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Goats in Trees
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In Southern Morocco, goats climbing the Argan trees in search of food is a common sight. - - Eivind
Nice one :) - Mary
It still looks completely wrong to me, but I have been there and seen it with my own eyes so I know it's true :) - Eivind
I wish I was there too :) and thanks for sharing it. - Mary
It's a wonderful world! - Franc, a rememberer
What balance, here we only have goats on roofs - Janice
Hehe, the goat info on that page seems _slightly_ exaggerated :D - Eivind
It's raining goats: - Eivind
I would occasionally see goats in Acacia trees in Mexico. Always a spectacle. :-) - Jenny
oh.... the tree goat - گل
*bump* I love climbing goats :) - Eivind
this is one of the most bizarre things i've ever seen - نیکی
Silly goats. - SAM
They're not silly. They just go after the food, and they don't have the patience to stand around waiting to evolve long necks :) - Eivind
*bump for SAM* I couldn't help overhearing you were getting some goats. Please get some Argan trees as well :) - Eivind
:-) - Maitani
It's my considered opinion that they're nestin. - Ken Morley
LOL - Eivind
I want a goat tree! Where do I get one? ;) - Kristin
I saw lots of them in Morocco. It's a very strange sight :) - Eivind
Have you seen lions that climb trees? - سيما كيا Sima kia
No, nay, never! They've started doing that now? - Eivind
They are called climbing tree lions; I saw them in Amboseli, Kenya. I was in Serengeti too, but never saw a lion climbing tree there, the 2nd video shows some lion cubs trying to climb a tree in Serengeti. - سيما كيا Sima kia
Thanks, Sima. Now I've seen lions climb trees :) - Eivind
Onları Essaouira, Fas yakın gördüm. - Eivind
Are there any other grazers that behave like this? Or just goats? But then again, goats are incredibly agile, since there are some that live on cliff edges, which is amazing when you think about it, so not surprising they can climb trees. - Halil
I haven't come across any. I hope so, though :) - Eivind
I wouldn't look for shade under any of them trees :)) - mina_sydney
Mina! :) - Eivind
I love that calendar, Halil. It's been around for a few years :) - Eivind
Does that mean you own a copy then? I might get next years one, as too late now as it'll be March soon! :o - Halil
Never bought it, but it was the 2010 version that inspired this post :) - Eivind
Me when I was younger.
HOTTIEEEEE in da making! - Shevonne
WHAT....a cutie-patootie! - Egyirba from twhirl
Couldn't rock a beard, but I'm okay. :) - Derrick
Compare/contrast with my avatar: - Derrick
Does liking this make me a dirty child molester? - Sparky, lurking
still squeezy. :) - edythe
Hella cute. - Mona Nomura
Good pic! - Christian (Simply X)
So cute :) - Neya
still cute derrick! - Trish Haley
so cute - anna sauce
Derrick, he knows what's up. - Mike Nayyar
WHACHOO talkin' bout Willis? - iTad
D during the pre-#bitchlips era. - Akiva
Yep. - Derrick
Totally forgot about this post. - Akiva
how did I miss this *smile* - Michael W. May
This is nearly 11 months old feed! - Ferhad Fidan
잘 생긴 ,,, - namchul
데릭 :D - Derrick
Check you out!! :D - Josh Haley
OMG, I have just died from the cute. Srsly, STOP it. *heart bursts* - Ayşe E.
cheekee boy :) - sofarsoShawn
you are cute! - Marissa
so cute! - Kelly W.
