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Blazers! Woot!
You've got a long way to go to convince me that comics aren't a lot of sexist tripe.Especially the superhero tripe.
Let me take this moment to gloat over the Toffees' destruction of Man U. #Everton
Being uninterested in "knowing" is not the same thing as agnosticism.
Asking an atheist what they plan on doing for Easter is analogous to asking a Christian what they plan on doing for Ramadan.
I know the Gaiman library quote making the rounds is intended in the sweetest spirit, but it feels a little condescending. I don't want tea.
Wow, wow, and wow in the NBA playoffs.
I was feeling the Blazers were a disaster post All-Star. But it wasn't that bad. As in .679 before and .621 after the break.
RT @GaryRidesBikes: Afternoon mass burn off of refined petroleum used to slowly move large mostly empty containers begins. #SantaMonica
I half suspect the Spurs will pull some weak-ass shit and not play their starters against the Rockets, screwing Blazers chance for 4th place
All of the European football leagues and tournaments are *totally* clear in my mind. :l
Nothing says "freedom" like granting a millionaire the right to make more money off the public domain.
Snuggled on the couch reading a natural history book. #outdoorsman
AA and rehab rarely work...
Seems like everybody but the Spurs and the Clippers is in a season-ending death spiral.
If I buy an Everton kit, does that doom them to failure?
Sunshine on my shoulder...
How you ever heard anyone express like for Paul Ryan.
Good to see the A's whip out the whuppin sticks.
South Carolina has all kinds of fossils:
I'm going to save lots of energy between 10pm and 6am.
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