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Bret Taylor
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown -
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
John Resig - JavaScript Performance Rundown
Interestig to see how adding DOM operations evens out John's benchmarks (first has DOM ops and Safari beats Chrome, second is Google's apparently slightly biased benchmark, which relies heavily on recursion). - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Just Firefox - Saman
It is time to optimize for DOM. Faster JavaScript is fantastic..... great for games and crypto.... but what about the real world? NOTE: Ray Cromwell's Chronoscope benchmark - Dion Almaer
和我昨天的判断一样 - foxmachia {山石} from fftogo
yeah i made the point on DOM to the V8 team - never got back to me on that one say maybe some truth to it :) - Steven Livingstone-Pérez from twhirl
These tests are very insightful. I was initially very excited about Chrome being 10 times faster on javascript. As usual with any such claims (not just from Google), they are skewed. However, I do think that Chrome entering the market will cause all browsers to get better more rapidly. Competition does drive innovation. - Robert Felty
Thanks for sharing this detailed knowledge. Very useful. - Edwin Khodabakchian
we're working on DOM work now. believe that the tracing technique has applications; working on getting the DOM acting faster soon. - John Lilly
granted all beta-quality of Chrome and zero-day securiity bug, i think their current *speed* shows only lack of exception handling. Once it matures, it will be same or evenn worse than FF - it is tough to beat long-standing code without rounding corners on usual code glue... - A. T.
Chris Myles
I still use friendfeed to "play around" with ideas about how I want to interact with the web, as both a content consumer and provider. Nothing I've found (yet) can replace friendfeed's functionality, easy to explain "common interface" (WRT to twitter/feeds) and the simplicity/flexibility of their embedded pages and widgets. - Chris Myles from Bookmarklet
Reddit is another model of qna site when you use the self.reddit section to ask questions and get answers from the community. - TrafficBug
nice essay Chris, worth reading a couple times to appreciate how many good points you tied together in just a few paragraphs. FriendFeed nails Teh Awesome from so many different angles - should be considered a living museum piece exemplifying how to program a graceful SN. - Dan Freeman
Dan thanks, "a few paragraphs".. too funny, here I was thinking how ridiculously out of date I am when I can't summarize my thoughts in a couple of sentences, let alone 140 characters. I completely agree about the museum piece and don't understand why the big players "don't get it". I haven't watched those tools "grow up" so I don't understand the history, but as a "castaway" there seem to be some pretty HUGE gaps that make me say WTF? Isn't all this supposed to make our lives easier and LESS complicated? - Chris Myles
Well probably really not so easy to design and program as the simple grace of FriendFeed might lead one to think. I am starting to appreciate it as a work of art - a rare masterpiece of social software engineering. And your post explained a few reasons why. - Dan Freeman
Louis Gray just posted his reasons for sticking around ( Notice that neither of us is sticking around JUST for the community, we've found a tool that works and there isn't a suitable replacement (yet). - Chris Myles
+Dan for referring to Friendfeed as a work of art. It is. I hate to see participation flagging. My own circle has died down a little bit lately. I'm searching for active new users. I see a couple of new people almost every day. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Johnny Worthington just added his thoughts with lots of detailed reasons ( Nice writeup!! - Chris Myles
I've recently tried Buzz but I found refresh and post order problems which prevent (me) from having real real-time discussions. Plus it's not open YET.. the only place I can use it is logged in via gmail (no embeds, feeds, or basic Url search capabilities).. you can't even accurately monitor your company/blog url activities. - Chris Myles
Another issue with Buzz compared to FriendFeed is a lack of visual distinction for friends' comments. Maybe there will there be an API soon? - Mike Chelen
FriendFeed is by far the the best social media aggregator out there! I hope they keep it going. - Brian from FFHound!
Kol Tregaskes
Eco-Friendly Van Meets All-in-One Mobile Home | dornob #shareit -
Eco-Friendly Van Meets All-in-One Mobile Home | dornob #shareit
Eco-Friendly Van Meets All-in-One Mobile Home | dornob #shareit
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"The Volkswagen Microbus is a classic - even to those of us born after its time. Arguably unlike the newly remade Beetle, this remake of a VW classic is remarkably true to the original on the outside - but on the inside it is a bio-diesel hybrid stuffed full of high tech gadgetry and eco-friendly innovations." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
*swoon* - Nicķ
sounds awesome. live the hippie dream, only it probably costs about $50,000 or something. - Thomas Hawk
It's kinda cute. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Not a fan. Then again, didn't like the original ;) - Mo Kargas
wow, you can buy an awful lot of pot with $129,000. - Thomas Hawk
Want. - Ken Sheppardson
Want!! - Sarah Perez
Very intriguing. How much steel is in that thing? Chris, that would be my next question after fuel consumption: how safe is this thing? And I agree, when we can go back to making transportation that costs less than a small home, we may have achieved something amazing. ;) - Melanie Reed
However, I have heard (and I'm not remembering where at the moment) that there has been a movement growing of people seeking alternative housing and substituting things like this as the new "mobile" home. - Melanie Reed
AWESOME! - Ronald S
@drewdomkus ... you need this for your move! - Ronald S
So wanting one! Cute ^__^ - Neya
Hehe, it's dinky, isn't it? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
It looks like it could almost fly in the first pic. ;-) Well, maybe not. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Looks a bit different than the 76 Kombi @imbutafool and I owned several years ago - ThePicMan
Oh, shit, it's so beautifull! - Igor Kuzmin
Everyone is loving this! We should have an FF one and use it to travel to all the FFers around the World (like Pea seems to be doing ;-)). Hehe. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Look it is my retirement home. - John Flynn
Oh no, don't say that, John. That puts me right off it. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I want one! - TranceMist
I've owned 5 VWs, two of which were split window vans. I'd love to have another, this is awesome! - Rick Bucich from twhirl
I have had more VWs than other cars...starting with a 71 Superbeetle, and a Split Window Microbus. I would LOVE to have something like this. - Kreg Steppe
Good for grandparents to visit grandchildren and children through the European continent (or another one as well)...nomadism-revival! - Isabelle Ayel
wow i posted this a while back and now can't seem to find it for some reason. friendfeed's search function really sucks! - Cee Bee
Want. Cannot afford. - Jules
Cee, really? I find FF search is pretty good. - Kol Tregaskes
I love this Mobile...owned a few Vdubs, lived in a VW camper, but this is off the hook..I would become a true nomad with this... - bcultral
It's just so cute, LOL! - Kol Tregaskes
love it - chance
Perfect for the recession :-) - Richard A.
