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FriendFeed did WHAT?! -
FriendFeed did WHAT?!
this picture rocks - Violet Mae Lim
Amen. - Yolanda
++ Rasheen. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Totally excellent! - Warren Butler
lol, I know right - Wayne Sutton
The iconic Rahsheen face. Good for a number of occasions. - Hutch Carpenter
Yes...definitely applies for various occasions :) - Rahsheen
That's the face :) - Micah
Hahaha - Rodfather
that picture kills me LOL! :D - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
What's weird is he's wearing a shirt! - anna sauce
lollllllllllllllllllllll - Melly
If RahRah is wearing a shirt, hell must be freezing over! - imabonehead
Rah needs to do a video like I did. - Outsanity
best avatar eva!!! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Love that expression man :D - Praveen Vasudev
ahahahah :D - Sinan İŞLER
ahaha excellent expression! - Jacque
*bump* This is so perfect. - Andrew Smith
hey man this is really perfect =) - Ahmet UZUN
Retitled: 2 Social Networks and a cup, reax - Christopher Galtenberg from iPhone
Love it! Great face!! - Mitchell Tsai
Jejeje - Stalyn☂
They took the 50 mil and went to San Mateo without us..... - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
...but I LOVE this pic!!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Seriously - it makes me LOL everytime I see it! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
lets remember it, what did happen that day :) - alperyz
*sigh* - Big Joe Silenced
Wait, what? LOL - Rahsheen
Will still be a classic remembered 500 years from now. - Micah
yep. :) - Abhishek
^ Yep. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We need pictures for "Instagram did what?" also. - Morton Fox
SUrprised no one has lolcatted this for various occasions.. - Rahsheen
*gets on that* ;) - Big Joe Silenced
Exactly! - Mark Krynsky
goodbye #friendfeed - alperyz
rah face! - Yolanda
Holla at y'all on Google+ :) - Rahsheen
OMG I LOVE THIS! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Bump - imabonehead from Android
Kol Tregaskes
The Great Google Wave invite thread. Anyone who wants an invite post your Gmail address here and anyone who has invites available please use to invite the people on this list. There are also a bunch of requests in the Invites group here:
I have a few but holding them for a few people who have already asked me. I'm at kolint [at] googlewave [dot] com btw. A pain I know but if you can, could you update your comment when you have an account or just delete your comment. Ta! :-) EDIT: Try this site for invites: - Kol Tregaskes
ysabelegaspi at gmail dot com. thanks! - Ema Nymton
Kol, my man...I love you, you do know that right? :) - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
I would like to have one => at gmail dot com <= :) thank you - GG...
crap, wrong email...:) - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
havaslash att gmail dott com thanks :) - Jay if you have a spare :) - Bryce Roney thank you, :) - chaz2b
lameei (at) gmail (dot) com - Mostafa Lameei
fanning[dot]steve(at)gmail[dot]com - DJ Stevie Steve :) - Willis Wee
manantsoa.david(at)gmail(dot)com - Thanx - Manantsoa
nikicostantini[at] :) - Niki Costantini Thank you! - Tanya S
Hehe, Jesper. :-) - Kol Tregaskes Please! ;) - Tibor Holoda Pretty please with a cherry on top :) - Dan Hersam
can i haz en invyte? - .LAG liked that
Please pretty please - wishfully.thinking [at] gmail [dot] com - Harini Saladi - Лёва
could you please send me an invite as well please email - Sunny (The Geek Lord)
If anyone has one to share - martin (dot) starfighterpilot (at) :-) - Martin Bryant thanks - fwed
slayerboy [AT] gmail [DOT} com - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ - Paul
krz9000[@) i can haz? - Chris Hofmann
yok2504 [at] - Sinan İŞLER
mdoeff at gmail dot com - Mike Doeff
sadoyle AT gmail DOT com if anyone has a spare invite I would be thrilled. - Simon Doyle from BuddyFeed
rubin dot sfadj at gmail dot com - Rubin Sfadj
grant.bierman at gmail dot com - Grant Bierman
how do we track who got invited & who didnt? - Roshan Ramachandran
magicofpi at gmail dot com for me, please! - Ryan - @magicofpi - Kim Landwehr
Roshan, maybe those who got invited could put an X before their email... or delete their comment altogether. - Ryan - @magicofpi
amnesiak1978 [at] - Andrea | amnesiak1978 from iPhone
Ryan, yep I've suggested something like that in the first comment above. - Kol Tregaskes - thanks in advance. :) - Brad Butner
Ah, yeah, I might've missed that... at least we're on the same page. :) - Ryan - @magicofpi
flaimo [@] - flaimo
i guess i am superiphi at gmail - Iphigenie
marco.marengo [at] - gib
aucimen(at) (thank youu) - Alper Umut Çimen Thx - HN from iPhone
ceterelealtdileyt[at]gmail(dot)com --Thank you already now - Yunus YAMANER (CITRIL) - thanks - Matt G :) - Nicola Quinn from Nambu
mahendrap[at] - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
somebody who has it please send a message to me too thanks. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL if anyone has any free! - Pete Gilbert , thanks for your invite ! - nancy kao - Saeed Ashour
and hey, if you haven't already, please sign up here: Better to do it now than later... can't hurt :) - Adam Lasnik - Chris Nixon - Zekai KIRAN - Thomas Power
cristian {DOT} vidmar {AT} gmail {DOT} com - thanks in advance! - Cristian Vidmar please .thx - Selcuk Ergin - Geert CONARD
scabrcom at gmail dot com - Igor Poltavskiy
Are people on this list getting invites or at least been told they have an invite on the way? You might have to be patient, it could take a long time for one to come through. - Kol Tregaskes
Adam, yep agree. Maybe because I did that (month ago though) helped me get mine through from Vijay so quickly! - Kol Tregaskes - Junal Rahman - David Young
gtpinfobox[at]gmail[dot]com... plzzz, can i hav one invite *makes puppy face* - Gtp19
matthias.debus [at] gmail [dot] com - Thanks! - Matthias Debus
pls send me an invite on dharmubaba[at}gmail{dot]com - Dharmesh
Have you got a Google Wave invite? Please send me one! :) - Selcuk Ergin
If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (and please send me a Wave Invite) - ZacRabah
docdemon at - Dennis Jernberg
keyboardbreaker at - Iain Baker hey who invites me ? - Sercan
mfelat at gmail dot com - mesut felat
dajdavies at - Andy Davies
bahaid at - Kilian i'd love an invite! - Patrik Arwengrim - Stian Torgersen
i'm waiting for months please an #invite m.furkantunali [\at/] - Furkan Tunalı - Matteo Campofiorito
yunust at gmail please.. thanks.. - Yunus Tunak
could you send invitation to koraym /@/ gmail .com address please ? =) Thank You! - siniradam
veovix [at] gmail [dot] com - I'll be your best friend!! :) - veo
jmatalon - Jacque
paulasimoes [at] gmail [dot] com - paula simoes ☃ - qibo
a7med.magdy[at]gmail[DOT]com - Ahmed Magdy - great idea Kol, fingers crossed -/ - Chris Loft - Pamir Gündüz please invite me - Angelo Mariano :D - Andrea.i.Norrköping
Thanks and i want one ,my mail is:[at] - 黑莓极至
ibgeronimo[at]gmail[dot]com - jan geronimo
soulruins[at]gmail[dot]com THX!!! - Philip from BuddyFeed
cristianconti -at- - Cristian Zucchenberg - Thank you! - Hendrik Neumann
piotto [@] thank you a lot!! - Matte - cheers muchly! - Wilka Hudson
newelvin [at] - Thank you! - Elvin
This isn't working...over in the UK we have decided it's all a late April Fool's joke. - Pete Gilbert please ;-) - Alistair (alpinefolk)
I want one. (.==@, @==^) siva@rs^ - siva s - یاسر
@Kol, the invitation process seems to be based on nominations. For example, everytime someone nominates/invites you, you get bumped up the queue for an account until you're at the top and you get sent an invite by the team - Ema Nymton
mdfidler[@] Thanks Kol! - Michael Fidler
Ysabel, ah I see, So lots of people must have nominated me. Darn, so a few users I have nominated could be waiting a looooong time. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
kicha1978{@} Thx :) - Krishnamoorthy
Please nominate me? :) - Pete Gilbert - gracias! - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
mdduru > gmail dot com - thanks in advance. - Durukan Duru
anil(at) - Anıl Eren
cjj1019 [at] thanks - telefan
itslebigz_at_g mail com thank you!! - Le Big Z please please and thank you - Richard Thomson
vince.degeorge AT - Thank you! - Vince DeGeorge please - Richard Thomson - Glenn Slaven
need invite:) - Selcuk Ergin
rfavini[at]gmail[dot]com, thanks in advance :D - Roberto - candy - I need an invite too, tanx - Saghee - thanks! :D - Oskar NRK - rønin from iPhone
tosh54 at Thanks! - Peter Hoffmann
if that voting system is right I'm very annoyed. I asked for an invite months ago, now all the numpties are all over it I'm not going to get a look in. It's like I've been sat at the front of a shop queue and everyone's just walking right past me into the shop. I am British but I detest both queuing and waiting, so this is pretty tough going - Toby Graham
koukopoulos at - Kostantinos Koukopoulos pretty please? - MLx
Oooo yes please - Jon
Pretty please with sugar on top? - April May
i'd like an invite if anyone has one to spar. i'm wardseward(you know the rest). thanks! - Ward Seward
any generous soul: THANKS!!! - Arnaud Fischer thanks mate!! - Deniz Gürbüz :D - James Rishabh Mishra
Can I play too, please? nzbuu1 [at] - James Myatt
alessandro.minin gmail and all the other stuff - scriptabanane - thanks ! - Greg Smith
vinod1980 at gmail dot com please send me one. - vinod
please send me inv. : - Mustafa Y. Halici
Not yet. Im still waiting. - Robert from email
same :( - Jay
bobonline at - Bob Wilson
Like most other people, yesterday I wasn't aware of that I «needed» a Google Wave invitation this badly...but now I am!!! quackofdawn at gmail dot com - noname
Pleaaaase.... thx - HN from iPhone thanks ! - mert
.... danielsoar at - Dnl
Please invite me: marklayton at - Mark Layton thanks! - Marco <radel>
alideemir(@) - Ali Demirci
I would love an invite. barryowens(@) - Barry Owens from iPhone
Invite tehKenny, plz parkingstones(@) - tehKenny
jokin.lacalle (at) - Jokin Lacalle
Anyone have an invite to share? whumesatgmaildotcom Thanks. - Friar Will
If there's any left: christopher.owen at - Christopher Owen
Memememememe!!! hedwyg at gmail dot com - Ordinarybug Heather
I'd really love one - Wave is the coolest! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
invite please. - zlatko zivlak
link2future (@) - Sahandram
jordanpw at gmail - Patrick Jordan - yakoo Thanks! Arigato!! - Shoichi from iPhone
andrea DOT romoli AT gmail DOT com - Andrea Romoli - farzaam thanks, although probably too late. - Comics Forge - Tony Miller
butriga at gmail dot com - Angelo - TheNorba
If you have any left, please can I have one? ( Thanks. - Tyson Key
would love an invite - - Martin Liechti
I am - Mike Nayyar from iPhone - Brian Krueger - LabSpaces
me too? - Christopher Aloi
jagrap at - RAPatton - Jordan Brock
i don't think there is anymore left but theaob[@] - Onur Baykal
Let's try this too: ilmondodieta (at) gmail (.) com - Eta from FreshFeed
Beau at liening . us - Beau Liening from iPhone and i promise to send a wave of 100,901 twitter followers to your doorstep each of whom will have averaged 1 tweet in their existence - this might not get me an invite but surely it will get some notice - must have that something special - my google wave invite special sauce ingredient is twitter juice PS Not to be construed as an offer, not valid in any of the 53 US states, do not try this at home, caution: contents are hot. - Ross Button
Purdy Please! (expecting [dot] rain) - Jeremy Kunz - Marg Uerite if you please, will give back to this list - Andrew Leahey
Please, and thanks in advance.. - Jeannette Høvring
please send me one...thanks! - Terry Johnson
jasonw22 at gmail - Jason Wehmhoener
ahrob19[at] ... here is to dreaming of a wave!! - Amani
Thanks zsafwan at gmail dot com - zsafwan 
Thanks pengwen [dot] not [dot] penguin [at] gmail [dot] com - Parvez Halim
If there's any left! kahlanmnel at gmail dot com - Hookuh Tinypants thank you in advance! - Marco Jardim - Osman Erdoğan
semihmasat ( at ) - Semih Masat™ Thanks :D - RK
ageor7 at gmail dot com, thanks :) - Alexandros Georgiadis
juanpg at gmail dot com, thanks as well! - Juan Pablo González
citro06 at, thanks! - Citronella still FFing
batduccio at gmail dot com - thanks - batduccio
braden.douglass [at] gmail [dot] com - Braden Douglass Thanks!! Wave is revolution! - Charbax
kreg.steppe (at) gmail dot com .. Please? - Kreg Steppe
jianyuan [at] gmail - thank you! - Jyuan
francois dot granger at gmail dot com - François Granger
Anyone have already a wave invite?. I'm a developers anxious to take a look at wave. jmiguel.rodriguez at . Thank you very much in advanced! - jmiguel rodriguez
trentono gmail com...thanks in advance, mysterious stranger... - Trent Olson
Russellreno at - Russellreno - Karma will bless you abundantly. Thanks! - eEditor
slowfinger at, please. - Slow Have a few invites, also, please add me as contact - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Hey bob morris, can you invite me ? tagyboy at gmail dot com ! - fwed
apleyden (at) - Andrew Leyden
myturkey AltGr + Q - Varol AKSOY
@Bob Morris please! (above) - Slow
what a long list! steve at sharpers dot com please! - Steve
this list seems hopeless, but I'm - Laura Norvig
WTB: Google wave invites, will trade for 200 gmail invites :) - Man Of Chat
manielse[at]gmail[dot]com thanks! - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Plz. Invite me on Google Wave. Am i on a HIGH? - ThinkEzy; I still don't know what to think about it, but I really want to test it out. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Welcome an invite at Thanks. - Jack Stone
Hey! sappho at gmail, thanks in advance to anyone who send it out. - Priscila Zanuzzo - Vincent X Thanks for the thread Kol! - Tamara, #TeamMarina - prz? :) - Paul Whitaker
lol at this point i gotta think that by the time an invite makes it this far down the list i may already be at the top of the official invite list but doesn't hurt to try right? marco [dot] nunez @ gmail - thanks! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I'm also trying. As Marco said, it doesn't hurt :) iamclem at gmail. thanks! - Clément Simon
Hello, I would love to have a google wave invite too. thanks! - ilteris
hell, why not: - Jamie Mack
Please!! jrblazespam at gmail dot com - Jeff
Oops! You said gmail address: marybaumcreative (at) gmail. Although I run through gmail servers too. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from email
mrtbzkrt at thanks - Aquacultural
alan.le at - Alan Le
ibrahimuzun /// - İbrahim Uzun [ j ]
robynahawk - you know the rest! ;-b this is me - always late to the party! - Robyn Hawk
Here I am super duper late. sound [dot] of [dot] dust [at] gmail [dot] com. I know the email is a pain. - Faraz Mullick
Looking for wave invite to use in Vegan centered site hook a vegge brother up, jtwilkins *AT* gmail *DOT* com - Josh Wilkins
gah, I'm so late but I need one. kmward (at) gmail (dot) com - Kate
I'm at jwilliams [at] live [dot] com but with the length of this thread I'm not holding my breath. Lol - Jason Williams from iPhone - Jacopo Paoletti please? C-: - Lucius Payne
gattoo at gmail dot com - ThinkEzy much appreciated - Brian thanks.... - Amit Nangare - Demircan Celebi
onur[et] - onurc
adolfo at nerdstlaker .com please - adolfo foronda
barijaona ... gmail ... com - Barijaona Ramaholimihaso
mike.hellers at thanks. - Mike Hellers
Wow, with all the people here, the chances of getting one is slim. Still, there's no hurt in trying... phoenix713[at]gmail[dot]com - Eduardo Ruiz - DRAT! I'm last in line! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
niguel[dot]valley@gmail[dot]com - Valley
LOL, One could build a good spam email list from this post!!!! - Brian
stan.thieman at - Rodzilla
can you send me invite for google wave to i.igors (at) gmail (dot) com - Igor Krstev
Looking for one myself at alexscrivener (at) gmail (dot) com - Alex Scrivener - Ivan Campos
erdem.g ⓐ gmail - Erdëm GULTEKIN - oldiesbutuglies
looking for an invite - - Ritu
axin.on [att] googlemail [dott] com - Achim Brueck
Wow, thanks in advance! - Ryan Christensen
I would love an invite: xiatwo[at] - Dongzhi Thanks! - Chris - Thomas Hawk
Thank you very much! - Leslie Carothers
wow.... even Thomas Hawk doesn't have an invite yet or atleast seems like it... I feel better now :) - Amit Nangare
I would definitely appreciate an invite, if you have one to spare... - Bette Cooper - Please and thank you!!! - Erica Toelle
I'd love one but I can't even get subscribers on here so I anticipate failure. :-( - Simon Curran - Thanks everyone, really looking forward to trying google wave. - Silver Hage
To everyone thanks from PR, waiting for the wave - Juan R Perez
/me is tired to see this post at the top of his home :) - fwed
giving out my invites -> - andy brudtkuhl
I'd love an invite. I was sort of expecting to get one from Google, as I have been in all of their other betas, but to no avail :( - Carlton Prest
jamesrhull {at} gmail - James Hull
prguy85 at gmail - Manuel Mas
If anyone has a Google Wave invite to share I would like one. ampptt (at) gmail - Robert Anderson
I so want one... drusoicy <at> - Andru Edwards
I'd like one, too. ha3rvey at gmail - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
sd11208 at gmail thanks. - Stalyn☂
d.patti (at) thanks! - Davide Patti
mithandir at gmail dot com - Mithandir
Pretty please. richardlusk at gmail - Richard
like it,allwell at gmail dot com - coze
Plesae send an invite! - Jonna Watson
damn, the pretty please guy will get one for sure, that steve guy is likely last on the list - but we all will get one if that scobilizer guy notices that we are all here and asking and so cul cuz we are all on friendfeed - maybe if we twitter too it might help - hello google !!!! - Ross Button
how do we know which ones are sent? I'm just doing my own thread. - Vezquex
teekotkl [at] thank's! - Teeko
Yes please.... cherkoff at gmail ;-) - James Cherkoff - Joe Azzara
all good now - metalerik thanks! - Chris Reichow thanks in advance! - James Campbell from iPhone
I've been in wave for a while, I don't need any more invites, thanks. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
tateblaze @ gmail dot com - Tate
christophe.ceccon AT thanks a lot! - Christophe Ceccon
who have wave invite ? - Sinan İŞLER
right everbody write self mail but who have ?! :D come on google !!!!!! see the ff :D - Sinan İŞLER x - Joe Dawson
If someone can send an invite to I'd be much obliged. I'd really love to check out Wave. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
plzzz - Saeed Ashour
ggelardi at gmail dot com, thanks in advance - esorciccio a.d.
Thanks Krazy! john dot mcgeehan at gmail dot com - John McGeehan Thank you - Kaspar Minosiants
timepilot68 at gmail dot com, thx!! - timepilot .. Thanks! - Yourmagz
Shmoetheho [at] gmail dot com -- much appreciated! Will reciprocate. - Shmoe from iPhone
If anybody still has one, I'd be happy to have one if you wouldn't mind. zach @ - Zach Flauaus
cargun [at] gmail dot com, please wave me... - Cem ARGUN
thattalldude [at] gmail [dot] com - Shawn Kirsch
sd11208 at gmail dot come - Stalyn☂ - Marco
brnwatkins at gmail dot com - Brian Watkins
vizpix at g mail dot com TIA! - daveeza
nixnet [at] gmail [dot] com - Paul Nixon
plz send me too - kanidor [at] gmail [dot] com - thx - Rydhold
proglot at gmail dot com - Vadim Smelyansky - Nick Soden
I would love an invite if anyone has an extra! - Martha from BuddyFeed
Would like one if there's one to spare. :) rowlikeagirl [@] - rowlikeagirl
billgiltner at - bill giltner - Many Thanks! - Kevin Doyle Please send the Blog Bloke an invite. Thanks muchly! - BLOGBloke
I would love one sweyn3 [at] gmail [dot] com - Sweyn Venderbush
jlarche [at] who else? [dot] com. Thanks!!! - Jeff Larche THX!!! - Jason
scottph at - Scott Phillips |Thx! - shallop - Robert Couture
I'll take one if you can give - RICHARD E. MOORE
id love an invite - allen074 - at - - thank you - Allen Stern
I've been too busy to get on FF the last few days....figures something important happening and I missed it! I knew about Google Wave but didn't know there would be a thread to post a request. In any case, better late than never, I'd love an invite at madeliene2007 at :) - Bonnie Foster somebody please send me a invitation... ^_^ : ) - ‎‎Emad PLEASE! - John Rath Am really excited to try this out for a collaborative research project I'm working on. Hoping someone has an invite to spare! - Wim Mulder . Keen to see if we can shake M$'s cage about messaging and collaboration. - Giulio Campobassi
Would love an invite - jonathonc at - Jonathon
cygnion at woah mate. - Nick Martin
ericsizemore at geeeemaill - thank you! - Eric Sizemore Thanks in anticipation!! - John Kitchen Thanks! - Ryan Singer please invite me:) - Ebru ERDEM
Adding to the list -- john.spyers at - John Spyers
mishef [@] gmail dot com -- Thanks! - techWALL
Would realy like to get an invite: mithandir at - Mithandir
legrand at — Thanks! - Mathieu
sajidahinakhan at gmail - Sajida Hina Khan - mfatih
thailunn (at) thanx ! - Taylan Kılıç
VitaArdiyana (at) gmail (dot) com, Thanks before Kol. I will delete my comment when i have my google wave account. - Vimala Vita
Google Wave : Could anyone invite me ? : jean.charles.blondeau[at] Thanks - Jean-Charles
Would appreciate an invite. (Thanks!) - Joe Perrin thanx - olmayanaergi
can anyone please invite me? I'd love to have a play with wave! - Ian Rathbone
Would LOVE an invite. bizservicesbroker at gmail dot com - Wazza T
gladstone at - Gladstone
takuhito.sotome (at) - takuhito from iPhone
killahkrew (at) gmail (dot) com - Sebastian
cornelius<DOT>toole<AT>gmail<DOT>com - Cornelius Toole
Please pretty please....jazzjeppe AT - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson
Please... luthiano [at] gmail [dot] com - Luthiano Vasconcelos
nico[dot]morgan[at] - many thanks! - Nico
imran3000(at) - imran
An invite would be much appreciated: daveholmesprojects (at) Thanks. - David Holmes
System Messages Invite Status: 17559 invite requests in the system. 7 invites confirmed as received by requester. 199 invites claimed as sent from giver. - oliv21 - Andrew Euell
laetSgo{at}gmail{dot}com... can't wait !!! have to :-( - laetSgo
Me me me ... - Sam Stone
lhasa(dot)jack(at)gmail(dot)com !! Thanks!! - Jack Lhasa
sd11208 at gmail dot come - Stalyn☂ - Michel from iPhone :( thanks - Mehrdxd - gökhan özçelik - Konrad - Jesper Jazzper Isaksson[AT] - سینه سرخ
hurstel[AT] - hurstel
srikyada at gmail dot com - Srikanth
How does anyone know if someone has already been invited? You could go back and edit your comment when you receive an invitation, but since that takes days, it could be ages before you know. - marziah
siavash [dot] tehrani [at] ... thanks - خان دایی سیا
@marziah If you receive a second invite you could fwd the invite link to another person here :) - Franc, a rememberer
ali.aliakbary@ ( tnx - Conformist
ayoubi [at] gmail [.dot.] com - Soroush Ayoubi if I get an invitation I'll... - Amin
karmacomincAT gmail dot com Thanks !! - Karma Martell
Hello I would like a google wave invite. my email is - ZOD
much appreciate a kind invite: - reedman
doauto [@] - neswell
MR.foolish @ PLEASE - Joe
ace0cc AT <3 - Colby
got an invite today, so I deleted my comment above. Thks anyway. - François Dongier
I'd really appreciate an invite. 4 phlebas at google mail dot com - Sung W. Lim
praveenvasudevis at gmail dot com. thanks! - Praveen Vasudev
I've had three nominations already and still no invite :( What's up with that Google? :( - RK
zerdale @ - Ayhan Kocak - Vincent D'Oria
I've not even had a nomination, RK. At google dot com I'm suezanne , in the event anyone wants to make a nomination. I've asked before on friendfeed. It's kind of humiliating to beg. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
i have decided that if i do indeed get an invite, i will decline, forward my gmail account to windows live and put ie back as my default browser and i will bing it - Ross Button
@Ross: why punish yourself for something you didn't do? :) - François Dongier
I just want some google love; just like the rest of us do; but n,o they wave at us as they have their private, invite only party; thumb to nose, fingers a waving - that's the google wave; we need a tshirt - Ross Button :) Not expecting anything, but thanks anyway! - Alan (Giraffes) - Константин
vixted at Thank you. - Vic Ted from iPhone - Mattb4rd - thanks a lot - time2die
stefigno @ gmail . com -thanks. - Stefigno
fabiocurzi @ gmail . com - Fabio Curzi - Sarper Sılaoğlu - حسینی can i have an invitation plz - salah Thanks!!! - China Internet Rumors
Send to me plz ,,, {a} gmail {dot} com - Mohammad Sharifi
I'd love an invite to Google Wave pls. non-geeky bf got one before me! that's just not cricket.. hehe :) icetigerza (at) gmail - Kim
Hello, if there's any invite left, you'll make me more than happy ;-) matthieu.beauval [at] gmail [dot] com, thank you ! - matthieu beauval
Of all the people posting here the chances of me getting an invite are slim but I'm still willing to try. If someone wants to shoot an invite over to I'd REALLY appreciate it. - John from iPhone
khawro at - Konrad
It looks like it, although you might be able to use the hyperlink on the front of the Wave homepage to request an invitation, if it's still available. - Tyson Key
dsenior at the gmail - Dave Senior
I'll give this a try: j.linkola at gmail - anyone have invites left? - Jussi Linkola
Anyone can provide a Google Wave invite? - Brian
firatdemirel at just needs an invite for Gwave. Thanks. - Fırat Demirel
Does anyone have an invite to share? Can you send it to v9y.rec at please? Thanks. - Vinay | विनय
Can somebody send an ivitation to . Thanks in advance. - Yiğit
Please send an invitation to me at I got tired waiting. - Kandarp Trivedi
I'll be glad to invite others on this thread once I get mine. Thanks in advance.. Keep the thread alive. - Kandarp Trivedi
really need one, would be so grateful - brandon
I want Google Wave invite too, please sent it to: ric4p5 {at} gmail [dot] com Thanks - jose manuel
If anyone has invites, could I have one please? tekked - - TechKid
Thanks in advance mgkbull(at) - Bull
In case there is still someone with spare invitations: piotr.byzia at - Piotr Byzia - Anyone with a sparee invite and feeling generous! (thank you thank you thank you in advance!!!) :D - Simply Teeeya
Anyone with a spare would be my hero! Someone bought out my buddy who was going to give me one. - Robert Coombs
Heh :d Heh :D - majid
Please send invitation to me: aminsabeti@ Gmail. Com - Amin Sabeti from iPhone
If anyone has a spare invite - please send me one: -- many thxs :) - Frank Da Silva
Hooman.Moeen [at] Gmail [dot] com - Hooman Moeen
omega_fire2004 [ at] yahoo [dot ] com - alirz
I have Google Wave invites available anyone interested let me know - Kim Landwehr
Still waiting for an invite. :-( - MicahBear78 - amir farahani Thanks a lot~ - vickywoo - Hozhabr thanks! - gabegabe
Can I Get one Thank You !! - The Stig - random person
karmacomincATgmailDOTcom Muchas Gracias - Karma Martell Much thanks if anyone has any! - Louis Simoneau - Mr.Seaver
maxphoto85 [at] gmail [dot] com, thanks. - Max Batsyn
leonid.vladimir [@] g m a i l . c o m Thanks a lot - Leonid Vladimir
jdblaich[@]gmail dot com -- much appreciated. - jimbo99
Got one from Trish a couple days ago. Now, looking for folks to wave with: marybaumcreative (at) googlewave (dotcom). - Mary B: #TeamMonique
scott.j.emerson[at]gmail[dot]com Thanks - Scott Emerson
If you have any more invites, I would love one. - Wayne Ramlogan
pantra2006 (att) gmail (dott) com pleaseeeeeeeeeee - ــــرMEHRمـهــــ
hii can you send me one google wave invit...thanks in adv. - abhishek - احــــســـــان
If anyone has some, Thanks a lot! - Happehwalrus
mohsenweb{[ A T ]} g m a i l {DOT}com , Thanks! - Phoenix
I have 7 invites to Google Wave, if someone is interested, please DM with e-mail address. Ciao, Andrea - Andrea Romoli
I also have invites - James Myatt
allanbesselink<at>gmail<dot>com ... please! - Allan Besselink
I'll wager that some of the folks on this list have received their invite by now, or no longer want one - I have 16 invitations at this instant. It's probably easier for me if you DM. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
fifiquimbo(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love one, thanks! - Fifi Quimbo
I have 8 invites to Google Wave, if someone is interested, please DM with e-mail address. Ciao, Andrea - Andrea Romoli
Wins Fern
I have Yay Hooray invites, if interested, ur email pls.
