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RT @thetillshow: God, I love this photo.
RT @stlpublicradio: Running from tear gas Sunday two of our reporters found refuge at the Moore's: #Ferguson
RT @HunterDK: Street full of witnesses vs.what cop's fiancé's friend says. Good investigating, CNN.
Problem with this is since there has been no account of the cop's statement from the police, the media will be forced to go to second and third tier sources to find out what that story is. They should cover that part of the story, but it would be much better if it came from a written statement from the investigation. Alas, still no official info. - Eric
RT @TheWire: .@TheOnion responds to Facebook's satire tag with the perfect piece: Area Facebook User Incredibly Stupid
RT @sfexaminer: Police still looking for car that struck, killed 2-year-old girl Friday
RT @Hoont: Allegations that the #Ferguson McDonald's was looted are inaccurate, McDonald's corporate spokesperson tells me.
RT @scnewsdude: Some things never change. 1977 @scsentinel article refers to @JerryBrownGov's drought response. Byline by @TomHonig.
RT @BeTheBoy: 2nd amendment activists lack of response to #Ferguson puts to rest the myth that they care about freedom, right?
RT @LisaBloom: Dr. Baden: all but last gunshot survivable. Legally then officer must show threat to his life as reason for final shot to #MikeBrown’s head.
RT @JamilahLemieux: White man in a pick-up truck just drove by and told us "Go get some section 8." #ferguson
RT @ToriKTVU: Lead story on #KTVU News at Noon- stabbing at #GlideMemorialChurch in SF. Also lockdown at elem school in South Bay on 1st day of school
RT @KQED: PHOTOS: Historic images of the Bay Area by photographer Jeffrey Blankfort via @KQEDArts
RT @insanityreport: look a dog. the officer was fired for killing A DOG. yet Darren Wilson killed a black man and....fuck this shit
Girl, preach. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
Summer vacation over! School ride coming to get the kid in 30 minutes! Yay for Mama Time!
I still have two more weeks! - Shevonne
RT @chrislhayes: Police now saying earlier reports of shots fired turn out to be fireworks. #staywoke
RT @BittrScrptReadr: Some cops are really testy when lumped in w/Ferguson guys. I get it. It's a bitch when people make snap judgments because you fit a profile
RT @expatina: Tune in tomorrow for Nancy Drew and the Case of the Missing Molotov Cocktails.
RT @MaggiePriceless: The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them. Lois McMaster Bujold
RT @elonjames: We have the official story of what happened tonight & then we have the reports from the ground. This why we need to be in #Ferguson.
RT @JamilahLemieux: Not buying that Molotov story at ALL.
RT @samueloakford: Amnesty International just announced they've sent a human rights team to #Ferguson, the first time they've done that in the US.
RT @rolandsmartin: Cop pulled gun on @marclamonthill until he screamed media! Bruh, tell @cnn to overnight you a hat, jacket & bright vest. I’m dead serious.
The Geneva Conventions apply in wars between two or more sovereign states. But just because it don't apply don't make it ok to gas people.
RT @anylaurie16: Damn. I wanted to ask Tina Fey how she gets so much done, but I can't seem to find her on twitter.
Exactly! - Yvonne from FFHound!
lol I love this. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
haha - Amit Patel
RT @thetrudz: M.E. who examined JFK & MLK examined Michael Brown. Like...let that marinate for sec. This level of deceit requires this level of notoriety.
RT @AntonioFrench: Each day County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch delays indicting #DarrenWilson, he is endangering citizens and delaying the rebuilding of trust.
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