lenovo was great. And my Velocity Micro. - Jeff (Team マクダジ ) from iPhone
that's cuz we all know your old generation is pretty much computer illiterate - sofarsoShawn
my curent annoyance with MS is the helpful search technology they have added and kind of forced on me - by default it indexes too much, uses too many resources, and gets in the way... and i cant remove it... - Iphigenie
Learn how to use a computer, Scoble. Obviously you're doing it all wrong. - John Hardy
Try having 40 Dells in a classroom that are never consistent. Then add 200 online students with GOD KNOWS WHAT home systems. Can you say IT exec turned CompApps prof turned HelpDesk technician? LOL! - Brenda Rothaupt
They release products with extended beta's and once 60% of the "bugs" are worked out they charge you the 160$ for the service to continue. The people are getting educated this won't be in the future!! cs ostini - Christopher Scott Ostini
Chris Messina
Mike Cannon-Brookes
Wow. Do Java? Don't 'get' Lisp? This guy nails it. Fascinating read. Warning: long read! Grab a cup of coffee, take an hour out and sharpen your programming skills. Remember - chicks dig guys with skills. - Mike Cannon-Brookes
joshua schachter
i do really like releasing something much earlier and getting a ton of feeedback. thanks everyone who has given feedbacks!
Release superearly, then squash the major bugs? - Nicola D'Agostino
it's more... don't bother building the parts nobody cares about. see what people do talk about and build that instead. - joshua schachter
I like it. It's got major potential! - Andre P. Siregar
It's a pragmatic choice. And also lets the user base feel involved in the whole process. :) - Nicola D'Agostino
joshua schachter
Introducing Silent Diving Seagulls: An XMPP Interface for Desktop Notifications -
Glad you like it :) Any thoughts or suggestions? - Abi Raja
it's just really neat. this is something the web will need to build. - joshua schachter
Nelson Minar
Doug Cutting to Cloudera -
Doug's one of the smartest systems engineers out there - Nelson Minar
Robert Scoble
Oh, FriendFeed is now Facebook’s “official” R&D department! -
FF the site, or FF the team? - Panayotis Vryonis
I think FF and FB could work well together despite the policies - Andy Ghozali
They weren't saying. At least the team and hopefully the site too. - Robert Scoble
oh great. I have to have a Facebook account to read this. signed- grumpy in SF - metalerik
Fantastic blog post Robert and very good insight into the Friendfeed acquisition! - Alex Knight
metalerik: maybe the FFers can help to research and develop a garden without walls ;D - Mike Chelen
This just redirects me to my FB home page. But that is some good news. :-) - Matthew Horton
Peter Fenton
Big congrats to the team at SpringSource and @springrod, VMWare acquires for $420M,
2nd benchmark company to get acquired today? - Atul Arora
Robert Scoble
brettschulte: Can you believe its 2009 and they're STILL delivering millions of unwanted phone books that go straight to landfill? -
Here they get recycled into more phone books but the problem is the same. - Brian Sullivan
I can't remember the last time I used a paper phone book. Here in my Atlanta suburb, the yellow pages are TWO VOLUMES and the white pages are usually only one, though it is huge. We also get a local yellow pages and a local white pages. That's so much wasted paper. - Joey Gibson
Was just kvetching the same thing this week as i came home from the office, hauled a big yellow plastic wrapped book from off my lawn, thru my front door, walked all the way thru my house ("Honey take those shoes off!...") and directly out the back door and slamdunked it into the rcycled bin. Not terrible efficient of us all. I think i hurt myself. - Thom Kennon
What's really interesting is that we still hear radio spots about how great "the *REAL* Yellow Pages" are and how your business should not use an "imposter" YP. It's obviously still making real money for the phone companies, or they would have killed them off already. I guess a few million dead trees is just fine by them. - Joey Gibson
I actually use my phone book because it's often faster than using the web for certain things, especially as many of the things you sometimes look up (tow truck, septic tank pump out, etc) generally don't have websites and listings on Google are hit or miss. - Andrew Leyden
There's more in that world that's wrong- they hire independent contractors to deliver, and only pay them according to how many they deliver, but they don't pay gas or any other kind of costs, so you end up getting day laborers who throw large bags of the phone books directly into dumpsters to collect a day's wages. - anna sauce
Backstory is that I questioned one of these people trying to deliver 100 books to our apartment building, and had a long conversation about AT & T about their practices. Never ended up writing about it, but it's horrifying. - anna sauce
Chris Messina
Filed under: "does not bode well". Postal Service considers closings, consolidation.
