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Neighbor's kid just bought a pack of bubble gum cigarettes off the ice cream truck. That's so inappropriate.
Yes, totally inappropriate. On the other hand, I DIDN'T KNOW THEY STILL MADE THOSE. I felt like such a badass when I had them as a kid. No wonder I was grounded a lot. - Marie
Hmm I think they did stop making those about 10 years ago. Oh well expired candy still better than cigarettes - Steve C
The cool one was gum and would 'smoke' when you blew into it. - Rodfather
I wouldn't be surprised if they were made outside the US & got here in some shady way. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
They make them and they're available at places that sell nostalgia candy. Teddy's Party Supply (or whatever it's called) on Piedmont Ave. carried those things last I knew. I agree it's probably not the best thing for kids. - Spidra Webster
blue bubblegum cigarillos! - Big Joe Silence
I still see them in a lot of places, but they're not called candy cigarettes anymore, the packages just say "candy sticks" instead. Still seems to be the same packaging, though. Are they better or wise than the bubble gum cigars they used to have? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from YouFeed
Whatever they may have been called, they were in a package that looked like cigarettes, and the boy ran up to Jayden after getting them yelling, "Jayden, you want a cigarette?" He's 7, was outside with his 8 year old cousin, no grownups around, had money in his pocket so he stopped the ice cream truck without his mom or grandma's permission to buy whatever he wanted, and he chose the fucking cigarettes. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
RT @CraigSagerJr: My Dad's 3-4-week acute leukemia treatment starts tmrw.Be thinking of him & let's get him back on the sidelines soon
RT @CuteEmergency: Just look at that face!
That face! - Betsy
RT @bomani_jones: this. must. happen. RT @prometheusbrown: 30 for 30 on E40 vs Rasheed Wallace
Neighbors picked up the considerable amount of trash in their building's parking lot, put it in a kitchen trash bag & left it hanging on the fence overnight. With all the stray cats, loose dogs, possums & raccoons around here, why are they surprised the trash is now all over the ground underneath the shredded bag? Smoove move.
Wash, rinse, repeat. - Eric - Watch Me Now
RT @GSWFastBreak: Thanks to all who wrote/called/tweeted Warriors to say #KeepJim. According to reports, your voice made a difference:
I'd been a bit despondent thinking of Warriors games without JB. This is the best news! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
RT @GSWFastBreak: Why is Jim Barnett so loved by Warriors fans? He's the ultimate class act. His response to the #KeepJim movement:
<----guilty of justifiable arachnocide.
Dallas Photographer Mike Mezeul Captured the Best "Blood Moon" Photo of All
Women of Homicide is a police procedural almost exactly like the First 48, which totally works for me. On TLC.
I absolutely do not want to get dressed and leave my house today, but I got shit to do :-(
RT @dariavinning: Annie Is Black & The Sun Will Still Come Out Tomorrow @FeministaJones Awesome article & speaks the truth abt society
I think the #woodnymph found his new favorite fruit :D!!! #wtf #wtfisthis #forestnymph #comedy
RT @Living400lbs: Harassing a filmmaker, her family & kickstarter backers for making a documentary on fat people.
Oh, I forgot to eat.
The Chinese & Ukranian boys :-( 21 Kids From Around the World Pose With Their Favorite Toys
Super happy with the Warriors bench tonite.
RT @CountOn24: Greatest Selfie Of All Time
RT @TrappdnGoldenSt: Draymond just played the longest 2 minutes in the history of Warriors basketball.
THANK YOU. hmph.
Refs you suck. It touched Green's hand THEN hit the rim.
RT @KennyUnfazed: Nahhh RT @brunzilla: no way RT @MsReyda: YOOOOOOO RT @campbell_white: Get this video famous
Crawford has 38 points!
Damn Speights is out & our lead done shrank
Put Klay in!
But when he was chewing on his fingernail, he looked 14 years old lol.
My daddy would call Curry's jacket a sport coat. I love it, he looks fly as hell.
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