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RT @roborobb: .@LawrenceLamont is awesome for casting E-40 as the announcer in this new Big Sean video
RT @SimsLogic: How did you catch fire?! “I swear, I don’t know!!”
RT @warriors: At 4-0, your #Warriors are off to their best start in 20 years. ​STAND UP, #DubNation!
Know what's hella dope? The "seaweed" nest the marine mammal rescue made for that baby otter. Those purple strips. The baby's seaweed <3
This game shoulda been a blowout.
So we just fucking up now, getting lazy? Give the Clippers an inch, you know what they'll do. Don't lose that lead! C'mon Warriors!
Looks like we finna be 4-0 #LetsGoWarriors
Photo: Young Jaybo in The Town
RT @abc7newsBayArea: #ICYMI: Orphaned baby otter found on Bay Area beach getting round-the-clock care. MORE PHOTOS:
I really really wanna play The Sims 4 but that shit is exPENsive. Too busy for a timesuck like that right now anyway.
IG commenter said they never heard Schaaf's name in the mayor's race. Bld. Where the fuck they been the past three months?!
Apparently there's a majority of folx in Santa Barbara county who are in favor of fracking. They suck.
Santa Barbara county is probably more on par with Texas than the rest of CA. They usually vote to criminalize being non-white and anything that will make them money and kill the environment. Considering the agriculture there, it makes no sense to me. - Anika
Didn't realize til I was watching election returns that I wasn't given the ballot sheet for city council so I didn't completely vote. Gah.
RT @OaklandElle: Elections are very important. They severely impact the sarcastic comments and bad jokes I'll be making for the next few years.
RT @PyrBliss: You never feel lonelier than when you bend over and there's no one around to grab you by the hips and fuck you from behind.
huh what
My cousin Amy posted "welcome to the United States of the Koch Brothers." She ain't wrong. Amy lives in CO & isn't too happy with election results tonight.
Ditto from my Littleton viewpoint. - Joe
That's where she lives! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Photo: hanging garden of bud
I'm the only registered voter out of 5 adults living on this property. Yet I've gotten enough campaign flyers stuffed in my itty bitty mailbox for all five of us and more. I'm so glad that's over.
All of them went straight into the recycling bin because I decided how I'm voting months ago. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I don't remember it being this bad before with all the mailers. Some days those stupid things were the only items in my mailbox. - Corinne L
The states that had a Senate race where worse I have read. Less spending in CA since there was no Senate race. I suspect it's bad everywhere last night was back to back to back ads on TV in Georgia. - Eric Logan
Got tired of finding crap on my windshield!! - Janet from FFHound!
This is my polling place. I just voted. If you're eligible, I hope you're voting today, too. (at @allentemplebc)
Got paid early but didn't realize it until last night. Made a trip to the store to get some stuff we'd run out of. Found me a cardigan for $19. Best cheapo sweater, I love it. It matches my denim AND my black clothes. It's mid-thigh long, which on less leggy folx would be to the knees. But the bestest thing is, POCKETS! Mama happy.
Mama deserves - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Yaaay pockets!! - Kirsten
41 points, going Kobe on Kobe. Yep, he's worth every penny :-) - Starmama from Android
Flashbangs at 7 am. Sheriff on loudspeaker telling someone come out with your hands up. Three blocks away. Way to wake up the neighborhood, Mr Deputy Man.
Yeesh :((( - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Jayden and I are not trick-or-treating this Halloween, for the first time since the 90s. He's wearing the Spider-Man costume I got him in 2012 to school. That's it for our Halloween. No one comes trick-or-treating on our block, so I haven't bought candy.
I'm not even taking my witch hat & robe & other stuff out of the costume box. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Nothing's happening here, but that's because both kids are punished. We were going to attend an event tonight, but with the boy being sick, who knows. - Anika
I will miss having months worth of candy to dip into. I will miss it much. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
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