digideth at aol dot com thanks! - Brian Moore
Brian, invite sent. Join as buddy, pls. - Wins Fern
Denys, invite posted. Join as buddy, pls - Wins Fern
Thanks, Denys. Start pimping. - Wins Fern
wow! . thank you! - ..кстати
This looks fascinating...gbail2[at]yahoo[dot]com, if you may? Thanks! - Greg
I posted them all. Wait for the next lot. - Wins Fern
Never got the email invite Wins? Can you resend it please. Do they have a problem with aol accounts I have another email address if that is the problem. - Brian Moore
Sorry, Brian all gone and yes, one of my invites is not used. I do not think AOL is a problem. Others have received it. Check spam folder. - Wins Fern
stalyn8 at yahoo - Stalyn☂
Sent to Stalyn and Robbie. - Priscila Zanuzzo
by chance do you have one more Priscila Zanuzzo? digideth at gmail dot com thank you! - Brian Moore
Brian, your email is already in their database. I cannot send you another invite. - Priscila Zanuzzo
ok thank you thats all i needed to know because Wins Fern sent me one but never received it. So with the info that you provided saying i was in the db i was able to use the password reset form to activate my account. So in the end Thank You for trying to send me one otherwise I probably would have never gotten a account there! - Brian Moore
So what is everyone's user names so i can add yall to my buddy list? - Brian Moore
All the best Brian Moore. Enjoy, playing. - Wins Fern
Kirill Kotikov
change my invate for FFFFOUND account for an invitation to
ffffound invite? - Brandon Blattner
PLEASE???????? - Brandon Blattner
i can't even describe how appreciative i would be.... - Brandon Blattner
OOOOH, you need a invite.....shit, my bad.....!!!!! thought i had it... - Brandon Blattner
still have a spare ? i'm willing to trade a invitation for a ffffound invite.. - fabricfish
i'm ok for a change mail me to[at]gmail[dot]com - peterFr
I want too!liukai.mvp[at] - Kim
i've a invite. please, i want a ffffound invite! make contact! thanks! - Floydivision
invite me? derekborland[at]gmail[dot]com - derek
they going to banned you. after you register with them. - Stalyn☂
8 for Google Wave. first come, first serve. please - Rasmus Lauridsen
here pls glemak (@) gmail - mike "glemak" dunn
me too! :) nhaima [ at ] - nhaima
ugur.gok [@] - Uğur GÖK ...please... - Andy Connell
8*8 = 64 ;) - Sinan D
OK, that's a wrap. People I've nominated: asmus at glemak at nhaima at ugur.gok at iiiiiiandy at kernelppc at desskymk at doganli at - Vezquex
and obviously thank u ;) - nhaima
yes thank you very much, to keep the karma I will of course do the same :-) - Rasmus Lauridsen
thank you Veƶqueӽ - Sinan D
I salute you, sir.. - Andy Connell
Oh, shit. I screwed up royally. I skipped you by complete accident, and missed the letter R in rasmus. I feel like an idiot. - Vezquex
:-( Thats what happens sometimes Veƶqueӽ no problem. Thought counts - Rasmus Lauridsen
when I get I will invite jamar78 and rasmus ;) - Sinan D
thank you! - Vezquex
If there is a generous soul out there who has one: - That'd make my day. Thanks! - Vincent X
Thank you very much Sinan - Rasmus Lauridsen
I hope all of the lucky ones "share the wave" ... - HN
If one is available I'd love it: darkfreudeman @ gmail :) - adf
does who get it please invite others sd11208 at gmail - Stalyn☂
did u send to desskymk? the 8th one ? - Sheldon (old zos) , please - Patrick Becker
send please ..... danilopalermo[@] - Danilo Palermo
never got this, anyone else in the top 8 get theirs yet? - mike "glemak" dunn
nope, but I'm not sure since I just the day after tried making the asmus email. But as I understand it they are letting the invites out really slow on a fifo basis. - Rasmus Lauridsen
cool thanks rasmus - patience is a virtue but a painful one ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
I would like one :) parrish (dot) andy (at) - Andyparrish
I am still waiting - Sinan D
@sinan me too :( - nhaima
I'd love to have one if you still have any. - Rosemarie Pena
suppose this means that the queue is long eh ;) - mike "glemak" dunn
received it on asmus this morning! Thank you very much Mr. Veƶqueӽ - Rasmus Lauridsen
sadly there are no nominating open at the moment :-( But as soon as I can I will invite however many I can through. Will start thread then :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
just got mine too but no invites to give out yet - glemak (at) googlewave - thx vezque :) - mike "glemak" dunn
I would liki one, thanks ..... - Danilo Palermo
Would be much appreciated by me as well.. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I've nominated jamar78 and rasmus - Sinan D
Atakan Özgün
Need a Google Wave nomination. If I get one, i'll wave first 8 (as far as I know get 8 nomination) who comments under this post. Thanks in advance. tknzgn at gmail dot com
sd11208 at gmail - Stalyn☂
gotrewt [at] gmail [dt] com thanks if you can - Chris Hugs
1jsr86 [at] gmail [dot] com ... Thanks! - Yourmagz
tukonx [at] - Chris Reichow - Patrick Becker
Wave me in @ sd11208 gmail dot com thanks in advance!
wave me in! when i get 8 others will too. - Stalyn☂
Herb Hernandez
I have 7 Yahoo meme invites. Leave your email address.
Thanks man! - Brian
lindsay at donaghe dot com - and THANKS! - Lindsay
OK, five left. - Herb Hernandez
stalyn8 at yahoo - Stalyn☂
Four left. - Herb Hernandez thnx - Anthony Farrior
I'd love an invite - Ian D
nathan dot rein at google mail -- thanks in advance. much obliged. - Nathan Rein
OK, two left. - Herb Hernandez
roman.rachkov at gmail - Roman Rachkov
Thanks man! - Roman Rachkov
One left. - Herb Hernandez
odd, mine never got to me, not in my spam folder either. oh well, thank you for trying. - Nathan Rein
scratch that, got it, thank you! - Nathan Rein
Glad it came through. I think I screwed up the email the first time around! - Herb Hernandez
I have another 7 if somebody still wants. - supirole
Robert Scoble
Real time Scoble baby news (I will post small stuff here, over next 24 hours as our new baby comes to keep from spamming Twitter):
We came in this morning for an aversion proceedure (turn the baby into position). They were expecting to induce if they could get him aimed the right way. Five minutes before they were supposed to do the procedure he turned the right way by himself. Then 20 minutes later he turned again. Drat. Anyway, now they are in the process of inducing and watching. Won't know for sure what's going on until later tonight. - - Robert Scoble
Right now we're just resting and waiting for the inducing agents to start their jobs. It's still possible that we might have to have a caesarian section, because little Ryan isn't in the right position. More probably later this evening, for now I get to geek out while Maryam takes a nap. - Robert Scoble
Sending lots of beams to Maryam (and you too!) I am out of the loop. I had no idea that the family was growing (and tell M, I'm going to be a grammy come March 1) - Nancy White
Fingers crossed for a natural delivery... unless Maryam would prefer a c-section ;) Good Luck. - travispuk
What a handsome name you've chosen ;) - Ryan Whitwam
Robert: I wish you and your wife the safest and best possible birth experience! Here's to a healthy baby boy and Mom!! Keeping you in my thoughts. Leslie - Leslie Carothers
Congrats, Robert. Can't wait to meet the newest Scoble :-) - Daniel Brusilovsky from iPhone
sending good thoughts for the easiest possible delivery, for both Ryan and Maryam - B.L. - B.L. Ochman
Best wishes, Robert. - Raju Vegesna
Are his initials really going to be R.S.S.? - Carlton Prest
Thinking good thoughts for your wife and the baby - Sherrie Belken
Carlton: yes. His name will be Ryan Soroush Scoble. Thanks everyone. - Robert Scoble
Wishing you both well, hoping it all goes to plan - Rachel Clarke
Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and sending congratulations on your new son! - Jennifer Leggio
All the best, Scoble family! :) - Micah
bit of a pretentious name, named after one of the wisest Iranian thinkers of the last century. - David Lloyd
Good luck to you & yours :) - Blue_cat_online
Good luck to you both; hope all goes smoothly & swiftly. - Rachel Luxemburg
David: my other son, Patrick, was named for a saint and Milan was named for one of the best writers ever. So there. - Robert Scoble
Best wishes, Robert! - Mike Hussein Cohen
Good luck to Robert and Maryam. A big week ahead. - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis and Mike. - Robert Scoble
Robert!!!!! What great news; it will be early. Why did they induce if the due date was the 25th, or was I wrong? - Francine Hardaway
wishing you the best. we have a girl due in a few months :) - Stalyn☂
Francine: because hospitals like to schedule babies, is my guess (Sequoia is like a hotel). But he was breech and they wanted to get him into position, now that she's here they are doing the induction thing. - Robert Scoble
Good wishes to all. I've never met you and even I'm nervous. - Amyloo
Good luck with everything, Robert!!! Very exciting! I hope everything turns out perfect in the end!! - Lindsay
Best wishes Scobs! This must be a very exiting day! - Jadito
All the best, Robert. This is Realtime Scoble Scoop (RSS)! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Good luck, Robert, Maryam, and Baby Scoble! - Michael R. Bernstein
So the doctor said that Ryan is one of the five most active babies she has seen in her practice which is why they didn't let us go home. Usually babies at this stage stay heads down. Ryan isn't. I think we have a wild one! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Congratulation and best wishes! - Heather Solos
5 is an odd number to recall. Good luck, best wishes. - Benjamin Taylor
Guarantee he gets a best friend named Adam. - Vezquex
Congratulations and good luck. - Luiz Fuzaro
So exciting! Congrats, and good luck Robert! Enjoy the geek out time - that's always one of my favorite parts of having a baby. :-) - Jesse Stay
Very happy for you! Best of luck and hope everyone stays happy and healthy! - Martha
Robert wishing you and your wife a speedy delivery. May you have a happy, healthy baby. - Paul Blasman from iPhone
conggrats! - Alrady
Congrats Scoble! Wishing you , the wife and baby the best of early life. - Nakeva Corothers
Best wishes for this exciting event! - Anne Bouey
Congrats and best wishes - Love the name - you must have made Dave Winer's year with that one! - Steve Lacey from iPhone
Ahh, so looks like I haven't missed anything Robert as its now morning here...hurrah! - Technogran
Congratulations Robert and Welcome Ryan! - Martha
Congratulations :) xx - Joe Dawson
Robert, we're thinking best thoughts for you, Maryam and R.S.S. (cool initials for the new baby!) Congratulations!!! - Cathryn Hrudicka
I have invites to Lockerz, a freebie-earning site run by the ex-VP of Leave your email if you want one :D
sent, Mark. they've apparently been having issues with their mail server, so it'll get there eventually - neko
This looks interesting. I'd love an invite, if you could send one. Thanks :) - deepikaur
sent! - neko
I would love one. Thanks! zlio2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com - Zoran Stefanovski
sent, zoran - neko - hi, I would really love to get an invite..thanks - Raditya Prayogi
I would like one also... Thanks in advance - brainno722 (Peter)
hope i copied down your email right, Peter xD. sent! - neko
oh, and sent, Raditya - neko
Don't have it yet...sorry for the email's a good way to prevent bots...brainno722 at yahoo dot com - brainno722 (Peter)
alright, good i did have it down right the first time. give it a little time, like i said earlier they seem to be having some mail server issues lately. - neko
Sent, Herzeleid. I'll be out of town for a while, so there may be some delay in my sending, sorry in advance - neko from iPod
It should take you to a signup form :/ something's wrong if it didn't. Try later I guess? - neko from iPod
Thanks, Neko! - deepikaur
would like to test this out christer.wirheim at - Christer Wirheim
sent, Christer - neko
lockerz is down or unavailable for me at the moment... - brainno722 (Peter)
bumping this. :3 - neko
and sent, Muhammet - neko thanks! - Rosemarie Pena
sent, Rosemarie - neko
please, send me one! tommarques[at]gmail[dot]com - Tom Marques
sent, Tom - neko
thanks! ;) - Tom Marques
stalyn8 at yahoo - Stalyn☂
sent, stalyn - neko
thanks - Stalyn☂
had some issues, but it's finally sent, murat - neko
Hey buddy! - Gwen Sutton
how you been gwen? - Stalyn☂
Hey! - Kelly
That little umbrella is cute. How'd you do that? - Kelly
Oh my goodness, it's been such a long time. Hey Buddy!!! - Gwen Sutton
yeah, long time. I miss the old days :( @ Rejaw - Stalyn☂
I do too. =( - Kelly
I'm doing the best that I can! Every time i get used to using site, think ok, this will work, something happens, changes or sold. everyone take care, check you later. G - Gwen Sutton
Hi Kelly just copy and paste it right next to your name. - Stalyn☂
I don't want to be a copy-cat, though...I wonder if there are other cute symbols like that where I can copy and paste. - Kelly
Gwen, I think Friendfeed will be here for a while...or at least I hope so. - Kelly
Louis Gray
This afternoon, I get a comment: "horrible looking blog you have here sir." so I click through to the author's Web site and it's here: (Clearly, they are experts)
When you can't dispute the science, attack the lab coat... - Johnny
he he he... - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Wow. I wish they would design my sites. [/sarcasm] - Jonathan Hardesty
From the same person (I think) on August 6: "Can you consider changing your blog layout? is just ugly and so 2003. btw, why not wordpress or something more hip, instead of a free platform. Geez!! your blog looks is just disgusting for a 2009 social media blog. thank you!" - Louis Gray
Maybe just needs some animated emoticons... He seems to have that down - Johnny
:) :P :( ... they need to lose the emoticons - anna sauce
Or make it all flash, and get rid of all perma-links or anything that google could spider. That would bring you into the modern times of the intarwebz. :) - Jonathan Hardesty
3 words... Rainbow Farting Unicorns - Johnny
Maybe if you ask him nicely, he will design your next blog for you! - Jim Connolly
"why not wordpress or something more hip, instead of a free platform"? Wordpress charges now? They have leverage the use of "default" very nicely. - Adam Helweh
The thing that makes me laugh the hardest... we probably just tripled his monthly visitor numbers all because LG dropped the bitch slap :) - Johnny
Based on that comment from August 6: He is obviously a social media expert... - Jemm
He's also an expert on the English language. "Hi! My name is Stalyn, I currently live in NYC, majoring in Human Services. You might be wondering what the hell I’m doing talking about web development since Human Services doesn’t have nothing to do with programming." - Gilbert Harding
so its true then - beauty is in the eye of the beholder :) who would have guessed! - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
Can someone link to his comment please. - Jim Connolly
I'm surprised there wasn't a blink tag - anna sauce
Well, he may not be an expert (and I´m certainly not) but, IMHO, he still has a point about the design being a bit dated, Louis (but so is your nemesis´s early tumblelog-like design).. may benefit from a little TLC other than the great content. Just my 2p as long as the topic is up for discussion here. (His name is Stalin?! That explains his social abilities I guess..;) - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
::blinks at the guy's site:: Um. Look, don't look now, dude, but Textism did the minimal look about 1024x better. Oh, and, like, don't quit your day job. A-and, also, sir, not to be blunt, but your social skills are those of a twelve y/o boy who discovered girls right around the time they started hating on his insufferably bad manners. Kthxbuhbye. - Absentee
If you don't have any haters, you're not being aggressive enough. (I don't have any haters). - DGentry
LOLZZzzz though your logo Louis the LG, does need a bit more pizzazzz - sofarsoShawn
Louis, I refuse to visit your site again until you put an animated GIF of a mailbox with a letter coming out. How in the heck am I suppose to know how to send you e-mail, for crying out loud!? WHERE DO I CLICK>!@ - Akiva
I think white space is important to them :) - Owen Greaves
Clearly. - James Kuypers
my advise: ignore assholes - it just wastes your time and energy! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Don't forget the spinning globes, the animated JavaScript starfield background, and the JavaScript glittery crap that follows the cursor. Bonus points if you can add an ugly '90s style hit counter, too. ;) - Tyson Key
HTML <blink> element. 'Nuff said. - Tyson Key
!!! oh my! - Jim #teamFFrank
ha! - Shevonne
For maximum awfulness, just add a scrolling <marquee> full of pink text in Comic Sans MS, and as many animated emoticons as possible. Bonus points if at least 3 copies exist on the page, scrolling in alternate directions, and at least 1 also contains a <blink> element. - Tyson Key
...and of course, the obligatory "Download BonziBuddy Now!" button. ;) - Tyson Key
Louis - How about when someone scrapes your content (lock, stock, and barrel ...) manages to make page one of Google (someone please cue Matt Cutts ?? ... ) and then makes it look better?! (Ugh!) - Charlie Anzman
It needs a .biz or .info domain name, to completely drain it of any credibility, too. - Tyson Key
I didn't know .biz or .info necessarily made a site skeezy. Not everyone could make the .com domain name land rush. - Spidra Webster
Bujajajaj i gave up on that blog. - Stalyn☂
a long time ago. plus it was a test site. yet your blog looks horrible for a social media blog in 2009. - Stalyn☂
Good point, Spidra, although given by how many content scraping sites and scammers/spammers utilise those TLDs, I usually tend to avoid sites using them. - Tyson Key
Having read through all of these comments, the most intriguing are those from Thomas Bøhm and sofarsoShawn. Now I admittedly have no sense of style whatsoever, so I'm curious - if you were going to redesign Louis' blog, and his logo, what would you recommend? - John E. Bredehoft
Louis's blog looks "functional" to me, for what it's worth. Of course, I tend to care more about content and community, than the chrome surrounding it. - Tyson Key
Tyson Key not really, that thing is just ugly. - Stalyn☂
Odd - the site's empty now, and the "folllow me on twitter" is also 404 - Richard Walker
Oh it's you, "Stalyn". You certainly lack class. What are you attempting here? New friends? A "reputation"? A joke? - Richard Walker
BTW, "Stalyn," throwing around insults from behind a curtain of anonymity is WAY worse than a poorly designed "social media site." It implies you have no idea what "social media" is about. - Richard Walker
I don't mind Stalyn's comments. Seeing him here is interesting as well. I recognize my blog is not fancy. It was customized quite a bit from the standard Blogger template, but I paid zip for that. I believe most of the access I get is through vanilla RSS. If I want to revamp the site at any point, we'll see what happens. - Louis Gray
Wondering what Stalyn's background is to have credibility to even criticize (if you call that criticism). - Jesse Stay
Hah! Clearly it's worked for them. How else could they get any traffic? - BLOGBloke
...something about: it takes one to know one... and those guys apparently know all about ugly Web sites! .LOLz! - .LAG liked that
@John E. Bredehoft: Again, I´m nowhere near an expert on web design and I bet Louis has access to far more professional advice and won´t put much value into this anyway, but since you ask I would at least lose most of the dotted lines and the windows xp style bullets everywhere, which are all just unnecessary noise (and adds to the "datedness"). Perhaps even the rounded corners (as they... more... - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Interesting perspective, Thomas. I hadn't even noticed the dotted lines (they're fairly subtle). I definitely like the colors (although that's a personal preference, possibly) - seems very readable to me. Louis' site definitely looks better than the barely-modified Blogger template that I use on my blogs. If Stalyn were to look at my sites, his frownies and blinks would be on overload... - John E. Bredehoft
You have every right to be as good-natured and forgiving as you are, Louis. I, however.... :) ... like to sanity-check whether those in the kitchen can stand the heat. - Richard Walker
@ Blog Bloke: I don't need no traffic genius, is just a testing site, i already stated that. @ Louis is nothing personal at all. - Stalyn☂
@ Richard Walker, your post is irrelevant because there is no heat where I'm cooking from. Anyways, i don't need no hits or to promote anything from this, not even my twitter. I was just saying what was on my mind. I personally think Louis is capable of having a better looking blog at this point. - Stalyn☂
Robert Scoble
Metaphysical question: if FriendFeed is "dead" why do I see the fail whale almost daily on Twitter but not on FriendFeed?
duh, the answer is *always* 42 - acedanger
Something like that. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
because twitter has more users and use more resources? - Stalyn☂
Stayly: wrong. Absolutely wrong. Twitter crashed all the time before I even had 1,000 friends. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I think Twitter's model may not be scalable was fine when the geeks are on it. . .but after the "Oprah" effect everyone from celebrities to the the Tom,Dick and Harry generation....Twitter cannot take it. Correct me if I am wrong, but FF -may- go down that path, but we have yet to see the same number of people jumping on FF like Twitter. Maybe the founders of FF should have an interview with Oprah? - Wei-Yen Tan from IM
Twitter hasn't gotten any new features in almost three years, either while FriendFeed has gotten tons. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
At this point it doesnt matter why FF will never be what it was. the only thing certain is its end. - Stalyn☂
Just being realistic hannahnicklin - Stalyn☂
hannahnicklin: that isn't why I joined Twitter. I liked having a blog that was like IM. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I can't see us here having a conversation about FF by next august. FB don't have time to invest on FF the domain. - Stalyn☂
Prediction: Twitter will be the next Friendster/Altavista/AOL. - Gary
Stayln I disagree. Lots of things are "dead" but still are popular. Hotmail. Delicious. Flickr. Etc. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I guess, after all plurk still around. somehow. - Stalyn☂
So long as they use the Facebook social graph., I'm not sure that they would care. They could use FriendFeed as a premium brand under a larger Facebook umbrella. - Gary
It's all trending. MySpace, AOL, and Friendster are dead, but at least the first two have more users than FriendFeed and maybe even Twitter. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
hannahnicklin thats funny - Wei-Yen Tan from IM
I need to know why plurk still alive? - Stalyn☂
Hannah, not everyone will wear blue. Enterprise users will all wear red. Remember that Oracle buys stuff. :) - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Because there are less people on Friendfeed. A lot less! - Devon Govett from iPod
The Russian Mafia. - Dean Clark
Dean you fail. - Stalyn☂
When Louis Gray did a panel with Bret Taylor, he talked about how when they were at Google how obsessed they were with page load times. It's built into their DNA. - Stephen Pickering
Twitter was not built to scale. Their infrastructure is not redundant and is not catching up with their growth. FriendFeed has also had the benefit of fewer users, and a smart, experienced team that knows how to build for growth. - Louis Gray
Plurk is more popular than Friendfeed so maybe that's why they are still around? - Stephanie
sometimes have to wonder if Twitter has jumped the shark #failshark now that would make an interesting graphic... - George Hall (Australia) from BuddyFeed
Maybe Twitter jumped the shark when the celebrities competed for 1M followers. #failshark - Dennis Jernberg
Devon: totally wrong. Twitter fail whales when it had a lot fewer people on it than FriendFeed does. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Twitter cant manage itself and with out a quick investment soon they will not be able to pay the hosting ,the site is working like shit and they do not care,maybe a deal with Google is done and they just dont publish that - Johni Fisher
A metaphysical question deals with the underlying nature of reality; neither Twitter nor Friendfeed can have a claim to that. - barce from iPhone
FriendFeed +is+ my reality. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Because twitter has been able to capture people's imagination. Friendfeed has/had a much better team/technology/feature set, but one ingredient seem to have been missing. I am not sure why they gave up so early. - Edwin Khodabakchian
So who's going to come up with an actual "fail shark" pic/graphic? - George Hall (Australia)
If anyone else wants to take a crack at it, I found some free, royalty-free shark vectors here: - April Russo (FForever!)