Too cute. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I'm going to hide this post as an act of self-preservation. It's literally killing me. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
:) - edythe from iPhone
excellent! - MikeAmundsen
*Liked* again. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
What a beautiful boy :) - comix aka martha
so cute! :-) - Maitani
How did this show up again!?! - Derrick
Because you're fucking adorable and you can't be kept down? - Hookuh Tinypants
Aww <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Squeeee! - Melly
:)) - edythe from iPhone
Spirited Away (2001) 千と千尋の神隠し:
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meraviglioso... - RobertoC
loved this movie. One of my favorites from Ghibli. - Chieze Okoye
@Roberto Chibbaro >Siiiiii!:D - keiko-san
@Chieze Okoye >I know! - keiko-san
@bak>What do you mean?? - keiko-san
bellissimo!! - Flavio Benassi
@Flavio Benassi >Ciao! - keiko-san
Ciao Keiko ! - Flavio Benassi
wonderful movie!!! One of my favourites even if I prefer Princess Mononoke ;) - Dyoniso
Ciao, Dyoniso! Do you like Ghibli's film? - keiko-san
Studio Ghibli is simply one's of the best studios, if not the best aroun... - RobertoC
Hello Keiko.. Of course I like them... They are amazing! :) - Dyoniso
Yeah! I think so,too! - keiko-san
I love it!! - Storvandre FinisceQui
Hello,storvandre! You, too? - keiko-san
strange thing... Here in Italy this movie was released with the title "La città incantata - The enchanted city" - Dyoniso
Ah,si? Non lo sapevo. Grazieeee!! - keiko-san
Prego :) - Dyoniso
:D - keiko-san
Veramente dolcissimo questo anime. - progitto
@bak>I see...! - keiko-san
@progitto>Ah,si?? - keiko-san
Non lo sapevo così popolare! - keiko-san
:D - keiko-san
like @Isola Virtuale: Miyazaki ha cresciuto almeno la mia generazione. - Sabrina Briganti
Si, Totoro è bellissimaaaa! - keiko-san
avete mai visto "on your mark"? - Dyoniso
Bello pure Il castello errante di Howl. - Flavio Benassi
@Dyoniso wow! non lo conoscevo. molto bello! - progitto
@Dyoniso>Anch'io non lo conoscevo! Che bello eh.....!! Grazie! ^-^ - keiko-san
Prego.. Credo che sia un video musicale.. Giusto Keiko? - Dyoniso from fftogo
Siiiiii! - keiko-san
koremo Miyazaki Anime desu......^_^ - keiko-san
nice! ..... ^_^ - keiko-san
siiiiiii! :) - keiko-san
I should marathon through a bunch of my favorite Ghibli movies at some point. It's been too long since I've watched them! - Chieze Okoye
hi, Chieze Okoye !.....^o^ - keiko-san
That was one strange movie, but ended up enjoying it a lot. - Juan Pablo González
hello, Juan Pablo González !....^o^ - keiko-san
visto e rivisto miliardi di volte... - italida ʚϊɞ
ciao, italida [♠] .....^o^ - keiko-san
ciao Keiko ^___^ - italida ʚϊɞ
......^_^ :) - keiko-san
I love it... - Yesim
hello, Yesim!......^_^ :) - keiko-san
千与千寻 非常好的动画 非常的喜欢~~ - sycpiek的世界 from Yoono
io amo molto invece il giappone.. anche se non ci sono mai stato! Miyazaki.. GRANDEEEE!!!! - Mik Apache
All masterpieces. I've just watched Totoro for the first time, wonderful! - FFrancesco
@ 灆訫>喂!hello!.....^o^ - keiko-san
I love it!! - Кася
hello, Кася!.......^_^ :) - keiko-san
great!......thank you!!!......(*^-^)♪ - keiko-san
One of the favourites. - социальный груффало
hello, Адский Блондин ! ........ ^_^ - keiko-san
o havuzdaki küçük siyah maymuncuklardan istiyorum ben :/ - Parfe
hi, Parfe!.......^o^ - keiko-san
koremo Miyazaki-anime desu. - keiko-san
hello,sveva!.......^o^ - keiko-san
.......^o^...... - keiko-san
.......^o^...... - keiko-san
"Spirited Away" is very popular it is ........ (^____^) - keiko-san
hello, Samet KRaBG!..... - keiko-san
hello!......(^_^)..... - keiko-san
oh...200 people? !!! - keiko-san
good :) - deo immortalis
hi!...... ^o^ - keiko-san
amazing movie - Aysu Gündüz (ART Niyetli)
hi! you think so, too? - keiko-san
Chihiro is cute!.....right? - keiko-san
My Favorite Japanese Anime . - Mr Jojo
hi!....really?.....than-Q......(^_^).... - keiko-san
Miyazaki rocks! - VolkanAytan
hello, VolkanAytan!..... - keiko-san
hello Egza! times?......which one? - keiko-san
oh.....Spirited Away?.......(^_-) ; - keiko-san
عالی بود. گرچه برخلاف داستان های ایرانی سروته نداشت :)) - عزرائیل ❆ ❆ ❆ Azrael
hello! English please......^o^ - keiko-san
oh.....fantastic! ...... thank you! .......:)) - keiko-san
宮崎アニメはホントに人気があるんですねぇ~・・・ビックリですぅ! - keiko-san
Spirited Away wa sugoi ninki desune! - keiko-san
Moving on with life. The diaper pail has gone unused for almost 3 months. After 6 years in our lives, I'm not sorry to see it go.