Yes you are right. "This does not bode well". Postal services are sure to decline in many locations. I fear for my neighborhood post office. - Jack DeWitt Smith
not only are they handling less mail, the mail they are handling is now predominantly junk mail and pkgs instead of first class envelopes. more volume, more weight, less revenue per piece. a recipe for disaster. - MikeAmundsen
How much of the mail you get do you want? My mailbox fills up with stuff I just recycle. The postal service has been subsidized by junk mail, and if that goes, there's a lot less mail to deliver and a lot less $ to pay for it. - Adina Levin
@Adina: junk mail is the bane of the USPS, not it's saviour. - MikeAmundsen
Heh. I'm not saying it's *good*. I'm just saying that it's been key to their business model, and if there's less of it, there's less funding to deliver other mail. To be honest, how much paper mail do you send these days? I'll bet I don't use 6 envelopes in a year. - Adina Levin
@Adina: USPS has been losing $ ever since introducing discounts for "junk" mail. they've attempted to make up for the diff w/ rate hikes, but it will never work. yes, it's a terrible biz model. i send very little first class, but i send a measurable number of "overnight" mail via other carriers. this, by the way, used to be the domain of USPS until they ceded that market to private biz to focus on junk mail. bummer. - MikeAmundsen
USPS actually does a good job shipping packages. It's not core competency, but could expand. Also, the automated kiosks in may post offices make hours of operation and staffing requirements less relevant to completing postal mail tasks - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
@Sally: yep. USPS has a future, but they'd have to start competing w/ private biz. not sure that will happen. - MikeAmundsen
Maybe they should acquire EarthClassMail — or just subcontract them. - Chris Messina
Robert Scoble
Yeah @dannysullivan I agree. What do you think Yahoo/Microsoft deal will be approved?
I didn't even realize it needed to be approved! Is this a shareholder vote? - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I hope it's soon as I'd really like to start to google on yahoo using bing. - Rex Hammock
Bob Lee
Git has to be the least user-friendly tool I've ever used.
Worse than "sh"? - ⓞnor
It is unbelievably bad as far as that is concerned. Great back end with a shitty user experience. I don't think it has to be that way. - Sam Pullara
One big problem I have is unclear, inconsistent and overloaded terminology -- words like "branch", "change", "commit", "index", "add", "checkout" and "label" all mean different things in different places. Even the official documentation tends to mix and match words. This is OK if you know how everything works, but when I'm trying to get your head around the dozens of places and ways git keeps state, it just leaves me confused and unhappy. - ⓞnor
The good thing is that you only need a hand full of commands most of the time. I use a cheatsheet for the more esoteric ones. has some good articles explaining the different states and the articles are organized by difficulty. - sdfx
Should I use mercurial instead? - Kevin
Kevin, I think Mercurial is easier to use - Paul Franz
Things I don't like to hear about tools I use: "the articles are organized by difficulty" - ⓞnor
Agreed, but to be fair, Linus said at one point that he hadn't originally intended it to be used directly, but rather for other tools to be built on top of it. As is often the case among *nix geeks, people just started using the low-level tool because I guess no one felt like building a user-friendly version. - Joel Webber
Linus was kidding himself, I don't think it's possible to make a user-friendly wrapper. That would be like making a user friendly tool on top of Unix shell utilities -- people have tried it, but it just doesn't make sense. The underlying commands are just too generic and powerful. So what we end up with is a bunch of "leaky abstractions" -- helper layers and "porcelain" commands that try to simplify your life but just add more complexity in the end. - ⓞnor
I've heard C++ STL was the same way — that people were expected to build friendly containers on top of it, but they ended up using it directly, and it's sort of a pain to use directly. - Amit Patel