Mark: 42 - Roberto Bonini
Holger Eilhard
Anyone got a spare Google Wave invite? :) holger.eilhard[at], thanks!
there is no invite read. - Stalyn☂
Google Wave invites are VERY hard to come by. Some people have been Beta testing Wave since it started and still don't have invites to share. Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but it's the way things are going. - Paul H.
from what i hear google is gonna release a large number of invites in sept. you can go to the google wave site and put your name in the hat. - (jeff)isageek
I just wrote some sappy letter to the google wave team. - Anne Haynes
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With the back and forth between Plurk, Twitter and Friendfeed..i sure miss Rejaw now
 - YungSang from FriendFoo
FriendFoo does makes things better in friendfeed for sure. so that is something good. - Avatar X from FriendFoo
I think I will always miss Rejaw. It was a "one-of-a-kind" place. - Kelly
we all do - Stalyn☂
Hey Stalyn! Long time no see! - Kelly
@Stalyn "we all do" says the guy who bailed and then badmouthed rejaw and plurk....traitor... - Avatar X from FriendFoo
oh really? - Kelly
:) - YungSang from FriendFooV2
@♥ Kelly ♥ oh yes he did. - Avatar X from FriendFooV2
Seems like I DO remember something like that. - Kelly
Do not get invite from here. They will ban you.But If you still request an invite with certain email here, do not register with the same email. They have spies here. Thank me later.
They watching. - Stalyn☂
Looking for a invite thank you/
THANK YOU! - Stalyn☂
Would love to have a invite if you were given one. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Robert Scoble
Mike Arrington is leading the mob. Read his anti-FriendFeed rant here and tell us whether he is wrong or right. Oh, and welcome to the mob:
He'll be back...he's just going to milk this for all it's worth first. - Garin Kilpatrick
Do not feed the trolls. - monkeystick
I think he is looking for page views and a way to get the mob to come to his real time event on July 10th. Brilliantly played Mr. Arrington! - Robert Scoble
Maybe it will bring some more people to FF who haven't been on it which is a good thing. - Mike Bracco
"FriendFeed today is like Syphilis in 1495." -Arrington. I'd say that's taking this a bit too far. - Garin Kilpatrick
I understand objectively there's strengths and weaknesses, but I also find that this discussion is teetering of the verge of irrelevance. Can you make it clear to me (in seriousness) the value from this friendfeed versus anti friendfeed arguement? Are we looking forward to the next tool? Or to making improvements to friendfeed? - Malcolm Bastien
Mike: I doubt it. - Robert Scoble
Do you think it was specifically an anti-Friendfeed rant, Robert? Some of the comments that poured in after the "Laporte Incident" were pretty horrible. If I was on the receiving end of that, I'd think I'd be feeling like a mob was after my head. Also, don't you think that his point about people feeling more comfortable to "talk hate" using their own/real names is a good one? - Andrew Terry
I don't understand why Mike is wasting time and effort on those death threat comments from the idiots that posted them. Why is he giving them any real credit? They should be dismissed. They should be ignored. They're the grown up versions of youtube commenters. - Lise
The thread with Aaron last week demonstrates that the FF community is reasonable and self-correcting. FF also provides fine grained controls so that you DON'T see what you don't want. Mobs are simply human nature. Dissapointingly so. Mike may as well call for the abolition of Town Halls, Community Clubs and the like. - Roberto Bonini
As long as Mob leaders like Laporte keep it together no trolls get hurt. - Garin Kilpatrick
Arrington should go crawl back into his cave - Daniel Lazarides
I have a feeling Arrington is developing a relationship with FF analogous to Dvorak's with Apple. ie. piss off the faithful (get traffic), blog about the nasty community members attacking you (more traffic), eventually reverse yourself and please the community (more traffic again). Lather-rinse-repeat. - Michael R. Bernstein
If Mike doesn't like mobs he should open a private room here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
I feel the same way about this argument that I do about people who complain about television. Stop whining. If you don't like what's on, change the channel or turn the TV off. FF, like any online community, is based on elective participation. If you don't like what's happening, move on to something else. Also, people take what's written in these forums WAY too seriously. If you can't take the occasional insult, get off the web and go find something else to do with your time. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
And last i checked, Leo is NOT a mob leader. Or a Troll leader. - Roberto Bonini
Andrew: mobs have always formed online. FriendFeed does allow them to form faster but Arrington should go read Digg and YouTube comments for a while. The stuff I have seen here is pretty easy going compared to those. - Robert Scoble
Go to a forum with lots of members and ask a noobish question and watch the mob flame you into the middle of next week. - Mark
Michael: bing! Arrington is the best at whiping up crowds. Anyone remember when he called France lazy? - Robert Scoble
Andrew: I think everyone here generally agrees with Mike that those types of comments are out of line. Can't blame Mike for feeling touchy about them. - Roberto Bonini
Danny that's the irony in all this. Arrington is the King of The Trolls! Leo called him the biggest troll "in the world" a few times. - Mark
I used to read techcrunch and even comment once in a while. Mike Arrington has been consistently losing credibility with me these past few months, and now has forfeited the last bit. I was going to comment over there, but it really has ceased to be worth my time. I'm even sorry I clicked over to his article. Interesting that I wouldn't even have known for it if not for this post on...which service is this again, oh yes, ...friendfeed. - Jim #teamFFrank
It seems to me that Mike wants the attention or he wouldn't have post this. He just doesn't like it if it doesn't go his way. He sort of like the guy who finds a bees nest and pokes a stick in it. They finally calm down and they poke it again and are surprised by the results - Kim Landwehr
Jim: welcome to MobFeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm in my Godfather. - Thomas Chai
Kim: Arrington is smarter than that. He knows there are a lot of people here and he is about to monetize the real time web with a conference. - Robert Scoble
Whats this conference you are refering to Rob ? x - Mark
Yep a online service that accounts for a small percentage of internet users will destroy everything Arrington holds dear. Syphilis? - Andy Foster
Kim: this is all about Arrington setting his conference up well. I will be a part of it from London. - Robert Scoble
[sigh] i guess Arrington just can't stop himself. - MikeAmundsen
"I’m going to pick on" - words say it all - Paul Rawlings
Anyone have a link to this real time conference he is doing? - Mark
Speaking of realtime, why hasn't Arrington or O'Reilly grabbed the title "Realtime Web" for a series of conferences ala Web 2.0?--maybe you should first Robert! - Michael Metz
I guess it's working - Ken Morley
Mike: Arrington is taking advantage of the fact that WE can't stop ourselves. - Robert Scoble
Exactly, Robert. - Ken Morley
Well, that explains a lot Robert - Kim Landwehr
What was that link again? Lol! - Ken Morley
is buddyfeed realtime? - Tyler Gillies from BuddyFeed
Arrington is @replying you on twitter robby - Mark
a) learn to use Block b) like twitter is sooo much better :/ c) waste of a read.. I thought Techcrunch did actual stories on stuff, not rants. Guess I was wrong. - Tim Hoeck
Well, the worst thing we as the FF community could do is prove him right by "attacking" back and name-calling for what he's said. Fanning the flames justifies his opinion. Hey, if it makes people wonder what going on with this "FriendFeed" thing and they come check it and realize it's not at all like what he was saying...all the better. So, let him have his opinion and spotlight. - That's So CAJ!
@Robert: IMO, Arrington is doing the same thing he always does: setting himself up for some abuse from others. it's so sad to watch. in this case, he'll likely get what we is asking for, too. *again* - MikeAmundsen
Probably should have said fein surprise - Kim Landwehr
thx Johni, - Mark
IMO, He's wrong. And, as mentioned, tossing gasoline on the fire by pretending to be outraged by such supposed mobs while deliberately inciting them. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
@arrington just wrote that I should propose tools to slow down the mob. Yes, we have those in Iran and China. I would rather have the mob. - Robert Scoble
I think Arrington just wants to destroy a medium that he can't control. - Nathan Cooprider
I really thing that this was more about online mobs with FriendFeed as an example rather than specifically about FriendFeed. Yes he uses FriendFeed as the example, but I don't think the points he makes are related solely to FriendFeed. You could easily replace FriendFeed with Digg or Huffingtonpost. Some place where people gather in mass and you can easily see a mob mentality grow. - Michael Koby
Robert!!!!!!! :) - Myrna
Of course he is right. When the wrong people come together than everything can happen. Same is true if good people. Even a revolution (specially Wednesday). People on FF and similar services have lots of power. Can be used to change the world! - bishoph
Yes Chris, he is a sly old dog isn't he? Tickets might be going too slow or something - Mark
The association with Syphilis is kind of weird. I think any public figure gets hate mail, electronically or otherwise. - Ace
@Michael Koby, I'd agree with you (to a certain extent), if the article wasn't...specifically about FriendFeed. And about an event that occurred to Arrington personally, no less. I'd have a lot more respect for his argument if he'd spend the time to find more examples. This just looks like someone who's had a flamewar turn on him that's fighting back with his own bullhorn. - Ken Kennedy
Bishoph: or a mob can break glass and burn buildings and hurt people. What do you want to use your mob for? - Robert Scoble
He probably just read a book on syphilis. When I read a book on something I like to make links to the topic to make me appear well-read and smart. - Mark
He (as usual) has some valid points. FF is a great conversation tool but when it becomes a chat room, it's not up to the task. Just as in public, I tend to avoid these mobs here on FF. 58 comments on this right now is fine but 1000 is useless. I know you don't agree, but IRC is much more useful for that. - John Rubier
It would help if Mike actually understood how he could shape his FriendFeed experience. There are such things as blocking and hiding. It also seems like those who can dish it out but not take it run screaming from FriendFeed - which invites *real* interaction and conversation. Yeah, it's sometimes unruly, but that's reality folks! If you want the *dated* version of arm's length, yell... more... - AJ Kohn
I can't make it to Arrington's event on July 10th (I live in Boston..and the event is in SF), but I hope it gets a lot of coverage online so that the rest of us can learn from what is shared :) - Sam Houston
Look what services like Twitter and FF did for Iran. Just a medium to share and discuss (real time) information. Of course the used words in the blog are misleading and obviously rant (a troll post to start a discussion in real time :-). - bishoph
(Robert Scoble) -- "this is all about Arrington setting his conference up well. I will be a part of it from London. " -- next time, put this at the beginning of your post, Robert. I'm NOT interested in being a part of this childish crap. If you have actually have a problem with the post, you shouldn't either. If this thread is to help TC drum up word-of-mouth about a conference, that's... more... - Ken Kennedy
Could argue that MobFeed was more useful because it had private rooms and things. - Mark
@AJ: Arrington knows how to use FF. this thread is evidence of that. his willingness to pimp himself out - to invite this kind of negative talk - just to promote his own interests is what is so disappointing. - MikeAmundsen
Lazily, i'll c&p my post from TC..Yeah, this is Arrington taking a personal incident and trying REALLY hard to universalize it. And the syphilis analogy only makes this look needier and less applicable. FriendFeed aggregates conversations and connects sub-streams of the cloud more efficiently than any other current service. Once you try it, you like it. I works. It's efficient. The... more... - Thom Kennon
@Mike: Perhaps he understands that he can drum up talk, but I don't think he's been here enough to actually understand it's true power. So, yes, Arrington essentially is a FriendFeed spammer or Social Media Lout. - AJ Kohn
Ken: it isn't my strategy and I am not profiting from it. - Robert Scoble
"Mobs" have collapsed police states, authoritarian regimes, and given rise to countries like are's that even allow us to have this conversation today. To suppress them is like revoking the right to assemble and petition, removing the peoples voice, and is not a sign of a free and open society. Turn on the news and remember 99% of the world haven't a clue who Mike Arrington is. - Shaun Hess
@Robert: do you think Arrington is using you to promote is own agenda? - MikeAmundsen
Mr. Arrington is just too young. This online behavior will not subside soon. AOL Chatrooms, Usenet discussions, Compuserve bulletin boards, listserv flame wars.... The more things change, the more they stay the same. 15 years of Law and Order and broadcasting reruns on other Channels. For a Technology News guy it's pretty pathetic. What's the news? Where is the new idea? - Birgit Pauli-Haack
Mike: he is using our mob behaviors, yes. Do I feel used? No more so than when Aaron and Steven did the same thing. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: yep. - MikeAmundsen
I think there are many factors working here: 1)rapidly changing community norms 2) expansion of these services from small homogeneous groups who create them 3)poor communications skills 4)poor social skills 5) a lack of inhibition due to the virtual environment. - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
If there was ever any doubt that Arrington seeds the controversies that surround him, let this post put that doubt to rest. His goal is to incite passions because he knows that anger drives engagement more than agreement does. He's merely the Ann Coulter of the nerd world -- nothing more, nothing less. - Sprague D
Mike knows that we cannot help ourselves, we simply must talk about his post and send him lots of hits and maybe sell a ticket or two for him. - Mark
@Sprague: "He's merely the Anne Coulter of the nerd world..." LOL +1 - MikeAmundsen
Well put Francine! - Bluejeanslady from twhirl
@Robert: your response is far too similar to what you used AGAINST Tim O'Reilly and other members of the SUL, IMO. If you know/suspect that Arrington is using this to promote a conference that you're going to attend; a conference focused on a technology realm that you make your living off of...then of course this helps you, just like being on the SUL helps Tim O'Reilly, even if he's "not changing what he says based on it". You didn't find that answer from Tim satifying, and I feel the same way about yours. - Ken Kennedy
It is difficult to take Michael Arrington seriously as a tech analyst -- he's inflated his self-created brouhaha into a mentally disorganized blast at Friendfeed. A very emotional guy. Friendfeed is a self-organizing platform. One shouldn't complain about getting mired down in nasty exchanges that are easily avoided with unsubscriptions and blocks. Arrington's mess was self-inflicted. - Sean McBride
Chris: I am an unpaid speaker at the TechCrunch Real Time event. - Robert Scoble
Tim O'Reilly doesn't pay to be on the SUL, Robert. - Ken Kennedy
Ken: WTF? - Robert Scoble
As a matter of fact, I think Twitter is much more suited to mob creation than FriendFeed. - Miguel Caetano
I work on my mob behavior. I engage, but try to be civil, helpful, or educational:-) this is a learned behavior after I got my butt handed to me a few times. - Francine Hardaway from BuddyFeed
Yes Matthew, alot of people (myself included) read a book on something and feel we must reference it to make us appear smart. I did the same thing with a book on the black death. its all nonsense of course - Mark
@Sean: from my POV, not only was Arrington's mess self-inflicted, it was a purposeful act on his part. as is this one. - MikeAmundsen
Miguel: yeah, over on Twitter I saw hundreds of people saying Jeff Goldbloom was dead when he wasn't. - Robert Scoble
arrington: @Scobleizer perhaps someday when you are sitting in your house with a police car parked out front to protect you you'll think differently. - Mark
C'mon you seriously not grok the similarities between this argument and your complaint about O'Reilly/SUL? This is free publicity for a conference that you're speaking at that will help make your name more notable in your area of expertise. - Ken Kennedy
Mark: perhaps I will. - Robert Scoble
I need to read up a little more on the other parties involved. The only person I follow of this group with any real regularity is Leo LaPorte. However, from a listeners point of view, Leo grossly over-reacted to a legitimate question ( and I love Leo's work ). Would Larry King shut down the show just because he was asked something he was apparently sensitive about? ( I realize this... more... - Sean E Brown
Must have been a serious thread if the police give you personal protection - Mark
No robert, what I pasted was Arringtons reply to you on twitter - Mark
Mark: I know. - Robert Scoble
Arrington is just ticked off at the response he was getting after he attacked Leo .. yeah I really think he attacked him personally. Attacking a man's credibility and integrity is a personal attack in my opinion. Then he removed the techcrunch feed from friendfeed what let him .. I agree with the other commenters..He is an attention whore plain and simple then compares Friendfeed... more... - John Blanton from twhirl
I really think Arrington has a skewed view of FriendFeed. Most of the venom against him on FriendFeed has happened during Gillmor Gang podcasts, which were most recently running on Leo Laporte's TWiT network. For whatever reason, a large percentage of Leo's TWiT fan base hates Arrington. Not just disagree. Hate. They've also said pretty awful things about Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer, etc.... more... - Mike Doeff
Notice how Mike is totally absent on this thread. He should be here defending his article, defending his analogy to syphilis and letting us all know how dumb we are for not seeing things is way. Mike obiously sees no point to having this discussion. I count 2 tweets from him on this subject. - Roberto Bonini
@Mike Doeff If he did see the civility of FriendFeed he wouldn't have compared it to syphilis. - John Blanton
Please note, Robert...I don't think you're being all devious or anything. I'm just pointing this out to give you another angle on the O'Reilly thing. I actually think Tim probably thought "WTF" as well. And while I DO think that both of you are being a teeny bit naive thinking that the attention doesn't affect what you say or do...that's the case with pretty much all attention. I don't... more... - Ken Kennedy
Scoble: I see what you did here. :-) - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
I'd put a witty comment here, but Arrington isn't worth the requisite brain power that would consume. - Steven Perez
Arrington is a douch. - Peter Kruit
Can Mike read this thread without a FF account? - Mark
Ken: Arrington is on the Suggested User List and he did not disclose that. Jason Calacanis says that is worth $250,000. I guarantee you that speaking at a conference won't get you $250,000 worth of followers. - Robert Scoble
Anybody remember Usenet newsgroups? They still exist, and lots o' tech people still use them (i still answer questions there). There have been some remarkable flame wars there, and they are all threaded. I don't see how different that is from FF except FF has a prettier interface. - RobinDotNet
Mark: yes - Robert Scoble
Peter: so are you. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Thank you ;) Don't get me wrong. We also need people like that. They make for interesting discussions. - Peter Kruit
Hah! Arrington removed my comment about him not disclosing that he is on Twitter's Suggested User list. - Robert Scoble
Lets give 1 sec to the Arrington point at his last tweets ,cant we have some kind of control on the stream ?cant FF add better moderation tools ? - Johni Fisher
Robert: You're stirring the pot yourself and why? Because Arrington comapred FF to Syphilis? I have nothing against a discussion about the issue at hand but you're lead-in to this was a bit on the point of the article.. It's just a session of Arrignton bashing, replace the keyboards with pitchforks and you're all on your was the TC headquarters to string up the guy. - Sean E Brown
"on your way" rather - Sean E Brown
And again I am comment on a Scoble thread, but to misquote Cassius " The fault, dear Friends, is not in Scoble or Arrington But in ourselves, that we are underlings." - Kim Landwehr
oh I forgot IMHO - Sean E Brown
Sean: you are right. - Robert Scoble
Sean: the thing is I have seen mob suppression and I don't like it one bit. - Robert Scoble
And I have had my car damaged and life threatened by a mob after the 49ers won the Super Bowl one year. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: gotcha. I think I understand where you're coming from. I disagree, but it's no big deal. - Ken Kennedy
Robert: but who is suppressing it? An article isn't going to to stop mobs, not all mobs are good mobs (lol). I suppose we all have our quirks that get us up in arms, I am in no way innocent of that. - Sean E Brown
I declare the Dead Horse to be Beaten sufficiently. - Sean E Brown
@Johni Fisher: FriendFeed is a social network, not a community or a forum with administrators and the like. But I reckon that nested conversations could be useful ;-) - Miguel Caetano
This inspired me to listen to the Mob Rules album by Black Sabbath :D - Per
It's interesting to me that the very thing Arrington talks about happens here. Where did good taste and treating other people with respect get off the track? I mean seriously...have you looked at how many people are on this thread making nasty comments about Arrington? He isn't the only one that gets that treatment, we all do if we state our opinions publicly. Now, I'm not against... more... - Sheryl
Sheryl: yes, this is bloodsport. Same thing happens at baseball stadiums every day. - Robert Scoble
Sheryl: The nasty talk against Arrington is earned. Arrington frequently slams FriendFeed (which get under Robert Scoble's skin and compels him to do these sorts of posts, but that's another topic) and then cries whenever (a) no one pays him any attention or (b) people talk nasty about him. - Steven Perez
Robert: I can't take things that seriously. Life is to be lived not destroyed. Why don't we talk about the value of the mob? Why don't we talk about how amazing social networks can be? - Sheryl
Steven: I disagree with you :) That Arrington has an opinion and states it no more gives you or I a right to tear his person apart than my simply waking up every day. Argue against his opinion but name calling has no benefits. - Sheryl
Sheryl: You're entitled to your viewpoint, but I've been here long enough to see how Arrington operates. And nothing I've seen from him lately has changed that opinion. He deserves every bit of scorn he gets, because he delights in these sort of poop fights. - Steven Perez
Here are some features that might slow down mob-like participation: 1) move the comment link to after the last comment, rather than right under the item, to encourage reading the previous comments before commenting. 2) once a threshold has been reached, remove the comment link entirely, so you have to go to the item page (which displays all comments) before commenting, to discourage formation of instant pile-ons from within the live stream. - Michael R. Bernstein
Steven: You don't have to change your opinion of Arrington. At no time have I suggested you aren't entitled to your opinion. But what benefit for you is there in calling him names? We all have opinions others disagree with. You didn't call me names and yet for all you know I'm a horrible person (I'm not) I think the world is better for opinions and different thoughts. It stretches us to... more... - Sheryl
Mike comparing FF to syphilis is pure, shameless analogy abuse. But say what you will about Mike, his arguments are interesting, and I do read them. And if anyone on this thread wants to organize a torch and pitchfork mob against him, let me be the first to say I've got a billion more interesting and important things to occupy my time. - James Hernandez
Sheryl: I said it Zee's thread and I'll say it here - it's another Arrington poop fight. He throws enough of it on the wall to see what sticks, gets Robert Scoble riled up, and a mess of blog posts and forum fights ensue. SOP for Arrington. Meanwhile, he reaps the benefits of notoriety and links back to his site, all without ever setting foot in here, because we're all going over there to see what he wrote. - Steven Perez
Neither of these are particularly innovative, BTW. I can suggest reading Derek Powazek's excellent book 'Design for Community': - Michael R. Bernstein
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it go something like this: 1. Arrington dislikes Scoble. 2. Scoble likes FriendFeed. 3. Therefore, Arrington dislikes FriendFeed. - Stephen Mack
Steven: I would only ask this, who is inciting who if Arrington squawks and people fluff their feathers? I don't know Mike Arrington, I know who he is and I have read enough to know he frequently says things that are inflammatory, but I don't call him names publicly. Where is the value in that? Can someone show me why that is useful because if you can, I may change my tune, though it's highly unlikely! ;-) - Sheryl
Stephen: I don't think Arrington dislikes me. - Robert Scoble
it's all entertainment in the end :D - Iphigenie
Ken: ;-) Dork! LOL (I can call Ken names cause he's my SO) hehe - Sheryl
Ken: even filtering can't help some threads! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: shall I bop him on the head? hehe - Sheryl
Ken: only if you search for it will it matter for long. - Robert Scoble
Sheryl -- what kind of response do you think Arrington anticipated when he compared Friendfeed to syphillis -- *at length* (in case we missed the point)? Describing him as a jackass strikes me as a measured and rational response. But he is best ignored, to be sure. - Sean McBride
Sheryl: there's a small bit of problem with your logic. By your logic, everything that Ann Coulter (thanks, Sprague D) says is not deserving of scorn, either. - Steven Perez
Steven I don't say it's wrong to be scornful. I do still think it's wrong to call names. It feels wrong to me to validate that in any way. Defending position is a whole other thing. To enter the fray and retaliate has no good consequence. - Sheryl
Sean: I don't think it matters what Arrington's goal was. In the end, even if Arrington calls FF names, to do so in return accomplishes what? - Sheryl
Sheryl -- sometimes it is healthy to call out a jackass as a jackass, and then move on to more productive topics. It puts a period on the nonsense. In general I agree with you: the more civil the conversation, the better. - Sean McBride
This whole thing reminds me of the "How to tell someone they sounded racist video" I think we can all learn something from that video. Keep to the subject, instead of calling names and generalizing from what a person did. If you want a good discussion on this subject don't call people names. Instead of wasting time in here where M.A says he... more... - Rasmus Lauridsen
Because, at the end of the day, Arrington is against mob mentality ... unless he can direct the mob's direction. - Steven Perez
The real problem with herd mentality is that once understood, it can be effectively deployed to link bait, generate PR in the form of online discussions, and to promote social media sites and/or events, without people even being aware of it. - Mark Davidson
I'm particularly baffled - better yet - amused by how the media gurus quickly turn into poor, weeping poopflinging angry things once they find themselves prodded by the pointy end of a mass of people (which they then call "a mob" elegantly skipping the "lynch" part). Groupthink - yes, sometimes - even herd mentality - but this has all to do with how people are, and nothing with technology, so I really don't get the hate on FF (Syphilis? gimme a f-in' break!). - dario
also: the guy is obviously oblivious of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory and has no clue about what goes on in "the mainstream", say on Reddit, /. or that cesspool that are youtube comments. FF is pretty much a small, happy place with tea, pastries and fancy embroidered cushions compared to those. - dario
Dude, TC deleted my (constructively thoughtful albeit critical) comment in the article thread --- and it keeps eating my attempts to repost. wtf?!... - Thom Kennon
Thom: Arrington did the same thing to me. Welcome to the mob. - Robert Scoble
Ken Camp - I agree completely with your post - this whole thread went from a discussion on Mobfeed and into something similar to a 1990 BBS rant - Kathleen Forden