It's in perfect working condition, but I'm seriously thinking of drilling holes in it, painting it green and using it as a compost bin. - Anika
I'm stlll shocked that *I* spent 6 years of my life changing diapers. That was definitely never in the plans. I couldn't even begin to imagine what some of my friends with 4 or 5 kids with 2 - 3 years between them have endured. - Anika
I am not making it into a Dalek, Sean! - Anika
I saw something the other day about a new paint from Krylon for painting plastic : - Lindsay
@Haggis hmmm, you may be on to something - the composting Dalek: DECOMPOSE... DECOMPOSE... DECOMPOSE... - Adrian
Heh. And I just put one of these on the horrible baby registry my mother and mother-in-law insist I should have. - Anika Palm
Anika, you're pregnant? Congrats. This diaper pail is the best. No smells and you can use regular trash bags in it. - Anika
LOL Yeah, I'm done with the baby-making. - Anika
You should have another. You make beautiful kids. - Carlos Ayala
Carlos, you crazy. I'm a raging bitch when I'm pregnant. All my friends have begged for me never to get pregnant again. They say I'm like a mean, hormonal drunk. <shrug> And I really don't ever want to do all that newborn stuff again. - Anika
That's fancy! Ours is just a regular rectangle kitchen Rubbermaid container thing. - Rochelle
i'll take your crazy ass then...ive seen the results. gonna have to have a talk with the hubster. maybe he can make somethin happen at 3am. on the sneak tip of course. - Carlos Ayala
You're horrible, LOL. You know, he was supposed to have gotten a vasectomy a week before I found out I was pregnant with our first kid. And I'm convinced that your way is how we wound up with our second. - Anika
sliding up @ 3am always does the trick....or so im told... /shrug - Carlos Ayala
Lucky you! - Hutch Carpenter
Ha. I work with three girls - two of whom are still solidly in diapers (2.5 years old and almost 1). I sometimes contemplate counting how many diapers I change in a day and then decide that would be too depressing. The 2 year old is starting to want to potty train and I'm STOKED. - Lis
I'm on the countdown to potty training the last one. Both boys trained right around 25 months, so I'm hoping the girl follows suit, she's 21 months. - Heather Solos
Two years later...I've just spray painted this black. It's finally going to be a compost bin. Finally. Two. Years. Later. *headdesk* - Anika
Adrian has pointed out that the black diaper pail looks a bit like Darth I may need some more paints. - Anika
"Children who are taught how to think and act like scientists develop a clearer understanding of the subject, a study has shown." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
The boy knocked a tooth loose an hour ago. Then the tooth fell out...somewhere. Does the Tooth Fairy still visit?
The girl was pretty much, "Sucks to be you, dude. No Tooth Fairy." I was going to wait to see if we found the tooth, but now thinking maybe a condolence card to him and a little change. - Anika
Yes, but she leaves a note saying that the prize is...somewhere. - Stephen Mack
Tell him not to worry. The Tooth Fairy does DNA testing these days. - Steven Perez
Do it, it'll be fine. We've been victim to this before. - Eric - Final Countdown
I think I will. He was screeching and shrieking with all the blood, then I made him put away clothes which he didn't like. I think a Tooth Fairy visit may ease the trauma of it all. - Anika
Have the kids ever asked what the TF does with all those teeth? - Katy S
Nah, They've seen The Hogfather and that was enough for them. - Anika
Just help him write the tooth fairy a note explaining what happened. Perfectly acceptable. - Laura Norvig
The Tooth Fairy came and he lost his money within 10 minutes. - Anika
boy needs some pockets! losing teeth, losing money !!! :) - Jason
Ah yes, the old "write a note to the TF because the tooth was lost" routine. Double blow to lose the money, too :( - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Katy, at my office, we tell kids that are about to have a cavity filled that the dentist is going to power wash (i.e. the drill, which sprays water) all the cavity bugs into the vacuum (high volume suction) and that they collect in the vacuum for the tooth fairy to come pick up. She feeds all the lost baby teeth to the cavity bugs. Heh. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
I once lost a tooth in my sleep and swallowed it. I think the tooth fairy made their way with a note say "Heard you'll poop it out later" - Just Mrs. V
LOL Katie, that's funny. - Anika parents at first were all about finding it so they pulled apart our room. When it didn't surface and we figured out I must have swallowed it in my sleep, they were pissed they spent all that time looking. - Just Mrs. V
Alex Scrivener
You have to start prepping kids for the elite pre-school early, or they will never get in. Secundus is practicing his Uniform Wearing Skills.
