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Squid Read
Neo-Nazis to Rally in Michigan [Dispatches from the Culture Wars] -
A post on Stormfront, a website for neo-Nazis and white supremacists, announces a July 31 rally on the steps of the Midland County Courthouse. Scheduled to speak is Randy Gray, who was elected as a GOP precinct delegate in 2008. He was stripped of that position after he showed up the day after the election on the streets of Midland in his KKK robes protesting the election of Barack Obama. Also scheduled to speak is James Wickstrom, a longtime member of the Christian Identity movement. Wickstrom claims that only white people were created in the image of God and only white people have souls. He also claims that Jews are the "children of Satan" and that white, Western Europeans are the true Israelites favored by God. Wickstrom lives in Rhodes, Michigan. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post... Also check out the featured ScienceBlog of the week: Inside the Outbreaks on the ScienceBlogs Book Club