This is really getting to be ridiculous. Arrington admits that people can be nasty at Twitter and other places, but says FriendFeed is worse, basically because all comments can be seen in one place. Blame FF? Why don't we start with blaming TechCrunch, because a lot of people started out disliking him due to what he writes there. I suspect that if Arrington didn't delete so much of what was posted there, we'd see a REAL mob. - MiniMage
Dario: If Arrington's blog post heightened your emotional state, then his mission was accomplished. If you clicked the link to Arrington's blog, then his mission was accomplished. If you commented on Arrington's blog, then his mission was accomplished. If Robert Scoble started a thread on FriendFeed about Arrington's blog post, then his mission was accomplished. If we are still... more... - Mark Davidson
Mark: that was my point, actually (sorry it didn't come through too well) - basically if you go prodding a hive with a stick sometimes you get stung - it doesn't reflect too well on you if you get all uppity afterwards. So, I agree with you 100% on the manipulative part. - dario
The same thing happens on Digg, and it's been around for years. It's not a problem with the service(s), it's a cultural problem. We've all been desensitized to some level or another, some extremely. - Blake
Dario: Don't feel bad. I got caught up in it too. It's human behavior. As human beings, we respond to stimuli. When executed properly, we just can't help ourselves. Our emotions get stirred, we take action in the form of a response, we become engaged because we've invested emotional energy, we talk amongst ourselves, etc. Politicians, public speakers, bloggers, television and radio... more... - Mark Davidson
What a bunch of echo chamber nonsense. - Jason Nunnelley
Matthew, I just expanded my opinion on Mike's post (linked by Scoble). I think it's calculated drama. Either that or really, really silly. I'm giving everyone the benefit of doubt here and assigning more intelligence than the latter opinion would allow. - Jason Nunnelley
Why would anyone take anything that Arrington writes seriously after his complete bullshit stories about - which had real, economic consequences for the company, and which are still being repeated as if they were true by people around the web? He's perfectly happy to whip up the mob when it suits him, but when it bites him back he suddenly becomes Mr Socially Concerned. - Ian Betteridge
How many times was Arrington's name mentioned in this post, thus reinforcing his brand through repetition? How many people reading his name were in an emotionally heightened state? Hmmm. lol. - Mark Davidson
When someone comes into your house and poops on your coffee table, it's a bit difficult to look at it rationally and ask what the merits of such an act was. - Steven Perez
He actually removed my comment. No kidding. I didn't wish him ill, suggest he should died or anything of that nature. I just made a coherent and short comment about his tactic with as bland a set of language as possible. Wimp. - Jason Nunnelley
THIS is why i fucking hate FF. "Read his anti-FriendFeed rant here" WHERE? damn it, friend feed always makes a monkey out of me. where's arrington's rant? i dunno. i'll seach for arrington's account and see if i can find it. i'll prolly be back in five minutes to say "oh, i'm so stupid... i found it at [INSERT FUCKING URL HERE]" thanks for exposing my FF ineptitude, Scoble. - Mark Hartwell
Mark: it's the first comment on this thread. It's a link. Then come back here to read the 200 comments. - Robert Scoble
Mark: I've used this device hundreds of times. Most people figure it out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
He hasn't deleted mine yet - Rasmus Lauridsen
Comment removal is standard practice at TechCrunch, and it really doesn't matter if the comments are polite. He'll leave a few counter-comments in (enough so it's not obvious he's blocking counter-opinions) and delete the rest. Perhaps his lack of control of the conversation is why he doesn't like FriendFeed much. - Ian Betteridge
All I said was that he should thank Scoble for the link, but he shouldn't be surprised if these tactics result in trollish drama queens following his work only to bring a teen girl styled smack down to his next slumber party. It wasn't even that caustic, definitely not "mob" language. - Jason Nunnelley
Matthew: he's probably deleting all comments he perceives as being from the "MobFeed." I think it's funny. Mike once told me he's an entertainer, and this is evidence of that. - Robert Scoble
aha got it ... second comment actually. i agree with jason calicanis ... you need a freaking masters degree to work friend feed. thanks, Robert, BTW .. the url gets shortened, so even though the title of the article is in that URL, one doesn't see it when scanning the comments. - Mark Hartwell
Mark: no, it's the first comment. The first line are people who clicked "like" on this item. - Robert Scoble
The problem, though, is that Arrington is an "entertainer" with the power to seriously hurt companies and careers in the web industry. And he does it, too. - Ian Betteridge
So, he deletes my comment about participating in adult conversation and leaves the guy's comment that calls him a douche? Mature. I'm starting to withdraw my prior benefit of doubt. - Jason Nunnelley
Ian: he only can hurt you if you let him. If your marketing campaign relies on TechCrunch then your marketing campaign is bad and needs a major rethink. I've had Valleywag and Techcrunch aimed at me before and it never hurts. - Robert Scoble
To be totally fair, i dont think it is that bad. We have had quite a few articles on Techcrunch and on on a whole they seem to be a nice bunch, very accomodating and understanding. - Paul Rawlings
Although it is unpleasant to go through. - Robert Scoble
I thought it was quite a funny read, I don't think I can take it seriously... it is almost as if someone spat in his face or something. - Paul Kinlan
Robert, he can't hurt me - but think of, whose reputation was hurt and which lost subscribers because of a completely false series of articles that Arrington posted. And he's never really acknowledged that he got it totally wrong, preferring to hint that "there's no smoke without fire". That's what I mean about serious damage. He has the power of mainstream media, without the vaguest notion of a conscience. - Ian Betteridge
FF interface: simple? perhaps. Intuitive? not so much. The FF fail is strong in me. (and scoble was right, the url IS in the first comment) what looked to me like the first comment was just a list of "likes" that's a Digg concept, right? - Mark Hartwell
Ian: if has value it will cruise right through a wrongful attack. I'm not saying it's right, or pleasant. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, will survive - think of the man-hours it took dealing with the mess that Arrington created. A lot of time and effort went into cleaning up a mess that Arrington gleefully made. And again, no acknowledgement from him that he was in the wrong. - Ian Betteridge
Matthew: stay nice. It's not that easy sometimes for newbies. - Robert Scoble
Matt, your comment on Arrington's post is funny dude. I give it ten minutes :) - Jason Nunnelley
I just read this entire post. I'm so sorry I wasted my time. Maybe we should ban the use of cell phones and IM just in case. Like FriendFeed, they also make it too easy to talk to people. - Rahsheen
on such a beautiful sunday, how on earth could anybody be paying attention to arrington's opinion - he is a self serving dolt... - mike "glemak" dunn
ok, i've read arrington's post. and most of this thread. the syphilis analogy was probably just something that mike has been wanting to paste and share since he read that book. the laporte / arrington "war" lasted all of 10 minutes. what that exchange DID expose was a lot of pent up anti-arrington hate. why do so many people think arrington is an asshole? simple, he IS an asshole. if i... more... - Mark Hartwell
ok Robert If you are going to remove mike's comment couldn't you at least remove my reply to him also? Now it stands out like a sore thumb of dumbness in a sea of irrelevance. :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
Rasmus I haven't removed any replies on this thread! - Robert Scoble
yay then he removed it himself. Mission accomplished :-) - Rasmus Lauridsen
who cares. - Stalyn☂
Glad to know you know me so well @Zudfunck, So I'm a "spoiled intellectual" from California... Not a 29 year old college dropout living in Randers, Denmark? Wow you know me so well almost better than I know myself. Thanks for the generalization, it totally helped my mood :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
What an odd post - I like Arrington, but it's posts like this that make him come off as a bully. The mob boss? - Jesse Stay
Robert: "Nice mob you got here" ~ Kevin Costner in Wyatt Earp - Sean E Brown
I think Mike is paranoid one of those startups he loves to put in the deadpool want HIM in the deadpool :p - Mark
A salad? You see this is the Kevin Rose effect. All the young kids up and coming in tech are all skinny, and they rock climb, and drink fashionable teas from around the world. No more fat techies with these guys in charge. Crap. - Mark
@mark dammit I need to work out then, thanks for not sending me that memo before now! :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
Lost me when he got to the pustules part. - Oldengrey (Jay) from fftogo
Mike Arrington's is not on the global radar, so his rant is useless. There are major social media shifts in developing countries, violent regime crack-downs, and tech developments leading human dignity campaigns. - E-Advocate Network
Yawn, change a few words and it could be used by any class with power, religious, political. IE. Admin blog power, Green Dam, RIAA, Tehran, Bush. Read/Write culture is showing tremendous growth. There is no one person, power, group or nation that can change any of it. Call it Mob call it anything you want, but for 99.99999999999% of the population. His rant is a YAWN. It will change nothing and have no effect not now or ever. There is nothing to fear here move on. - Robert Higgins
The biggest problem with Mike Arrington and MG Siegler's arguments is they only seeing this problem because of their position. I've said some pretty fierce, opinionated things on FriendFeed, Twitter, and elsewhere, but I'm not fearing for my life. Nor would I in the near future. Even though we're not anonymous on FriendFeed or Twitter, it doesn't matter for most because we're anonymous enough to where enough people are going to care enough to do something to us. - Jared Mehle
+1 SpragueD, the difference being Ann Coulter has a pair of *cojones.* she wouldn't need months of seclusion and grief counseling after someone spat on her. - Karim
Karim: I am no longer speaking at any TechCrunch event, according to an email I just received. Just so we can clear that part up of the conversation above. - Robert Scoble
What a bone head move by TC. - Mark
Sorry, I don't join mobs. - xero
Matthew: I don't know, but he clearly was not happy with something I said above. - Robert Scoble
Matthew: Mike considers Robert the leader of the FF movement for some odd reason. Cult leader. He evangelises the service so he must be the one getting people to threaten Mike, right. - Mark
Matthew: it might have been a comment he deleted over on TechCrunch too. I don't know. I'll talk with him when he's calmer and see what got him to use that stick on my legs. - Robert Scoble
Don't think so. We have work to do to get alot of the big twitter users over here. - Mark
Friendfeed is ours. We own it, not the celebs who own twitter more and more :/ FF is for the geeks. - Mark
Robert... he *disinvited* you to London? lol. petty. perhaps not unexpected though, given his penchant for drama. in the movies they call it a "plot point." - Karim
Karim: I'm going to London, just not going to speak at any TechCrunch event I guess. I'm going as part of - Robert Scoble
©Scoble, you said, "...he only can hurt you if you let him. If your marketing campaign relies on TechCrunch then your marketing campaign is bad and needs a major rethink." According to a rep from a huge tech corporation, even an unknown blogger can damage a company's ability to sell a product. When I asked for permission to review a new device, the response I received conveyed this warning. I never wrote the review. I'm not sure I ever wrote any others. - MiniMage
MiniMage: yes, any random person can hurt you, but only if that pain resonates with others. If you have a great product or service, it will go on. Look at Apple. - Robert Scoble
Matthew: where did you read that? - Robert Scoble
Matthew: Arrington isn't in charge of so he can't pull my ticket from London. He can, however, keep me out of TechCrunch events. - Robert Scoble
I'll read this thread, but why is Mike angry with you, Robert? - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I don't know. I guess he feels I turned the mob against him. Or something I did over on his blog bugged him (he deleted a comment where I wondered whether his attacks on FriendFeed were driven by his inclusion on the Twitter Suggested User List, which delivered to him $250,000 of value and that he never discloses when he talks about social networking). Funny if it's that because it's pretty much the same thing that he did to Leo Laporte that pissed off Leo so much. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I was just thinking that's what Leo should have shot back with, and I was just thinking the same thing about the SUL and how dramatically that's a bigger deal to affect their coverage of Twitter than Leo's getting a pre for a week. I'll try to start being just positive like you suggested earlier, but it makes me wonder if TechCrunch got as many @replies attacking them as Mike... more... - Stephen Pickering
I thought friendfeed was the "coolest app nobody uses"... now we're the mob ;) guess we're moving up in the world guys. - Frankie Warren
lol Matthew -- no, the "Burn Notice" intro goes like this: My name is Robert Scoble. I used to be a social media expert. Until... [VOICE ON PHONE: "Arrington put out a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted."] - Karim
If this has already been posted, I apologize, but the bad side of a mob can be seen here: When a twitter / ff user says he's going to commit suicide and a bunch of people encourage him to do so.... Not a good example of the "mob." - Ben Hanten
Ben: so, a bunch of Twitter users flash a stupid hashtag, it shows up here on FF as being ported from Twitter ( - note the point of origin and how many users here actually used that tag), and somehow that's the mob that Arrington is talking about? - Steven Perez
I agree with Mike too, except for the syphilis comparison (could have used a better analogy).. Emotions + Real-Time communication with the rest of the world can blow matters out of proportions very quickly, and especially so when not everyone reads all 286++ comments.. - Winston Teo
Winston: the problem I have with is with the equating "social media" with "FriendFeed", Seriously, this place is worse than, say, 4chan? Or Digg? Or Stormfront? Really? - Steven Perez
Because Arrington didn't note this as a general problem. He specifically targeted FriendFeed over some of the worst social media sites out there. For that reason alone, his article is laughable. - Steven Perez
@steven Yup, I would say it's not only about FF. But his "theory" makes sense in a general way, IMO. - Winston Teo
Well, welcome to 1997, Winston. Because "mob mentality" has manifested itself since comic book nerds were flaming each other on USENET over whether Hal Jordan or Kyle Rainer was the better Green Lantern. If general assholery was the issue, then not only did Arrington's point hit wildly off the mark, it didn't even land on the same planet. I've been here for a year, and while people do... more... - Steven Perez
Not enough page hits, or not enough fans to drown out the dissenting voices. Arrington et al can hide in their imaginary utopian internet hangouts (as if they exist) and shut out everyone who dares to suggest they're wrong, but they need to stop attacking FriendFeed. It's not the cesspool they pretend it is. - MiniMage
My take is that Arrington doesn't like FF because he can't control what goes on here or what is said about him here. He can't delete the comments on threads (unless they are his own), like he can on his own web site. - Jeff P. Henderson
@Clark heck, "threads" on Twitter are so disorganized that you can barely call them that. *grin* (I realize some of the desktop apps make them easier to review, but still.) - Ken Kennedy
Mr. Arrington has a good point there: aggregating opinions and discussion indeed create online mob. We just saw it in many real examples. - darwin|1q84
it is always easier to lead a mob than a person. - darwin|1q84
I concur, darwin|1q84, especially when no one moment can be the whole truth. Mobs form quickly and often without the *whole* story. real-time, while useful in many contexts as Louis pointed out, can lead to a quick-time mob mentality that gets out of control fast. Great discussion. Brings up a lot of things. - thinfilms
Surprise surprise, Arrington deleted my comment on his thread. As I said above, he really doesn't like it if people disagree with him in "his own territory", does he? - Ian Betteridge
I'm not sure where Mike Arrington was back in the late 90's, but I was smack dab in the middle of a vibrant CNN online community where discussions happened in real time with real names and yeah, there were mobs around certain issues. Anything to do with the Middle East, or Bill Clinton was guaranteed to be a 24/7 shift for the elves who scrubbed the spam and the flames. This isn't new. It's been around since the cave man days. It's only a question of how it's manifest. - Karoli
LOL of my comments over there he removed the one where I argued against Sean MacDhai for calling Michael a Douche. Guess he just wants to continue being the victim. I actually liked MA's stuff and enjoyed the turds he threw out sometimes. But deleting comments supporting him so he can just look more like a victim is low... Guess I'm gone from there.. His comment moderation makes it impossible to carry on a conversation, self serving as it is... - Rasmus Lauridsen
Having stepped back and thought about it, I think that there's a serious point struggling to get out of Arrington's post. He's choosing to blame tools like FriendFeed for people being vitriolic, but real-time tools - like any tool - don't make people do anything. People *choose* to be vitriolic: it's part of their make up, their culture, their approach to life. The problem that I have... more... - Ian Betteridge
The fact that Mike is deleting comments that don't suit his needs and banned Robert S from Tech crunch events tends to prove my suspicion, and this is about control. He doesn't control the Ff conversation and that's what bothers him. - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed
It strikes me that Friendfeed tends to fuel invective out of partisanship or loyalty because threads like this one and the TWIT episode thread attract groupies. The bile comes from what the spewers must see as the most noble of motives -- sticking up for their Friend. - Amyloo
the best analogy for friendfeed he could come up with was syphilis? Yeah that's not link bait. I'm sure the guys at friendfeed are just thrilled with Mike today. - timepilot
I think Mike got used to shouting fire in a theater and he is now upset that the theater goers are organized and calling him on it. give me a break - timepilot
Discussion of these questions is welcome with the understanding that the dialogue is invigorating. - Mike Chelen
Kevin: the praise for twitter is that it is less effective for communication, friendfeed should be thankful for the nice compliment ;) - Mike Chelen
Andrew Terry: the post actually is much more insightful if taken to apply more generally, however it does single out friendfeed as somehow qualitatively worse than blogs or twitter :D - Mike Chelen
It is rather silly that FF's supposed Achilles heel is that it's too effective at bringing crowds together. Mike's unspoken counterpoint benefit to Twitter is that megaphone-style broadcasting is still possible without too much interruption from the public. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I prefer twitter because individuals are individuals on twitter and there is nothing meaningful to say in thirty seconds in a flame war or a thread with 322 replies - Michele Costabile
We could certainly use some threading options in the comments UI, maybe even some upvoting and other dynamic resorting. These big threads tend to buckle under their own weight. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Daniel, I like time sequencing on big threads. I'd like to see simpler respond identifiers so when someone says "Jason," I know which of us billion or so Jasons he's talking to. I much prefer this to seeing comments floating around based on up and down votes. - Jason Nunnelley
I did throw in the qualifier "optional" to my feature suggestion. I guess y'all's vote cancels out mine :P ( - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Daniel, welcome to the democratic process. Facts and logic need not participate ;) - Jason Nunnelley
Michele: individuals can be seen clearly in friendfeed once familiar with the interface, and followed or unfollowed similar to twitter - Mike Chelen
Guys, Mike should remove the post from Techcrunch or else we will start a group to protest against him - Michael_techie
Guys, please join this group to protest against Michael Arrington - Michael_techie
You created a group called "Hate Mike Arrington?" Wow. - Mark
Yep, we should show how big is Friendfeed - Michael_techie
Um, no. - Steven Perez from IM
Sorry @Michael_techie that's a fail. I think its time to move on and think about more positive stuff. It's 22 hours since @scobleizer started this thread, its like years in realtime web. Seas have already flowed under the proverbial bridge on this one. - Rasmus Lauridsen
Yes, you won't see threads like this any more. Scoble wants more positive threads and is trying to make up with Mike Arrington who has denounced their friendship after several years. - Mark
@Matthew hey we should pile up this conversation in separate room - Michael_techie
@matthew Are you promoting Michael arrington - Michael_techie
As a FF user, It really hurts when some one call us as mob - Michael_techie
@matthew, He shouldn't call the whole FF users as mob, coz he got some hatred messages - Michael_techie
Black Sabbath said it best: When you listen to fools, the mob rules. - Andy Dustman
Nathan Rein
If anyone needs a Dropbox account, here's my referral link i've been using the service a lot
thanks. - Stalyn☂
Robert Scoble
CNN: you should be ashamed. Horrid news judgment today. Absolutely horrid.
Totally agree. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have no idea what was going on in Iran. - Derek Coward
about what? Iran? I've been at a car wash for my daughter all day - andywergedal
Do elaborate - Bryce Roney
I can't believe how bad CNN is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, ridiculous indeed. - Soso Sazesh
People actually watch CNN? - Jim Hague
I read conflicting reports that Mousavi has been arrested? Is this true or not? - Carlton Prest
From what I've heard on the news updates- he has been taken into custody. This is not good. - Jim Hague
CNN has been terrible forever. I follow them on twitter simply to see how much less informed I feel with every post. - zzzz
Is there a link to the article or video? - Ron Hixson
I gave up on CNN years ago. - Steve Lowe
Huff Post has some pretty good coverage - Soso Sazesh
Yes, no coverage of Iran. Larry King is on with stupid motorcycle show. - Robert Scoble
What are we talking about here. Reference plz? - Mitchell Schneider
the most amazing thing was filtering Twitter hashtag and watching the updates come in sometimes hundreds within 10-15 minutes periods. an incredible way to immerse into the real-time interest cloud. - Thom Kennon
Robert, I came to the same conclusion of CNN years ago. - Taylor Marek
I love this tweet from the CNN tweetbot: Tehran on fire"... "Palin vs. Letterman Who's Right?" with panel discussion {priorities: fail;} - BryanSchuetz
We are talking about Iran's election outrage - Soso Sazesh
There is a letter from Mousavi in both Farsi & English circulated for hours. He is under house arrest. There are reports of Ministries on Fire. Twitter has been lit up for hours. - Donald Wilson
One of Australia's sunday morning TV shows wasn't any better, it's lead story was that a bank was introducing muslim-friendly loans - Bryce Roney
The real-time coverage from Tehran today was on Twitter - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Let's agree that most TV news networks decided long ago that they would control the news. Remember swine flu? People blame the fuss about that on Twitter, yet it died everywhere as soon as the MSM stopped making it a big deal. - Carlton Prest
Blogs have been active, but TV networks have been dead. Including CBC in Canada. Unbelievable! - Donald Wilson
Pavan - they did nothing and they should have - Soso Sazesh
A brilliant guy at my gym, a BU professor, refuses to work out to CNN, insists we change the channel. - Halley Suitt Tucker
So hard to believe we have to go to Twitter to stay on top of such important news as the protests in Iran. - AirDye®
That gym prof has the right idea. - zzzz
What the hell's going on with the US media. The unrest resulting from the Iranian election IS IMPORTANT! - Don Whittaker
How great to actually see some WOMEN in the streets! - Halley Suitt Tucker
@don they are too busy working out who would win in a fight between Sarah Palin and David letterman - BryanSchuetz
It's the weekend. There is no one in the newsroom on the weekend. When I worked there, we had to absolutely drag someone in for the Princess Diana accident...the community was going nuts and there we were, with no broadcast news, no confirmation, no nothing. - Karoli
Were the elections free and fair? - David Lloyd
Front page on - Kirk Harnack
Not according to the letter from Mousavi, and from reports coming from Iran. - Donald Wilson
@Mark They were corrupt beyond farcical - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct You can watch France 24, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Coverage on all of those - Andrew Leyden
RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran #iranelection - Donald Wilson
I have to say the Nambu search ( searches twitter, friendfeed, one riot, yahoo news) has been great for keeping on top of this, and it's essentially real-time: - BryanSchuetz
So....are you all (we) making MSM obsolete? - Cynthia Chrysler
RT @mistabaka Follow this blog for amazing pics/vid of #IranElection Pls RT. 5 hours ago - Donald Wilson
so far I think the best coverage is here: - and he has more on his facebook page - glfceo
wut's going on folks? - Eric Nakagawa
CNN is a mock news feed. It's a misinformation provider. - troglodyte
It isn't just CNN. If you look at online newspapers and other outlets before going to bed tonight you'd walk away with a different story and all sorts of analysis about how we will continue to deal with the old regime. That still may be the case, but you can tell this was a - Warner Crocker
Go to (a great site, btw) and type the Twitter search terms in. You can watch them come in real time, no refreshing. - Obayoo
con't... we're out of here for the weekend story. - Warner Crocker
CNN does have this on their site: - invariant
We don't bother with broadcast TV, so I can't watch any of the stations, but currently has it listed as the top news story, as does both with firey photos. - David Sky
CNN has access to Twitter and more. So why can't they give the proper attention to this story? - Donald Wilson
It's actually all so called TV news outlets. Internet is a better source of news. To be fair though, sometimes, on duty journalists/editors do not have the last say in what's covered as 'news'. Simple politics and ratings. I usually tune in to UK TV channels than I do US for news, that too very rarely. Sad but true. - Moushumi Kabir
I see more news from my Iranian friends than news TV news outlets. - Moushumi Kabir
Cnn lost. - Stalyn☂
My last thought on this, no matter what happens, US definitely needs to stay out. It's Iran's internal matter just as 2004 re-election of Bush was our internal matter. As shocking as it was to the rest of the world (I still struggle with the fact ppl I know actually voted for him - twice!!), US did vote for Bush the second time. - Moushumi Kabir
For people interested in tracking what is happening regarding the irannian election on Twitter, here is a dashboard: An amazing showcase of how new forms of communication make it much harder for dictatorships to control people! - Edwin Khodabakchian
It's difficult to get a right news even for me who know Persian, Iranian Tv doesn't support anything about street riots at all, Face book and You tube are filtered over there! No SMS! No mobile, even FF is filtered for them ! :| - Shandiz
sucks to live in a country without freedom :( - David Lloyd
Agree w/ Moushumi Kabir!US MUST stay out of this. - Shandiz
"Horrid coverage" -- otherwise known as typical. Shame shame! - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Good "on the ground" coverage over at allvoices - Joel Richman
What did CNN do-so that a word. That's twice in 2 weeks. - politics news
Download Livestation to see more coverage - Eric Haber from Nambu
re: Teriss - comparing to at 10:08 PM Central, CNN has NO MENTION of Iran and twazzup has 3 of 10 Hot Topics about Iran ... looks like CNN is NOT the place to find 'Breaking News'. - Don Strickland
Really strange. - Jim Hague
I really like Don Lemon but he seems to think CNN isn't doing anything wrong, which bugs me. - Shawn Farner
CNN finally pipes up and mentions Facebook pictures inciting violence in Iran - but no update. Oh, yeah, and the fact that access to internet has been cut off. Is that the only news?Now on to the Letterman/Palin fight! I am heading back to online updates. - Liza + = ?