I think he looks kind of like Roy Brocksmith in that picture. - Alex Scrivener
Raising Children Right of the Day - The Daily What -
"Raising Children Right of the Day: Inspired by S. Rivas’ Reynolds Home Calvin & Hobbes playroom mural , Redditor poerhouse painted this incredible C&H nursery mural for his unborn daughter. He says “the plan is to insert a ‘Wattersonized’ version of her once she’s two or three (and we know what she looks like),” but I agree with Redditor hockymickle, who counters “I kind of like it with just Hobbes. It implies that she’s in Calvin’s role without having to draw her in there.”" - RAPatton
We had the the boys nursery painted with Pooh characters, and then when Michael was 2 we had his whole room done in a Byron Barton theme. - RAPatton
"When a child's temperature begins to rise, worried parents often spring into action, marshaling cool washcloths and pain relievers, making frantic calls to the doctor or even visiting an emergency room. Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics is telling parents that the number the thermometer displays is just a number—and that making a feverish child comfortable is far more important than bringing his temperature to 98.6 on the dot. "The signs and symptoms provide much more information than just the fever itself," says Janice E. Sullivan, a professor of pediatric critical care at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky and co-author of an AAP report on fevers, released Monday. The report, aimed at calming what it calls "fever phobia," also says there is no evidence that lowering a fever will help a child get well faster, or that leaving a fever untreated could cause seizures, brain damage or death, as some caregivers fear." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Many pediatricians have given parents a similar message for decades, but it hasn't sunken in. There's widespread confusion over what fevers in both children and adults signify, when to treat them—even what constitutes an official "fever" (100 degrees Fahrenheit? 100.4?) Many parents also rely on the thermometer to tell them how sick a child is when he's too young to talk. To some, it's... more... - RAPatton
"There are some cases where a fever alone can be worrisome. Parents should contact a doctor immediately if an infant under 3-months old has a fever of 100.4 or higher, which could signal a serious infection. Children with underlying conditions, such as weak heart muscles, may not be able to tolerate a fever and should get medical attention if one appears. Children and adults can spike... more... - RAPatton
Yeah 100.4 F/38 C (core temperature :D) is basically just what studies decided to standardize on, although it does have some predictive value depending on the study. - Victor Ganata
I never used to treat my kids' fevers unless they were obviously uncomfortable. I figured the fevers were there to fight the infection - and to give me some much-needed peace and quiet, especially in the case of Sarah, queen of the nightly meltdown. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Laura Norvig
Singing "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" to boy to help him fall asleep. #badparent #goingtohell
I sang the whole damn song! Don't think I've ever done that before. He's really been having trouble falling asleep for the last few days. I wonder what's up. - Laura Norvig from iPod
At first I tried to change it to "100 Bottles of Juice" but it did not flow well. - Laura Norvig
Laura Norvig
Went to a great kid birthday party today. Great food, pinata, volcano cake, and a big backyard for the kids to play. My son's whole kindergarten class was invited. Also, one of my son's teachers was there and she said although he is one of the younger kids, he is one of the most mature and a great artist and has a great imagination.
Of course, he had a bit of a meltdown when some of the kids weren't sharing the wagon to his satisfaction, so he seemed like the *least* mature there in my eyes, but still, it's nice to hear such great things from the teacher. - Laura Norvig
I Hate My Parents website: Excruciating family snaps from around world | Mail Online -
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"Sometimes parents can be so embarrassing, can't they? They dress you up in silly outfits, or capture your pitfalls on camera, then put the pictures up on the internet for all to see. Here's our pick from a hilarious website, I Hate My Parents, featuring excruciating family snaps from around the world." - RAPatton
OMG so many good ideas if i ever have kids! - Steve C, Team Marina
Hilarious. Esp like that Mr T outfit - CarlC
Myopia: To reduce kids' risk of nearsightedness, send them outside - -
Myopia: To reduce kids' risk of nearsightedness, send them outside -
"Here's one good reason to turn off the Wii or Game Boy: Eye experts increasingly believe that time spent outdoors could reduce the likelihood that children will develop myopia, or nearsightedness, a condition in which distance vision is blurred. "Your mother was doing the right thing when she said, 'Go outside and play,'" says Earl Smith, dean of the College of Optometry at the University of Houston. Myopia is on the rise around the world. A recent study found that in Americans ages 12 to 54, the prevalence of myopia increased 66% between 1970 and 2000. Asia has also experienced a sharp jump in nearsightedness in urban areas. "Nearsightedness is showing up at younger ages and at higher progression rates," says Thomas Aller, an optometrist based in San Bruno. Though myopia has a strong genetic component, genes alone cannot explain these increases." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"One possibility is that the eyes need exposure to a certain amount of light intensity; another is that spending time outside exposes the eyes to objects that are consistently focused in the distance. Optometrists and researchers are developing a new arsenal of treatments that they hope will slow myopia's progression. These include specialized eyeglasses and contact lenses, new types of... more... - RAPatton
"Holden adds that future therapies for myopia probably will involve a combination of strategies. "Our view is that a combo of 'get outside and play,' a very mild [low-dose eye drop] to slow the progress of myopia, combined with use of anti-myopia spectacles or lenses, will be a package that will eventually give the maximum effect," he says. In the meantime, most experts agree on one low-tech solution: Get the kids outside." - RAPatton
Ok, so Kam came stumbling into my bedroom the other night. Not an odd occurrence as he's 3 and sometimes decides he wants to jump in bed with us. This time was different though...very different...