I'd like to have something like this, something small. What do you really need? A bed, perhaps a TV and room for your computer. Then you can live anywhere you like, in theory. - Kol Tregaskes
so cute ;) - sakura
Richard, agree. No council tax bill, no utility bills, just petrol I guess? - Kol Tregaskes
I Love this - Nima
Who is this Canadian designer Alexandre Verdier? Seems like he is on Facebook, Linked In but I can't seem to find anything else about him. - Brian Sullivan
We had a wesvalia built Micro when I was a kid. I loved that thing. It was a little flimsily built; but boy it was perfect for my family of campers and road-tripping warriors. Too bad this one is so pricey - Bill Rawlinson
Bumping some old good posts. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Leo Laporte
I <3 FriendFeed
Rock on, Leo! - Josh Haley
Pass it on! - Jesse Stay
I thought you'd given up on FriendFeed? - Lillian Banchik from IM
I <3 FriendFeed, too. - Kevin Fox
I <3 Kevin Fox - Jesse Stay
+1000 - EricaJoy
Looking for the community to resurface and make it even better :-) - Courtney Engle
I <3 all that <3 FF - Josh Haley
come on we ALL love it - Thomas Power
I love it too. - Robert Scoble
Same here. There's something about the conversations here that I don't think we'd get anywhere else... - Thomas
It's my hourly stop, if not more some days. - Fleagle
I've had my account for a while, but only recently started using it daily. Lovin' FriendFeed! - Alex
As of October 21, 2009, there is no near competitor for Friendfeed for sharing and discussing news. End of story. - Sean McBride
And 1<3 FriendFeed from this Gran as well! (haven't a clue what 1<3 actually means but I'll join in - technogran
We do, we do! Hey Facebook, don't kill FriendFeed! - Jeff
I <3 FriendFeed 2! - Laserone
facebook sucks, friendfeed rocks ! - Adrian
Hey Leo you are the best in the tech world! Everyone else is just wannabes - orionstarr from iPhone
I like Friendfeed. I don't love it. I do love Twitter... Oops. Did I say that out loud on FF? - Lon Cohen
i like turtles - HansVanRock
I confess, I heart FriendFeed too. - JSLeFanu from FreshFeed
I want to like this AGAIN!! - Rachel Lea Fox
I'm lukewarm on Friendfeed. - Grant Brunner
I love Friend Feed Leo, I just wish it will survive. - Rob Cairns
Most of us users love FF - Sad to see what's happened past couple of months. - Jim Connolly
what does it mean? |<3 ---- ??? - Kelly J
the letter i (capitalized) then a space... then <3 (which is a sideways heart) ... so it reads: "I love (or heart) FriendFeed" - Chris Heath
meaning "I" am less than "3" *space* "FriendFeed" ofc - Mike Chelen
friendfeed = good. not friendfeed = bad. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
suezanne: +1 - Jim Connolly
Robert Scoble
Technology News
TED: Eric Giler demos wireless electricity - please make this affordable before I'm too old -
Kol Tregaskes
If anyone would like my '100 recommendations' give me a shout (I've created a specific friends list). A few points about the recommendation system though:
1. I know this could open it up to abuse but I'd really like to select users to recommend to in bulk. One by one is very frustrating. - Kol Tregaskes
2. And this could open it up to abuse too but I'd also like the ability select all/none from my friends lists. This could be useful generally, though. - Kol Tregaskes
Done, Mahendra. - Kol Tregaskes
Gimme! - AJ Batac
Me as well! - Mike Bracco
Go ahead! - Brome
AJ, I've sent you the recommendations, can you please let me know how many are listed in the email? - Kol Tregaskes
Mike, I sent you 85 recommendations. - Kol Tregaskes
If your willing to Kol, send me some. - Matt Ruiz
Thanks Kol! I just got them. I appreciate it. :) - Mike Bracco
Brome, 75 on their way, did you get them all? - Kol Tregaskes
Eric, 70 to you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Still waiting for mine...can gmail be this slow? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Okay, I need it, Kol. :) - jan geronimo
Mahendra, really? I'll post them again then. - Kol Tregaskes
I double-checked my email setting in Friendfeed, rechecked my spam messages in Gmail as well. Please do resend - appreciate it a lot, Kol. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Yippie! Got it, thanks Kol! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Raises hand... - sofarsoShawn
AJ, I've resent them as I missed a few good ones. But did you get the whole list again or just things I missed? If the former they this needs to be corrected and we should only be allowed to recommend the feed once. - Kol Tregaskes
3. Thanks for the info, Eric. Yeah that'll need fixing. - Kol Tregaskes
Bhowmik , 95 recommends to you. - Kol Tregaskes
Matt, 89 heading your way. - Kol Tregaskes
93 for you, Jan. - Kol Tregaskes
Shawn, just 69 for you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Anyone else? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
What I might do is create 'packs' are recommendations, for example another list that contains lesser popular users that you might not have subscribed to. - Kol Tregaskes
sure - Josh Haley from iPhone
Josh, 73 to you sir. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
thnx - Josh Haley from iPhone
I'll create another list based more on users than groups... - Kol Tregaskes
@koltregaskes I'm your Huckleberry.. :) - Alex Schleber