I often find US cable TV insular when it comes to foreign affairs - coverage of Barack Obama's recent speech in Egypt was a case in point. But CNN ignoring the Iranian protests is shameful. - Peter Dowley
I was always kinda of excited about the prospect of a 24 hour news network. Imagine how many more stories or how much more in-depth you could got on a single item. That really didn't happen. Covering stories, particularly any story happening outside NY or LA, is expensive. So we saw CNN put on a bunch of shows with pundits. They leaned to the left, so FOX could come along and lean to... more... - Matthew McCowan
Twitter is susceptible to manipulation by propagandists--for example the protests in Moldavia. In that case it was a legit election that the protesters just didn't like the result of. A flash mob does not a majority make. - Joe Knapp
Joe: good point, but many of us didn't fall for that crap and even then it cleaned itself out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
CNN died in 2001, when Tom Johnson retired. Quite a few of the top talent left around the same time, not wanting to be part of Jamie Kellner's efforts to be more like FOX. Cable "news" is a ghetto, and I never, ever, ever turn it on. Robert, you'll enjoy this: - John Craft
Looks like CNN is finally picking up the coverage today. Christiane Amanpour is live in Teheran. - Nils Sandin
Just starring to catch up to last nights events. Amazing the lack of big media coverage on Iran. - Robert Wilkins
Been watching CNN International in China for two days and I can't agree with you. The reporting seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter. Saying they should be "ashamed" is a bit invective. - David Geller
"CNN International . . . seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter." - CNN-I is a totally separate production team, and has a totally different business model from CNN-"Domestic." - John Craft
Crowds gather for Ahmadinejad victory rally - David Lloyd - "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup" - John Craft
Robert Scoble: three bloggers have been on top of Iran developments: Andrew Sullivan, Juan Cole and Robert Dreyfuss. It seems safe to say now that we have just witnessed a coup in Iran. - Sean McBride
Amazing video from the BBC of the demonstrations. - Joe Wood
What's new? - Kreg Steppe
Yep, "CNN- The Lamest International News Team on Television" - Dean Kakridas
CNN: Cable No News network. - Robert Scoble
interwebz wins again! - stefan
who makes the decisions over there at Cnn? - Denise
All these comments are so stupid and ill-informed. Not a single one of you has ever tried to take a camera crew into a totalitarian country. I have. You don't just walk around. Easy to twitter for one person. Very hard to get pictures! Go and try it, and until then. Shut up! - Prokofy Neva
@Sean, i agree we have witnessed a coup--the sustained fight lasting a week with people in the street every day, making police run away, NYT editorial by Reuel Marc Gerecth has a good analysis of what it means, and AlJazeera has a good analysis. the action on the streets is having a huge effect, not just on Iran but on the Middle East. - Eleanor Wynn
Prokofy Neva, agreed that no new organizations can get in there, but any of the news channels could rebroadcast key videos, photographs and analysis of this very major geopolitical event--it is really disgusting to go through the TV channels and see the dreck that is on when something major is happening--our local news channels will cover a weather event non-stop, why doesn't a major channel cover this/ - Eleanor Wynn
the citizen journalism tells the story in a way noone else could. you are right there in the middle of the crowd with all the changes of pace and direction, the shaky camera itself tells a story and the sounds. it is like actually being there--that is why the twitter and youtube coverage is the real coverage--they don't have to process, package and add a local angle to it that waters down the effect - Eleanor Wynn
Robert Scoble
Interesting, Mike Arrington deleted the TechCrunch account on friendfeed. My additional thoughts are on mobs and this here:
be right back with more. - Robert Scoble
That makes me sad because it was my favorite tech blog to click "like" on. I talked with Mike this morning at an event and he said last night was one of the worst he's ever lived through with the amount of hatred aimed at him. He deleted 600 Techcrunch comments, too, he told me. - Robert Scoble
Some of the comments I've seen on both sides of the aisle are pretty damn repugnant. I've had that kind of stuff aimed at me in the past and it's never fun. - Robert Scoble
he pissed off Leo's hardcore fans - David Lloyd
wow, deleted the tc account. Scoble: what do you think are going to be the long term implications of this? - ming yeow
It just goes to show that people love to pay attention to negative things, but rarely to positives, or when people make efforts to make up for past misgivings. Sad, but human nature. - Chris Charabaruk
Funny, I remember helping push a mob against some people I really didn't like and a friend really ripped into me for doing that. My friend was right, of course. Interesting that not many people are speaking up against the kinds of comments (aimed personally, not at the substance of what happened). I want to be counted as one of those who stood up personally against the kind of comments I've seen. - Robert Scoble
600 hateful comments? Puts a knot in my stomach just thinking about it. Have had the occasional hate comments but never to that extent - David Weedmark
I didn't dig into those treads too much but imagine they got pretty nasty, probably more so on digg. too bad though, i used FF to find lots of TC content - sean percival
Mark: and Leo should call them back and tell them shame. The kinds of things I've seen against Mike (and some against Leo too) are just awful. People saying that Mike should get cancer and die and worse. - Robert Scoble
thats fucked up Robert. - David Lloyd
David: Given the number of people who hate Arrington's guts, 600 doesn't seem too bad. Just one person harassing you over a period of years over the net (as I've had) is much worse than 600 random people digging at you once and then going away. - Chris Charabaruk
Very strange... Was it hacked? - Hugo Romano
But don't you think due to a LOT of pent up frustration against Mike? His attitude has always been a point of contentment amongst lots of people i know. - ming yeow
Bindu: Mike is actually a pretty sensitive guy beneath a lot of bluster. I'm to blame for pushing the friendfeeders to poke at Mike. - Robert Scoble
ming: there's some of that that's Mike's fault too. But when mobs happen they always go overboard. - Robert Scoble
SCOBLE: I was the one who posted the video on youtube (MPB326) that everyone has been linking to and I have gotten the 700+ comments to my email account. I can't believe some of the stupid things people are saying on YouTube. Terrible stuff! I was actually thinking about deleting the video. - Mike Bracco
Sorry but he shouldn't have deleted his FF account. He should have stayed the storm. I think what he said to Leo was out of line, but to receive the vitriol he has is unnecessary. I think he deserves criticism, but not cancer threats. - kenneth glenn
Yeah that's really screwed up. If those people want to get pissed off at something, come to a third world country and take a gander at all the "real" abuses people do. Talk about making you sick ... - Nick in Manila
scobe: roger that. I like leo a lot, but that seemed to be an overreaction by him. then the mobs wayyyy over reacted - ming yeow
ming: and go far further than the problem that incited them in the first place. And Mike rarely gets personal, as far as I have seen, even when his barbs are aimed at something I've done. - Robert Scoble
Mike acts like a dick. Then again, so do I. I used to have a hate-on for him myself until I realized that really, he's a lot like me... Ballsy and annoying on the outside, but a real human with real feelings on the inside. I'm not afraid to call him a jerk to his face, but that's his behaviour I'm commenting on, not him personally. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: we're all dicks once in a while. I think that's part of being human. Far as I know there's only one perfect human who has walked on the earth and I bet even he wasn't perfect if we actually could get to know him. - Robert Scoble
Neal: Everyone loves taking everyone else down a notch or two. Primate dominance games. - Chris Charabaruk
Mike it would be better to post the follow up video on youtube. It was an interesting conversation and would help put everything into context. - Benjamin Taylor
Neal: Chris nailed it. We love building people up and then dragging them down. I told Mike that whenever I've gotten a shit storm to form it's been when I've been at my most interesting. - Robert Scoble
Benjamin - yeah I wish I also captured the conversation a little while after between Arrington and Leo where they talked it out. - Mike Bracco
This is sad - Johni Fisher
Arrington works his ass off, I've watched him as he's gone after a story. I can't do what he does. - Robert Scoble
Leo has this massive army of supporters, and many more who probably found the clip and came to support him. These weren't neutral third parties giving their honest opinion on the incident, they were Leo supporters through and through. I can't blame him for deleting the account, because I was reading the comments, and they were tough. - Colin
I'm really surprised that Mike still, after all the crap he gets, feels hurt from these comments by people. But last night he and Leo were both discussing how these comments about "mike should die" are not from reasonable, of right mind people. I'm sad that he takes those comments to heart. And I'm sad that trolls thrive in this place (the internet) I love. - Lise
Has Leo said anything to his supporters about their attacks on Mike since yesterday, by the way? - Chris Charabaruk
As much as we all may like and respect Arrington, it just seems as if he was trying to create news at Leo's expense. - Stuart Tracte
Colin: yeah, and Leo should have spoken to his audience and told them to stay professional. But that will come back to Leo someday. These things always do, which is why my friend was correct when he told me never to push a mob. - Robert Scoble
I missed TWiT so I don't know if Leo brought it up or not during the show, but I hope he took an opportunity to tell others that its not their place to fight Mike on Leo's behalf. Especially after they made up. - Chris Charabaruk
But Robert, working your ass off isn't an excuse for behaving badly to people or acting the way arirngton has in the past. Hard work doesn't mean you get to be a jerk - David Lloyd
Neal: yeah, some people become larger than life and it makes people feel that it's OK to do pretty outrageous things against them. - Robert Scoble
Chris: He didn't. I'm not sure he's even aware of the comments Mike got. - Vlad Bobleanta
Leo said at the end of his TWIT feed that he "had trouble sleeping last night." Perhaps because of this brou-ha-ha? - Steve Burgess
Vlad: Thanks. That's a shame, I think it'd be really good for both sides if Leo did come out and say this to everyone. Even if he just recorded a short video clip and tossed it up, standalone. - Chris Charabaruk
Whatever either of them say at this point, it has gone beyond them and their ability to "do" anything - Susan Reynolds
Robert, Leo could have said "please stay professional" a thousand times but come on, this is the internet. Do trolls, who are always ready for a fight, listen to that? - Lise
Susan: Perhaps, but it would still help allow cooler minds and attitudes to prevail and in a shorter time than if they remain silent. - Chris Charabaruk
Mark: I think Arrington would agree with you. - Robert Scoble
Chris: He brought the incident up, but didn't calm anyone down. Again, I'm not sure he's aware of what's been going on. - Vlad Bobleanta
i still post all my posts here. i can post the other TC ones if you guys want too. - MG Siegler
Chris, that's true, but there are still a vast army of followers who think they are in the right and just go off half cocked - and stay that way - Susan Reynolds
Lise: true too. - Vlad Bobleanta
Lise: probably not, but my friend's words ring true: to hold back mobs as much as possible. - Robert Scoble
This is 1. not a surprise & 2. mobs are not at the behest of the personalities they follow. They are mobs. Mobs glom onto some perceived raison d'etre and go. If Arrington, after all of his time pushing buttons and twisting tits, is surprised by this, well, he's a whole hell of a lot dumber than he ever gets credit for being. - Dave Martin
Leo and Steve had a big fight last night: bottom line is GG is off the twit network - David Lloyd
MG: that would be cool. Techcrunch was my #1 most "liked" feed here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
People saying stupid things in comments? This is nothing new. Sometimes you just don't want to deal with it anymore. - Dean Clark
perhaps someone could set up an acocunt that will link to TC articles as they are posted in real time - David Lloyd
Susan: "Madness is rare in individuals--but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule." -- Nietzsche - Chris Charabaruk
I hope he recreates it. - Johnny
Dave: I don't think he's surprised by it, just shocked at how bad it's gotten. - Robert Scoble
Perhaps someone could write a piece detailing the mob situation, defending Arrington, and encouraging him to come back, maybe this is it. - Colin
Dave Martin: I get why he's surprised. There's always a disconnect between someone like him and the so called community, and also there's always a mob waiting to be formed. - Vlad Bobleanta
Not all of those comments were hateful. he pissed me off more when he deleted mine. I pointed out what he said and then opined that I didn't think it was enough and he deleted this: - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Big names, little names, it's still hard to see hateful things aimed your way. Intellectually most of us understand, but emotions sometimes get in the way even to the big fish - Susan Reynolds
wtf happened? i missed it and am sorry whatever came to this has come to this. - jeneane sessum
Chris: good quote! My history teacher in College simplified that to "the masses are asses." - Robert Scoble
Maybe he is just shocked that not only Leo's community attacked him but also his "loyal" techcrunch community gave him a bashing - David Lloyd
Robert, I see your point, but I don't need to be told to refrain from attacking someone. I saw what happened. I wish Leo hadn't gotten *so* angry but I respect that he feels passionately. He was defending his integrity. So that I respect. I respect Mike for handling it all so well and not throwing F bombs back. And I love Leo. But I wasn't going to curse Mike or wish death upon him. So those that did, there's no changing them. - Lise
Jeneane: Mike and Leo got into it on Gillmor Gang yesterday. There's a whole thread about that. - Robert Scoble
Not sure how taking TC off FF relates to the problems Arrington was having in comments on his blog. ? - Nick in Manila
TechCrunch Question: I noticed that my comments on FF for TechCrunch articles also appeared as part of TC's comments on their site. Is that part of FF API? - Mike Bracco
Nick: the most hostile comments were in FF comments - David Lloyd
Mark: Aha. - Nick in Manila
oh jeez. thx robert. i'm sorry to hear that. sounds like the chorus got active. - thanks for the link Vlad. had no idea. - jeneane sessum
Lise: good point, but I've learned that if leaders call on their followers to behave appropriately then they usually do. I don't want anyone who calls for someone else to get cancer to read me, by the way. I am here to have great conversations about tech. Keep it on the tech and we'll have a great time. - Robert Scoble
Lise, Robert, the hateful comments say more about the idiots who write them than about the two personalities about which the angry words swirl - Susan Reynolds
Nick: death threats etc - David Lloyd
Lise: There are those who were ready to tear Arrington to shreds, at least until the mutual apologies of him and Leo came out on TechCrunch. At least, I can't believe I'm the only one who felt like that. Some angry people can be assauged. - Chris Charabaruk
Mark: Not sure I agree. The Youtube comments are terrible. - Mike Bracco
it's difficult to be surprised by the size of this it or not, you guys are celebrities. - Stuart Tracte
Mike: no, Techcrunch had a Wordpress Plugin that was doing that. That Plugin has been removed, too. - Robert Scoble
Stuart: The size, yes. The venom of it, though? - Chris Charabaruk
shouldnt be too hard to make an unofficial ff account for techcrunch posts - David Lloyd
someone wanna go do it? - David Lloyd
Stuart: that's the thing. We're also people and Mike is sensitive like the rest of us (even if he has built a persona that shows him as above it all). - Robert Scoble
Mark: Surprised if someone hasn't already beaten us all to it. - Chris Charabaruk
Mark: I'd rather not do that. I'd rather someone at Techcrunch does that. - Robert Scoble
There are a few existing TC accounts from their feed. - Benjamin Taylor
Scoble's made the point that FF has structural features to control that kind of stuff. Guess it was overwhelmed. - Nick in Manila
Chris C, so you were one of the ones wishing death upon Mike until he apologized? - Lise
well im sure if Arrington took it down, it is probably TC policy not to have FF account, his other writers wont make one - David Lloyd
Fanboys are going to follow whatever lead they're directed. If Leo had said that Mike had terrible BO, there'd be thousands of Leo disciples telling Arrington to get himself some deodorant. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is. - Jay Caruso
Leo is well-spoken, he makes things sound good, he's a well-known likeable guy, and he was the one on video, that's a lot of things going for him if you ignore everything else that's going on, and people do. Just mob mentality and drive-by commenting. - Colin
Behind every great character there is a real person. I just hope that the more rational people currently participating in the mob realize this and understand what they're doing before they do anything worse. - Chris Charabaruk
Nick: well, yes. I wish we could have a team feed from Techcrunch. - Robert Scoble
I still like Mike and don't think he should have deleted the TC account. I enjoy the TC posts but find that Mike and Erick tend to get to a point that makes me want to stop reading their stuff, and I won't for a few days. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Just create a public standard feed/group (owner controls posts, anyone can comnent), and import TC from twitter/RSS/whatever. - Ken Kennedy
Lise: Not wishing death, but I certainly would have given him shit and got up in his face if I had the chance. I don't fight (often) but I do relish giving hell to people. - Chris Charabaruk
Jay, that's not true. I am a huge Leo fangirl but I also think for myself. - Lise
Jack, subscribed. - Robert Scoble
Lise, it wasn't a blanket statement. I've been a fan of Leo's since the old Tech TV days. Just saying that some will take it too far and it all it takes is the person to open that door a crack. - Jay Caruso
Thanks, Jacky boy x - David Lloyd
Robert, is there anything else that needs doing? I think I got it right - Jack
Wait... is Jack affiliated with Techcrunch? Why not have MG do this? He offered. - Ken Sheppardson
Nicholas: At this point I'd probably be calling Arrington to tell him to not take it too personally, that mobs are really just sheep with pointy teeth. - Chris Charabaruk
Jack, Robert: MG can handle this. He writes for Techcrunch. How 'bout we not squat on their brand? - Ken Sheppardson
Chris C, exactly. You just said, you relish giving people hell. You're always ready for a fight. I, on the other hand, am not. And I looked at this situation and considered both sides, despite being a huge Leo fan and not knowing many details on Mike (other than he pisses people off) - Lise
Is there really much more discussion about this? What is done is done. It's already in the past & let's move on. No one knows how this will affect Leo in the future if at all. - Jason Hansen
Want to know what else happened? A single moderator in Leo's IRC chat room muted the entire channel, causing the mob to spill into FriendFeed. - Colin
When I first was diagnosed w/ cancer and the twitter community started the frozen pea fund to donate to cancer research, Mike and Robert were among the first to write about it. As I see it, they both keep a human touch to the community no matter how popular the following. I appreciate that and so maybe its easier for me to see past some of the things that upset the crowds. - Susan Reynolds
I'm not affiliated in any way with TC - Jack
are you okay now Susan ? xxx - David Lloyd
Lise: anyone who does interesting things in media is going to piss someone off. Even me, I try to take reasonable positions and do my homework, but I have lots of haters out there too. It's unavoidable. - Robert Scoble
Jason, I think there is. Considering Mike deleted his account and the GG site no longer exists on techcrunch. I feel bad for Mike and Steve. - Lise
OK, if he asks - Jack
Eric - true - ff as focus group - Susan Reynolds
Why do you feel bad for Mike & Steve? - Jason Hansen
Lise: Steve deleted the GG page, if I heard that correct. It will be interesting to see how the Gillmor Gang goes forward from here. - Robert Scoble
Robert, no I get that. But that's my point. I know Mike is capable of that. And I'm way more of a Leo fangirl. Yet I wasn't with my fist in the air yelling "fight!" - Lise
Mark - thanks for asking. Not OK but very supported by the best of the net - Susan Reynolds
Because Steve realized his show isn't really his show. And Mike got hell when he didn't even give Leo that much shit to begin with. - Lise
You know, my main issue with what happened yesterday, is that it was an ego clash. And just that. Funny that in the make-up part Leo kept insisting that he'd like more content on GG and less drama, an hour or two after he himself caused a helluva lot of drama. I do love Leo and watch all of his shows, but yesterday he was overreacting. And I think he figured that out in the mean time.... more... - Vlad Bobleanta
ROBERT: oops caps, I do know Leo and Steve had a fight last night and its not gonna be on TWiT anymore x - David Lloyd
If the mob is acting "in Leo's name", then I think Leo should try and tell them that they're certainly not acting with his permission or blessings. That they should disband and stop attacking Mike. - Chris Charabaruk
My impression is the guy went over tipping point for the kind of character he was putting out there, at some point people are going to say enough is enough. - Ian Wright
Nicholas: the show used to be private, Im not sure Steve cares that much about the audience - David Lloyd
Live by the sword... - Ian Wright
Vlad, it was the final straw for Leo. He had said before that Mike was becoming too trollish during the GG show. And when he felt like Mike was about to attack his integrity, well, he blew up. Unfortunately. - Lise
gillmor gang is going to be nothing more than a conference call :-( - Tobias Lewsadder
Nicholas: Steve cares about the audience more than he lets on. He knows that by making things interesting he's doing right by the audience. That doesn't mean, though, that you kowtow to the audience. - Robert Scoble
Tobias: heheh, in the real time world? THAT I would have to see! - Robert Scoble
Isn't that your opinion Robert? - Jason Hansen
I watched the whole thing unfold last night including the after show and it was clear that Mike Arrington spoke before he thought and didn't mean it to come out like people including Leo took it. I am glad that they both cooled down and realized it was a simple mis communication. Its too bad the crowd can't do the same. Mike Arrington may be a pain in the butt but pain in the butts are interesting. - Kim Landwehr
Jason, sorry, lost context. This is all my opinion. I can't speak for anyone else other than me. - Robert Scoble
Kim: bing! - Robert Scoble
"Arrington works his ass off, I've watched him as he's gone after a story. I can't do what he does." Doesn't make his insinuations right. I work hard and couldn't do what he does probably - but that doesn't mean he can act like a jerk - repeatedly according to some. - Mark Outten
I'm pretty sure the Techcrunch <-> Friendfeed comment sync was disabled a few days ago. Not sure it had anything to do with the dust-up yesterday. - Ken Sheppardson
Lise: I know why it happened. I understand that was building inside Leo over time. I get that. - Vlad Bobleanta
Robert, that really bugged me that Steve said he didn't care about the community. But I agree, he cares greatly about the show and the community. He wouldn't have been so hurt if he didn't. - Lise
i was blown away by the second episode of gg. it almost seemed like arrington was torn by who he had turned into, at least the negativity that resides within hm. - Tobias Lewsadder
It's probably just the mob he's upset with Lise. - Colin
I also agree with Kim. I enjoyed watching GG at 6:00 PM during the last hour of shift at work. I would still watch it as well as TWiT. - Jason Hansen
He was hurt by some of the comments, he also blamed Dave Winer for alot of problems - David Lloyd
Mark: who said he's a jerk? Sometimes we're all jerks. And, anyway, when he's being a jerk he usually is keeping it on the story. Not personal. He's taken lots of shots at me but has NEVER said that I should get cancer and die. That's unacceptable. - Robert Scoble
Vlad, okay and I agree with you that Mike should blow those comments off. I'm shocked he hasn't grown a thicken skin - Lise
I don't know Arrington personally, all I can judge him from is his body of work with TechCrunch and it's top notch. Anyone who criticizes him in a vicious way needs to look in the mirror. A lot of those with the harsh words are probably typing it from their parents basement. I just hate when people rip other people with a pretext of being something else when it's really jealousy. - Mike Bracco
Lise: it's always easy to say people should have a thick skin until you're the one at the center of a mob getting kicked in the groin. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Mike: bing! - Robert Scoble
Steve Gillmor clearly stated that he doesn't care about the audience. And that's that for me, Robert. Lise: I can see Steve cares about the show, and especially his brand inside the show. About the audience, he said it better than I ever could. Please believe the man. - Vlad Bobleanta
I think the Steve-Leo conflict (which was briefly obvious on the show) got totally overshadowed and subsumed by the Leo-Mike issue. - Nick in Manila
Robert's comment exactly. - Chris Charabaruk
Robert, true. I know I couldn't handle it. - Lise
Robert: You like Microsoft's new search engine. ;) - Jason Hansen
Vlad: you aren't listening carefully. I heard what Steve said yesterday and totally understood what he was saying. You can't let the audience drive your product. Ask a Porsche owner what they want and they'll say "more trunk space, smoother ride, more leg room, etc." They just designed a Volvo. - Robert Scoble
Robert: 100% agreed. I do not want to be in Mike's position, ever. - Vlad Bobleanta
Vlad: all of us in media care DEEPLY about the audience. If you hung around any of these people you'd know that we read every comment and take them very seriously. But the day you start listening to the audience and kowtowing to them is the day when you lose your way. - Robert Scoble
Robert: How does the mob get its "justice" then? I have not seen the venomous postings you speak of, nor do I agree in any way that that is the way to go. So, how does this get resolved? I, like many, believe Leo was being "entrapped". How does Arrington get out of this with his reputation intact? He's done alot for all of us and definitely does not deserve the level of hatred you speak of, but something need to be done... - Stuart Tracte
Stuart: most of the nastiest stuff has been deleted. - Robert Scoble
Make a good product and the audience will find you. - Kim Landwehr
Side note: Do not try to converse on FF on an iphone.... had a whole paragraph written out.... and lost it... - Stuart Tracte
I think Arrington and Leo will come out of this fine, I'm already paying more attention to both of them. - Colin
Stuart: you should go and listen to the second show we did last night. Leo wasn't entraped. And he didn't have to react that way. When people question my ethics I answer them calmly. I get questioned on that all the time. - Robert Scoble
Every week someone asks me if I'm paid by friendfeed, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I am listening, and I get your point. I never got Steve's attitude, though. And I was just spinning what he said, I did get the underlying meaning. - Vlad Bobleanta