I asked him if he needed to pee since he's been without pullups for a couple weeks now and he shook his head "No." Already a bad sign. Kam likes to talk. Not talking means he is really sleepy or we have a serious problem. - Rahsheen
Oddly enough, he went straight for the bathroom, so what could he possibly want besides to cuddle up next to mom and dad, right? Then...I noticed the smell... - Rahsheen
It suddenly became clear to me that my worst fear could be coming true at this very moment. I dared not ask the next question but, being a father and caretaker, I had no choice. With wrinkled nose and even tone I asked, "Did you boo boo?" - Rahsheen
Kam turned to look up at me over his shoulder, his light brown eyes caught the light from the vanity and I had just a second to think about how handsome of a child he is. Then, I saw the bulge in his pajamas and the grave look that crossed his mouth. - Rahsheen
This wasn't gas. No lingering smell from the trash can. This was the real deal and Kam's slow and deliberate nod confirmed that the worst was upon us. - Rahsheen
I'm not one to be squeemish or get nauseated, but it took everything in me to get him cleaned up and back to bed without revisiting what I'd had for dinner. He never spoke the entire time. He simply followed my directions until we'd gotten him sorted out...then he went and cuddle up with his mom to go back to sleep while I got rid of the evidence. - Rahsheen
...moms always get all the credit. - Rahsheen
So, how did you handle the whole potty training thing when it comes to sleeping? He knows how to go to the bathroom when he's awake, but how do you handle that whole overnight thing? - Rahsheen
Thank God I am well beyond this as a father. :^). Though there three times, I believe, when my daughter as a toddler decided to play with her poo after taking a nap. Poo everywhere . . . on her, on her crib, on the the walls. Gah! - Friar Will
Honestly, I don't remember stool ever being an issue with potty training. For us, it took a long time to get the kids to stop urinating in their sleep (for which we used pull-ups), but I don't think any of them (short of a handful of times when they had the flu or whatever) ever pooped in the bed. Long story short, unfortunately I don't have any advice for you. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Will, I kept yelling "It's everywhere!" and the wife thought I was going mad. Of course, she was still lazing around in the bed while I was battling poo. Looking back, I find my behavior hilarious. "OMG! It's everywhere! Do you see this?!" - Rahsheen
I can imagine that very easily. I remember the first time my daughter did this and the wall of smell that hit my nostrils when I opened the door to her room. Talk about almost losing your cookies. And come to think of it, I think I was the one to clean up after each instance of the poo play. My wife claimed I could handle the smell better than she could, so she begged off each time. I... more... - Friar Will
Sometimes a kid actually has dreamed that they got up and went to the bathroom. They are very upset when they realize the mistake. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yeah, as an adult I still catch myself on that one. I'm an extremely light sleeper, though :) - Rahsheen
"Why do otherwise good kids seem to make bad decisions when they are with their friends? New research on risk taking and the teenage brain offers some answers. In studies at Temple University, psychologists used functional magnetic resonance imaging scans on 40 teenagers and adults to determine if there are differences in brain activity when adolescents are alone versus with their friends. The findings suggest that teenage peer pressure has a distinct effect on brain signals involving risk and reward, helping to explain why young people are more likely to misbehave and take risks when their friends are watching." - RAPatton
"“The presence of peers activated the reward circuitry in the brain of adolescents that it didn’t do in the case of adults,” said Laurence Steinberg, an author of the study, who is a psychology professor at Temple and author of “You and Your Adolescent: The Essential Guide for Ages 10 to 25.” “We think we’ve uncovered one very plausible explanation for why adolescents do a lot of stupid... more... - RAPatton
"“All of us who have very good kids know they’ve done really dumb things when they’ve been with their friends,” Dr. Steinberg said. “The lesson is that if you have a kid whom you think of as very mature and able to exercise good judgment, based on your observations when he or she is alone or with you, that doesn’t necessarily generalize to how he or she will behave in a group of friends without adults around. Parents should be aware of that.”" - RAPatton
Jonah Lehrer: How Poverty Hurts Young Children, and Why Rich Parents Don't Matter - -
Jonah Lehrer: How Poverty Hurts Young Children, and Why Rich Parents Don't Matter -
"How much do the decisions of parents matter? Most parents believe that even the most mundane acts of parenting—from their choice of day care to their policy on videogames—can profoundly influence the success of their children. Kids are like wet clay, in this view, and we are the sculptors. Yet in tests measuring many traits, from intelligence to self-control, the power of the home environment pales in comparison to the power of genes and peer groups. We may think we're sculptors, but the clay is mostly set. A new paper suggests that both metaphors can be true. Which one is relevant depends, it turns out, on the economic status of families. For a paper in Psychological Science, researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia looked at 750 pairs of American twins who were given a test of mental ability at the age of 10 months and then again at the age of 2. By studying the performance of identical versus fraternal twins, the scientists could tease out... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"When it came to the mental ability of 10-month-olds, the home environment was the key variable, across every socioeconomic class. But results for the 2-year-olds were dramatically different. In children from poorer households, the choices of parents still mattered. In fact, the researchers estimated that the home environment accounted for approximately 80% of the individual variance in... more... - RAPatton