I've created the two lists, so if anyone would like either or both let me know here: - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Kol! I received a first e-mail and clicked the link to add all 75 subscriptions, but only 7 were added. Looks like every individual in your list was added, but not the groups. I received a second e-mail from you with 4 subscriptions (all groups) and when I tried to add them I got the same message as Eric: "Subscribe to your friend recommendations using the buttons below." - Brome
Brome, thanks again for the info. So it doesn't add groups at all? :-( - Kol Tregaskes
2. (again) FriendFeed, can you please make this a lot easier?: Simply add an option to select all/none on friends lists. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Jason, hopefully you've received it now? - Kol Tregaskes
4. FriendFeed, can we also please have the option to add the subscriptions when we select to 'subscribe to all' to add them to a friends list? - Kol Tregaskes
5. Can you spend up the loading of the subscription list. With nearly 4,000 subscriptions my pop-up, the one you get once you click on 'recommend friends' which is the same as what you get when you are editing your friends lists, takes ages! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
I'd like to take a look at both of you lists. However, I'm more interested to find out how you manage almost 4,000 subscriptions. - Vaughn
Vaughn, I use lists and saved searches to categorise, prioritise and filter the content. There is no way I can keep up with all 4k subscriptions. - Kol Tregaskes
Debby, you need to subscribe to me as it won't allow me to send you recommendations. - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, hit me up. I very curious to see your recommendations as I tend to Like about everything you post. And thanks!!! - That's So CAJ!
Stuart, Curtis, see my comments here: (just trying to keep it all in the same thread :-)). - Kol Tregaskes
Jason, can you check a few of the 80 to see if that is the case? It's odd as it should only show me the subscriptions you have not already subscribed to here. - Kol Tregaskes
hohoh me too ... I'm with Kol on the 2nd point: it's easier to send multiple users a list of friends right from the Friends List that to go recommending one-by-one. - Franc, a rememberer
Can you send me the recommendation list please? - DGentry
Wow Kol, now I feel like a real boob since when I saw your first post I thought it was just for only newbies to I'm seeing everyone jumping on the band wagon and asking for this info, so I'm feeling really left out! :)) So, hope this info is still available because I'd like it too. - Bonnie Foster
feel free to shoot me the list kol - (jeff)isageek
6. Is it really necessary for the page to be refreshed once you have sent off your recommendations? I know when you are add/removing to you friends lists it might be useful but not when you are recommending. Can the auto-refresh please be stopped? - Kol Tregaskes
Would love to have this list, thanks - Amiroo ™
Kol thank you for the list. - Iván Abrego
Bumped to remind me to post these recommendations. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Amiroo, Jérôme and Iván, done. - Kol Tregaskes
John, done. Please pass on the recommendations to others! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Hi, Kol. I'll take a copy of the list, please. :) - LB needs a hero!
No worries, John. - Kol Tregaskes
Me too, please, Kol! - Andrew Terry
Andrew, done. - Kol Tregaskes
So, is the same list you sent me a few weeks ago? - Ben Hanten
Johnny, done. Ben, yep. This is actually the old thread. - Kol Tregaskes
Good list. Thanks again for sending. - Ben Hanten
No worries, Ben. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Done. - Kol Tregaskes
Sure, if you've got the time, I'd like to take a look. - Nate Pilling
Nate, we have to be subscribing to each other for the recommends to be allowed, I've subbed to you, let me know if you sub back and I'll post the lists. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ok, now go for it! - Nate Pilling
Nate, done. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
why not :) - Sinan D
yes please - murray
Murray, you need to sub to me to allow me to send the recommends to you. Let me know here: - Kol Tregaskes
Dave Winer
Thanks for posting this link, don't know how I missed it - Mark
I WAS subscribed to Bret, but he went to a private feed? Either that or be blocked me for some reason. Edit, yep, blocked me. Don't know why, don't think I ever even commented on any of his posts :/ - Mark
It looks like Bret's feed is now private. At least, that's what a quick test on his feed thru the API says (error 405 : Not Allowed) - Zackatoustra from IM
Zack: 405 means method not allowed (IE you used a GET when you should have used a POST or vice-versa) - Benjamin Golub
One important thing FriendFeed API doesn't seem to have on a very cursory fast read: location, location, location! Really it's too bad. - Robert Scoble
Robert: geo is included in the output (, and you can tag new entries with the geo arg on input as well - Bret Taylor
bgolub Oh, ok. Thanks! I've done this too quickly... - Zackatoustra from IM
You can create entries with "geo" information now: - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin, I take that back, very cool, thank you! - Robert Scoble
Geo location features sound awesome :) - Susan Beebe
I hope Atebits will do a FriendFeed client for the iPhone now! - Ralf Rottmann
Agree with Ralf. We *need* a killer FriendFeed app for the iPhone!! Please? - Timothy Federwitz
Why are posts from weeks ago coming up now? - Mark
Google Developers
@davewiner And from the if-you-like-that-dept, then you may love WebFinger: Good ideas there.