(I'm not). - Robert Scoble
Tonights FF homework: listen to the full GG show to become better informed - Jack
i was in the middle of typing a comment on tech crunch last night when mike shut down the comments, how sad. he mentioned having to have a police car parked in front of his house in the past for similar issues... that is wrong!!! - Tobias Lewsadder
SCOBLE: totally agree! true innovation can't come from what the "flock" is saying they want. True innovators are so because they create something that no-one knew they needed until it is created. - Mike Bracco
Honestly, I suspect that every person who got really pissed at @arrington over the years but had decided to ignore him went back and told him what they'd thought of him all along. He's ruined companies and products on the grandstand. I read his stuff like I watch fox news, for the truth far from the middle but for clues of what might be left out on the sunny side. - Shava Nerad
Vlad: Gillmor is an interesting person. I don't always get him either. - Robert Scoble
Robert, still. I am that community that Steve supposedly doesn't care about. And that's where I almost did pump my fist in the air. When Steve said he didn't care and Leo instantly said he *did* care. But... again, I feel bad for Steve, still. His issue was just loss of control over his baby (the show) - Lise
Colin: Professionally, sure! This isn't any kind of permanent damage to either of them. Personally, though, I know that it's got to hurt them both. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris, I think they're both tougher now. - Colin
Shava: He's made many hundreds of companies too. I don't know of a single one that was ruined by TechCrunch. Please back that statement up. - Robert Scoble
Colin: You'd be surprised. Often the people who seem to have the thickest skin on the outside are the most sensitive on the inside. - Chris Charabaruk
Does Leo know any of this, btw? I think he thinks this is all over with...considering he was joking about it all. I think he's embarrassed and trying to make light of it. But I don't think it's over, unfortunately. - Lise
still watching. - jeneane sessum
If they were ruined by TechCrunch then I'd have to call that company pretty lame. Remember PodTech? Mike pointed out a lack of leadership at the company. In hindsight Mike was right. - Robert Scoble
Chris, but that outer skin just got thicker lol, I dunno, I just think it has to be a big lesson to both of them, they'll remember it. - Colin
Lise: I don't know what Leo is seeing right now. I should call him and check in. - Robert Scoble
I don't know about Mike, but Leo was already making fun of the incident on TWIT, realized their was a slight overreaction on his part - Kim Landwehr
Colin: Yes, they'll remember it. But that outer skin is just their media personalities. You're ignoring the real people behind those names, and how they feel about it. - Chris Charabaruk
I don't even believe that Mike was about to question Leo's ethics. He was just upset that they didn't get a Pre. And wanted to make a point about how Palm selects reviewers. I never questioned Leo's integrity. Neither Mike's. I think they'd be really stupid to endanger their careers like that. Which settles it for me. - Vlad Bobleanta
Robert: Will you pass him the link to this discussion? - Chris Charabaruk
I think yesterday was enough fanfare - I'm filing this in the "none of my business" stack - Bwana ☠ from IM
Wow...did not expect to learn this when I logged onto FriendFeed. - Ben Parr
Vlad: you weren't hearing Mike. Please go listen to the second show. He made it very clear why he was asking those questions. Mike asks me all the time about my ethics. It's his way of digging for stories. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you should. I hope they can work this out. It's definitely not smoothed over. Maybe between Mike and Leo but not all 3. - Lise
Bwana: But we need to know what every single person on FriendFeed thinks about the relationship between Leo, Mike, and Steve... did you miss the memo? - Ken Sheppardson
I'll say this again, but Leo's IRC chat was muted, and chatters spilled right onto FriendFeed. If you were reading the IRC chat at the time, it was 100% pro-Leo. Those people normally don't come on FriendFeed, but when they were muted, this was the first place they came to, because this is the 2nd largest chat Leo endorses. - Colin
Robert: That's his way of digging for stories... fine. However, is that something you would do to a respected friend? - Jason Hansen
Mmmyeah, Steve's issue was loss of control over the show. I get that. I've seen how awkward it was at times. But still. How old are these people again? - Vlad Bobleanta
Lise: that's true. Steve feels his show was stepped on needlessly. - Robert Scoble
Jason: All's fair in love and war... And in media. - Chris Charabaruk
Jason: in this business? Yes. I ask MYSELF all the time am I on the right side of the ethical line. And when someone is getting a goodie and I'm not, it sure does make me wonder WHY. - Robert Scoble
steve should host the show and he boot whomever he wants and not invite back guests he doesnt feel fit into gg. - Tobias Lewsadder
Tobias: I agree. Steve should be in charge of the off switch on his own show. - Robert Scoble
To run a show, you have to do what Leo does, you have to be able to control cameras and mics, and Steve really needs to get that kind of control, or Leo's operator needs to stay neutral, and out of it. - Colin
Tobias: Steve should take things offline for making the show, and then broadcast it afterwards, rather than doing it live. That might help reduce the bad attitudes it seems to bring out from its hosts and guests. - Chris Charabaruk
I do think Steve had a point, It is his show and Leo really didn't have the right to shut the show down, no matter how mad he was - Kim Landwehr
Robert: I would like to see the inner of the business for a week or two. It would be an interesting learning experience I'm sure. - Jason Hansen
Tobias: I think it was unprofessional for Leo to pull the off switch on someone else's show while on air. It makes me wonder how Leo would treat me if I were to host a show on his network. - Robert Scoble
out of interest. was leo, steve or arrington making money from GG? will this have business implications - Anthony Feint
Anthony: not yet, but whenever audiences get built around media properties there's always money involved eventually. - Robert Scoble
No Anthony, this was a Saturday, and people's free time. - Colin
Chris: Steve lives and breathes "live". - Nick in Manila
Nicholas: if I pissed someone off they should bite their lip and fire me after the show. That's professionalism. It also gives people a chance to explain themselves. When you're on air it's very difficult to discuss business in a professional way. - Robert Scoble
Robert: How much time has Leo spent on the air over the past 10 years or so? How many incidents like this have their been? Seems like you might literally be blowing it out of proportion, re "It makes me wonder how Leo would treat me" - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I saw the show yesterday. Yeah, I know, my point was more that he was using the ethical question to start off his 'story' about Palm sending review units. Which is exactly what he said in part 2 of the show, when you were on too. And it's exactly what you kinda said. So let's agree to agree, even if my phrasing isn't phenomenal right now :) - Vlad Bobleanta
Robert: I gotta agree with Ken's last statement. - Chris Charabaruk
I like Mike, I really do, and I respect him, but he has to take some responsibility. Its not what he says, its how he says it, that rubs people the wrong way - Stephen Pickering
Ken: that's not the point. Leo has always been on someone else's network. Now he's trying to build a network of his own. That requires a different set of sensibilities. - Robert Scoble
The interesting thing for me was that about a month ago, on another TWiT show, Leo expressed some negative sentiment about Arrington and the way he sort of "stir things up" to try to get responses out of people. It was on net@nite I believe. Anyway, that is the first thing I thought of when this happened yesterday. - Mike Bracco
but was leo giving free bandwidth to GG? - Anthony Feint
Chris: I was one of Leo's "Laporteans" and have been a friend of Leo's before I even had a blog. I love the guy. - Robert Scoble
Anthony: yes, but again, if you are going to fire someone in media, or shut down someone else's show, you should do that off air. - Robert Scoble
Anthony: but maybe that's just me. - Robert Scoble
I thought the comments towards Mike yesterday were overwhelmingly positive after they both apologized. I gained a new respect for Mike yesterday. - Jesse Stay
Robert "that's not the point. Leo has always been on someone else's network. Now he's trying to build a network of his own. That requires a different set of sensibilities" That's why i made it a point to say Leo would be better off Not "Hosting" the GG but being a Out of Studio Guest - Erle Stride
Mike B, exactly, he was ready to be attacked by Mike. He said it himself. So he went overboard. - Lise
Scoble: Can't substantiate at the moment, so skip it as unsubstantiated, but I remember 2-3 times seeing what he said about something, and what others said, and thinking, he was just talking things down to be contrarian. It's like ValleyWag -- are you familiar with them? Thing is I rarely have read his stuff lately. I prefer constructive criticism over snark negativity, and that's the... more... - Shava Nerad
Anthony: I think Leo agrees there, too. He said he was wrong to shut down the show. - Robert Scoble
I think Leo shouldn't have stopped the whole show, after all it is Steve's show. However I can understand why he did. It seems to me he was never quite happy with GG on Twit from the beginning. Which is what he kinda admitted in part2. If the show were to stay on Twit, I think they should just get someone in the cottage to switch between cameras and stuff, and Leo should be a guest. In Steve's show. - Vlad Bobleanta
Shava: I've been on Valleywag more than 70 times. - Robert Scoble
I always had the impression, especially after yesterday's second part, that Leo had never heard the show before letting it on his network. "Oh right you chat with Scoble, Calacanis, Arrington, Doc Searls et al, sounds good I'll host it"; unaware of the drama that occurs. - Jack
Vlad: I agree, and I think so does Leo and Steve. - Robert Scoble
Kevin: Leo's talked about what he dislikes in Mike's persona before, but this is the first time things really came to a head. - Chris Charabaruk
squarespace sounds interesting (still listening) - does put #squarespace in your tweet still enter you in the contest? - jeneane sessum
Robert: yeah I agree just wondering where the shows going to go. ITs going to lose a big audience. I only watched because it was on twit and techcrunch - Anthony Feint
Probably not a good idea to be a guest and be in control of a show at the same time. - Kim Landwehr
Leo DOES have the right to pull the show it's HIS network That's why Steve got so Pissy Lastnight - Erle Stride
Really, he apologized, so shouldn't this be over if it's over between the two antagonists? But then this is the Internet. And yes, I figured you know Valleywag, but this is a general audience as well. A lot of folks don't overlap - Shava Nerad
Robert, don't you think this is a bit of a soap opera? - Jon Lebkowsky
Kevin: That exactly the way it appeared to this outsider. - Nick in Manila
Vlad, I think we all agree that Leo shouldn't have shut the show down. But I think removing Leo from his own network in his own studio is silly. Do you really think he's going to do this again? - Lise
Jon: of course! - Robert Scoble
Mike sounded so reasonable last night. He told Leo and Steve not to make any rash decisions about the show, I'm surprised he didn't apply the same wisdom to himself and yanked the TC account so fast - Stephen Pickering
Jon: of course this is all a soap opera. So is real life. - Robert Scoble
Shava: The thing is, even if this weren't the internet, all our talking heads would still be talking about this. It's like with any kind of media personality, new old doesn't matter. - Chris Charabaruk
Sigh. Okay. "Desperate Technorati." - Jon Lebkowsky
jeneane: No, Calacanis just asked that the listeners of TWiT do that to support the sponsors of the show. - Mike Bracco
Jeneane The contest starts on Monday. Details at - Vlad Bobleanta
Stephen: lots of us can see the sins in other people but can't see our own sins quite so clearly. Myself included. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm not sure I agree that life has to be a soap opeat, but I have to agree that it often is. - Jon Lebkowsky
Arrington was treated terribly - no doubt. is this new for him? no. has he treated others terribly? yes. will deleting the account keep people from treating him badly? no. will it stop him from treating others poorly? i doubt it. we all act like jerks sometimes. some of us have a bigger audience when it happens. some of us get a lot more crap when we do it. the folks who get extra crap... more... - MikeAmundsen
Your right, I've got to learn to practice that on myself - Stephen Pickering
These guys could use some zazen. - Jon Lebkowsky
lol, Jon! - Shava Nerad
I guess I missed the terrible part on FriendFeed - TechCrunch or Digg or the TWiT chatroom, maybe, but it seemed to me FriendFeed was rooting for Mike by the end of that show. - Jesse Stay
Lise: Lol. Dunno, we'll see. - Vlad Bobleanta
i think this can be debated for days... perhaps finding a resolution should the direction here. - Tobias Lewsadder
Sad. The Techcrunch items were some of my favorite part of Friendfeed. And I seem to remember an issue Mike wrote about some weeks back that impressed me with non-tech issues he feels strongly about. I hope he comes back with the Techcrunch account because whatever else, a few of us think he's part of here. - George Hall (Australia)
Jesse: I think the stuff that got TechCrunch to delete friendfeed came last night. - Robert Scoble
Which is sad because that was the only way I read TechCrunch before. Hopefully MG continues to share his posts. - Jesse Stay
MikeAmundsen: It only takes one dog to bite out your throat. Mike's lucky in this regard that it's a bunch of people screaming at him once or twice and then disappearing into the void, so much as this issue is concerned. When you have one person in a campaign against you for a long time, though, the damage is far worse than what this mob is doing to Mike. - Chris Charabaruk
Tobias: yeah, not sure there is a resolution. I hope everyone who listens to me and interacts on my behalf remembers that there's people involved here. - Robert Scoble
Mike Admundsen - you nailed it - Liza + = ?
I expect the friendfeed, if it was anything like this, was too fast and nasty to moderate, and when things die down he'll be back. I can see me doing that if things got fast and nasty - Shava Nerad
WWDC needs to hurry up and get here... many you guys are bored :) - Bwana ☠ from IM
If anyone wants a divergence from this serious talk, check out this CALACANIS AUDIBLE LOVE DANCE that I just recorded from today's TWiT - - Mike Bracco
Mike kept saying that a bunch of FriendFeeders wanted to see him dead. I never saw those kind of comments. Were those kind of awful things said? - Stephen Pickering
I suspect they'll get over it. I've certainly had some emotional moments that led me to delete accounts and worse. - Jon Lebkowsky
Anyway, in a week we'll be back to talking about Apple's new iPhone. Bwana is right. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Bwana, tis true lol, I'm excited to see what Santa will bring. - Colin
And got ove rit. - Jon Lebkowsky
Robert By the sounds of it - Erle Stride
Bwana: If only Palm had given more people Pre's the other day, we wouldn't be talking about this. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I'm with Leo - I don't think there will be a new iPhone - Jesse Stay
Yes, I will get the new Iphone!!!!!!! Yeah, I've been living with a Razor for two years, but I'm not excited about AT&T - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: yeah, but they weren't people who I recognized. Anyway, time to move on. If I ever participate in a Mob again, just kick me in the knees, OK? - Robert Scoble
Chris Patterson: AMEN. - Chris Charabaruk
h Leo and Steve feel the GG and TWiT don't belong together I just wonder who will be the first to pull the trigger - Erle Stride
well, you folks solve the problems of the world, I have to go feed folks dinner...:) Seeya later Jon! Nice to run across you. - Shava Nerad
OK, I will! heheheh - Stephen Pickering
Tking acct down does nothing to address issue - scoble, we'll kick you in knees if you mob - settles it! - Liza + = ?
Shava: I gotta go play with Milan who just woke up. Seeya! - Robert Scoble
Yay - saved by Milan, Scoble! - Liza + = ?
Tad: :) - Chris Charabaruk
And yet, a Friendfeed without Arrington is lessened. He was as much a part of Friendfeed as Scoble. Heck, it just doesn't seem like Friendfeed UNLESS you've got both Arrington and Scoble talking. - George Hall (Australia)
Deleting the FF account was an emotional reaction. I mean, think about it. Will that stop people over here talking about Mike or TC stuff? Of course not. So what's the point then? Just that Mike will never ever load FF again and therefore won't see some bad stuff being said about him? Sounds strange to me. I hope he changes his mind, because being less engaged with the audience is never good in my book. Trolls can be blocked. Bad stuff can be ignored. But to stifle what can be good conversations...why? - Vlad Bobleanta
robert could it be as simple as... arrington was a jerk, laporte overreacted in attempts to defend his integrity. both were at fault in one way or another. it is the job of the host of the show to end this all. steve needs to step up and ask everyone to drop it. - Tobias Lewsadder
Now you can't post comments to his last article on techcrunch, how cool is that? - GeorgeAris
Vlad: when people get beat up they don't always make smart decisions. - Robert Scoble
Hopefully Mike Arrington will come back to FF after a short time off, He will be missed - Kim Landwehr
Perhaps it's time we made an effort to make Mike feel welcome back here again. - George Hall (Australia)
Did someone make the techcrunch account again to save it for him? heh - Lise
Would there be agreement that this was out of character for Leo and is there anyone following this that hasn't lost it in a professional situation? I sure he meant what he said, although I'm also sure he regrets it happened and feels like an ass. - Jim Gablick
Tobias: Actually, if Steve can get the two of them in one room and shake hands and tell everyone together to lay off on the attacks, perhaps they might. It's a longshot but it could go a far way to making things better between them all, too. - Chris Charabaruk
Talking? I don't see Arrington as a talker...I see (saw) him as a sabre rattler and drama king. Unless there's controversy, he's not quiet. Finally, someone told him to shut the hell up for the tool behavior that's his M.O. Scob, if he couldn't stand the heat.... - C. Jason Mancebo
Karim: LOL> - Chris Charabaruk
+1 Karim - Bwana ☠ from IM
Robert: Agreed. I understand. - Vlad Bobleanta
That drama button was hilarious Karim - Benjamin Taylor
Jason: I don't think Mike minded Leo going off on him so much. It's the aftermath of having the mobs kick him in the nuts that got to him, me thinks. - Robert Scoble
C. Jason: He's that too, but it is a talker. He does engage. And when he's not putting up that jerkface public persona, I'm pretty sure he's a nice, cool guy you can have drinks with. - Chris Charabaruk
i cant believe that we are actually discussing this. shouldnt we feel disgusted that someone felt attacked enough to cancel his account. jerk or not he is human - Tobias Lewsadder
agreed Scoble - Kim Landwehr
never been a fan of mob mentality myself... - George Hall (Australia)
Scob, I think it's cumulative. He's gotten away with ALOT of stirring the pot for a while and people just have had it. Be a contributor, or go away....but I certainly don't agree with the "death and cancer wishes"...that's completely unnecessary. - C. Jason Mancebo
Chris: Mike is always interesting. I was at a tech industry brunch this morning with him and he's always got an interesting conversation going on. - Robert Scoble
How does the saying go... "Live by the swarm, die by the swarm"? - Ken Sheppardson
Jason: then we're on the same side. Arrington gets to me once in a while too. He knows how to push my buttons as well and get me all wound up. But that also is how he gets stories before anyone else does. - Robert Scoble
Heck, Arrington's style created BUZZZ. So why treat him badly? - George Hall (Australia)
C. Jason: I'm a big jerk myself, on the outside, but that doesn't mean I'm not a sensitive and caring person on the inside. He's more than just his persona, he's an actual person too. Sometimes someone does have to come out and say "stop being such a dick" to me, and no doubt to him. But attacking en mass the way this mob [redacted] is doing, that's just not right. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris Patterson: LOL. Good one. - Vlad Bobleanta
George: Arrington has done something remarkable. We always talk about him. He doesn't always like what we're saying, but I told him this morning that he has created a media company that is doing interesting things and that he should worry about the day when we're not all mobbing on him for some reason or another. - Robert Scoble
I don't understand Arrington's defense. He's really nice, soft and fluffy on the inside even though he attacks you in public and calls out your integrity? He may have his own issues to deal with, but he's in the public eye and he should expect the wrath of the Internet to reign down when he pulls an asshat move like this one. How many times does he get to slip out of the antics he... more... - Eric - Final Countdown
Maybe he read the Terms and Conditions here at FriendFeed and freaked out? - Kenneth Stein
George: that said, it's not always fun and games being the center of all that kind of attention. - Robert Scoble
+1 on Arrington getting stories before anyone else...when Friendfeed was down a few weeks ago, he was the only one who could provide info on why. Fastest news of that particular day. - George Hall (Australia)
I'm still not convinced we can strictly pin this on Leo fans...that video got dugg bigtime and when a mob forms, people come from everywhere - Bwana ☠ from IM
Robert: Don't I know it. - George Hall (Australia)
Eric, does his actions, though, really warrant people to wish death upon him? (which is, apparently what he's upset about) - Lise
Chris Charabaruk: Let's just please not call them Leo fans anymore. A mob is a mob. I'm a Leo fan and was not part of any mob, ever. And I don't want that association to stick in my head. - Vlad Bobleanta
Chris, I'm sure he is, but too often, people need to hide behind their persona for whatever reason. His is the sabre rattler/pot stirrer...he went WAY too far insulting a pretty good guy's ethics. Not good, but certainly agree with the over zealous backlash..not good as well. I guess "you reap what you sew" is certainly valid - C. Jason Mancebo
Vlad: I'm also a Leo fan and I totally see your point. I'll edit that bit out... - Chris Charabaruk
Vlad, yes. I take offense to that whole Leo fans thing. I'm a huge Leo fan. I don't act that way. - Lise
RobertS: this seems so reminiscent of the January fracas in Europe. Why is it that Arrington engenders such anger in people (and i'm not talking about Leo here)? this isn't some cosmic joke on good ol' boy MIke Arrington. there's a lot of history here. there's a lot of anger that Arrington has exhibited over a long period of time. don't get me wrong, i feel badly for the man. but not... more... - MikeAmundsen
let him go. - Stalyn☂
Eric: integrity is something we should always ask of each other. I don't mind if you ask me those kinds of questions. I got a review unit of the Palm Pre too. You SHOULD be asking whether that biases my review in some way. Mike was mostly digging for a story yesterday, not attacking Leo. That's something you gotta know Arrington about. He was digging and got a reaction he wasn't expecting. - Robert Scoble
The internet is full of high octane evil. It waits for an opportunity such as this to wish death on a person. - Bwana ☠ from IM
Robert, I heard that yesterday, and Leo just popped off. Mike really didn't deserve this one, which you can hear. What upsets me now is that I can see he does personalize a lot of this stuff, which was really done by Leo's audience, and Leo's chat room has an audience I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. I loved it when we started the FF chat so I wouldn't have to listen to Leo's immature... more... - Francine Hardaway
it seems like people who have been angered by mike at one time or another are using this as an opportunity to lay into him. - Tobias Lewsadder
No one deserves it - Bwana ☠ from IM
Francine: well said. - Robert Scoble
We had a good discussion yesterday at a tweetup in the city about the whole thing. I think MIke ABSOLUTELY deserved this one. It's been a long time coming. The whole backlash, not deserved, but not surprised. - C. Jason Mancebo
WHAT!!!? - Jason Pollock
C. Jason: if Mike was hiding behind his persona instead of showing the real self, he'd be blasting back at his detractors, not removing their comments and killing the old TC account here. - Chris Charabaruk
I don't think these are even people who were angered by Mike, it was just mob rule. And there's no such thing as an online conversation that's "a long time coming" and bad enough to make someone want to get away from being online. That shouldn't be the way we act. - Francine Hardaway
So Arrington and the other guy worked it out between why should a mob stretch things any further? - George Hall (Australia)
Lise, you are absolutely right, that isn't right; no threats are necessary. I didn't see that here however. Not from the regular FF crowd that have regular activity, so I really didn't see that personally. - Eric - Final Countdown
Chris: Mike wasn't attacking someone else's ethics. Listen carefully to both shows yesterday. He was asking questions. Leo took it too personally, me thinks (he thinks so too, in hind sight). If your ethics are really above reproach you can answer calmly and professionally. - Robert Scoble
Chris, I think he was hiding behind it in public and now is effected beyond the persona. - C. Jason Mancebo
Francine: very well said. - Vlad Bobleanta
Francine: agreed #2. Well said. - Robert Scoble
Geroge Hall correct. - Francine Hardaway
George: Mob mentality. 100 sheep on their own are perfectly fine, but if they freak out and charge in the same direction... - Chris Charabaruk
Francine: mobs can get out of control here in the real time web. Not sure how we can fix that. - Robert Scoble
Scoble, I gotta respectfully disagree with you. He was absolutely trying to make something out of nothing. Totally NOT ETHICAL! - C. Jason Mancebo
Well, you don't want to be in their way. - Chris Charabaruk
These things push my buttons because I see so much potential for good in the online community and I want the bad stuff to go away. I know that's unrealistic - Francine Hardaway
Eric, I didn't notice those either but I wasn't the one attacked and wasn't looking for those. Despite that, Mike saw it/felt it. That's the point. - Lise
Never liked mobs, never liked being on receiving end of them, never liked following any. - George Hall (Australia)
Making a story is not creating a story. Not cool! - C. Jason Mancebo
Jason: I can understand how you see it that way. DId you watch the second Gilmor Gang last night? Mike explained why he was asking those questions and Leo answered much more calmly. - Robert Scoble
I vote we try to help Mike feel wanted here again. - George Hall (Australia)
maybe leo should join us and ask people to lay off - Tobias Lewsadder
I'm going to email mike. - Francine Hardaway
Jason: personally the free stuff and review units and access DO bias our reporting and that's something that we SHOULD talk about calmly and professionally. Our audiences should hear our answers. I don't think Mike's question was one that shouldn't be asked. Of EVERYONE. - Robert Scoble
Robert, did you get a hold of Leo about this yet? - Chris Charabaruk
Scoble, I think it was prettied up for public consumption by both of them. Sure, Leo could have been better about it. Absolutely. But I just am not with you on that one. Agree to disagree on this. - C. Jason Mancebo
You should see the second show. You haven't seen that, you can't really get the gist of it. imho. - Vlad Bobleanta
This is not about Arrington but about much larger issues and tensions that are brewing - amt of comments is undeniable proof of that. - Liza + = ?