"For parents, the correlation appears to be clear: As wealth increases, the choices of adults play a much smaller role in determining the mental ability of their children." - RAPatton
"Though this latest study doesn't speculate about the causes of these class differences, previous research has focused on a panoply of factors, such as the variety of words directed toward the child (more variety leads to higher test scores), the number of books in the home and even the ratio of encouraging remarks to discouraging warnings. By the age of 3, children from wealthier... more... - RAPatton
Fear of Vaccines Has a Long, Persistent History - Healthy Kids and Pediatrics - Information on Children's Health produced by doctors -
"This type of "vaccine phobia" has perhaps never been expressed more vehemently than with the standard measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) childhood vaccine, which many insist is tied to autism. Even after the retraction last year by The Lancet of the controversial study that first proposed such a link, and subsequent charges of fraud against its lead author, 18% of Americans surveyed in a recent Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll said they believed the MMR shot could cause autism." - Lis from Bookmarklet
Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Oh GOODY. Kidlet is having behavior problems at school. Temper tantrums, yelling and kicking chairs. When she gets home from school she says she's had a good day. The teacher is threatening office referral if she doesn't improve. I'm inclined to let the kidlet get a taste of "getting into trouble" at school. __MORE__
Is 8 years old too young for "tough love"? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
What do you think the root cause of the tantrums is? Is she happy at home generally? - Stephen Mack
yeah she is very happy and pretty well behaved at home. She acts like an 8 year old. VERY rare is the screaming tantrum - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
"Andy Runton's heartwarming and adorable hero Owly is set for a new adventure in February, this time venturing into the world of picture books to chase butterflies. “Owly and Wormy: Friends All Aflutter,” which will mark the Owly's full-color debut, finds the titular pictogram-speaking animals hoping to meet new friends but discovering something unexpected along the way. The forty-page picture book “Owly and Wormy” will be published by Simon & Schuster under license from Top Shelf Productions," and Top Shelf will release the next “Owly” graphic novel in October. CBR News spoke with Runton about both projects and the challenges behind adding a bit of color to Owly's world. “Owly and Wormy: Friends All Aflutter” is a bit different from the other “Owly” books in that it's a square, 40-page hardcover picture book, in color, published by Simon & Schuster. Runton said, though, that at its heart the book is “just another Owly story” and that the already all-ages-friendly series was not being... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Outside of the process and the publishing arrangements, “Friends All Aflutter” is ultimately about the characters. “It's a great story about wanting something but getting something you don't expect, and along the way, realizing what's truly important," Runton said. "I don't want to give too much away because the surprise is part of the fun. It's a fun and emotional story and I'm really... more... - RAPatton
I think Owly is the greatest success story of Free Comic Book Day - RAPatton
Babies Understand Might Makes Right | Social Development & Infant Cognition | LiveScience -
"Babies understand that might makes right by the time they're 10 months old, according to a new study. The findings suggest infants have a sophisticated understanding of social interactions even before they learn to walk. The study, reported this week in the journal Science, found that babies expect a larger individual will get his or her way in a conflict. To make that prediction, the babies have to understand on some level that individuals have goals, that they can conflict with each other, and that these conflicts have winners and losers. That's a lot of thinking for someone who can't talk much yet, but according to study researcher Lotte Thomsen, understanding social relationships is a top priority for very young children. "Social hierarchies are everywhere in the human world," Thomsen, a professor of psychology at the University of Copenhagen, told LiveScience. "So it would make a lot of sense if infants were able to understand this aspect of their world."" - RAPatton
"Earlier research has shown that infants are savvier than one might expect. Within their first year of life, babies prefer a helpful individual to a hinderer, according to a study published in 2007 in the journal Nature. They understand other people's point of view as early as 7 months of age. By the time they're 6 months old, babies can even tell the difference between an angry dog and... more... - RAPatton
"To rule out alternate explanations, such as the babies being intrigued by the relative increase in motion when the big block moved aside, the researchers conducted additional experiments. A big block that bowed and scooted away behind the little block's back elicited a collective baby yawn, suggesting the infants understood the social nature of the interaction and weren't reacting to... more... - RAPatton
Two of my sons pretend to be dumb with their schoolwork and I'm not sure why. The oldest pretends to suck at math and the middle son just thinks school is going to disappear at some point. I think they are bored, but there isnt much I can do to make sure they're challenged in the classroom.
