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Bay Area Derby Girls roller derby league desperately needs a new practice space. Help us, please! @BayAreaDerbyGrl
RT @arkanciscan: Portland should just send all the water they're trowing away down to San Francisco. A little urine never scared them
Watching "Lindsay" last night made me feel inspired to get rid of old clothes I don't wear anymore. Thanks, Oprah!
Remind me, why is it legal to buy assault rifles?
Anne Harris Portrait Photography (5/5) -
"I am not a model. In fact, I never take good pictures. Anne worked her magic and managed to make me look really good! I am so thrilled to have these pictures of me in my roller derby getup!" - Stacey
A compliment to my mom is sometimes an insult to me. Example: saying we look like sisters. Please stop saying that, world.
Pro Tip: When I unsubscribe from your email updates, please do not send me ANOTHER email saying I unsubscribed - just stop sending me email
Wait a minute, Sir Mix-a-lot, what's wrong with an Oakland face AND an Oakland booty?
Skyline Veterinary Hospital (5/5) -
"I have a cat who vomits a lot which I know is difficult to diagnose. I have taken her to other vets without any luck and I left those other vets feeling like I spent a lot of money on nothing. I…" - Stacey
Gorgeous photos of Washington mountains. Hella sick freshies! RT @REI: Behind @scottrinck'S 12 Months of #Snow:
NorCal surf competition Mavericks still doesn't allow women to compete.
After years of face/palming after reading self-promoting arrogant blog posts, tonight I finally unsubscribed to Boing Boing. That is all.
Whoever stole my bike out of my storage unit, you are a horrible person and I hope my sticky brakes made you go over the handlebars.
Come see me and get some free chocolate samples at SF Green Fest today at the Theo Chocolate booth. #greenfestival
“@TheOnion: Obama, Romney Remain About Equally Powerful”
Listening to local Maui radio for listener call-in updates on #tsunami and kids keep prank calling. It's pretty funny.
Evacuated Kihei so in Wailuku, Maui. Traffic is horrible, huge line for gas station. 1 hour 20 minutes until first tsunami wave.
My leftovers from dinner are stinking up this BART train. Sorry, everyone! It's garlic
I have to buy another dog product for my cat: a mat for muddy paws. Need to explain to my cat, again, that she is not a dog. #mainecoon
Everything in LA is so spread out! Every time I get in my car I feel like I might as well drive to the moon - it's probably closer.
RT @berkeleyside: That helicopter that's flying low over [Oakland] this am? Most likely measuring baseline radiation:
There's nothing like a power vinyasa yoga class to remind me that I broke my ankle 5 months ago.
I just paid an extra $25 to buy the pair of womens' running shoes that I want that are NOT pink, and they were really hard to find.
I like to secretly race other swimmers when I'm swimming laps. It bothers me when said people swim with flippers because they are cheating!
How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden -
How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden -
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