Robert Scoble, I understand your point. "If you only knew him..." I'm sure if I had a beer with the guy I'd grow to love him and all, but I haven't and all I have to go on is what I saw, and I can't side with M.A., not after his history with shooting first with his posts and comments. He really needs to put himself in the mind of the public that find a problem with his actions without... more... - Eric - Final Countdown
Chris: and Mike, in the second show, explained why he was asking that. Techcrunch didn't get a review unit and his theory is that Palm is only giving review units to people who are saying nice things about Palm. - Robert Scoble
On the early access units, how in the hell is anyone (Scoble, McCracken, Ubergizmo) supposed to review anything early without early access units. It's not a gift, it's a loaner. - C. Jason Mancebo
Chris: I'm calling Leo now. - Robert Scoble
I think Leo was right in getting mad - Johnathan Schultz
Ask Leo to come in here - Lise
Come on guys. If you haven't watched the second show, you're blowing in the wind. - Nick in Manila
Leo should not have said such inflammatory things.. Even if he was pissed off he could have handled himself in a professional manner on the air - Jason Pollock
mike totally clarified himself and leo apologized for taking it the wrong way. - Tobias Lewsadder
A promoter is not a journalist. Much of what I see on TC, and here and elsewhere illustrates that YOU are buzzing things, creating hype which in part drives it forward. The coverage ought to be balanced though, and it's going to likely lead to unfortunate and unnecessary consequences. This might shed a bit of light on it. - Kenneth Stein
Jason: I hate the review unit thing. Walt Mossberg got his weeks ago. - Robert Scoble
I guess nobody takes Sunday evenings with their families these days, eh? - Ken Sheppardson
Johnathan: Leo's anger was justified, yeah, but how he expressed it was a bit much. But how the way the mob took it as a call to action, that's bad. - Chris Charabaruk
I think it should be stressed that Leo can't be held responsible for anything anyone else says. On the irc chat, here wherever. - Vlad Bobleanta
It is really too bad the conversation went bad. Mike really did have some good questions to ask about how business ethics and free products review or not. He just started the conversation really badly - Kim Landwehr
leo's language on the air incited the hate comments that techcrunch got - Jason Pollock
HI Liza, well, I see it yes and no....this specific thing is a good example of "you don't get to be a shit stirrer and get away with it forever". - C. Jason Mancebo
Christopher: A mob is a mob, online or off. - Chris Charabaruk
Lise, getting threats like that is something no one should go through, I agree. People should act with civility. - Eric - Final Countdown
Interesting post of Mike Arrington(The New York Times Sunday edition): The Morality And Effectiveness Of Process Journalism : - Johni Fisher
On the AIR? Lol there's no FCC regulation yet....I'll refrain from scribing the 7 deadlies here - Kenneth Stein
Vlad: That's true, but he can still encourage them to act more responsibly. - Chris Charabaruk
J Abdul, I think the "what are you going to do about it" was still when Mike thought it was all kind of a joke - Lise
Scoble, it's not like they but a hundy in the package and say "review away" :-) - C. Jason Mancebo
No one's going to move on until there's something else to talk about ;) Come on WWDC! - Bwana ☠ from IM
Ken S, I just fired up the grill. Great day on the coast in HMB today. BBQ and wine happens soon :-) - C. Jason Mancebo
we all benefit from the work that mike does. tech crunch has been a daily read for me for years... although you may disagree with some of his methods, is wishing him death really appropriate - Tobias Lewsadder
C. Jason: They don't have to. Just having the thing before everyone else creates an incentive for acting non-ethically. After all, they give you a review unit (even one you need to return) because you gave them a good review might encourage you to keep giving good reviews for the opportunity to play with the latest gadgets first. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris: Yes, and I think he should. Let's just keep in mind, those are just random people who he probably never met. And in the case of the irc chat, are mostly anonymous. Which is part of the problem imo. - Vlad Bobleanta
Tobias, i think we all agree that the backlash has gone to far...yes, - C. Jason Mancebo
Actually, research idicates that being teased and taunted oftentimes is more painful than being hit. - Kenneth Stein
Who were these random people anyway? Friendfeed regulars, or blow-ins? - George Hall (Australia)
I agree, and i think this onslaught has gone on far enough - Johnathan Schultz
Time to man up Arrington. The storm's here and.... Oohh look, another iPhone rumor - Bwana ☠ from IM
George, I'm sure some were FF regulars. I don't think because you have a FF account it makes you of right mind. heh Unfortunately. - Lise
Just a computer engineer, patent attorney, developing some tech - Kenneth Stein
@George Hall: Gillmor Gang regulars. - Antoniu
People need to get a tiny bit of perspective instead of social media tunnel vision - Nathan Cooprider
One thing I would really like to see come from this is that folks like Arrington with the "Not quite so stringent, shoot first retract later" ethics understand that people give a shit about that and it's not cool. - C. Jason Mancebo
George Hall: mostly non-regulars, or that was my impression at least. But not exclusively. Arrington is easy to hate, that's the truth. And some people just need to hate something. Or someone. That is all. - Vlad Bobleanta
Its just feels like this has gone a little to far - Johnathan Schultz
Tobias, but I'm not sure that we wouldn't benefit MORE from TC if it was a bit less "NY POST" ish - C. Jason Mancebo
The whole evening Gilmore Gang put everything into context. It was really interesting, lots of questions and talking points raised regarding technology reporting, journalistic integrity and consumed content. Even a discussion about the GG show itself. It's unfortunate that a few people ran with the 1 minute clip and formed an opinion without looking at the whole day in context. - Benjamin Taylor
I want to make a quick statement, because this is how it seems to be framed here for some. Just because we are choosing to criticize him doesn't mean we are part of a mob or are threatening him. The debate should not be framed as Arrington versus bloodsucking Friendfeed mob. There is no defense for threats, online or off. No one is debating that that I have seen. - Eric - Final Countdown
@Johnathan Schultz: It has, but what are us bored geeks with too much time on their hands to do? - Antoniu
jason: agreed - Tobias Lewsadder
Scoble, pretty great day on the coast for an Arrington discussion, no :-) - C. Jason Mancebo
I do have to say that this whole incident is the reason I've came over to FF permanently. - kenneth glenn
Benjamin: agreed. Eric: death threats is a mob in my book. Noone is referring to criticism, but rather to threats and mindless stuff. - Vlad Bobleanta
anyone know arrington for an extended period of time? has he always been like this? - Tobias Lewsadder
Vlad, right, death threats are wrong, but that doesn't make me or anyone here criticizing this incident as part of the mob. - Eric - Final Countdown
shiftoptionk - that is the core of the issue :) - Bwana ☠ from IM
I think that many people just took the opportunity to join in on the "I hate you Arrington" bandwagon when that started yesterday. Today they're all probably busy in Google Reader (even though RSS is apparently dead) reading the latest TechCrunch posts. - Antoniu
I seem to remember a techcrunch article Mike did weeks back about a different where he took a principled stand. I wonder if non-regular mob making threats relates more to that than the Gilmour gang thing. - George Hall (Australia)
We're reaching again. Terrifying mobs? Where did that come from? He was getting abused, wasn't seeing any real poing to sharing stuff here, so he deleted the account. It makes his life easier. We're sorta going off the deep end... once again. - Ken Sheppardson
@Christopher No one wants to read death threats about themselves. Real or otherwise. - Glenn Trtanj
bwana: elaborate please - Tobias Lewsadder
shiftoptionk - it was a buildup. This is how Arrington is. Leo got tired of it. - Bwana ☠ from IM
Some days you can take it, some days you blow up - Bwana ☠ from IM
afterwards, they made up..but you can believe Arrington will do it again - Bwana ☠ from IM
Bwana, absolutely agree...lots of folks obviously tire of it. - C. Jason Mancebo
i know he has been like this for a while but im askking if this was the type of guy he was before getting into this business or has the business changed him - Tobias Lewsadder
Ken: This is yet another overreaction, yes. This weekend is really something. However some people do take bad things very personally, and maybe Mike is one of them. Dunno, I haven't met him. - Vlad Bobleanta
Personally, I think TechCrunch on FriendFeed is better as a room anyway. It enforces the separation between a person and their business. That said, I do hope that Mike comes back, and that everyone behaves civilly when he's around. - Chris Charabaruk
Excuse me, but if Arrington didn't say anything that stirred the pot, it'd be boring in here - George Hall (Australia)
optionshiftk - that I don't know - Bwana ☠ from IM
George: Damn right. - Chris Charabaruk
And I would ask, on a different note, if someone called out you're ethics in the work that puts food on your table in front of everyone at your place of work, plus or minus 50,000 people, how would you react? With anger I bet. - Eric - Final Countdown
I have a shiny drama button here for those that are bored - Bwana ☠ from IM
We need something like that automatically generates FF drama. - Ken Sheppardson
@George Hall (Australia): Indeed, gives us something to talk about until tomorrow. People just seem to be over analysing all of this. - Antoniu
Chris, I don't agree with your logic on early access = incentive for ethical problems. Lot's of folks get early stuff. The only issue that I see is lots of FALSE POSITIVE reviews by lot's of up and comers...but not the Leo Laportes of the world. - C. Jason Mancebo
And for those that want real drama, please refer to the french fry vs onion rings vs tater tots debate: - Eric - Final Countdown
If anyone thought Friendfeed was JUST Robert Scoble, they missed half the point. It was equal amounts Scoble AND Arrington. The thrust and parry of the differing viewpoints sometimes. - George Hall (Australia)
cstechcast - Yeah, some people think it's excusable because it's "interesting" and it's entertaining. I don't, but that doesn't change the situation though. I never liked the way Arrington did his thing, but I doubt he cares and I doubt it'll affect his career. - Bwana ☠ from IM
Eric: no. And Leo wouldn't have done it angrily if it wasn't for the feeling that he was being Mike's target. When you get questioned, you keep your cool and explain. Leo said exactly this tonight. - Vlad Bobleanta
C. Jason: A false positive review IS an ethical violation, BY VIRTUE OF BEING FALSE. - Chris Charabaruk
George, Arrington was really never on Friendfeed. He was not active here. - Eric - Final Countdown
His account was. - George Hall (Australia)
posted some thoughts on this in the longer post here - MG Siegler
and he was a part of Robert' - George Hall (Australia)
s best posts. - George Hall (Australia)
Vlad, that is the logical thing to do, but that would not be most people's gut reaction. - Eric - Final Countdown
MG: Well played. - Chris Charabaruk
You can't be putting feelings before facts, I like facts. - Colin
Arrington wasn't sitting around on FF all day, but he was here. There were several comments from him over the past few days. - Ken Sheppardson
Colin: Sure you can put feelings before facts. If you couldn't, politicians would be out of work. ;) - Chris Charabaruk
I got along just fine on FriendFeed without Arrington - but that's not really a big thing - Bwana ☠ from IM
We all have to step away at times... I wouldn't delete my account, but I'm not Mike Arrington - Bwana ☠ from IM
Scoble, have you seen MA's comments on TC? He's admitting to saying "We were promised one but it wasn’t delivered" but the comments are targeted at LL, not at Palm. That's completely shit stirring. Just not necessary. - C. Jason Mancebo
that's why I'm not trying to understand his POV ...or Leo's... it's their business - Bwana ☠ from IM
Bwana, I agree, we talk about this and I guess it's proof stirring the pot gets you your celebrity. Next stop, reality show. - Eric - Final Countdown
bingo - Bwana ☠ from IM
it's all one big drama button until WWDC ;) - Bwana ☠ from IM
Well that's my hokmah moment for the day, I'll be over here watching the game - Bwana ☠ from IM
I agree with @Bwana but this happens everytime Mike thinks he's going to read something he doesn't like..just as right before he deleted TC's friendfeed account. We may not know him as a person but his actions have always preceeded him. - John Blanton from twhirl
Just talked with Leo. He hadn't realized this was all still cooking, but admits that people have said some really horrid things. - Robert Scoble
J Abdul, I completely disagree. Of course you can say that in jest. You can even, as Mike assumed, throw F bombs at someone... in jest. - Lise
Now that he does know, I hope that he'll come out and say something about it, see if he can put the whole matter to rest finally. - Chris Charabaruk
When I called Leo he answered "are you calling me on your Pre?" Ahhh, the fun we have behind the scenes. ;-) (I wasn't, my Pre is charging). - Robert Scoble
i think leo is focused on wwdc - Tobias Lewsadder
Big tech boys and their toys...and the surrounding jealousy :) - Bwana ☠ from IM
Robert, you still haven't done anything with that Pre, my god! Aren't you curious to play with it? heh - Lise
On twit earlier he was laughing and thought it had all blown over - Jack
Lise: I took some pictures on it today and will do a writeup later. - Robert Scoble
Jack: yeah. I told him these were aftershocks like what happens after a big earthquake. - Robert Scoble
i saw that it syncs with itunes... does it sync calendar and address book thru itunes or thru isync? - Tobias Lewsadder
Anyway, I gotta go, otherwise Maryam is gonna go off on me in public and that won't be fun either. ;-) - Robert Scoble
Robert - just don't walk off of her show! - jeneane sessum
Cya Robert! - Chris Charabaruk
Robert, see ya. Can't wait to hear about the Pre! - Lise
Calacanis made a joke on Twit today when Leo began talking about the Pre, my senses stepped up and became more sensitive for a second there. - Colin
later scoble - Tobias Lewsadder
I was hoping he would set the record straight. It's hard to counter a 90 second youtube clip and the hour follow up with Arrington yesterday isn't widely availible. - Jack
I suspect readers/viewers would have hated the vast majority of reporters from Benjamin Franklin on if they saw the man behind the news then, the way we often can now. Journalism isn't a gentile profession. If you don't want arrogance, then go get your news from a convent. Otherwise, expect and accept that these people are who they are and, for the most part, you get higher quality, more hard hitting news because of it. So appreciate that Arrington is an arrogant ass and leave him alone. - Dawn
Robert here's the thing .. we're all huge fans of Leo and how can we not have something to say about this for good or for ill? - John Blanton from twhirl
Robert's original point was that Arrington copped a tremendous amount of mob attack including threats to Arrington. Sounds interesting for what was essentially a small and resolved issue between him and Leo. I have to wonder if the mob were actually Facebook hategroups pretending to be friendfeeders, since Mike did write an article on Techcrunch about the fact Facebook allows hate groups a say. - George Hall (Australia)
Gee,that quietened everyone. Is the silence the sound of people thinking? - George Hall (Australia)
So... how long until we get a Laporte/Christian Bale mashup? - Jack
I was just thinking about the earthquake it a force of nature, if it were not for this thread, would we be talking about this? - Benjamin Taylor
I think most folks walked away after they realized that Robert actually did go AFK to spend time with his family. - Chris Charabaruk
Jack: LOL. - Chris Charabaruk
In real terms, it's Arrington's job to create buzz and pot-stir. So is that a reason for him to get such a mob reaction and threats? No. - George Hall (Australia)
And if there's one thing that won my respect for him it was that stand he took weeks ago on that Facebook issue. - George Hall (Australia)
While Arrington might have expected a backlash from Facebook users, here was where he least expected it. - George Hall (Australia)
Speaking of mob in a gentler way...does everyone HAVE to go quiet when Robert leaves the conversation? - George Hall (Australia)
angrykeyboarder: why was FF never meant to be used like Robert uses it? He gets some interesting conversation going. - George Hall (Australia)
Most people are probably here looking for Scoble's attention, and want him to respond to them personally. - Jack
Robert also feels strongly about what happened to Mike, as for whatever else, they're friends. And he's allowed to defend his friend. - George Hall (Australia)
angrykeyboarder: Discussion is EXACTLY how FriendFeed is supposed to be used. I don't see a blog post here. I see Robert starting a conversation, and contributing his two cents here and there. - Chris Charabaruk
George, haha I went quiet when Robert left. I just assumed the whole thing would go quiet. Plus, you know Robert can keep a conversation going. - Lise
I wonder if Robert hopes we'll keep a thread going without him once in a while. - George Hall (Australia)
George: LOL, probably. - Chris Charabaruk
George: yes. :-) - Robert Scoble
LOL - Lise
If anyone hasn't heard part 2 of the Gillmor Gang it's here: - Jack
Angrykeyboarder: this IS my blog on the topic. :-) - Robert Scoble
People who know Mike: Do you think he'll cool down and come back to FriendFeed? - Bruce Lewis
What a wknd ..sooo strong feelings - Johni Fisher
I hope Mike DOES come back. I miss his feeds already. - George Hall (Australia)
I stopped reading TechCrunch some time last year, but started following it on FriendFeed after Mike's month in Hawaii. My impression is that depth/quality has gone up. Not that I did a scientific study or anything. - Bruce Lewis
Woah, I thought I was going to have to ask the question, but it seems the impression I got is coming out in the end. I felt certain that Leo had learned from the past to recognize the Arrington pattern, and that he saw some familiar threads and immediately kicked the loom out of the weaver's hands. In my reading of past things that don't even involve Leo, Arrington's been a subject of... more... - MiniMage
Intellectual or professional disagreement doesn't have to mean personal disagreement. While I'd disagree on some of Mike's points, I have nothing against the man personally. And there's still a fair amount of stuff he's written I DO agree with. The Facebook hate group article for one. That shows Mike has principles. - George Hall (Australia)
Thanks for that audio link, Jack... and Robert, I haven't blogged much lately either, but I did in this case... without hearing part2 first! - Richard Walker
People disappoint. I am no fan of Mike Arrington's, but I wish him no ill either. To have even one person wish him cancer or otherwise is just awful. With that said, I no longer buy the "he's a sensitive guy" routine. He's either a tough guy or he's a victim, and the victim seems to emerge when he's wrong. He has the power. He has the attention. He wields it. By his own admission, his... more... - Karoli
lol @Matthew - Louis Simoneau
Fortunately, wishing cancer on someone is not going to make it happen. I could stand right next to Arrington, shut my eyes really tight and mentally chant "get cancer" for hours, and the only result would be indesputable proof of my utter stupidity. I'd have to laugh at the goofball who expressed such a sentiment. I would expend actual thought processes on the ones who wished for bodily harm, because those folks might bump into Arrington at a floor show or before or after a session at a conference. - MiniMage
found this link at the same time I was listening to this: via @arrington and Leo afterword. Didn't see the link, apologies if it's already been posted. - motownmutt
I'm not sure why people hate Mike so personally, it's ok to disagree with him but Mike and TechCrunch seams to have a lot of hate aimed at them for no apparent reason. - DarknessFalls
motownmutt: thats a direct link to the second part of the show. It's from the "bootleg" feed (read:only feed) which includes the first part of the show, as well as last weeks show, and older shows: - Jack
Actually, it's already resolved between Leo and Mike anyway. And that's really where it should have stayed anyway. Resolved between those concerned. Doesn't need mob commentary afterwards, doesn't need threats to Mike, doesn't need the bullsh**. - George Hall (Australia)
I've been hiding all of these entries about Mike and Leo. I decided to read yours Robert because I know you. Here are some of my thoughts. First, I don't know either Mike or Leo and have never been influenced by either one of them. Second, I love listening to Leo's shows but cannot stand TechCrunch and the attitudes on that site. Third, Mike was the first (and only) person I... more... - LPH™ and his dog P™
@DarknessFalls, I think it was said that some people hold Arrington responsible for the failures of their ventures. He gives his opinion, & people listen (I think). If someone's project didn't make sense to Arrrington, and he said as much, it could hurt. Could the people in this flap be a different group? I hope so. @LPH: Interesting take you have there. You're saying the very post that I thought allowed Arrington and Leo to patch things up actually caused his problem with those who weren't involved? - MiniMage
LPH: Actually, Mike contributed in other ways. With the things he'd say to Robert, he'd get some real discussion moving anyway. And I liked his feed. Some of the best things I "liked" were Arrington's feed items. Mike didn't contribute? You mustn't have been paying attention. I'm sure Robert can tell you how Mike contributed in quieter, less noticeable ways to the discussions and other things. - George Hall (Australia)
I don't think channeling through Scoble is actually contributing...maybe that's just me. - Bwana ☠
BoringMage: Some people holding it against Arrington for pointing out major flaws in their products meant their products were flawed. People like Arrington voicing concerns can help them improve or come out with better. Sometimes a harsh critic can be your best friend. If what he says helps you come out with better. In which case, I think Mike was still in the right to voice concerns. - George Hall (Australia)
Palm, at the moment, really needs to have the Pre being a hit. But there's some design flaws in the hardware they're going to need to correct fast. That's a valid point. Otherwise I can see them being sued for having edges on the phone so sharp people can injure themselves. - George Hall (Australia)
I would like to know, in 100% honesty, how many people heard part 2 before commenting, including the apology? I admit - I did not hear it until a few minutes ago. Anyone want to chime in? - Liza + = ?
Bwana: sometimes, the greatest contributor is the one who sets things up for someone to kick a goal. - George Hall (Australia)
And, when Scoble's back in this discussion, I'm sure he'll tell people how much Arrington DID contribute in a quiet way. - George Hall (Australia)
@GeorgeH: I think what you said is exactly what the person who said Arrington was blamed for others' lack of success was trying to convey. Since I haven't done anything worthy of Arrington's notice, I wouldn't be trying to lay any blame at his feet, nor would I criticize him for pointing out problems, at least not if he let the organization know and gave the organizers a chance to address those concerns. @Liza: I listened to both and read the TC post yesterday. - MiniMage
Not sure what the big deal is on the TC FF account really is. Seemed like nothing but the TC RSS feed being piped into FF for likes and comments. - Rolf Schewe
Two ways to look at how a tech blog criticizing your product affects you. On a non-personal way, they show you you have a flaw. Whether privately telling you or publicly telling you, they're making you aware of it. If you take it personally, you don't improve your product, you just lash out at the messenger. - George Hall (Australia)
People from all types of disciplines follow the Tech Industry. Tech Industry Reviewers become brands that often influence our decisions as trending consumers to become early adopters of new products and services. The most popular brands will always receive benefits from the companies such as freebies, pre-release models, and exclusive (or first opportunity) interviews. The public... more... - thestaticfrost
Thanks for answering my question @boringmage - I was not sure what to think but wanted to see others' rationale, so I followed the stream. I had seen so much noise about it but not the audio part 2. This reshapes the reasoning. - Liza + = ?
George: he sure participated more here than Kara Swisher or Walt Mossberg. At some level, though, friendfeed is an aggregator and people deserve participation credit just for putting their feed in here. - Robert Scoble
At the moment I don't get paid for doing a tech review on my own blog. I simply look at the fact it does help if I've used or played with the thing I review. For the most part, I'll point out its good features. But where it has areas to improve, I'll also point those out, too. But someone feels they're going to complain because I point out one or two areas need something a tad better???? - George Hall (Australia)
Thanks for validating how much Mike did contribute, Robert. - George Hall (Australia)
The other part of this whole thing that bothers me is how Steve has been characterized as this guy who doesn't care about his listeners. If he didn't care about his listeners, he'd produce a show just like every other show out there. Instead he chooses to focus on what he views as important for his listeners to hear. He's been right far more often than he's been wrong, by the way. - Karoli
Geez, wonder if mainstream media ever gets this much discussion these days as much as this one show did. - George Hall (Australia)
If comments in here were ratings, the Gilmore Gang would be a number one show. - George Hall (Australia)
Perhaps it's time to get Gilmore Gang on a mainstream media channel... - George Hall (Australia)
George: Mainstream Media talks this way about themselves so they can justify their existence. - Owen Greaves
Liza, I heard most of the post drama drama today on on a repeat. Gilmore certainly was upset as well. Seemed to take the whole thing pretty personally as well. Not sure how that has turned out. - Eric - Final Countdown
Sid: I would love an Internet-wide identity system. But that is really hard to do and get everyone to participate in. - Robert Scoble
Wait. Why is this interesting? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
He deleted the account because he can't control the conversation. - Jim Posner
Oh no; then you'd see my spelling mistakes in realtime - Jack
@l0ckergn0me: I'm hoping to learn something so I can be half as big as you one day and not make the same mistakes that others make so publicly for me. So if I have something wrong, by all means correct me! [edit: I know you like helping people; help me! ;) ] - MiniMage
As an pretty unbiased 3rd party, I am wondering why so few responded to listening to part 2 on audio. I know I am not 'relevant' to the crew, but it is a fair question. - AND re: why is it interesting - EXACTLY, it is not interesting except that so many are interested, so as a curious person, I want to understand it. - Liza + = ?
Gee, imagine doing any reviews or critiques of any product if you felt constrained for pointing out it had a flaw or if you saw products to review given ONLY to those writing JUST good things. - George Hall (Australia)
Liza: the problem is the youtube video is 90 seconds long and the part 2 is over 1 hour - Jack
people dont have the patience to sit through that. Compare 112 thousand views, to 2 thousand clicks (so far) on the link: - Jack
Jack - fair enough, but this is a 4 HOUR STREAM -and for some really strong opinions, if I were an "influencer", I sure would not say something w/o doing my research - Liza + = ?
That's exactly the problem here. Both you and I wouldn't give our opinions without the full picture. But the so called "influencers" just mouth off without doing the proper research, like the "problem" with blogging where unsubstantiated claims and heresay is published. - Jack
Is that like what M.A. does frequently? - C. Jason Mancebo
Actually, I think Arrington does do his research. - George Hall (Australia)
That wasn't directed at Mike at all, he's an excellent blogger - Jack
+1 Jack. Mike does excellent blogs - George Hall (Australia)
George, I have to disagree. He's much more of a shoot from the hip and retract later if I get called on it type of guy. Tthe truth or the facts are good, but only if it's interesting and gets him some buzz. - C. Jason Mancebo
Perhaps it's more like being accused of rape then vindicated, people wil only remember the more sensational story. - Jack
Not directed at Michael or anyone in particular. I asked a simple question, who listened to part 2 audio and few answered. Not directed at anyone. - Liza + = ?