do they have any accelerated programs? - chrisofspades
The oldest is the most like me, so I can pretty much rationalize with him, but the younger just doesn't get the point. Doesn't even have the mindset to understand at this point. - Rahsheen
The problem with both is that they have their teachers thinking they're actually clueless. Might be easier to get the oldest on track as he's been in advanced classes before, but the younger is going to need some work. - Rahsheen
"About two-thirds of U.S. fourth-graders failed to show proficiency in science in 2009, the federal government reported Tuesday, meaning that the average student was likely to be stumped when asked to interpret a temperature graph or explain an example of heat transfer. Seventy percent of eighth-graders and 79 percent of 12th-graders also fell short of science proficiency on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a key measure of performance in a subject that President Obama and business leaders call crucial for American competitiveness. "It's disappointing," said Francis Eberle, executive director of the National Science Teachers Association, based in Arlington County. "Essentially, it says that science hasn't been part of the agenda. Science has had very little attention." He said that reading and math - the focal areas of most standardized state tests - have squeezed time for science lessons in daily classroom schedules. Results were posted at" - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"There was a gender gap at all three grade levels, widest among older students: The average score for 12th-grade boys was 153; for 12th-grade girls, 147. Many students failed to reach a basic level of achievement. Performance was judged as advanced, proficient, basic or below basic. Examples of basic skills: A fourth-grader should be able to explain the benefit of an adaptation for an... more... - RAPatton
"Among fourth-graders, 28 percent scored below basic. Among eighth-graders, 37 percent fell short of that level. Among 12th-graders, 40 percent fell short. The federal test sampled performances of 156,500 fourth-graders and 151,100 eighth-graders to obtain national and state results. It also sampled 11,100 12th-graders for national results." - RAPatton
I'm sorry to read this. - Stephen Mack
Kids with low self-control are less successful adults - health - 26 January 2011 - New Scientist
""Children who lack self-control are more likely to become adults with poor health and finances. So say Avshalom Caspi at Duke University in North Carolina, Terrie Moffitt at King's College London and colleagues, who followed the progress of 1000 children born between 1972 and 1973 in New Zealand. The team measured self-control by asking the children, as well as their parents and teachers, about their behaviour every two years between the ages of 3 and 15, and then at 18, 21, 26 and 32. Children with higher levels of self-control were more likely to have a higher socioeconomic background and a higher IQ. After adjusting for both factors, the team found that adults who had low self-control as children were more likely to be overweight, have substance abuse problems, gum disease and sexually transmitted infections."" - RAPatton
"They were also less likely to be homeowners, and more likely to have been convicted of a criminal offence. In a separate study of non-identical British twins, the team found that the sibling with lower self-control at 5 years of age was more likely to have started smoking and be engaged in anti-social behaviours by age 12." - RAPatton
Moms Who Can't Breast-Feed Find Milk Donors Online : NPR -
Moms Who Can't Breast-Feed Find Milk Donors Online : NPR
Moms Who Can't Breast-Feed Find Milk Donors Online : NPR
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"New mothers are told again and again that breast milk is the healthiest food for babies. But not all mothers are able to nurse. Some of them have discovered they can still give their babies the benefits of breast milk by feeding them milk donated by other moms. And they're finding those moms on Facebook. The federal government thinks that's a bad idea, but that's not stopping the milk-sharing. Lindsey Ward fed her first child with formula, but she was determined to nurse her second. Despite her determination, and plenty of help and advice, breast-feeding was a struggle. "I fought through the pain, and it still didn't work," she says. By the time Joshua was a month old, he had gained just 1 ounce. So Ward, a 23-year-old, got online and started looking for help. She found a Facebook group called Eats on Feets." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Many women who seek donated milk for their babies ask the donors for the results of blood tests proving that they don't have infectious diseases, Walker says. "We talk about safety a lot on the forums," she adds. "On top of that we have the first-hand contact with the moms to see." Ultimately, she says, "A mom donating milk doesn't want to be responsible for a sick baby." Natalie... more... - RAPatton
AKA a wet nurse to go, right? - FFing Enigma
I wanted to donate after I had my second son (I was such an over producer, it was ridiculous), but I was too busy with school to set it up. :-/ - Jenny
Is Your Child an Easy Target For Predators? -
"Do you want to know all of your child’s secrets? Some parents would say “yes” others may say “no”. We certainly don’t need to know everything our children do and say throughout their lives, however, we feel it is extremely important to teach children about the issue of secrets. Teaching children the difference between a good secret and a bad secret is not difficult and it is a must to keeping our children safe. Predators (could be a family member, coach, babysitter etc. – 90% of the time a child is harmed it is by someone they know) want your child to be able to keep a secret." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Very good article. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Big Joe Silenced
from my 5 yr old dotter this evening: "Just between you and me, Papa. When you get angry I try to calm you down, but sometimes you won't let me. I love you, Papa."