Thomas Hawk
The Raw Story | Ron Paul to Bill Maher: America's War on Drugs must end -
The Raw Story | Ron Paul to Bill Maher: America's War on Drugs must end
"Speaking live from Clute, Texas, the libertarian-leaning Republican did what few other members of Congress will and openly called for the United States' War on Drugs to be abolished. "What about when FDR came to office in '33," asked Maher. "One of the first things he did was repeal prohibition. He said we can't afford this anymore. Well, we have prohibition in this country. ... When he was making radical changes he said look, we're serious now. We're going to make serious changes and people like liquor." "Well, in this country, people like pot," said Maher to a wave of cheers and applause. "If we ended that prohibition, that would be a giant pooling of money." "I don't like pot," said the congressman. "But I hate the drug war, so I would repeal all of prohibition. But, I wouldn't even bother taxing it. People have the right in a free country to make important decisions on their own lives. If they want to make mistakes, they can. They just can't come crawling to the government to get bailed out or take" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I LOVE this guy, but he is too old, has a southern drawl, preaches self control and makes way too much sense for anyone to listen to him right now. Everyone wants a babysitter...we'll see where that goes. - Mariah Lovin
Woah - what's wrong with a southern drawl? - iTad
Hey! Yeah..what's wrong with a southern drawl? But I really don't like the idea of making the selling of pot legal. To many ways is it like tobacco and bad for you. Make it legal to sell seeds and make the law 'grow your own'. - Berial
Um...NOTHING wrong w/ a southern drawl...I just meant that no one thinks that anyone with a southern drwal has anything intelligent to say...duh...ya'll git it now? - Mariah Lovin
Kol Tregaskes
"Friendfeed lets you aggregate your online profiles and view the aggregate feed of your friends. For somebody who is not a heavy user of social networks it might all seem a bit overwhelming. While Friendfeed does have many features and options, when you get to a good start and invest a little time to figure everything out you’ll see it’s not so complicated after all.  You might even save some time normally spent on Twitter, Facebook or reading blogs because you can do all of that on Friendfeed and replace some other services you are using – and have some fun and meet interesting people while doing it!" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
What a pity that such a great service was banned in China. - yagami
Looks like we both posted it at the same time! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Just saw this comment, Mahendra. Who should delete their duplicated post? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Tweeted this...great article! - Bill Guthrie
Cool. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Wonga: How the Net Should Kill the Finance Industry by @sarahcuda
Bret Taylor
Thanks to Brett Slatkin at Google for adding some additional security to PubSubHubbub, updates to FriendFeed from feeds that support PubSubHubbub come basically instantaneously now. Only at FriendFeed would we optimize 5 seconds down to 1 second. Take that, slowness!
Tech explanation: Brett at Google added HMACs to requests from hubs. Now that we trust signed requests from hubs, we no longer need to do a complete crawl to retreive new updates - we publish the updates sent to us by hubs directly, eliminating the most significant source of latency. - Bret Taylor
The summary of this message is that people named Bret{t,} are pretty awesome - Bret Taylor
Bret, that, I can agree with :-) - Jesse Stay
You can Bret on it. - Louis Gray
Louis: Bret or Brett? - kartik vaithyanathan
Well, I got two e-mails from Brett (two T's) tonight and none from Bret with one T, so right now Brett with two T's is winning. :) - Louis Gray
kartik: I love regex jokes. =) - Brett Slatkin
Q: "Why couldn't Brett try out the regular expressions he created until he left home? A: His mom wouldn't let him play with matches." - Louis Gray
Zingaaah - Brett Slatkin
Hooray for fast :) - Joel Webber
Great! Finally! - Svartling
Bret - LOL - yep, awesome indeed! very cool ... wow 5 down to 1...phew! - Susan Beebe
MG Siegler
Google Reader Takes Another Social Step With People Search And “Likes” -
Guy Kawasaki
5 business models for social-media startups:
Atul Arora
Want to develop a Twitter app/bot for Google Wave? - Twitter Development Talk | Google Groups -
"Do you have a killer Twitter idea for Google Wave? Didn't get into the beta? The Wave team has generously offered up to 100 sandbox accounts to Twitter developers who want to experiment." - Atul Arora from Bookmarklet
My rather lengthy discussion about how FriendFeed and Google Wave could become best of buddies ;) Better than with Twitter in my mind ~ - CannonGod
A twitter mail/notify/remote control integration .. Awesome if i had a sandbox to see the real Wave... - CantorJF from Moopz
Mike Bracco
Write up on Marc Andreessen (Jul. 6, 2009 - Fortune) -
Write up on Marc Andreessen (Jul. 6, 2009 - Fortune)
"The original web whiz kid today advises Twitter, Facebook, and others. Now he has a new venture fund. Will he bankroll the next Netscape?" - Mike Bracco from Bookmarklet
To cross-post or not to cross-post… (by Mike Bracco) -
To cross-post or not to cross-post…  (by Mike Bracco)
I also don't like cross posting because of duplicate content. - alfred westerveld
This is an area that's too complicated to manage at the moment. It's too easy to post from Posterous to Youtube, Twitter and your blog and have your blog and Youtube automatically tweet the new post as well leading to a spammed up Twitter feed. The key is to be smart. With Posterous you can specificy specific sites to send posts to. will only send to those two services, for example. It's definitely worth thinking before you cross-post! - Martin Bryant
Wouldn't it only take one site messing up their loop detection to result in an ever-increasing flood of circulating links, until a human notices? - DGentry
What if instead of looking at this as a loop, we look at it as an attention fishnet? - Jeff Stannard
That's why Friendfeed is big win - you can post to all of your services independently of each and have a centralised feed on FF. - Andrew Terry
Robert Scoble
There goes a number of years of my life, CompuServe was the Twitter of its time: (The Paper PC: CompuServe Classic: So Long, Old Friend). -
There goes a number of years of my life, CompuServe was the Twitter of its time: (The Paper PC: CompuServe Classic: So Long, Old Friend).