I have used higher level tools and I use git on a day-to-day basis. In this case, I made a mistake (probably used "--amend" when I shouldn't have) and wasted an hour paired with someone else trying to undo the damage. We ended up reseting, starting over and retrieving my change from IntelliJ's local history. - Bob Lee
Joel: The lisp of source control? - Sam Pullara
Paul Buchheit
How to cook corn
The right way. The only way. - Anika
I do this in the oven sometimes, too. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Except you should ALWAYS keep the lid closed! Personally I like to peel the corn, wrap it in foil with a little salt and butter. Yummy! - Robert Scoble
On a really radical day, I'll shuck it and grill it. Then I'll serve it with parmesan cheese, mayo, lemon pepper, lime, and chili powder. All the toppings they use for street corn. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I just like to throw it in the coals. Best when it's picked that day. - Will Higgins™
No love for boiling? :-( - Mark Trapp
Soak them in water first? - Andrew Smith
Will- I love when my dad does that! I usually don't even butter and salt it because it's so good! - Heather
I marvel at how life was before everybody realized how to do corn right. - Wirehead
i haven't tested out my korn shell recipe, but here it is (friendfeed has issue w/ line breaks): #!/usr/bin/ksh # a quick recipe to cook korn. needs more robust conditioning butter code and taste checks. minute=`date -u '+%M'` cooktime=0 print -n "set how many minutes to cook this korn: ";read cooktime; print "". if [[ $cooktime -gt 0 ]] && [[$cooktime -lt 30]];then end_minute=`expr... more... - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
We did this over a wood fire in a fire pit while camping in Big Sur on Thursday. I cooked it perfectly, if I do say so myself. So delicious. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Chris Messina
OpenID usability is not an oxymoron -
"Wow, thanks for that. That’s a really original perspective. And glad you provided some ideas on alternatives or ways to improve it." - Chris Messina
Eric Marcoullier
Twitter search now only goes back a week. Definitely reinforces the "real-time" aspect of the service :)
If you're lucky. It also shows old data, and won't show data from specific individuals. That's why I said it was very, very broken. - Louis Gray
Realtime = no history, no memory; just eternal NOW. - Mindaugas Dagys
Even though this has been varying from 7-28 days according to server load, I've been pointing out the problem with Twitter Search's back-data queriability for several months, e.g.: It's definitely an issue that most are overlooking. Yes, most tweets have a minimal half-life, but some don't, and right now if... more... - Alex Schleber
Awesome new @YahooSports video player! Bigger, better, share links, embed codes. Get airsick:
Dion Almaer
Time to use spammers. Use CAPTCHA to have spammers make code as smart as humans at that task, then iterate, then we have computer life!
I liked this though the problem is like beating a chess grand master -- just play two at the same time. - Sam Pullara
Bob Lee
I tried OSGi and decided to create Guice instead. Separate modules at compile time; wire them together w/ Guice @ run time.
Jason Calacanis
can someone ask five questions to ChaCha and five question on Mahalo Answer and five questions on Yahoo Answers can compare teh results?
YQL opens up 3rd-party web service table definitions to developers | java rants -
Nelson Minar
$1 / 10,000 spell corrections, $1 / 3000 search results, off peak is cheaper - Nelson Minar
Interesting. The suggestion for the NY Times seems off, though: "charging for API usage sounds like a more promising and realistic way to make money from content than a lame micropayment scheme." They'd have to get HUGE usage for it to make significant income. - Nick Lothian
Chris Messina
Yahoo! Query Language thoughts -
Yahoo! Query Language thoughts - yahoo query language thoughts - Chris Messina from Mento
Bob Lee
RT @stevej This has to be the best programming book cover ever made:
I never wanted to learn Forth so bad in my life. - Robert Konigsberg
dave mcclure
srsly, wtf up with the new google favicon... my 2-year old could have done that shit.
Peter Fenton
joshua schachter
Cloudera Hadoop & Big Data Blog » Blog Archive » State of the Elephant 2008 -
Bob Lee
Scala will enjoy about the same amount of adoption as AspectJ.