then she hugged my arm tightly. - Big Joe Silenced
everyone but me is in bed now. i'm a bit weepy. #BigSofty - Big Joe Silenced
i've been blowing up alot this week. :| - Big Joe Silenced
i need to be more patient and less demanding in general. - Big Joe Silenced
Children given 'chemical cosh' drugs for shyness - Telegraph -
Children given 'chemical cosh' drugs for shyness - Telegraph
"Young people are routinely being given medication to treat normal childhood conditions, it was claimed, despite fears over their long-term health. The disclosure came as it emerged that the number of eight- to 13-year-olds on drugs such as Ritalin has soared seven-fold since 1997. In many cases, pupils are being put on medication in an attempt to manage serious behaviour problems. But Dave Traxson, a senior educational psychologist who works in schools in the West Midlands, warned that children were increasingly prescribed drugs for “normal” conditions. “I feel very strongly that the time is right to challenge the growing practice of medicating our children for displaying behaviours and thought processes that until recently would have fallen within the normal range,” he said." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Speaking to the Times Educational Supplement, Mr Traxson there was growing use of drugs to treat conditions such as shyness. According to latest figures from the NHS, some 650,000 children aged eight to 13 are now on drugs such as Ritalin, which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It represents a seven-fold increase on the 92,700 pupils put on drugs in... more... - RAPatton
There are so many places I could go with this. But for fear of coming off like the "grouchy old parent guy" I'mma let the smart people handle this one. - MoTO Boychick Devil
unsmart, nonparent says: medication has it's place but that place should not be making a experimental laboratory of a generation or two of children with developing brain and body chemistry. - Michael W. May
Big Joe Silenced
my 5 year old just came out of her bedroom and chatted good-naturedly with me on the couch for roughly 20 minutes about various things. she ended it by looking at the clock and saying "Oh, it's late. I gotta get up in the morning!" A quick kiss on my cheek and she was off to bed again.
i'm pretty happy right now. :) - Big Joe Silenced
Hahaha! - Spidra Webster
i love my kids. :) - Big Joe Silenced
i love my wife, too! - Big Joe Silenced
Awesome. - Josh Haley
they can be. in this case, yes. :) - Big Joe Silenced
NORAD and Google track Santa; automakers design sleek sleighs
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"NORAD is normally a U.S. and Canadian military defense organization, but for Christmas, it’s teaming up with Google to keep an eye on Santa. The partnership will help viewers track St. Nick’s location as he makes his way around the world on his annual gift-giving trek. Starting at 11 p.m. PST on Thursday, viewers can find the jolly man’s position at as well as on Google Earth, both online and on smart phones. Users can also arrange for a special someone to get a personalized phone call from Mr. Claus through It’ll be a hard night’s work, so maybe this year Santa will reward himself with a gift. Maybe a sleigh from Jaguar or Aston Martin? He has more than a dozen concepts to choose from over at Digital Trends. " - RAPatton
My daughter visits the NORAD site every day to play the new games that open up in the elf village. - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Big Joe Silenced
my two girls just called me in to settle a dispute about the proper names for the types of toy boats they were playing with in the bathtub. this sure beats breaking up a fight!
FWIW, they're 2 1/2 and 5. :P - Big Joe Silenced
(it was a speed boat and a pair of tug boats.) - Big Joe Silenced
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