Re: ASUS Padfone hands-on (video) -
"well then cookie for you sir-- not everyone lives in your area of the world and has forward thinking carriers. You, whom I'm guessing might be from Finland or Norway, happen to live in an area where the carriers thought about such things and give you the option... they also just sell nothing but the SIM and let you bring in whatever device you want, amirite? Here in Japan, they're moving to that model, albeit at a slow pace. I'm lucky enough to know how to dodge the system and install what I want to install, but that's an exception. And if we're talking about America, where I'm from... well you read Engadget, right? Good luck with telling AT&T that you want to just have one data plan for 2 different devices; that option isn't even possible in their accounting software. Verizon keeps promising they'll do it, but because they're CDMA/LTE, you'll be using whatever device they offer, not your own. I currently tether my phone with my netbook. Tethering isn't hard, but again I'm actually in..." - StarrWulfe