If I remember correctly, I was 71340,356 on CI$ back in the day. - Mike Shulman
I am too young to know anything about this. - Mark
it was my first - Tom Searing from BuddyFeed
My first as well. Wow. - Craig Eddy
I learned to type faster & chat... remember the "CB" ? - Scarletcat
Never had a CompuServ account - I was on GEnie, loved their RoundTables. - Ranger Craig
As much as I wasn't even aware that Compuserve still 'existed,' I'm somehow sad to hear of its passing. It was my first online experience, I had good friends and strange experiences on the forums. Anyway, there's solace in the joys of the real-time web. - Brad Kligerman
I gave a talk last week comparing Compuserve's eventual absorption by the browser based Internet to how OpenSim -open-source, open-standard virtual worlds- will inevitably subsume Second Life and other walled gardens. - Brad Kligerman
I remember it well. EAASY Sabre... - James Schipper
I had an account in 1979 MicroNET/CompuServe... ah, with a Novation 300 Baud Acoustic Coupler...that would 'hiccup' if I played my music too loud (The 1200baud direct connect was awesome) I ran a few forums for various companies and went thru all of the versions of the software until AOL bought them. We didn't even have "CB" at first... we did have a programing area where someone made... more... - RAD Moose
Such a sad passing. I got my internet start in Compuserve. I maintained a CS account all these years too, hehe. - Barbara
Go read Techcrunch NOW. Oh my god Arrington, you have HUGE FUCKING BALLS. - Mark
:D - Mark
Ahh, goodbye from 75106,1624 I still remember that, I'm not sure! - Mike Cassidy
ahh, goodbye 71260,45! the number I remember to this day.....just like mike I'm not sure either. It's kinda like your SS # or birthday. You'll never forget............ - Alex Marrow
First like most, I didn't even realize Compuserve was still around. I think I was about 12 when I first got on Compuserve. Like many it was my introduction to the Internet. I remember leaving for AOL, and being sort of sad, because Compuserve seemed cooler to me - Ken Goyette
compuserve _was_ cooler - Tyler Gillies
I remember compuserve. The was another similar service that started with P. Paragon, Paradise, Parallax, Prometheous, or something. What was that one? Got bought out by Sears? - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Prodigy, baby. Prah di gee. They had the Sears catalog, I used a credit card to order some tools using a gopher-style menu and I thought that was pretty cool. - Brian Hendrickson
It sure was. My first time online was with Compuserve in 1980, right before H&R Block bought them. It was the only service that was available on the Amiga also. I just checked, and they're still in business. I had no idea they were around still. - Michael Fidler
RIP as it lays to rest with the faint whisper of a 21 dailup tone salute! - roger byrne
I spent bucketloads of my dad's money playing IoK. GO GAM-26. 72740,114. Good times. - Michael McKean
Heh, I wonder if the Mac OS X CompuServe application will still run on modern versions of Mac OS X under Rosetta. That might be "fun" in a masochistic way. - Tyson Key
I remember playing a text based space game on it for hours....and then the phone came and Dad said no more LOL. - John D Reasor
John, MegaWars III? - Michael McKean
If I remember correctly, I had GEnie, then CompuServe (72604,2235). - John E. Bredehoft
That's it yes MegaWars III thanks Michael I could not remember the name. - John D Reasor
Are all those discussions etc archived anywhere, or is this another bit of the early electronic era that's vanishing? - Ian Betteridge
I was a sysop for Computer Associates development forums back in the day 72103,1321 if I remember correctly - Sean Reiser
Compuserve, Prodigy, and AOL...that were the good old days - Thomas Chai
You chaps and ladies must be old. I don't recall any of this. I was still shitting the bed in 1992. - Mark
wait, does this mean that GIFs are now public domain? who owns that IP now? - Big Joe Silenced
@Mark: i shat the bed in 1992 as well, but unfortunately it was cos i was fantastically DRUNK. :P - Big Joe Silenced
Wonder what Scoble is upto. - Mark
I enjoyed Prodigy and then Byte magazine's BIX, where I was a moderator. Good times. - Steve Garfield
Borek Bernard links in Twitter messages are annoying to say the least (in fact, they are the reason why I don't use FF to post my Twitter messages). Please remove them or make it configurable via settings.
