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Patch Notes – 17/12/2013 – Game Update 2.5.1 Patch Notes
Tomorrows patch notes are up. It looks like there is no new cartel packs for this Time. Maby there won’t be one for December? I was hoping the other Shipment 1 packs would make an appearance Highlights The Relics of the Gree Event will return on December 17th! Be sure to pay a visit [...] - Søren
Flickr Star Wars Lego Group
This is just too cool not to share. The Flickr Star Wars Lego Group has some of the best Lego Star Wars scenes I have ever seen. They are fun, they are funny, some are flirty and some are just plain silly. - Søren
KOTOR is Getting a Supermassive Update
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is by far one of the best games ever based on the Star Wars series. Fans were super happy to learn that it was being released for the iPad earlier this year. But now there is news that a supermassive update is on the way. IGN tells us [...] - Søren
SWTOR Guide: How to Build a Blackbolt/NovaDive Galactic Scout Starfighter
This SWTOR guide is designed to give you a general idea of how to build a Blackbolt/NovaDive Galactic Scout Starfighter. You can use different components when building your Scout but this will give you a general idea of how to get started. Each of the following components are discussed below: Engine, shields, sensors, thruster, systems, [...] - Søren
Kinect Star Wars Developer Terminal Reality Reports Shut Down
Many great game developers are kicking the bucket these days and now you can add Terminal Reality to the list. The Texas-based developer has apparently been closed. Gamasutra reports that Jesse Sosa has claimed on Facebook that the studio “seems to have finally shut down”. Sosa posts: “For those that have known me for a long time [...] - Søren
So I modified the game's graphical settings to higher than ultra.. -
So I modified the game's graphical settings to higher than ultra..
Scheduled Maintenance: December 17th – Patch 2.5.1
Servers are going down on Tuesday for maintenance and to  implement patch 2.5.1. Life Day Event & Relics of Gree Start will also. Below is the announcement from the serverDriod from the official forum, and below that is the news on Life Day Event & Relics of Gree. ServerDroid Scheduled Maintenance: December 17th | Today , 03:16 PM On [...] - Søren
Things I learned while leveling my alts
This might not be rocket science, but here is a few tips and tricks I learned while leveling my alts. When you make an alt, you will probably look for ways to level without doing entire planets that you already did on your main. One of the biggest complaints about this game that I see is [...] - Søren
Mass Effect 4 Next Release From Bioware?
Since the recent release of photos depicting the Mass Effect development team as a part of the annual N7 Day Celebrations, gamers haven’t stopped talking about the upcoming game. The game itself is still in the development stage and there isn’t very much definitive information about it yet, but that hasn’t stopped these photos from [...] - Søren
Quick way to move a small amount of gold to a new server. -
Quick way to move a small amount of gold to a new server.
Second Anniversary Rewards Coming December 17th
BioWare will be celebrating the second anniversary of Star Wars: The old republic on Tuesday December 17th. With this they will be rewarding all players with players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks. Pretty boring rewards if you ask me. I still have last years fireworks sitting in a [...] - Søren
It strikes me that Blizzard is like a band, and expansions are their new albums. Therefore... -
It strikes me that Blizzard is like a band, and expansions are their new albums. Therefore...
New option to buy 14,500 Cartel Coins for $99.99
BioWare have added an option to the Cartel market for the big spenders. It’s now possible to purchase 14,500 Cartel Coins for $99.99 – ingame. It comes out at just about 145 Cartel Coins per dollar – roughly an extra 7.5 CC/$ compared to the 5,500 Coin package. Sadly, it’s not as great a deal if [...] - Søren
Life Day Gear to be Embargoed After Current Run
BioWare have been under fire for a while, for their decision on letting embargoed items reaper on the Cartel market. Eric Musco answered an angry player on the official forums yesterday concerning this issue: EricMusco Life Day gear recycled from last year?! LAZY | 12.11.2013, 02:01 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Rileysoph A few weeks ago [...] - Søren
Patch Notes – 12/11/2013 – 2.5b Patch Notes
Sorry we didn’t post this yesterday,  but I was out of town. BioWare have pushed a patch that should help out players with AMD video cards. I have had alot of trouble my self since I changed to windows 8, and so far, this patch seem to have fixed all issues. I don’t see [...] - Søren
SWTOR Guide: The Galactic Starfighter Pike/Quell Battle Strategies
The Pike/Quell starfighter is designed to do maximum damage when you use missiles and torpedoes. The starfighter can be equipped with two types of missiles or secondary weapons that make it possible for you to use a variety of strategies when in battle. Most of the strategies used with the Pike/Quell are long-range combat oriented [...] - Søren
SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Is Back!
If you missed your chance last month to participate in the SWTOR Bounty Contract Event, it’s making a return! All classes level 15 and up will be able to participate in this event. You will get rewards and exclusive items for completing these contracts. You also get a certificate you can use at the Cartel [...] - Søren
I had a Mimiron's Head in my inventory. It was mislooted to me by our then-GM, he had everyone in the raid assigned a number divided by the groups they were in... -
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