Chris Messina
joshua schachter
Robert Scoble
@ohadpr why isn't Yahoo pipes as big as it should be? Lots of my Tweets say it is hard to figure out.
same reason ms popfly isnt? - adolfo foronda
easy, because for most it's difficult to use. - Duncan Riley
it's...not a big truck? - Andrew Feinberg
Because it's too hard to figure out - Outsanity
As easy and elegant as it is, it's just not designed for the non-Web savvy. Virtually no developer products are consumer friendly. Except widgets and badges and even then... - Dion Hinchcliffe from twhirl
I love Unix pipes, but I couldn't figure out Yahoo Pipes. Not intuitive at all - Rahsheen
i have a million ideas for yahoo pipes. can't figure out how to execute them. that's the number one problem for me. - Morgan
@Morgan easiest way is in your feed reader or with one of the badges they offer. Also, quantcast says it gets 320k uniques per month. About 50x - Sam Pullara
thanks Sam - Morgan
Confusing User Interface. Concept is rock solid, easy to understand. Implementing Yahoo Pipes is NOT easy and entirely tooo difficult to execute. Improve the UI and you have me sold. - Susan Beebe
It isn't very reliable. Sometimes pipes just stop working for no reason. I find it extremely easy to use, though. - Brandon
I'm biased as I am the new owner of pipes, but the current interface is pretty intuitive for simple things for developers. Not sure if we should ever target the non-developer user. If we did, we would likely have to severely limit the functionality. Would writing something like SQL be easier? - Sam Pullara
@Brandon sorry to hear that. *usually* it is because the data source is unreliable but we could do a better job at messaging what problems it may encounter. - Sam Pullara
Sam - we need a very simple User Interface design that allows the user to select query parameters that are drag and drop simple... really basic. thanks! :-) - Susan Beebe
I haven't used Pipes, but it needs an Intellij IDEA plugin ;) - Jason Carreira
@Susan for pipes to give you a list of query parameters you can use it would have to know what the query parameters were for the service that you are trying to use. there is no way for us to know them without programming specifically for each service (like we do for a few data sources). instead we have URL Builder which lets you easily create URLs that include multiple query parameters. your best bet would be to search for a pipe that someone has already built for the service that you want to access. - Sam Pullara
@Jason one day... - Sam Pullara
The user base who understands the appeal of ypipes is still so very minute. I still explain RSS to people. ypipes ftw. - John LeMasney
Sam - wow, ok that's too much to ask for. Perhaps I just need better documentation and time to learn it. I have a technical mind (Engineer) and have written C programs (Korn shell) so I should be able to use it...but...I lack time. So, I'll take your recommendation to search for a pre-built query developed by someone who had time and skill to produce it. Thanks! - Susan Beebe
ok I took a look at it. It's way too hard to figure out. - PC Easy from twhirl
@Sam you should be pushing the WADL standard to define the interfaces so you can implement tools better - Jason Carreira
check this - Peter Ivanov
YahooPipes is one of those potentially really useful containers to display your data - but it just seems so excruciatingly hard to do stuff that should really seem quite simple . . . some sort of easy to understand tutorial pointing to some good examples would be good, (better than the stuff that Yahoo already has, had there) perhaps if someone like Sam could explain in even simpler terms, then more people might grasp the many uses that Pipes could be put to. N'est pas? - Chris Loft
i've had "lag time" problems pipes' RSS feeds. - Kevin Sablan from twhirl
when it comes to larger pipes (ie more 'widgets' to drag and drop), i could really use two more tools ... ZOOM and CLUSTER. work area becomes to cluttered to navigate. would like to be able to group some components and/or zoom out as in Google Maps. - Kevin Sablan from twhirl
It was just frustrating, hard to use and not well documented or intuitive. Even when you know what you want to do, figuring out the execution is hard and time consuming. Most of us don't have that time, we go do something else. - Sally Church
they should have implemented a filter on element presence. filters can...hem.. filter base on a search inside the content of an element. but I cannot say : filter all items which do not have item.content:mediagroup for example - Olivier
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