You can configure them at You can decide what services are automatically posted to Twitter and decide if the link should go directly to the source or go to FriendFeed. - Benjamin Golub
Good old settings! - Kevin J Hatton
Benjamin, can you tell me exactly what to do to go to my FF homepage, write some text in the text area, click Post and have it posted to Twitter _without_ the attached at the end? I don't seem to be able to do that. - Borek Bernard
You cannot post to Twitter from FriendFeed without the link at this point in time. The link is used to provide context and a way to get to the conversation (comments and likes) on FriendFeed. It is also very useful when we crawl your Twitter so we do not re-import entries that were created from FriendFeed causing duplicates. - Benjamin Golub
I totally agree with Borek. I accept the re-importing issue. You guys are web ninjas so if you can't figure it out any other it probably isn't possible. I don't think it is needed to provide context. First there is already a service timestamp in most twitter clients. Second, it's just a statement by me. Doesn't matter where I entered it. -
Now for pulling the conversation to friendfeed, that would be great because twitter isn't perfect for conversations. It would be totally awesome if you could find a way to pull @replies as comments to friendfeed. This would be huge I think. -
Having the FF link at end of tweets is pretty ugly. Cuts off end of every tweet I have tested. Can't be too hard of a fix to apply / offer as a checkbox? - Gabe Taviano
yeah, i'd like to see this as an option- so you could toggle btwn sending the link or not, depending if you want to bring people back here to discuss something. imagining that it would look similar to the Cc to Twitter check box in the posting area. i also agree with Tobias on getting the @ replies to show up as comments. even though 'threaded' discussions exist on twitter, they are impossible to follow. the second here, obviously, being more complicated. - Jim Halligan @jim
Jeff Jarvis
Technology News
Susan Beebe
How FriendFeed Could Become the Ultimate Social Media Tracking Service - by @MarshallKirkpatrick @RWW -
How FriendFeed Could Become the Ultimate Social Media Tracking Service - by @MarshallKirkpatrick @RWW
How FriendFeed Could Become the Ultimate Social Media Tracking Service - by @MarshallKirkpatrick @RWW
"FriendFeed, the multi-network activity aggregator co-founded by GMail creator Paul Buchheit, announced today that it has entered the crowded field of real time search. FriendFeed was already the best way to learn what early adopter social media users were saying about any topic across blogs, Twitter, delicious and other diverse social media sites. If FriendFeed wants to step it up to the next level and challenge business-class conversation trackers, we believe there are four steps the company needs to take. We think that would make a whole lot of sense. In fact we think that if real time search were turned into a business tool it could challenge social media monitoring services like Radian6, Scout Labs and Sysomos. Here's what we think needs to happen in order for that to become a possibility. We already use FriendFeed to keep track of who quietly touches out blog posts out around the web. For example, our recent post Google Updates Blog Search - Where's The Innovation hasn't gotten... more... - Susan Beebe from Bookmarklet
MNAA (muh mah?) - Jordan Hofker
This is truly amazing. It has turned search properties upside down a bit: You can find anyone you have really engaged with on other sites with a vanity search- in real time. Talk about a time saver for finding your connections. - E-Advocate Network
This is a major step in the right direction for FriendFeed to become the ideal Twitter filter (we had just talked about it 2 weeks ago here: ). Now on to "Imaginary Friend" mass import of Twitter friends not yet on FF (= Twitter groups solved), as well as a few necessary links (indiv. status update page permalink, reply, retweet, etc.), and FF could surpass Tweetdeck. - Alex Schleber
Exactly Alex. I would love a Friendfeed Deck, at the moment I make my own with multi browser windows. - Deano @ Byron New Media
oooh FriendFeed Deck - that sounds goood! - Susan Beebe
Google v. Facebook? What We Learn from Twitter. - John Battelle's Searchblog -
"Last week I wrote a post in which I opined a bit about Facebook search. In it I wrote: Facebook is way more than its newsfeed, and its search play is key to proving that value, and extending it....No doubt building Facebook search today is akin to building Google ten years ago - bigger, most likely, in terms of data, algorithmic, and platform challenges. If only I had waited a few days, I could have pointed to Fred's piece in Wired, out this week. He profiles the ongoing feud between the King of Search, Google, and the upstart, Facebook. In his piece, he writes: For the last decade or so, the Web has been defined by Google's algorithms—rigorous and efficient equations that parse practically every byte of online activity to build a dispassionate atlas of the online world. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a more personalized, humanized Web, where our network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline. In Zuckerberg's... more... - arnaldostream from Bookmarklet
FTA: "I think it's a major strategic mistake to not offer this information to Google (and anyone else that wants to crawl it.) In fact, I'd argue that the right thing to do is to make just about everything possible available to Google to crawl, then sit back and watch while Google struggles with whether or not to "organize it and make it universally available."" - Apparently this guy... more... - LANjackal
Louis Gray
Louis Gray
I’ll trade you 3 lifestreams for 1 blog -
Mona Nomura
Chrome for Mac is finally here -- anyone running it??? #fb
Finally! about to - Shevonne
Says it's still in development. =( - Shevonne
Really? It's finally out? I'm running built from trunk yesterday, it definitely seems more robust. - Victor Ganata
It's the dev release! - Mona Nomura from fftogo
I've been using it for a couple months now off and on. I'm waiting for flash support before I really start using it. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
What does this give me over Safari/Nightly Webkit? - Jesse Stay
Follow releases of Chromium here. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Link or it didn't happen! - Eric Florenzano
@jessestay the big thing about google chrome for me is that it's sandboxed - JR Ignacio
Chrome is built on webkit. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I am still going to stick with Webkit Safari until the official beta release. - TheHenry
Matthew: Thanks - Eric Florenzano
It would be nice if it updated automatically like WebKit nightly. - Eric Florenzano
Henry, you will want to. The current builds are Alpha and there are many things missing like flash support. There isn't enough there right now for it to be used full time. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Yep, because most of the content on the web uses flash, so there is no point. That is why I am waiting. - TheHenry