As I mentioned earlier in this thread, it was interesting to hear Leo realize what the Gillmor Gang is really about in this second part: I always had the impression, especially after yesterday's second part, that Leo had never heard the show before letting it on his network. "Oh right you chat with Scoble, Calacanis, Arrington, Doc Searls et al, sounds good I'll host it"; unaware of the drama that occurs. Thoughts? - Jack
Liza, I think it might be a little late to expect a flood of comments. This is natural around here. - Eric - Final Countdown
Who says geeks and nerds are dull? - George Hall (Australia)
Those who are not geeks/nerds :) - MiniMage
@Jack: At first I couldn't figure out where you got that impression, but now I wonder if you're talking about the part where Leo was (if I recall correctly) saying to Steve that he got the impression that what was happening in the show wasn't what Steve wanted happening in the show, and when he was asking him what he wanted to do about it (with someone saying it doesn't have to be discussed right there in public). Is that what you're referring to? - MiniMage
If I had already been physically assaulted (spit on), had my family threatened, and then had a mob of people come after me online - deleting an account on a social network probably would be a quick decision. - Matthew McCowan
I mean that Leo was expressing his concern over the high amounts of drama on the show, which he disliked and thinks can be advoided, to which Steve and Robert explained was inevitable and part of the show. - Jack
I need to go listen more, methinks. Just not tonight. Gotta be at work in 8 hours. I can seriously understand not expecting drama, though. - MiniMage
I predict GG moves over to Mahalo. - Jim Posner
Oh, wait, I forgot that screaming, mean vlogger guy is on that show; of COURSE there will be drama! - MiniMage
Jim: that actually seems like a good fit for the show. i personally think steve should find a way to host it so he can have full control. - Tobias Lewsadder
Could also be an interesting get for B43. - Jim Posner
Reminds me how silky things can get over objects/tech. In Australia you can get fist fights over Ford and Holden (GM) - George Hall (Australia) from BuddyFeed
The show has been very different since it came to Twit. Much more tamed down. This week was almost a return to form, except that Leo ended the show. One of my favourite pre twit shows was when all the other hosts were laying into Scoble for wasting a year of his life on Friendfeed. He was right in the end of course, but the confict that sparks heated debates is why I started listening to the show. - Jack
Guess it's never boring, then. - George Hall (Australia)
It's a shame he felt he needed to. It's a bad decision which is an unfortunate one. - James Stratford
Robert I got to agree w/you on Techcruch. Did u read about: TechCrunch's Notes | The Morality And Effectiveness Of Process Journalism - polou/indigo_bow
Ryo: A few months down the track you'll probably be playing with a crunchpad. And you'll be thinking it a nice piece of tech...but are you going to throw it away when you realize Arrington's associated with it? There are trolls and there are trolls. I don't think Arrington was a troll. Pot-stirrer yes. Troll no. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo: I totally disagree with you. Techcrunch has helped many many companies launch and provides a valuable service in getting lots of people to pay attention to the tech industry. Arrington is far far from a troll. Is he a jerk sometimes? Yes. But just being hard to live with does NOT make one a troll and neither does bringing up a good argument once in a while. But to try to claim that that's all Techcrunch does is simply false and I won't let it stand in the comment thread that I started. - Robert Scoble
Makes me wonder if Ryo knows who defaced Arrington's wikipedia page... - George Hall (Australia)
the ip addresses are there in the history George - Chris Heath
Hope Wikipedia rectifies it. - George Hall (Australia)
Arrington really opened up a lot in that conversation with Leo. I think his explanations there really explained a lot on why he has to wear a thick skin and act the way others perceive at times. The way he manned up and apologized to Leo I think was very impressive. I will forever see him in different eyes now - I really respect Arrington since yesterday. - Jesse Stay
And Robert, have you consoled Tina yet? she seemed pretty down in here recent tweet: - Chris Heath
Jesse, me too - Chris Heath
There's a few of us who have a lot of respect for Arrington and his principles. - George Hall (Australia)
George, a few million you mean, right? - Chris Heath
Robert: If Mike Arrington feels THAT strong about 'the mob' - why didn't he delete his Twitter feed too? Could it be the hundreds of thousands of followers he has been 'gifted' because of his 'special relationship' with the Twitter guys? - Jim Connolly
That too, Chris. You probably have a better idea than me of exact numbers. - George Hall (Australia)
It's sad too that all this fuss over a mere misunderstanding in a show gets so out of hand, because it affects the families, too. Sad because it's sorted out between Mike and Leo, but a whole bunch of people outside of it take things too far. Seriously, nobody had any right to make threats to Mike. - George Hall (Australia)
I just hope everyone can forgive and can move on with good stories and news. - Darren Lowery
Ryo: That's you. Me, I'm itching to own a crunchpad. - George Hall (Australia)
The Tech News Blog (when do we get to know your real name?) I'm sure he looked at the results he was getting, and I'm 100% sure he was seeing night and day results better on Twitter than FriendFeed. I'm sure he weighed his losses, and FriendFeed wasn't worth the negative brand image when compared to the traffic he was getting. Mike's a business man - I highly doubt it was anything personal. - Jesse Stay
I really cannot understand all this vehemence against Arrington. Neither can Robert, either, nor a fair few Friendfeed regulars. And Ryo, I really do not understand where your vehemence towards him comes from. - George Hall (Australia)
Jesse: My name only changed here a few days ago, it's Jim Connolly - full contact details here FriendFeed has not given Arrington a negative brand image - he did. - Jim Connolly
Ryo, to understand him I think you really have to put yourself in his shoes. He's had a whole lot of people be jerks to him. I'm sure that would get to you. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: So, if he's so worried about what the mob are saying about his brand, why isn't he worried about his brand on Twitter? - Jim Connolly
Guess you didn't read the right articles, Ryo. - George Hall (Australia)
Jim, I'm sure he couldn't afford to lose Twitter - that's my guess. FriendFeed I doubt was doing much for him, at least in his eyes. - Jesse Stay
Ryo, would I be an asshole for having something against hate groups? And if I did, would you still be saying it's my fault for *insert whichever reason*? - George Hall (Australia)
Jesse: I have no problem with him leaving FriendFeed, I just call bullshit on him suggesting it was the mob that drove him out. If it was the mob, he would have left Twitter, where they are REALLY attacking the guy. For the record, as a Tech News blogger myself, I have a lot of respect for what he has achieved. - Jim Connolly
Many people on the Interwebs are idiots--just look at nearly any YouTube comment! I'm not sure I buy that Arrington is that sensitive about how people have reacted--he's an Internet professional and he more than anyone should understand these outrageous, hate-filled comments are just a bunch of blowhard a-holes. That being said, Arrington had an opportunity to stop Leo and clear the... more... - Paul Salzman
Paul: I know Mike and talked with him at length this morning, both on phone and face to face. He's actually pretty sensitive, but puts on a tough face. It's an interesting part of his personality to see. - Robert Scoble
Ryo: do you buy Apple products? Jobs is a bigger jerk than I've seen Arrington ever be. Ryo: name one newcomer Arrington destroyed. Just one. I'd love to hear his/her story. - Robert Scoble
The Tech News Blog: good point about Twitter. I think Arrington likes that he has half a million followers there while me and Leo have been kicking his ass here on friendfeed (I was kicking his ass on Twitter too, before Twitter added him to the recommended follower list, which zoomed him above me and Leo). - Robert Scoble
TechCrunch leaving Friendfeed is sad, because even when we disagree with each other, it is nice to have a discussion going. - Mike Chelen
Robert: I know about you and Leo kicking is butt on Twitter before the recommended list started. (I have been chatting with you on Twitter for well over a year now!) - Jim Connolly
Robert: Re Twitter followers, seen this from earlier: - Jim Connolly
On Twitter Mike's personal account has a mere 5 thousand followers, it is the TC account with 680 thousand, whilst on FF he had his personal twitter as well as TC feeding in. See the google cache here: - Jack
The Tech News Blog: engagement levels on Twitter are interesting, agreed. I've seen the bot behavior too. Twitter's team seems unconcerned. Ryo: it's bullshit to say you were destroyed by TechCrunch. If anything getting Arrington to say negative things about you focuses the world's attention on you and people (especially his competitors) rush to check out whether or not he's correct. If he wasn't right, that guy would have gained even more followers. - Robert Scoble
Jack: the TC account used to be Mike's personal Twitter account before that account got added to the recommended follower list. Now he's used that just to stream TC links. He used to have conversations with lots of us on Twitter in the old days using that account. - Robert Scoble
It's ironic, though, that getting half a million people to follow you means you can't even get 10,000 people to follow your other account. The engagement isn't there. Getting engagement is much more difficult than most people understand. - Robert Scoble
Ryo, have you ever considered that the example you've just quoted probably didn't have a great product to begin with, or may have had stuff that really needed more work? If the product's good, no blogger with influence would really affect things. But if he points out a potential product needs major work or is complete crap, go get the product right and stop blaming messengers like Arrington. - George Hall (Australia)
George: exactly right. I totally bashed Amazon's first Kindle. it still sold very well because it did have real value (it just was designed poorly). The Amazon team was never as nice to me after that, but I know people who bought it after watching my review and deciding I was wrong about the device, so in the end, I'm pretty sure I helped them out more than I hurt them. A great product withstands all criticism. - Robert Scoble
Exactly, Robert. - George Hall (Australia)
I'm going to have to take issue with you there Robert. Respected reviewers CAN affect the success of a product. That's why we must demand that they review ethically and thoughtfully. - invariant
Ryo, sounds like you didn't hear the aftermath gillmor gang session on saturday - Chris Heath
Don't forget about the first part: Mike spoke very kindly about Rajeev Motwani before the shouting began. - Jack
Friendfeed is better than Twitter, yet he wants to stay with Twitter, COZ its driving traffic to his blog and nothing else - Michael_techie
invariant: we can have some impact, yes, but if only one person is picking on something and is picking on something wrongly it can often have the opposite effect. A good product WILL stand up to Mike Arrington or anyone else for that matter. - Robert Scoble
well what he said after in the second session was serious too - and he claims the pre stuff was in jest and misunderstood - Chris Heath
Chris: he didn't quite say "in jest" but that he was trying to point out that Palm sends review units to those who have given Palm a good set of PR over the last few months. He might actually have a point there but that point was lost both because Arrington started pushing Leo's buttons and because Leo responded to that with an outburst that I haven't seen Leo do ever (and I've been following Leo since the mid 1990s). - Robert Scoble
right robert... but the 'what are you gonna do about it?' he claims was in jest - Chris Heath
Chris: yeah. That's just Mike being Mike. He does the same thing with me to try to push my buttons. Sometimes he succeeds with me too. ;-) - Robert Scoble
and robert... one question about the PR stuff... isn't it fully in Palm's rights and best interests to give out review units as they see fit? isn't that the point of PR? to get the review units out to those you think will give the best reviews? - Chris Heath
Robert, I don't know about that. Something from a company like Amazon, sure. They have the muscle to keep it going. But something from a startup running on a shoestring? A bad review from the right person could kill it. Look at what Engadget/Gizmodo (I can't remember which) did to the Folio - a product that was a netbook a year or so before the Eee PC. - invariant
Chris: yes. And that's why the practice is a little dirty. - Robert Scoble
but isn't that to be expected as core part of what PR is? - Chris Heath
invariant: any company that has all of its hopes hinged on one review is a company that's setup to fail. When I bring out a product I'll assume I'm going to get bad reviews. In fact, that's what I'm expecting with building43. If someone bashes it it won't stop me. I'll learn from it and move on and make it better. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, but the Folio wasn't quite the was just an oversized Palm Pilot. Not even with an adequate OS for the size of the thing. - George Hall (Australia)
kind of like the old saying don't hate the player, hate the game? - Chris Heath
Chris: I have come to hate a lot of what PR does. The good ones are very helpful and fair to all comers. - Robert Scoble
But the bad ones... - Robert Scoble
right robert, and if what you're selling is truly good then the product/service doesn't need PR then right? - Chris Heath
George: regarding the Folio: exactly. Bad products can't overcome bad reviews. - Robert Scoble
I still think if a review kills anything, the product wasn't right to begin with. And I know that from my cartooning experience over twenty years ago. Critics are harshest when something's clearly crap. You just can't afford to be precious about a creation that's crap. You take the criticism the proper way and go do a better product. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo seems to be hating the player and the messenger. Wonder if we should ask why. - George Hall (Australia)
Chris: if something really is great PR should only need to facilitate the press seeing it, finding that out, and holding it. I loved the Palm Pre as soon as I saw it on screen and nothing has changed my mind about that since. No PR person needed to give me one. Although the fact that they did made it easier to form an even deeper opinion that it's great. - Robert Scoble
Yikes! - Fred Davis
George: remember, I've been at the harsh end of Arrington's stick. You should go read what he said about PodTech. What he said stung and hurt but it was right and the company wasn't going in a good direction. Arrington just helped everyone's attention focus on that. Could we have pulled it out without that attention? Maybe, but I doubt it in hind site. - Robert Scoble
Palm still need to do something about the sharp edges, though - George Hall (Australia)
night everyone... cy'all later - Chris Heath
Are you saying it's impossible for a great product to fail due to negative publicity? Color me incredulous. - invariant
George: I'm playing with a Pre right now and I don't think the edges are overly sharp. If they did something about them it would pronounce the gaps where the phone slides together. - Robert Scoble
invariant: name a great product that failed due to negative publicity and let's talk. - Robert Scoble
Sometimes even if an idea is ours, it might need work...or it might be crap. Sometimes it's good someone points that out to us. I don't mind a good critic. They're great for getting your idea more focused and improved. - George Hall (Australia)
Robert: was watching a review that showed the edges when opened are sharp enough to cut cheese. - George Hall (Australia)
George: must be really soft cheese. Geesh. - Robert Scoble
I mean, can't we all just get along? But then again, I do remember learning as a journalist that controversy sells... even if it does come at a price... - Fred Davis
Exactly, Fred. Heck, a bit of negative publicity actually sells more things... - George Hall (Australia)
George: even there, though, if I read that review that the Palm Pre had sharp edges, all it would make me do is go and hold one and see if they bugged me. If they did, I'd get an iPhone or a Blackberry. If not, well, sold! If that's the worst thing they can say about the Palm Pre, it's actually doing pretty damn well! On the other hand, now I'm going down to the kitchen to see if mine will cut cheese. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
LOL. Palm Pre as cheese there's a hitherto-unknown use for it. - George Hall (Australia)
Heck,most of us here WANT to see the Palm Pre do well...and Palm themselves. But we'd all like to hope they do listen when some of us do point out where it needs a fine-tune. - George Hall (Australia)
Palm Brie? - Mel Buckpitt can put NO to most of your questions. I just dislike when someone makes a personal attack on a guy for doing his job. Or when he's blamed for some person's misperception of how much influence he has over whether a product sells or not. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo: interesting that you use the same tactics that Arrington used with Leo. That's sorta weird. - Robert Scoble
I still maintain that the Folio was one of those products. It was a netbook before we even knew what to call them, and it was killed before it was even released by a web site that couldn't imagine the utility of a small, low cost portable. It may have had flaws, but so did the first Eee PC. Who knows what it could have become? - invariant
Yeah, Robert, but we at least knew where Arrington was coming from. - George Hall (Australia)
invariant: the eeepc had a linux/unix operating system with a fair amount of useability. The Folio was, to all intents and purposes, just a larger Palm. Huge difference. And at the time it was brought out, Palm OS was a bit limited. - George Hall (Australia)
invariant: well, maybe they shouldn't have shown it to Engadget first. There's lots of others who would have been able to push it along. But some products are simply before their times. Folio didn't excite me and I saw it. I agree with George. Failed OS. Heck, even Palm has given up on that OS. - Robert Scoble
That's not true George. It was based on a linux os just like the Eee. - invariant
Ryo, your comments on Arrington have been accusing him of being a troll. To me, that's treating Arrington a little too personal. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo: I read all comments and seems to me you're doing the same thing as Arrington. - Robert Scoble
I agree that spiteful comments are not the best way, but at the same time, Mike Arrington really shouldn't have jumped on such a bandwagon. At any rate, I hope that things douse soon!! - Guru Panguji
Actually, Ryo, your comments about Arrington sound very hateful. - George Hall (Australia)
Hmmm...Ryo...pick a number and join the queue. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo, I've been threatened by experts on occasion. I note you don't seem to have any Facebook. Interesting ommision from your list of web/social media concerns. - George Hall (Australia)
You could defend anything the same way. "Well, it got bad reviews because it was a bad product." But to say that reviews have no effect on the success of a product is mind-boggling to me. Why is there an entire industry based on reviewing products if those reviews have no impact on the product's success? - invariant
Good products improve after a bad review. - George Hall (Australia)
George - Or maybe the company's backers lose faith and pull their funding, drowning the baby before it has a chance to grow up. - invariant
if the backers do that, then they don't think the product's worth going with. Whereas a good product won't lose backers. - George Hall (Australia)
Ryo: name one great product that was kept down by a bad review. Almost every great product has gotten a bad review. - Robert Scoble
Anyway, I'm outta here. Ryo: you can have the last word. It seems you're just pushing my buttons and I have an Apple thread to attend to. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
George, you have a very altruistic view of business. Products get killed all the time for reasons that have nothing to do with how good they are. We'd all be playing games on the Sega Dreamcast II if that weren't the case. - invariant
Admittedly, invariant. Guess I'm still a fan of honest business. - George Hall (Australia)
I seem to remember someone making a mint out of a crap operating system... - George Hall (Australia)
...but by the same token, over the long term, a great product fights back. - George Hall (Australia)
Well take the Dreamcast for example: If Sega would have had more capital they could have kept that business going and potentially been successful, but they just ran out of money. Had nothing to do with the product itself, it had more to do with the business model (i.e. losing money on every console sold). - invariant
And also because another business (Electronic Arts) decided not to support it. - invariant
I think, Invariant, you've pointed out it has less to do with reviews. Bad product OR bad business model. Too easy to fail. Less to do with the review or the reviewer. - George Hall (Australia)
And still no reason to have personal gripes against the reviewer - George Hall (Australia)
George, absolutely. The Dreamcast example was one of a good product that failed, not because of reviews but because of other outside factors. The point is that the good guys do not always win. Reviewers should respect their power and be ethical when they review a product. That's my only point. - invariant
It's just trying to make someone like Arrington a scapegoat for a product - George Hall (Australia)
's troubles. - George Hall (Australia)
Whoa, that's not what I was trying to do at all. - invariant
Of course, a product maker should always expect a review may not always go the way they want... - George Hall (Australia)
Regardless of anything Mike's done in the past to piss people off, I felt bad when I read the update on his post. It's really seemed like he was shook up from the comments he received. Considering the nature of them, I can't blame him. This might seem trivial, but it’s obvious that he was worried or he would have taken the time to correct the punctuation in his update. From my perspective, he’s comes across like an extremely sensitive guy, who has a few issues to deal with, just like the rest of us. - Michael Fidler
I'm just pointing out that reviewers DO have power, and that power can both positively impact or negatively impact the success of a product. As a maker of video games I have direct experience with that. - invariant
I doubt he will do it, but he needs to make more time for himself. If he does, I’m sure he would be a lot less abrasive and a lot happier too. You work equally hard Robert, but you love what you do, and it shows. Does Mike love what he’s does, or is it just work for him now? - Michael Fidler
I don't think Arrington expected to see people behave with such bile and vehemence over such an issue. And of course that would upset him. And it upsets Robert, too, because Robert is still his friend, even if he and Mike occasionally have an intellectual disagreement. - George Hall (Australia)
To be clear I have NO opinion on Mike or the work he does. I assume he's an ethical reviewer and I haven't heard otherwise. I just wanted to address Robert's notion that a good product will succeed despite reviews. I simply do not believe that's true 100% of the time. - invariant
Heck, a few weeks back, Arrington and Techcrunch were the only ones who could tell me why Friendfeed was down for a few hours. Google couldn't. Not many other tech blogs could either. And I was glad he helped us stay informed on that situation. - George Hall (Australia)
I feel like a heel for not understanding the true nature of this thread before jumping in. Let me say this in response to the REAL discussion in this thread: people should be ashamed for attacking Mike over something that was obviously a misunderstanding between himself and Leo. I hope Mike shrugs this off and continues to do just what he does now. - invariant
I can't believe the Gillmor gang section is gone. A year's worth of podcasts, just gone. ? WTF? - Karoli from BuddyFeed
Gillmor Gang is back on itunes! - Jack
Jack, glad to see it on iTunes. looks like NewsGang live is toast. I am so bummed. I'm going to bed. :( - Karoli
Or search "Gillmor Gang" in itunes and it's the one marked "Explicit" - Jack
Me too, not sure why the new feed though. The old feed is just sitting there doing nothing. - Matt Thompson
Leo is the holy Grail of tech for generations, to imply that he is even remotely dishonest is the same as calling all his fans dishonest and stupid, I admit I stopped following Techcrunch because of this incident, but I am not hating on Mike, I understand the jealous inner child in him made him say what he did, we all say bad things and a lynch mob is a little too far in this case. - URLREVIEWS
I think Leo was feeling bad enough for accepting a test unit and Mike's words just sent him over the edge, Leo is honest all the way, anyone who listen to his techguy show knows that, the guy even suggest free alternatives to some of his sponsors, how fan dedicated is that? Leo is Legend. - URLREVIEWS
It all comes down to comments, doesn't it? 1. Long comment threads on Friendfeed are a nightmare to read, especially on a handheld. Can somebody add a threading facility? 2. Anonymous on the internet needs to end. It's a poison, and it's the real story behind the Arrington/Laporte spat. - Shéa Bennett
I think the comments went way overboard in their criticism of Arrington. The angle he was approaching his questioning from (that Palm were withholding review units) was legit. Just a shame that there was a misunderstanding on Leos part to interpret it as a question of his integrity. - Jamie
The world is a hurting place and we find it much easier to attack others out of our own pain and dysfunction. Both people were sincere in their position, this example shows you how easy it is to be offended on both sides of the argument just by simply having a different perspective. It does appear Mike was questioning Leo's integrity even though the question was sincere in light of the story Mike was working on. I think we can move on and focus on more important issues. - Owen Greaves
Bloggers must go where the conversation is. TechCrunch is not real time. He'll be back. - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin: I think Mike will come to regret deleting his account, just like Leo came to regret deleting his Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
He can always open a new one. - Amit Morson
Matthew: if I ever get to that point where I get tired of dealing with everyone here, I'll just go private. That way if I want to jump back in at a future date I'll still have my account here. I think Mike made a mistake in just deleting his account. Amit: he could, but someone already took the techcrunch URL. For a business to give that up seems to be not smart, but that's just me. - Robert Scoble
A few weeks ago I almost deleted my Twitter account and I'm glad I didn't for just that reason. - Robert Scoble
Robert - I am glad you didn't delete your twitter account ;) Just keep watering the FF garden instead ! - Susan Beebe
Robert, he doesn't have to deal with everyone. There is no need to respond to each and every bad comment made at him. - Amit Morson
Robert: Mike may have lost 600 comments on TechCrunch but this thread already has 760 comments which makes it #1 on best of week, and we're all talking about TechCrunch. I'm impressed. Mike has already won from this move. - Garin Kilpatrick
Garin, considering his loses and TechCrunch scale, I can't see that as a win. - Amit Morson
Arrington has never liked FF, anyway. And what has being here done for him or Techcrunch? Has it increased his brand awareness, made him more money, got him laid? How can it be a loss when it's never been a gain? - Dawn
Amit: The comments Mike lost were stale, this is fresh and undoubtedly building awareness about Mike and TC. The only way Mike has lost is by dropping friendfeed, but at least he has done so in style. Even here he has not lost because as I said before: he'll be back. - Garin Kilpatrick
He lost his brand name, though I'm sure he can claim it back with FF. - Amit Morson
The TechCrunch brand is growing because of Mike's cunning use and abuse of FF. - Garin Kilpatrick
Abuse? I thought these tools were available to use however we wish. I didn't realize there are FF Nazis demanding that their use is the only legitimate use. - Dawn
lol Thanks Matthew! - Garin Kilpatrick
Can you say BUTTHURT? - Rustic Thoughts
Thats a lot of big words for so early in the morning. - Rustic Thoughts
"I didn't realize there are FF Nazi's demanding that their use is the only legitimate use" -- FINALLY... Jeez... I've been sitting here waiting patiently for Godwin's Law to kick it. It's been almost 48hrs since all this happened... must be a new record. ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I'm giving this thread a *facepalm* award for the multiple site/acct deletions (TC/FF & GG/TC), over-the-top comments, and of course Mr. "BUTTHURT" and use of the term "FF Nazi" - Richard Walker
Totally tangential, but using BuddyFriend to read a thread with 771 comments really isn't a nice experience :) - Ian Betteridge from BuddyFeed
Actually a better idea would have been to make his account private - Abhishek Sharma
I can't find the Gillmor Gang section of TechCrunch... could that be removed too? (hopefully just temporarily) - John Wright
John: Yes, it's gone at the moment. - Ken Sheppardson
There's an unofficial Gillmor Gang podcast on itunes here: or the RSS here: - Jack
This is a tough situation. We all have reached the end of our patience at least once with someone that takes an effort to get along with, especially if we're exhausted by it. Some people are clueless about their impact on others. I've said things in those situations that I meant, but wished I had taken a higher road and said in a better way because it actually makes everything more stressful. - Keith Barrett
What a shame. What a shame this is still a mob. I've purposefully ignored this whole skirmish, having seen this coming a few weeks ago when the GG went to hell for an evening, and then another wee when Mike hung up and bailed on the show. It is a shame that Mike felt it necessary to delete his friendfeed account. It's also a shame that Mike seems to egg (mob)people on to the point of... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
invariant: the impact reviewers have is strongest on their readers, and their own reliability. if an author does not evaluate products honestly it will cause their audience, which may only be a small fraction of the total market, to make more poorly informed decisions and thereby undermines the value of their writing. - Mike Chelen
Robert - Thanks for starting this thread. The calm voices and mostly sensitive nature of the comments have helped me begin to heal. I am emerging from this very trying weekend a changed person, trampled by a crowd wearing combat boots. I now know how scary mobs are. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina: I once was in a real mob after a San Francisco 49er Super Bowl victory (I drove through it) and I've never been so terrified. It's interesting that my friend who told me off for pushing a mob a couple of years ago has been quiet with this mob. Ahh, I love studying how people work. Keep it up, let's get back in the saddle, what Steve, Mike, and you are doing is interesting. That's why the mob formed in the first place so don't forget that. - Robert Scoble
*sigh* mobs suck - Susan Beebe
If you have a mob that theoretically can be pushed at someone, you should be judged separately. It's like being a pro karate fighter - treated in court like a weapon. - Kirill Bolgarov
Oh, by the way. techcrunch sucks and so does mashable. of course it's my personal opinion, but they have gone too far in the battles over traffic and pageviews. their destination is a tabloid with a few to no real value. the only reason i could click on a ЕС link was a good discussion onver it on friendfeed. so, they completely lost at least one reader because of their CEO's personal stuff. that's not that professional i guess - Kirill Bolgarov
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I've got free Demonoid accounts whoever wants them. - VariXx
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Robert Scoble
TechCrunch just broke my news: I'm joining Rackspace. More details here:
More details on my blog at - Robert Scoble
On the Gillmor Gang in 30 minutes (at 3 pm Pacific Time) we'll go into even more detail. - Robert Scoble
I have 16 months in the pool :-) - Todd Hoff
Oh nice! Been working with Rackspace for years, great company. - Mark Trapp
Robert, congratulations -- have a fun time and do interesting things! - Michael Krigsman
congrats Robert! I'm sure we'll be working together more in the future then.... - Douglas Gourlay
He didn't want to be scooped again like with Google Voice :) - Richard Walker
Congrats on the new job :) - Michael Forian
Congrats Robert, I love you man! "not in a weird way" - Ahmed
Congrats on the new move. Are you going to be working out of the former Orange Julius stand, former Footlocker, or is there another part of the mall where they will put you? - Andrew Leyden
Congrats Robert ! - Eric Berlin
Congratulations, Mr. Scobleizer! - imabonehead
Techcrunch Crunchbase doesn't even have an entry for Rackspace yet, huh? - Sebastian Keil
Congrats Pal. - Thomas Hawk
sounds exciting! - Tim Jaeger
Yup. All the best. The company I manage is a customer of Rackspace. We just like the way they work. - Chris Nixon
Love it, I have a feeling you won't be forced out of there anytime soon and the will be able to value you much closer to your real worth. - Christian Burns
Awesome!! Cool company, congratulations Robert on the nice job!! :) - Susan Beebe
Great news, and good for Rackspace and you. Congratulations and give your wife and kid a kiss for me when you are back home. :) - Karoli
Techcrunch breaking this news is just going to boost live listening for gillmor gang, it's a win win, - Christian Burns
I presume this does not involve a move to Texas? - Brian Sullivan
Congrats! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Too bad TechCrunch couldn't wait. Congrats on the Rackspace gig Robert! - Jim Sparrow
Congratulations Robert, I look forward to all the quality content I’m sure building 43 will produce. Will tune into Gillmor Gang to get the full low-down. - Daniel Rowley
We will stay in San Francisco. - Robert Scoble
Congratulations Robert smart move on the creative commons licensing of your new content. So I assume you'll be using friendfeed less now? - Pete Quily
Congratulations Robert. FF serves up breaking news. - Russellreno
And I thought you were going to get your head out of the clouds ;-) Congrats - Ankush Narula
Congrats, expectantly looking forward. - Nir Ben Yona
Congratulations to both of you, Robert and Rocky! - Holger Eilhard
Congrats Robert. FYI - the company that I work for runs an enterprise SaaS application on Rackspace. - Mike Doeff
Congrats, Robert! Watching you from sunny Palm Springs today. - Joe Lima
Thanks everyone. Steve: we're building a studio in California, so we'll stay home. - Robert Scoble
Whoohoo!!! Robert. Watching The Gillmor Gang on TWiT. - Molly Song ;)
I am making a heroic effort to listen to the live stream from the Hilton, where the speed of the network is very random. But congrats! - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
Congrats on Joining Rackspace. Rackspace booth at SXSW-I - JimmyJet
Congrats Robert! With your skills, I knew you weren't going to be out of the job market for long. - John A. Taylor
John, thanks! Actually I wasn't out of a job at all for any time. - Robert Scoble
Ah man you joined the competition – Congratulations on your new venture, I will definitely be following @building43 - Kevin Tunis
Robert thinking back when you ask me at “off the grid” what my company did; how would you have described cloud computing and would you have thought that it would have took off like it did? I know Andrew Field did not get SQL Services online (SQL in a cloud) and a monthly subscription rate for SQL. - Kevin Tunis
Awesome! - Mitchell Tsai
Awesome! I remember when you did the interviews there. Great Company, with an incredible future. Congratulations! - Michael Fidler
Congrats, Robert!!! Please tell Rackspace that their "Fanatical Support" ad campaign scares me. It's just an intimidating concept, like if I call I am going to have to end up issuing a restraining order... - Lindsay
Well done! Best of luck with the new path. - Martha
Hey, I know a Building 43 full of people fanatical about the internet...hmmmm. ;) - EricaJoy
Congrats. It'll be great to see how it develops. - jjprojects
Congratulations Robert on the new joining. And best of luck for the future with Building 43. - Shinil Payamal
good luck! - Stalyn☂
Congrats, sounds like we should all get ready for a ride. - Shane Wolsey
Rackspace rocks. I'm a corporate customer of theirs. They truly are a unique provider... Plus Mosso and the whole cloud strategy is kickin. - Jamie Grove
You're my hero *big hug*, no, I stop at having to kiss you - sofarsoShawn
cloud computing just got an awareness boost :) - Travis Parsons
Congrats Robert! I'm a Mosso customer and I absolutely love it. rackspace is awesome and just got better! excited to see what comes of it! - andy brudtkuhl
congrats - I hope we get a chance to catch up while here at SXSW in Austin - Shannon Clark
Congrats Robert .. When are you going to share some special hosting discount coupons .. Pirillo should not be the only one with coupon codes in his RSS .. - John Clifford
congrats! - simonpure
Congratulations Robert! - Charlie Ramirez
Chip Hanna
I've got a new social weather startup that is in private beta, if anyone would like to take a look and give feedback, just let me know.
try out the apps room too...people will lap it up - Zee.
?? - Stalyn☂
Sounds interesting and I would like a look please. - Sue Bride
Count me in plese - TrafficBug
I'd definitely like to check it out. - Ernie Oporto from Nambu
We'll be rolling this out to the public late next week but head to: for a sneak peak. - Chip Hanna
Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Anyone has invites for torrent tracker?
is it good? - Stalyn☂
stalyn on "Whites" no longer the biggest U.S. population? As soon as 2042?! -
"big shit, can we all fuck each other." - Stalyn☂
Hao Chen
Twitter Rejects $500 Million Takeover Offer From Facebook -
"They're just waiting for Google offer instead," - Stalyn☂
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