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Smaug will kill Bilbo and all the rest... "@HuffPostBooks: Big change announced for the final 'Hobbit' film"
Stop being such a Bundy.
Don't be a complete Bundy.
You are such a Bundy.
Well, it's clear that Cliven Bundy is an asshole.
Ah, for pete's sake, Bayern.
No love for Terry Stotts in the NBA coaches poll. 21 game turn-around not good enough. #Blazers
Blazers! Woot!
You've got a long way to go to convince me that comics aren't a lot of sexist tripe.Especially the superhero tripe.
Let me take this moment to gloat over the Toffees' destruction of Man U. #Everton
Being uninterested in "knowing" is not the same thing as agnosticism.
Asking an atheist what they plan on doing for Easter is analogous to asking a Christian what they plan on doing for Ramadan.
I know the Gaiman library quote making the rounds is intended in the sweetest spirit, but it feels a little condescending. I don't want tea.
Wow, wow, and wow in the NBA playoffs.
I was feeling the Blazers were a disaster post All-Star. But it wasn't that bad. As in .679 before and .621 after the break.
RT @GaryRidesBikes: Afternoon mass burn off of refined petroleum used to slowly move large mostly empty containers begins. #SantaMonica
I half suspect the Spurs will pull some weak-ass shit and not play their starters against the Rockets, screwing Blazers chance for 4th place
All of the European football leagues and tournaments are *totally* clear in my mind. :l
Nothing says "freedom" like granting a millionaire the right to make more money off the public domain.
Snuggled on the couch reading a natural history book. #outdoorsman
AA and rehab rarely work...
Seems like everybody but the Spurs and the Clippers is in a season-ending death spiral.
If I buy an Everton kit, does that doom them to failure?
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