I still don't get what it gives me over Safari 4/Nightly Webkit. What does "sandboxed" give me? - Jesse Stay
I've been living without Flash for quite some time now, guess it depends on what sites you visit. Not sure what process separation really gets you when you're running an unstable piece of software, but that's what Chrome has that no one else does. - Victor Ganata
Jesse, maybe this will help you understand a bit: - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Mathew, that still doesn't tell me what it gives me over Safari/Nightly Webkit - Jesse Stay
Right now, I don't think separate processes get you much, since the whole thing isn't particularly stable. But it's definitely usable. - Victor Ganata
I can't wait to use it!!!!!!!!!!! - Mona Nomura from fftogo
Well here is a little comparison. Maybe this will give you a bit of what you want. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
From what I understand Sandboxing makes the browser more secure. This explains how it works on the Windows platform and they're replicating the same model on OS X. - JR Ignacio
Mathew, based on that, I get the feel that Safari is the better choice. Being around longer, even with sandboxing the length of time seems like Safari will be a bit more secure. Regarding speed, it seems like Safari still somewhat out-performs Chrome. I'm not sure what the big deal is about Chrome for Mac - Google hype? - Jesse Stay
The other thing I don't see in that comparison are developer tools available. Webkit has amazing developer tools built in - Jesse Stay
There is no big deal about Chrome for Mac yet really (other then it is coming). But, Chrome has been better then anything else in Windows. It is basically a wait and see game. But, to be honest there are things that a Chrome will most likely do (little things) that Firefox does that Safari doesn't that keeps me from using Safari and that in the end is what will make Chrome overall better then Safari for me. And the way Chrome handles process is a plus as well. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I too like the way Chrome handle processes. Given that my Mac only has 2GB of RAM running Safari all day really kills my Mac's efficiency. - Vinko
I generally liked the experience of Chrome on Windows which is why I'm looking forward to the Mac version. The other thing with Chrome is that when a tab/window hangs, it doesn't crash the whole browser. I haven't seen any other browser that can do that well on OS X. - JR Ignacio
Yeah, for me Safari eats as much RAM as Firefox. And that is with 5+ tabs open in Firefox and all those plugins and a couple tabs in Safari and no plugins. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Mathew is that with Safari 4? Nightly Webkit build? - Jesse Stay
Does it do what? - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I didn't know! Will have to check it out. - Chris Brogan
BLAZING. - Mona Nomura
First time on Chrome - blown away by speed. Beats nightly build, Safari 4, Opera, and what's the other one...oh ya. Firefox. ;) - Mona Nomura
glad you mac folks finally "caught up" with us normal computer users! OHNOHEDIDNT - sean percival
Yeah, it is hella fast. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I've been using Chrome on my other computer since Chrome came out in beta. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Sean that's my point - we never needed to catch up. We have Safari. - Jesse Stay
have fun on safari, im sitting on chrome!! :P - sean percival
Wooooo-wee I LOVE CHROME! - Mona Nomura
how is it? the last mac build i tried didnt have multiple tabs - sean percival
I'm sorry, but I get angry using Safari. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Multiple tabs are here - options / preferences are blank LOL But I don't care, it's blazing fast!! - Mona Nomura
Trying it at the moment. Once they finish it off it's going to be a very good browser. - Bryce Roney
Still no crash! - Mona Nomura
So why are you all still using Mac if you don't need Safari? You know Chrome works on Linux too. - Jesse Stay
I'm not a developer and all the apps I need are Mac/Win only. :) - Mona Nomura
Um...because OS X is a far better OS then any other that I have used. I never choose OS X because of Safari. I chose it because it is faster, more stable and the programs I use run better in OS X. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Rutger I don't get what people don't like about Safari. It's the fastest browser out there right now, has terrific developer options, great interface, and most of all, it's webkit. - Jesse Stay
Chrome is webkit, too. And frankly, much faster than Safari 4 and nightly build. - Mona Nomura
Mona, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I do like Safari but I tend to agree that one does not buy a mac for Safari. You get Safari on windows too. Chrome on Mac feels fast but its also incomplete - Kiran Patchigolla
Np, Jesse :) Anyone else having problems un-starring? Also, on a Windows machine I would not use Safari. Nor would I Hackintosh or dual boot. - Mona Nomura
Speed isn't the most important thing about a browser for me. Here is one big reason why I don't like Safari. When I close a browser I want the tabs that I had open, open again when I reopen the browser. And a bonus reason. All the plugins that I have with Firefox. Plugins are also the same reason why I didn't use Chrome full time when I was Windows only. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Safari will reopen tabs from last session - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Mathew, what Rob said - I use a plugin for that. - Jesse Stay
Chrome on the Mac feels faster than Safari 4 beta, but it's definitely not as stable, although it's crashing far less than it did. I heard Safari was going to move to separate processes, too, at some point. - Victor Ganata
I tried out that plugin. But, it still wasn't worth me switching from Firefox to Safari. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Still hasn't crashed. Victor - that's what nightly build is :) - Mona Nomura
me too - Snehal Shinde
Chromium has never crashed on me (I'm sure it will next time I use it though) it just doesn't have that Flash support I want. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Glen, I'm not asking anyone to convince me. I simply wanted to know what the differences were, and why the hype, in regards to the Mac itself. (I understand why on Windows) - Jesse Stay
Yeah, its way too early. - Kiran Patchigolla
Chris it took awhile, but you completely converted me to Safari from Firefox. It's going to take a lot to convince me to switch elsewhere. I'm excited to see if Chrome has the capability to do that, but yes, it seems too early to decide. - Jesse Stay
I am all about speed - and Chrome gives me *just* that. - Mona Nomura
The way I see it. If you don't care about Plugins then Safari is fantastic. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I mean, it's a huge improvement. It's only crashing about once a day for me right now. It used to crash about once an hour. - Victor Ganata
We like Chrome. Works fine for us. Better than Firefox 3 when it first came out. :-) - Discount Bloggers
Nope, lost interest in the project. - Richard A.
it still won't give me the download page :( - Marco Massarotto
Ryo, Isn't it the following: i386 and amd64 - JR Ignacio
no flash. fail - Tyler Gillies
testing Chrome on OSX but this version is very incomplete (not really usable as main browser yet). love Chrome on XP and will be switching to Chrome on Mac when code is complete. - timepilot
Trying it out now. - Kreg Steppe
I will be when I get home tonight and download it. - Gerard Lagana
Hm? - Mona Nomura
Should I switch to this vs? Firefox? Are their all the nice extensions? - orionstarr
Joseph - Chrome is still in the early early phases (for Mac) with no extensions. Heck, we can't even set preferences. But it is BLAZING. - Mona Nomura from IM
FINALLY!!!!! - Zach Landes
Mona - i think you're blazing something else ;) - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Just say no to drugs!! - Mona Nomura from IM
I do! i'm just sayin' - The Chrome ain't so hot on the Mac - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
Different strokes for different folks, it works better than the other browsers for me. Again, I am all about speed. - Mona Nomura
I'm waiting for at least beta too--I have far too many Firefox plugins to give up. - Kelly W.
I was running it for a little while, but I couldn't install the FF bookmarklet, and can't view videos yet, so I had to shut it down for now. But I'm glad the initial version is available, and I'm sure I'll use it from time to time. - Cheryl Jones
Just heard a new browser coming out, "Rust"... - orionstarr
Mac browser run down: FIREFOX + Features and customization - memory footprint SAFARI + fast, lightweight - lack of plug ins CHROME + blazin' fast - total lack of features, mediocre stability. I have all three browsers on my computer, but almost always use safari. It doesn't crash on me, get bogged down much, and its straightforward. I would use firefox if only it weren't such a resource sucking PIG. And Chrome would (will?) top them all once it becomes stable and extensible (?). - Zach Landes
I didn't know it was here - MiniMage
yes, it crashes when I load an attachment in gmail. Also it doesn't keep state of my selection ofthe drop down list . I am using it now. - Dh'ennis Dömingö
Never satisfied with my browser, I switch constantly between Firefox, Safari, Fluid, often having at least 2 open at a time: FF for general work (because of extensions), a Fluid instance for Friendfeed, Gmail... or other sites I leave open on desktop always. Hoping Chrome can find a useful role in this mess. - Brad Kligerman
Bump for Ken. - Mona Nomura
UR Da Best! I'll give it a go. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
A Buick and a Chevy is like Opera and IE. Clunky, out of date, inefficient, and out of style. Chrome's JS rendering beats nightly hands-down. Multi-processing tabs ≠ platforms. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Rachel Lea Fox
Giant rabbits -- -
Giant rabbits --
"Karl Szmolinsky, who raises a breed of rabbits called giant grays, shows Robert, an 8.5kg giant gray who is 74cm long and has ears 25.5cm long, in the backyard of his house in Eberswalde, Germany in 2006. Szmolinsky sold eight giant grays to a delegation from North Korea that wanted to raise the breed as a source of meat for the North Korean population. Szmolinsky said his rabbits reach a maximum weight of 10.5 kg (23.1lbs.)." - Rachel Lea Fox from Bookmarklet
8.5kg rabbit :O - Mo Kargas
sooooo big! - yagami
BBQ! - τorƍue
I wonder if he gets the rights to the obligatory Scifi channel movie of the week. - Tony C (Unrated)
is it nice with kids.. - Jacob
I think it eats kids. - τorƍue
Or Us. - Abhishek from fftogo
That head is bigger than the guys. It looks so odd! - Rachel Lea Fox
Never mind "rabbits for pets or food" <>, North Koreans must be up to no good, they're raising a race of hybrid Killer Bunnies™, that's for sure! <> - ianf ⌘
WFT? - Arda Çetin
Is that Steven Perez again? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Come on, thats photoshopped, how is he holding such a huge animal that way? - Andrew Leahey
Cook! Bring me my hossenfeffer!! - Morgan
*Pines for Rabbit Stew* - Barbara
Oooh, I've got a rabbit in the freezer.... - FFing Enigma
WHOA. - Ben Parr
Wow! He should market them in Texas, where they like to have the biggest of everything. - Dawn
"But, it's got fangs!!!" - Neil Bernhart
How could anybody eat something so cute? - Dawn
They eat horses, don't they? - ianf ⌘
BUNNICULA! - Rebecca Sun
no way. - j1m
Photo Shop!!!! - Kevin J Hatton
Andrew... you can hold a rabbit or cat of most any size that way without it hurting them. It's the way their skin is positioned. Think good sized lion cub and momma lion. Plus he is helping a little with his other hand. - Rachel Lea Fox
++ Rebecca! Awesome! - Rachel Lea Fox
Aw, thanks! That picture is still giving me the creeps. - Rebecca Sun
I had a Flemish Giant as a teenager. His body extended from my crotch (carrying him with my hands slung under his butt) to my head (he rested his paws on my shoulders). He was huge, heavy and very sweet. - Jack&Cleo
These rabbits are real. Here's a video of that German rancher with his giant rabbit: - imabonehead
真够肥的 - 阿石
This IS a life rabbit, not a dead parrot! (pace Monty Python) - ianf ⌘
imabonehead - Thank you for the video! Jack - Seriously, you had one? That is awesome! Any photos? - Rachel Lea Fox
Higlet: NOT ME. - Steven Perez
david weinberger
Goldman Sachs may pay out biggest bonus pool in its 140 yr history : (via @timbray)
Get Smarter - The Atlantic(July/August 2009) -
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